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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 30 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 30, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaNor adj u Tuci k the Liberal Damot hawed to Juv Flakk. My. K. H. Hask Sitf of was in own tuesday. Horace Hawks Rita Imp from. A Hock weekly Gates has told he reside in sin Street to or Merij co Nader 0. 0 Hopkins Lias purchased the Sash. Or at this season of the year the Amoy slews. Ance caused to in Imit by flies anti Jui toes unto i amounts to positive Charley hex and Wile veiled friends at sheilie d week. Aim crr a. I r 5u. Logia to Winchell drilled a wc-11100 acct Good Corn Veather in ii sufficient the july of Staple mud fancy groceries the weekly Glose Democrat. Ten pages. One Dollar a year the following of a number of the most prominent weeklies published in the United Stales shows conclusively that tic i eek_l1 Globe Democrat in from 25 to 50 per cent the cheapest weekly Globe Democrat St week Hen Vicic. St. Louil to. Iii in 111 10 Sogra o in Tut san new Tatj worn St Wink Tityk Gelts columns x columns 51 Perte in 11.00 per teat. 100ptrtwr per 1 00 per Tea 1ii per 108 1.00 per the. Jitt 1.00 per it. 14 Cal Bis of solid Reading matter in favor of the before or Renc Wug your Sable option to adj other paper Fot cop of the weekly Globe Democrat prices the editions of the postmasters Tad no Stolon arc Itrat Borred to receive subscription a or Send direct lotto Fri Tang Loai Pany St. Louis. Rye. 45 to 00 cents. Wheat 60 to Oil .20 to i 8 Coro 00 to 2t cents. Hogs. Eggs 9 cents per dozen Reaut 14 cents per Inch. Miss Ida Ackley s school closed last Friday. Joe Ramsay is Down in the state of a Nanas. Or. Elate of by Buie is working n e. A Fauter s tin shop. Henry blood visiting with Oscar Moore the past week. A Muaulu Llu Hoij is fashionable in Marble Kocic. Or Robert Rini Sav and wife were Down to Greene . . C. T. It will meet with mrs. Crocker to Day Ai three o clock. Farmers arc getting their mowers and harvesters ready Tor work in the Field. The ladies Aid society meets with mrs. Two this after noon. Rockford has organized driving part association with a capital Stock of 500 the revivalist will labor with Marble when he gets through with Greene co to h c Robison s for big bar gains special Days Tuc Sadije Hun is and fridays 4fa we Are informed that win Floore and his family will return to Ara tilt. Rock next Spring very body get dinner at Moore Hall july 4th proceeds for of nest of w e Church Newton Smith soft of Smith Inrig on w Ard photo North Eft of Towa came from Ohio will i in Fth and wife of Fri flite Falls Minnesota arc visiting with relatives and friends in this City and Vicinity. Ilioiu. Ii Blumenstiel and wife of Charles Cit the guests of or Wilke s of Nuila a number of the Boya were up to Rock Ford Lut in at Endale at the Ball Fame Between that town and Scott. Mis. Eva. Harmon let Homo it North Wood yesterday she will teach the Mouth school the ensuing year. B a Angell our popular la uber merchant has purchased a new wire Fence machine and is turning oat All Sites of fencing the Greene have been after Short rest the revivalist will open his batteries on Marble Rock Winchell s horse deck died last monday he had been sick for a few Days when lock it in and Fin Misnea the Job the hoc was valued chinch bag Are doing serious dam age to Small Grain a number of Fields in thu Rico ii have been to badly dim Toffi. Hit owners have slowed of the ground and sown it to buckwheat or Billot prof. been Unamuno a by re elected by the. School Board of ism Bervie As principal of their schools or. Davidson will Coo duct the Kristi Gramms Borg beginning August the subject for disco Eion at the m e Church next 3nnday morning will be songs of the Bible the evening service will be conducted by the ladies thew 0 t u there will be regular choir. Singing at toe services in the future i will Knapp and his Mother Down from Kouk Ford . B. P. Walsler has he. Ware front a new Cost of paint. James hutches and John Willie Are in Dakota Selling a or Load of in Wai. Fletcher s pasture. Or. Schb pc i daughter has hic to Icv Yuri to reside with an aunt. Joho Waller returned from Dakota monday morning. Lie reports Fine crops in the territory. A airs. C. Balstead is baying a new Stone Side walk bid Down in front of her inside acc o u Maine Street. Lude Asper has purchased n lot be tween