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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 4, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 30. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa March teems 1 yeah societies. A. F. I . A v. A a. M. Corner store Lodge so. 251. wednesday run a a tote Ufa Moon. Vafi Tui by outliers in Haevest of Haill. Churchgoing in Iceland. 8. H. Sec. In. Kobbert Hagget. M. How the Couperus gathered it the Heads or tic a can. 1, o. 0. F. Hock loto so. Meets thursday Eugui of Earli week. Visitor cordially invited. Pm ukr a. G. H. Eosin Kitiss bet Lar Lodge 219, meets f each week. Visit ii Brethren invite in. W c. C a. K. Of k. X i. L. Of ii. Meets tit 3rd tuesday i get in Caeli Lou Ali a add Hall. A w. Pres. It. J. Anklet see. M. Of a. Marble Kock Cump. Bombs. Koj Jular meet ing turn and Tiu found Simiu Erduy of Odd Fellows 1u11. I iting in i Point standing Are cordially invite. I to attend. A 11. C h. Mix clerk. W. K. C. Meet at the Home of mrs. Silvan the Aud Jil thursday of each Mouth to o clock u. A. J k. A. Pees. Kilts. Christina am Elk dec. 4. A. K. C. T. Com i month. W. B. Civ tue. Adj. W c t u Ilter every thursday. Tylek i rus Ideal. Una. A. M. , Secretary. Glare bios. Metro dust lit 11 a 7-30 . Eph North la Asne meeting at Prover meet Iii Liun Dikiy w. W. Hubi sos i Astor. Cun stun Cill to Cal preaching sunday at 11 m. Christian Judea Var meets it Flori. In. Meet Muir wednesday j. Will Wal tabs. 1 Astor. Preach Linus sundays at 11 . Mud m. You tier 1 Peoples Meei lug at or scr meeting Evo kilns j. P. A cubs pastor. Jurrist. Preach Liliet every sunday in each month Ella. M. In. Sundays Clious every sunday at 10 n. W. Services held in tiie Union achoo l House. Ii. Giust Patur. City of ulcers. Mayor Joseph Wiloth recorder ii Kote Kranh treasurer. J Street c. F. Jesmore Barf Hal Willard Stroud c Dailard we Reicher 11 Rose trans a 11 Meier Clias Weber k Huggett t Ulon township school Hoard president ceo w eur sell. Secretary. Ii b directors 1 dict Staudt 6 Madison Blue i hurry Packman 7 John i Tttus. 1 e p Wilster s tame j Archer. 4 Lew Linso. 0 ceo w Kussku 5 10 Saui suffer. Al Fhi Shultz. Scott schermerhorn 5 sours oust Ahlff theorge Reed Ellis Blakc town t Rowell Garber w liter Miles jars i Aad m. Scott township school Board. President John Bishop Secretary. Georae n Baldwin treasurer car ies 1 Merrick Bire toes 1 John Bishop Bruce Ward. A new Gerber c to Spaulding 3 Clima Uker 7 j Clun Ingham 4 John Ahart 3 j w Jeffrey 8 John Losee. Of Uncial. C. Shevnin. J. F. Clyde. Terms of court -4th monday in january 1st monday in my. 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Board of supervisors Lucias Conr Lescley Phillip Shultz Timothy Uppin. B. S. Chichester Marble Bock Bock Tord Judd j. C. Merrill rerun Len Meotti its 1st Monr Tny in a Nunry. April. June and september and 2nd londay in november. County Ortu ors. Auditor. Treo aurer. Clerk of the courts recorder superintendent Surveyor county attorney Coroner w. D i ind Amnel Cash Willard Perrin c. H. Joli Sou w. Ii. Ailis f. A. Roziene Frank Liu Genelder c. W. Knickerbocker univ ship of the peace e p s h Davis coastal Les Charles t lies p. K Winc Lull c Darland to jobs Teeter defendant you Are hereby notified list there it now of file in the office of the clerk of the District of flood count u of Iowa the petition of Joseph claiming of you and a King that a cer Ain real estate mortgage made Uno delivered to you by Wesley series May 18th. 18c3, and recorded in t he office of the re Router of deeds of Flou county. In Book to of mortg.ig-1 on Page cancelled of recoil claiming that the debt secured has been paid and for other equitable Relief. You Are also notified unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second Day of the next May term of the said District court of j county town to be commenced and held at the court in Charles City on the third Flay of m to a d., will be entered against you and decree rendered thereon As prayed. 26f Joseph b. Merfeld plaintiff. A for too. A transaction in which you i Airato Biuk bilious Ness sick ecu Sadie fur red Tongue Ever piles and to Tousand other Are Canad by constipation and sluggish liver. Cascaret Candy cathartic Hie wonderful new liver and tonic Are by All druggists guaranteed to cure or Maner la add. C. C. C. Are a Sun try a Box klc., Wiles employed to get a woman to 1 Urt with her chief Al Tiknys a sure Market for false hair was worn by Al fashionable ladles. History records the fact that in in Kii Ghuzid Long Fla Seii Buir was Pur chased Liend at 10 shillings i ounce while other Fine hair fetched from o to 7 shillings for the Wane Quan Tity and within the present Century the Heads of whole families in were