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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - March 2, 1882, Marble Rock, Iowa4 _ x a Dziene broker Loans on improved published toy laity a ties. Witt towed Ltd Charity fir volume 7. Terms jl50 per annul in Advance Marble Rock Floyd Cutty Iowa. March 2, number 3 appbt1zm toh1c, cd Bagube a3thh. A tis umut if esl cell. Pub to Blu b. It a pm Momu Muti m Romni ii11 e. C., jul Bill net Myrtl told Hock us itty la u Vomm. Ili Jilin pm Tel it h or Myrtta us m Jit i to inv. Kociss u Fate Lulu. Dec xjuht1m, Chicago in. Onui us Iron bitters he Lek tic pm. Of Lar Trob him will fat. Trocko the Moth or som by nil a Ltd of. Coole. Of. Stone marble1 Rock Iowa i will sell Ftp lids of goods. As Tea Coffee sugar spices extracts tobacco a vent in in Frt dry Wood and grocery store As cheap a Sny nun that pics 1 or his goods. Boots and show of nearly every Yuri Civ. Will lie found at the Stone Stort. Reader Nail clot Ruig is constant la on bund to Supply cd them All Roods Are wan Ante represented or Money refunded. I Ai. Aell new american sewing machine one of the Best manufactured Allen Moore this new Hap Grovu beyond any reasonable question that the Chicago North Western railway h of ill Olds the Road fur Yon to Tak e in either direction Between Lenin to and All of Ifie print Pul t Nikii the West North and Examina this map. The principal cities of tha West and. North West Are stat it on this mad. It through Tritini Matt close Point Cioni with the trains of All railroads at pm action the Chicago Jan both we Cater Ivor All principal Rani each Way Dally two to our More fist Tai Tina. It ii the Road weat North or Northwest of Chicago hat uses the Imperial Palace dining cars. R is tort Only car Sarth Orion Hwat or cd Ufa. It he Orer it in. Trank Unes Council . Colo Milu a Coli formats i oui. Y Tannei Iotla a Central oink Oil a to Limo. So Petal Koch Ford. A report it do Bunc Len Wnuk Green Litko Superior hirer Valley. Dear snood mid Imu .1 Hort Jern ii raid arc fold or id tic uau.4 attn ind to vie for Tickow tilt Road a Stirt they read Oscr it. And take none other. I a. Lay Foo l . I. . Oen l pea. P. H1llecuecil afoot c. T 3c. A. K a Kip us it. Akk Thaira j it Ltd Kurt 1mu haste s a lost in 1 la Fovad p Tor in in of Rcpt Hare ame Resis Jav. I it la to a but Iron u us. A item 31 itt Jalc b nose Lar in Tot prattle. To. Nov. 3gtb. Tutu it Harter meet Dille i. Tull to 3 St atoms of a torpid liver. Jyi 01 apatite in is Dull in the Oner in Lac with i a t3 of body of ipod io.ljtv1 of sir a for. With u the yellow skin. Ctm the the fitful ii inc and Fuff fill Bay a card. We of great pleasure in calling the attention of our friends and customer to cough and lung whisk is perfectly harmless pleasant the Taite will not Naa Seate nil circus Relief jests Fly. It i matters not How Egerere your May i lie Hoir Many cough medicines Yoa i Hare tried or How Many i you have cont Ltd. The tonic soothing ind Kealing of this Medicine j will loosen it and the Throat and nos to Eipel the of tending matter i tearing them in a healthy condition i free irritation and the air passages elea besides invigorating and strengthening the Irene a Price 50 cents. E or the positive care of on sumption Fithian bronchitis dry hacking cough loss of a voice. Irritation the Throat Julif the Chest p-.in.? in Tho ? croup . And fever we tip Liddic above All Orr cry. Call j la bottle a. J i co. Nun cd. Xci no. I a Kenime but of tint Horr a Toul Tor Baa Tod to Vort and Al comr re alive wills Tutt Nokia old Tutter to the soc m a fret our iut with Tae met Tea but tote wlm aug Tan vhf cd sent to hid re b Attr or the Borm. We to my 1 fee of anti amid that i of Ift Lac Iota or ticked to Cou a of f wbk my unto that met to him. He talked of tic to tvs of inflate Diril from out Olther Blue sky but a Pulte of Hie wit Xantippe Neer went the old flow s clot blog and b a Tut Sho worked like a by sub Tut he it it his pose while with Carlto t the a Tow pan was and Tainer to Obj air the table Askew Tho bed for tie Troup a Hician plunk and 3u11 be kept logical Xor Socrates a cd a Man was Well fed Whoso menu cons Stod of water Bruml but the by inf 7 for you me Uto improvident never for you Esters ten fint Obj. Lus. It All to Twatt not a hit this so Yerea Wero Marvel of Beauty and no wonder be storm cd no wonder fico Rait de and weat for him Tatien Wiki mop till piled 1 3ba doused be old Tori Wlton dish Titor foul. And up her voice of it inc bid a wild no wonder boo turned of table of Tutak Thyl old lady Hud recon Don t you the beaut i met on the gait. Said