and Ritter a places on main Street and will new Bouse. Erect tic Ricou a improved and wild. In various 01 Tiu county on the Best term e i cd urls Cut George Brorn and Lavi i Doug have gone into the machinery business at this i ice the u. T. U will meet with mrs j ii she Pattson ii our do jul 7th tin. Uber be in sent As business Tho us on will come be of b ack Barry hound be Tell Eal anted after i in fruit i 3 been pict Dihe old Eines should not to Cut of in the. Fall l3ut.thg.ncw Cane which Are to produce next Eai s crops till by. Great la Bjelik i tin. The jul Jalc lactic his t Sno "tec1 frontispiece the beginning Ofa new volume the 46th its almost superfluous to enlarge on of thu publication containing is it docs Martin Motly the selections from the foru3n especially the English Magazine a lid reviews in spite of the rett Sittou at Home in the he c tic holds its plate the present Nui Butr Sast Lins the reputation of the eng inc pub Lisej by i r Pelton 25 lord new York Butler county press j Slier Urdsin ind Wile and son of ble Anont i of b in town and the pita Lite of Tom funnies of a w and l w Sut by. In the o i o it " j " Down to Oreene. Lust sunday. In Oiler per Fth it ovine t or table during Thi sonic tune and from Ipp Cannes we try of the opinion bit Bro it is prospering a num Berol ladies from Marble Rock my were Renfert lined b m tues Jav. The Jirs Mathiews Cutler Phiillip from Rock Jilves i Jjck us tubes 31ri Mclair Ory and mrs. Kobiska visited friends Ai. A recur last Wrev. To prevent the Stock eating enough to keep Theiu in Good condition. The arrival of aug urls will find in the Warco or pass the greater part of the ital in the i Shade rather than expose them shoes to dec . Rejko Over the in Lune to est Only monthly Magazine is largely. Up to the Brilliant Southern who have recently been celebrated in Harper s my gazing. Julia Samelli , the Bias Page to Bart barns Wilson and Charles Washington Cpl Mau or All figure bran now baby at. Their j by Ohby ii oust. J lose the of Mill Sli rinks and it Mai gender mrs. Pascoe and two children Are Joss is incurred that cannot easily be i Conui Buick the Complete novel of the visiting with or. 1 Assoc at is hand made Good at nil times a Good number at Anchor is Bright Viva feed of Grain u beneficial to Stock hut vicious sketch of Lile of a southwestern , Baldwin is Fen ans. In a five j t is especially so when flies Are very acre lot for a bos pasture. This will j annoying since it nil do much to pre probable line to mint new s we Venn Knic o flesh milk ii Ira. Ivlin Javius Larker was a own to Greene ust week of ice stun Tancos. Mfrs. John -. Goodmiller Lias been the past we the hey May Speed in Charles Lane and Wile of Blue Rill. Were the quests of or. And . Ciao Bernatz and Manchester will tic dance on ibo 4tl of j Jyh it Bartle Eok a that they have secured Stone excellent Mijic Foi the oct Tom 0 irber s face Nis Ortvin i foot a t Ciu til by or Virber ing Rojt pcs in tie Sou h Ern part of the state Beer up Toji tic fourth is close it hand. It Tai Quidry w is a Otin Foint of july at Lii Blu Rock. Both main and were Lii cd with team and a Ian were hitched in out of tic tested in i 1 Man i the tin nil Over Wirht dinner j soap suds in a Vituli a Little cur Bulic a ii been dipped. To Lois rites hns it n cock Bush nit of Street und will run it first class at All hours can be had. Our Sanctum Law t tues Day by. Tie Liadi igbo of Sci Noracy fur comity a Niple ct-1 l Arur of the Ituen and 1 a hand Esq who i did or e Eno to Tiou a Deputy Rule Gill a j Asci if co Hect Ned of a Hirn. There is also a very bitter and amusing Atlak on Voit air methods of Orstrum Iii. Its promo Jon. by Fred. This article will a doubt Rah est Ilo in Crest to ii Clos Usu Sii Oulu be read every tax payer. July 4th the Oftle x fittus Iolj of it Marble Rock Iowa president marshal h b n1es. R of of the Marble Rock Silver Cornet band Jill furnish excellent music for the occasion in Tihoi cd at jul Jii Jan test Ilc of Tiffin 10 m of ining i occasion Coiner Biu droid Sti la f old of Mil i Lotu late if Elf cd v hrl1t Oisin Tumut is i ads b Sohing Hill a dra Clim of nitrate of Itai in 1 pm of boiling Waier to lion i solve. Of com nor calf in cig i or ten quilts of Irner when both Are Boroa Ghl Cut Stout pour the tvo my Jutca together in 1 a heft the Sci mint has settled you Bare i Pul of Clear fluid which u the saturated Sola Tion of the cd Onde of Lead a cloth saturated