lot out by the year at so Nuich per poll a Peri wig maker of Lister Rozuk round at certain periods to Cut the locks afterwards oiling the Skull of each bereft person. That the use of 1 alk1 hair us an Aid to feminine Beauty was nor unknown to the ancients is Well proved. The greeks romans and Long before Tho Dawn of the Christian Era resorted to the wearing of try ses trained from Oiler they even went of far us to Pixius Hald Heads so As to represent them covered Wirlin Short liar also Marble Caps so painted win a valuable in the lil Oad hair of Herman women is mentioned in ancient roman history. A question that Lias doubtless often presented itself did All this Hizir come from tlii1 question i will Endeavor to answer. With the coining of Spring in the midlands and West of Franco appeared what May fitly be termed a singular class of nomadic individuals armed Long Iron tipped Staves and bearing heavy packs of Mer Chandise upon their at first Glince one would have taken them to he Ordinary hawkers yet merchandise was but an accessory to their strange Industry. They were the Couperus the reapers of a hirsute Harvest. Armed with Long keen they went their Way seeking the tresses of willing victims dwelling in outlying hamlets and villages of peasant France and a laborious business it was. Dewy morn until the shadows of night gathered thickly they did their 10 for 35 Miles a fruitlessly and with empty stomachs their Only bed the Wayside. In Auvergne these seekers after hair were known As Chi Meurs. The bretons called them Inar Soulius. These terms have not fit English ettral less. These a Tivious journeymen exerted every Effort to gain their Good head of former preferring the local fairs As a workroom the latter Kijuu using la mail me of Ali div possible clients. In summer the Brittany Margo Lin was often seen going through the streets carrying his Long staff from which Hung twists of hair while he cried in doleful tones the Well known Pian at the sound of which the with an itching desire to possess some of his gew Gaws attracted the wanderer s attention. He was Only too pleased to dazzle their eyes with his Many coloured wares and the bargaining was not slow to begin. While the women fingered his goods the Margon Liu weighed her tresses with his hand a proceed ing at which to was adept through Long practice. The bargain ended the woman yielded her abundant locks in return for 8 few Yards of Cotton stuff or a Gay Petticoat to which thanks to the Progress of civilization the Couleur had to add a email sum of Money. Sometimes the transaction was not completed without much discussion on both sides. Very often the coup eur had to return to the charge owing to female indecision and he was More than Happy when sure that a tardy remorse would not of half his coveted trophy. Until the authorities intervened Cut Ting was conducted in Public As an amusement for onlookers it being considered highly entertaining to hear 10 or 12 rival Couperus Eulogi zing their wares each pretesting his to be far Superior to his fellow s. The prohibition of this custom drove the hair harvesters to erect tents rent for the Day unoccupied shops cellars stables or any Corner they could find wherein to establish themselves. Sticks were then suck up from them being suspended petticoats As a lure us an indication of hat could be had in est Chunco for to the petticoats were attached twists of hair As trademarks. The ruse succeeded peasants halted casting envious glances at the multicoloured ran Nants. They were handled and Evott tried on. Thus affording an Opportunity to the con cars to flatter their fair did not Long Victory rewarded the cute buyers. In the Couperus were most numerous the greatest Harvest was reaped on St. John s Day. The ingathering extended from april to september during which month the Bakers locksmiths Etc., forsook their Ordinary avocations for that of the Couper returning to their legitimate trades with the coming of the dead season. The hair of different countries was distinguished by certain qualities. For instance that of an Vergnol was the coarsest the and Scott Fiji in from Belgium tin and longest from Italy while that pro cured in Brittany was the most Beautiful though least Well cared Hearth and Home. Back country Folk who travel to i Niue worship. Women in in Tho woman s Home Coni Panioli tells How she attended a country Church in the Northern part of the Inland. L Lack Abbath Day was full of inter est for to had not attended service in tin Rural districts. In the parly morning to Betook pm selves to the front of the House to watch Iho country Folk Assem ble. In the .