Harry and tossed the paper away. Don t you like it i ventured to in quire. Like it no it is a made up Story. The Only Good stories arc True do you mean to say that All the glorious fictions that have unchained Are thrilled the Ivo Rici Are i asked a Little triumphantly. Sot True in Ali thai details and com of said he but whenever you find any incident affecting you May be sure that it actually happened. Kov in this Story which i have read at your recommendation there is no such incident. The charac ters Are not alive and the events never occurred at least within Tho writer s i can Tell you a dozen real True stories would beat it All what will Yon who to you shall decide yourself. Come til Tell you Ono to by join with and if Rou Don t say it is better than this Jurii uhf i Kumuji Nuqui i Iii us Uruu i la pay for the so i set myself to listen. I took the no rat train at said Harry settling himself Back to spin his inure comfortably. Then you Are the hero of your own said j. Don t interrupt we. Who said i hero you Iril Sec. The cars vere full but i found a scat behind a and gentleman who Bud appropriated a couple to themselves and were Ivr upped up in shawls sleeping very comfortably. The Light irom tie car lamps fell on hair faces. The gentleman who seemed i foreigner and who proved to be mox of some distinction of Middle a dark Tine looking sombre quiet nun. Rut Tho lady Young enough to 5e his daughter was of dazzling Beauty. A Pale complexion Flushing with Tho tint of an Oval face feat ires regular As Liose of a grecian Static was the i suppose she sail i wishing g be amiable when thus appealed to. I Don t want your opinion on that Point. I had been people. I had seen few that con la be milled re fined or Beautiful for a Long time but making allowances for All that she was certainly one of the loveliest women i Ever beheld. When she opened her eyes in the Light they were of that tinge of Violet Grey shaded by Long dark lushes so rare and so exquisite. Her Little hand with its Long tapering White fingers with Rose her slender delicate r her form and movements of Grace All in a kind of Ench ailment. The cars rattled and roared along Down the Hittle Miami and we were caring Cincinnati when i heard her speak. It was some Trilling question. It had the petulance of a spoiled Chilli a spoiled Beauty but there could no mistaking the pure High bread in of her articulation. By the time it Daylight t had St lied her Well. Looting Over my newspaper. It a. User any morning and no train left Cin c Ninati until evening. We Rode us mow lie depot in the same omnibus Ami i iut opposite and to quite near her. As i looked what t presume must expire Flohil it tint look nil the Admira Tion and interest i Felt with my Eves who can Vou be 0 Beautiful she nope area to see me for the first thine. Something must have told her what t was thinking. A flush came Over her very slight indeed but still perceptible. It was a Little Surprise and something which was not indignation. Had Given my checks for the Bur Nett. House it was with a Pang that j my Row prepare to alight at the Spencer. But Riiho the general As i heard Haiti called after iras picking no a so fowl Tomt had been dropped. I out into tic Saow. With a souk i dim til no Tilini Pfeil Anil hand to do huh. Sis-1 with lightest nil of pick est is if flip did Ucol a by tfx Ili Irig for r Ili a but intoxicated with tie Beatty that j t to Envor Ftp the. Hyce in a on , the Blar to Rhani i1- to Lofino that seized is both Ive ran aft. Moment we got to the Nursery windows a the Stem there Rose from the boiling flood far Down step attn but near enough to be 5ecn the Pale face of the Gen j end he threw up his Anas and Sank j beneath the surface and was never seen Apia Golden Star Oil 0toye 0 she co aim Whir s itis in to. R Civ a Book of nearly one Hundred pages with no Sucro u engraving s. It contains an i orc and gives the Ceatise and treatment of each a Taupe with an engraving a the hoist s Teeth at differ ent Ages with rules for telling the and Inch other valuable Mattei it is one of the simplest and at Ali. Mine time a thorough and work. A Lumblo of every a Csc Tom the Gem the of the to hurl to t at on. of voc. Fillol her or iraqi i mail or Iii a Iii r. Cluj of. Ilu us a a wry i a i to t but Timot Liiv sult of to in prof a. Thero. As hero in and of we work the y. A e from in in Ball Winorr. Years Flora Tompte won it crr to was the Tion. Sinco then horses have trotted in or better quite number hs1 " Cora-1 a of Matico a or. T0 Jil Wjk or Ijiro. 9. Of t ,
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