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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 5 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 5, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 21 no. 30. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa March 5, 1890. Terms a year liquid Sulphur co term cure m Vwg about toys of dollars or Iowa banners. Toro Oghli tested in the wont Iofe eted districts of and Pioro beyond doubt to the discovery of Rifae age. Fed u the Only remedy two placed of the Market Lor the vat Toft and care of bog cholera. With us mor Ioos Corn crop and present prices to Farmer pm afford 10 with compound liquid Sulphur cholera care. Nut Only the beat but cheap my a med on the Market cos ing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for much hog. For Sale a l. Hawks Bead our free Booklet on Mic Robic Dia Church tips. Vith Odir presetting in flays m ii a m. And Tjo a m. Up Wurtlin league meeting St meeting thursday w. W. Kobi sox pastor. Sunday at 11 t. Id. M. Christian endester Leets p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Ove lung. J. Will . 1 Astor. Rounds a s at n Tat p. M. Young Peoples meeting at finer meeting tuesday evening j. F. Uewel pastor. every 1st sunday in each mob Thalla. M. M. Sunday school sunday at 10 m. Services held in u non school Bouse. Ii. , pastor. Societies. A. F. A. M. A f. A a. Corner Stone Lodge to. 251. Wednesday of or genre full Moon. Brothers in cordially inti Ted to attend. Tubbert Nugget. W. M. A ii Dayis Sec. I. O. O. F. Surble Rock Lodic o. 302, meet thursday it Eoln of Eark week. Ai visitors cordially invited. A. It Meier o. Ii. Rosie Siung set. , Belem Lodge. So. 219, tuesday evening wet. Visit up Brethren invited. B. . C Walt dav19, k. Of r. B. I. L. Or ii. Fleets the Sra tuesday in each Mouth in Odd Fellows Hall. L. K. J. A Kkt acc. Sec. Pres. W. K c. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the and 3d thursday of each month at a o clock p. In. Was. A a Stewart pres. Xuy. Chi Mica u. A. K. Marble Hock Post 308, meets first saturday of Nch month. C. T. Ackley com. To. B. Ailt. W v f v Yeeu every thursday. Mks. Titjer., president. Itu a. M. It Ebisu. Secretary. Judicial. Burr. John c. Sherwin. Terai of court -4th monday in Jib uary 1st monday in my and monday in september. 2ud a Karaday in november. Washington letter. Board of supervisors. Lucius Lone Chi run Charles City Phillip Saultz. Marble Bock. Timothy pippin Hockford r. S. Chichester Rudd j. C. Merrill Siles meetings 1st monday in Kinnary april june and september and 2ud monday in november. County auditor treasurer clerk of the Berdt Der. Superintendent Surveyor Canty attorney Conner officers. George s Hanford Cash m. Art a. H. Merriman ii. to h. Allis f. A. Roziene Frank Lingenfelder c. W. Knickerbocker township uni tick of the to p Wulster. S to Coutt to t Rex i k c Borland. M in Errun c w Bowman and j h Herfeld. City major Joseph Worder h s Itow Krans to Tewner. .1 w Martin Street o w Wallace Hurthal x Bex c Darland. We Fletcher n Cobai jes Nicro a Heier u Union township school Board. President u c Borland. H Timmer. John Watee directors 1 Al Leifeld. 6 Henry gales Horev Packman 7 John Gates. 3 h11 Borland s James Parcher 4 Clay. R ceo a Kos still. T 10 Sou Shaffer 11 Phil san Ltd. Flebott Towi whip officers. Marsh g Baldwin. Volney Leoy Bailey. Town Nicholson. Kinney w w Witter and or bin. Scott to whip school Board. Preside at j e Secretary. George k Baldwin d Derrick. 1 John Stakop 5 Bruce Ward. S t a Garter 15 c Span Ding. Can l kor t Bernard Mccook 4 John abut n i jul Fror it e Haynes j. W. Koury Public and convey Ancer. Collection agent. Ii sur we real estate Money 0 loan on Short or Long time in to suit containers Washington feb y the the rip Uisu Mio Itter and his corps of spies and the Spanish lobby to Washington Are All working along the same hoes to Deler congressional action in favor of the cubans add to prevent cubans getting Aid from private parties in the dotted states and it is not to wondered at that there Are whispers of a bargain1 there Are certainly grounds for suspicion that such is the Case it is Well known that or. Cleveland has been and is at this time using All his influence to gel co tigress to postpone definite a lion and tailing in that to have the action of such a nature that it will not binding on him. And it is said that he has positively promised the Spanish minister that this government would take no step Likely to Stren Sithon the cubans before