-Tance we a them Ford ing the River in a Long line and in an other direction men women and Chil Dren Rodo slowly Over the mountains Down to the farm. Thur the Sabbath Day Means to people Lew can re Alize tune of them never be a face be sides thereof t lie members of the family from one Clerch Day until the other. Ihen. Itiat they began to assemble fully two before Church timer a Peculiar for inf slut Rion pre vails outside of the cities we had not yet been made familiar and our astonishment can Well be imagined when we saw the men dismount embrace and kiss each other. I Learned later that this is Tho usual form of Sahit a. U. In. Liamou ui3 Fri cts. The hour of service arrived and in company Villi the preacher who wore i High silk hat a Loose flowing gown buttoned from Chili to hem and a great White Elizabeth Ruff around his neck i to entered the Church. From the Back i seat to had full View of the co Grega Siosi mud not being i Usu Ilinor with the j language Tho time was passed in Ionedi Taniou on the situation. I in Tho pulpit Tho pastor was assisted j into a Long White Robe which Frol Ovir the Black one. And Down his Hack Hung a Largo surplice of Bright it upon which a Golden Cross was wrought. Oil the altar two great candles about a Yard Long Aud three inches thick shed a dim Light. These were the Especial charge of an official who gave Cut the hymns and Between times snuffed the candles with an old time pair of snuffers. After cd Vuoch the worshippers dispersed and Many of them did not reach their Homes sunday school libraries. I Many of the an insult to the in of i Edward w. In a Bei n making .1 of Toniu Iii pro isl Zarics in the ladies Heine journal he co Ulisses him 1 self disgusted Villi Tho literature thus j placed in the of our boys j girls. A less comes i re investigation i ill. Nut hau1 iiiad.1 it possible for him to believe that the libraries of oar sch i n were i stocked with such Liles of Wishy Washy lie it. He Motis he Utilis. Givi 1-c i themes i i us Man r i i Bull s lie obtain j from sunday i a Naii in a to Cirii Poltl Lyv hit Ivan sio.i-. Such he in in tilt to Ilie Ike of the i diag i opli1 and Liucc a i ii in to Neilio. Being a i l they arc m to ii and Tii iely i a i i for in i he Youir when we j Titi tin u tin Sacii in x i i m if i can or. Eok .1 of the blame pal k and movie in. be by he buy poor Oil when you us for the same Price we to not buy Oil from the Charles City tank i Wagon. E buy Only Pennsylvania pro i duct shipped in barrels. Throw away old used poor Oil and try our Ioil a and you will never have any More bother with your lamps. Yours Lor Mutual Benefit Hank was All right. But the Squire was doubtful about his integrity a tit . I never took to a Man As i did to Hank staffer. He moved in Here with out Ruskin no noise about it and they Hain t no better neighbor in the it was Fanner Waddy that was doing ship Only interrupted to ask whether the Farmer had Ever missed any chickens or shotes before Hank settled in Tho Vici i never admitted Warley but i never lose ii Thiu of re kind Afore you got that now Man of yours. I Trust Hank sniffer with my life Squire Don t be too insisted the Barairo. Many St Applei pc seen that looked per fee on the outside lint was Rotten at the Core. Hank seems All right but i would t to surprised no Day to so him fetched up Afore inc. Things Hain t right in this since Heined that s so Bonfe there s a million things Happe Rrt outside of Hank s co Iii. His folks could t eat All the things what s stole 1111 to Don t sell Wrath in watch insisted the Squire. And to look his leave Frith a line Imi tation of the Man who looks the morals of Tho entire neighbourhood. Farmer did watch Aud he hired others to help him Tratch. If this fiction it would to the Squire or his new Man who was trapped. But truth is Aii exacting it vac. A fellow living in a log Heimi Tage that was doing ail the stealing. It has t Tho slightest bearing on the Case that Iio was Felling All the plunder to the Squire at half free press. Bread Karely sent Back. Inov if the Baker sends us a loaf of stale said Tho old Soldier we scud it Back. But dear me we did t often anything of that sort in the army. We i Irby t or i Vei up it bread is regular bread. What we had mostly was hard bread sometimes called hard kind of Cracker like soda Cracker in and not unlike it in appearance but thicker. And hard bread of Good Quality and not More than a month old was t bad. In fact it was very Good. It was Only when we got some that was very old and that had foreign creatures Boring in it so that you had to Knock it against something in anybody growled Aud even then we rarely sent it Back. Some times if it was very bad Tho regimental quartermaster would Send Backho whole lot and draw new if to could. But oftener we kept it and Yon could throw it away if you wanted to but that was All. Still our 01 it Cor was