next june. It is also Well known that there is a Strong lobby Well supplied with Money working on Congress in behalf of Spain. These things together with the whole Power of he administration being at the Beck and Call of the Spanish minister to used whenever and wherever he suspects that a Lillieu string expedition is about to leave the United states for Cuba Are not calculated to increase Public Confidence in an administration already tainted its past acts. A Mere senseless Bluff was never made on the floor of the Senate than that of senator Allen of Nebraska saving first ascertained Public Lar questioning senators and that his proposition would not accepted the republicans or. Allen gravely proposed in the name of the Sis populist senators that they would furnish the votes necessary to pass the House Tariff Bill if the republicans would furnish the votes necessary to add an amendment to that Bill pro Viding for the free coinage of Silver. J and All this mind you on the floor of tie Senate id open session. No Man heard senator Sherman Short speech after the Senate had Lor a second time voted against consideration of the House Tariff Bill could doubt the intense feeling that Lay behind his words. It is a disgrace to our civilization it is a disgrace to the country itself that we Are now expending a year More than the receipts of the government and that Congress now in session with both houses fully armed with Power to furnish the reve nue is Idle and re i uses to act. I nil vote for a Tai on Coffee on any thing in order to meet this deficiency and i say that if the present Congress does adjourn in he face of declarations now made to us of the official reports sent to us of the statements made he president of the United states and the Secretary of Treasury that we Are now going on Day Day like a care less spendthrift to involve the country in debt Selling Bonds when it is the duty of Congress at once to Supply the this Point senator Peffer interrupted to say that the president asserted we did not need additional Revenue Quick is a Flash senator Sherman retorted in tones sharper than he has been heard to use for years do not care what the president says every Man within the sound of my voice knows that we need More Revenue chairman Dingley of the House ways and Means committee said of the Fate of the Riff Bill which bore his name of course this ends All chances for the passage of any Revenue Bill. By a solid democratic and populist Vole making in themselves a majority with out the votes of the free Silver republicans who joined Senate said thit it will not have the Mil Lions of Revenue offered the Bill to prevent further deficiencies. The has done duty in offering Revenue but this majority of the sen ate assumes the responsibility for refusing ii and no doubt president Cleveland is grateful to them re Lieving him from the difficult position would have occupied if the Bill reached him and he had interposed a veto. The Rote of the Senate simply thai so Aras the majority of that to Todd u concerned Lay want the Jiei Goej 10 with the Bond win which it Catir Man of the committee on elections has Given notice that he will Call up next week the report of that committee in favor of seating senator Dupont of Delaware. The debate on the report will spirited but it is believed that senator Dupont will seated even if the republicans Are one Short of a majority in the Senate. The Resolution condemning and Cen Suring ambassador Bayard for having used in american language in Public speeches was this week reported to the House and its adoption May beset Down As a certainty. It is really a great pity that the House has not the authority to recall him from the Post which he has used to misrepresent the people to whom he is under obligations for honors conferred which have been out of keeping with either his ability or his patriotism. Am tree. Those who have used or. King s ins those we have not. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address to ii e. Bucklin co., Chicago and get a Sample of or King s new life pills free As Well As a copy of guide to health and household instructor Frea. All of which is guaranteed to do you Good and Cost you nothing a. J. Asper go s drug store. Des Moines letter two building and loan Bills were re ported last week one in the House and the other in the Senate. They Are both stood Bills Good enough and should passed it is not material which of them becomes a Law As either will an of War the purpose. The great danger however is that they both will destroyed or killed amendments. Heretofore this has always been the Fate of building and loan Bills. Every Bill of this kind brought Forward Dur ing the last three sessions was killed j amendments. There Are enemies of building and loan Law Here now with their pockets Fuli of amendments that will urged upon members to offer de when these Bills come up for passage these Are the tactics of men who want either no Law or a Law so bad that do one wants it these Are the men who prefer to have building and loan associations left in such i condition that they May looted unscrupulous officers. It will the duty of every legislator to see that these Bills Are passed with the fewest possible Amend ments if indeed they Are amended at All. Any one offering amendments to either of these Bills should looked upon with suspicion. The object of Scull amendments heretofore has been to kill the Bills to which they Are attached and this Effort will repeated. The code is still the big topic of conversation As Well As of work Trio amount of labor necessary to its adoption is not the greatest o disturbance. There Are some legislators Here who would glad 10 come to pcs Moines again but the governor Haa signified his opposition to an extra session. Those Best acquainted with the code revision say that the work can completed the 10th of May. If it. Is pushed with vigor. If this the Case tic governor is preeminently j right. His opposition to an extra ses Sion will probably result in some of those committees who have been trifling their time away getting Down to Busi Ness. A considerable portion of the work is already done and the remainder is now progressing fairly. If the peo ple through the stale who Are now vigorously kicking against the code would write a few letters to their representatives or senators urging them to work on the matter and opposing an extra session much More would accomplished. The Republican party can not Ifford an extra session the governor j does oot want a and it is Safe to say there i l none. On Friday a Lively session was Helois in he House Over Funk s Resolution for submitting to a vote of attic people the striking oat of the word male from the Section of the Constitution of Iowa defining who shall voters. When speaker Byers announced hat he time had taking this Resolution to it created a air the House and brought net Man talk than almost to ensure yet before body. The Bill failed few to gel we Stith Rioual majority. It is thought however that it will reconsidered soon and May possibly pass. The Senate got into a tangle Over the age of consent Bill and finally re committed it to tic Senate code com Mission who have fixed the age at fifteen Flat without any provisions or qualifications. When this Bill passes it should a very Zood Law for it has caused a tremendous amount of talk and a great Deal of nonsensical talk too. The House has passed a Bill prohibit ing drug stores rom Selling malt liquors for any purpose whatever. The Senate committee on pharmacy have strongly recommended the Bill for Pas Sage and it will doubtless become a Law. La it it will prevent the drug stores from going into the Beer business and will Cut off one of the most infernal nuisances that this state has Ever suffered from. Klorese natives of brew eries to Chicago St. Louis Milwaukee and elsewhere arc Here lobbying. It is said that they have presented a great Many Beautiful knives to the senators and Are willing to drawn upon for any amount of Beer. Tuesday the the Senate passed the Kilburn free text Book Bill. There was a Good Deal of warfare occasioned it. Its principal advocate was senator Trwin Tif All Makee and its principal opponent senator Waterman of Wapello. The Bill provides that on petition of one third of the Legal voters in any town ship or District the ques Tion of providing free text books for the pupils of that District shall voted on at the not regular election on Friday the House passed this As a substitute Lor its own Bill. Capt. J. A. T. Hull is expected soon to Des just fresh from con Gress there Aie parties in this District who would like to have the Cap Tain s place in Congress but it is not at All Likely that they will get it. Capt. Hull is proving himself an Able legis Lator and it is to the interest of the people to keep him where he is for years to come. He wiil receive the nomination at the hands of the Republican party to Bis own successor in the coining convention. Free your address to ii. E. 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