conducive to Goodpa Petitf of and one could a poorer break Sisr. Triau a Ioddy. Hard bread arid Roffle. For instance York Sun. Shown the m i re i. I legit i to tin a books ai.that ugg Aily pm than s80 per pud. A j of air. Bou oils . I upon the run Puri am school i Varks. Who is ii que utly the , not qualified 1 in the task whom is a Library As As or. Warmly urges that the election of Sim Day school books be left to Wuu Ien v. In Kiwi mid feel the Kii i of a Book which a i girl will hat and i he it Sissy Bluit should lie Given to the select ions so fur a1 the pre Senbei amount of Inouye will give. A Hondr to Good Jill. Bok far better 111 t f Vili Irh u ought sin Lily of Iii they a of Cabin it be Cimenti in a Day and no discourage Niento should he fell if the Fini Uncial Means of the Church Are Coji tracked and Tiu Purchase of Only a few books it a is to is eur. Captain Bliss wa.-, like All seamen a strict disciplinarian and his Crew respected him beyond measure. Not ene of them would have dreamed of preying a command otherwise than according to the strict letter of the Law. Gates. Invincible unsurpassable without a i Reg Ulyir subscribe Avo read it for Nifina years of the twice a Ivock Issue of the in Europe. According to Tho Hon. P. Lawley. In seen in Europe has acre of forests Sweden coming next with Germany has Austria slightly Over and the palmistry Lias been in the cast from time Ken Omerial. The psalmist cars several allusions in the Book of Job intricate n knowledge of this some kinds of Wasp Honey Are extremely a few grains causing kind of . His me. One Day while the ski was in a act Taiti port the Captain gave a dinner to some town acquaintances. Anil As the resources of the ship Ocie great comic of the sailors wait on the table Tnie a Funrue the number of Steward. As these men w Ere not lied to such each Cue was told exactly what Bervice would to his the hour crime and the i Rinir Var i merrily on. Presently however one of the ladies wanted a piece of braid there none very mar her and the finely disciplined stewards seemed to be quite oblivious to her need. Humid her head and spoke very softly to to r Man at Eicr Elbow. Bread she said. To looked rear Cal Billy at the and lieu in. It was Eudner that by her if it hi.to ii in his Power. He saluted in ill-1, naval style. Can t it fail. 1 a told off for Iii i Ord Fol Soviv Raj Virit. Cut twin Alfred t. Muh-. Triina account of Kelson in Tho Battle of Copenhagen for the Century. Captain Hahan quotes Tho Foll no. Ing from u i account of the engagement i Ittin 5y colonel Stew it of the British lord Kelson was at thin rime a. I had been during the whole action w ing the starboard Side of the a Onaita deck sometimes much animated and at others heroically Fine in his Lious. A shot through the Sain new a knocked a few splinters Al inf up. Lit i i i a and this Day May be Iho lust to any of us at a and then step Ping Short at the Gangway he used an expression never to be erased from my memory and said with emotion but Mark you i would not be elsewhere in thousands " with this split May compared his rebuke Fomo Day a aft a the Battle to a lieutenant who during the action had made a hopeless port about the grounded ships at such a the delivery of anything like a ing opinion i asked was highly heu sible and much More can Bare than Captain Foley gave and this is the verdict of its More than Fialo a million is All t Oil tie biggest Best and cheapest National news and family journal published in Kiuei ice. It strictly Republican in politics but it is above All a Jim. Sum gives ail e news promptly accurately to Tiu i i Impi merchant or i Rofe sorial Noiin who sire in keep Diioro ulily posted Bui not ii tie Iorii l u Larue Daili pay i. Whip is Chi Zelv i Well selected in. Nii in r in ikes it in invaluable Home and 1 Aper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tue5dav and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies free. co St. Louis to. Wiloth us ale 15 in i and shelf Chuck me Burner repay big a specially. Joe meet Oil honorable Competition Wilke i ii j pm ill j a Lih a p 7i pm a brains bigger than according to professor Max of Amsterdam the Only animal. Eur Jass in the absolute f their Brainis nip and but there of him in the latin of the brain to the total weight of Chr "i.ndy. All of these however arc animals. Among him Are Many keys and certain of Trio Rel and Farsi pity. To t greater us in Tho whole it Lal Superior ii is Cue rat Rio the qual Ity sad was Aizik n la Iii to tic of his . C. Weber Scitz i talk la y Moat in it. I. It i i i i to raft Shoer and general Dii Jih i f i Wrork of farm Machin to Etc. Shop located one Block to Atli of Beelar House Marble Rock la

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