with the liquid and Znoj of Foi 7 ill ii pc it id Mir Biu Rock club will monopolize the Denmond on the Mabl clock on Juuli Liob clubs arc confident of doing each other up and an interesting Yasic Cali be looked Tor. Among the inane practical working designs in the. Art Amateur for july lire a charming plate printed in tvs Clu colors of a companion to. The titmice recently Giryn an Westru Large full length decorative figure Lor Fojtlin embroidu1 for o or for paint the hrs of the so Ries of 511 tic e Are inter sting notices of the London Hojny Academy exhibition the Mil dec exhibition awards it tic a toe once Joys j it a year most Agni Mirts publish in m room will at once Sureen fetid 25 Jmon Nestor pc poured Down Siuk Waitr Cloit or Drain or on and i int Ait Urdi h Jutes one 100 or offensive object it will prod acc i a search warrant a up idler who the same result. The nit Etc of Lea d is i been Selling arcs in town. Cheap Tea n Pound of to Nord Rante the mar it stated hat or Gates be. Aeterna Bam o of i in u at Al a i c or o hire Cone i of in in ipod Lei Buol continuing some Public program of the flt c t 1 Mono Brinn Tho of mrs to to held in them. A. Church next j of secs. The was placed Wilson of Stoit who h it town under too Trail Wal of drs. Cark i Mcc Dyjor Ameer not Oread to Hove hit net her cower i Large one and being local Tia Aziul Region tire Lening her life in the near future was successfully removed eat tag and with but Little pain. Mat ble Wmk 6. Att we fam of 6. A. B. Pod a m sunday evening july 3d ib87 singing by choir. Reading scripture by president Fri yer by Iky. Wil. Marco. Singing by choir. Aft Geil miss Irene Ackley work for the clasp of Tara mrs. C f Beelar. When 1 o a Clint wac Bill. To alias Jennie Merriau. my Vita pits dents Thi. Of Aji it to Chi Apaui my Crl a club Escot in -5 of is tits Tud Teui Wijit. U of a i. I fire a Mizpan f Viva i git on not in exercises at the Gholye Call to 01 duh the fit Side u the band Anthem by tie glee club. Pii Jei by Plaitt Jiusto if band hailing of tie by or Lloland music by glee club. Of Ilion b e h fan ban n music b glee glib Basket at 1 3 i in Mil commence and continue ii Neil inn lied to Indus Einuis 100 annl foot race 10 Lod 1-. 1 t to 1 Ofin 1 run Tai r n i r in of t 11 Ujj 7 v. L l lid. A Milf Mik Rui iring tace Foi horse i a cooed and Liott Uig lace acc it in the of the marshal ind Iris j Duy Creco Ted on Tea Noth-1 Ini of the and w to and on return from 1112 the Ottic r was in of ruled Lia Tallen Moore s. Pup bad m t t t the Pocky Book Flora the j porch atthe House and this i he he m g it have i the Tomc the officer the i that tie dog had j really earned i the Yard Ite saws j it rent Rcd to the Solo re Rance. By can my by Micro a per. This a a of Wilt uni Smith. In Angell. Mrs. Iiona Roche. Mrs. C. F. Ore Wood wis not arrowed. Rem a Chance. Angs. Aloo la very it is. Not hot to netties leading brands of White Lead and Oil Kmic bar. A. I one f rum Dot tit Tod Oliff ked Al Bastine. Kali mine window and fixtures and Kalat Niibu brushes. Kail do Uteri wort. Do in his a amt do Well to Ogk or of the Tiu above arc new Mil of the. And he sold at Bottom presi. A full his Tom com Joity band. Caf fully a Niht. I k it ammo. No uni if. There b com rid that x r to. At Ilir Koto. Milled r go. Wall paper a Largo and variety also the to fits. Zeta la i Ulab Nevada Aad Camii Cuba solid trains Chicago via my fa1hhjs albe3t Lea route St. on a Albert Leo of crib to ago h and and by fail tits Tho Diawn w line Ovir love of new cd i la this of Tii j main. Albert Lei mawjitinbl4vlflron.jil.t Catino Iowa to what had Olinto Biri foil. Cuaton to Kiu Pirn Iowa c to Siou Ohlf Fixa to Dows to ii u Ortli cd Iris on Codori Izilda to Futrille Ai. Decorah. Town Iowa f cily Junction to Waverly Loi land seekers Robirt. Tri Btu it Oil Points to , Sta Nebo and Dakota Lnch i of Ait Tomt Elwa the Tut Tea cud Julij Honard on urn 10 s Ute on Kile t r j. E Han Coah Oca a silk to gun Cudak in apus to 0-o.r if you Lull tale Hie to Call and pried you will that you can do As Well or bet buying at Home to turn you can having cub orid in e paid to some 1oivn? that of i we will grip you thu Benefit of goods bought for Cash Ajr Dubey Al it recount i for can t pay or sell at As so Good goods at i Cison Alile Emce clap Good at cheap cd leap Pomes. To baits of jockey it ices Asp Fuji a v Marble Rock Iowa Tia Thi. World sorter ulcer Salt it to m clipped Dan is Uin Kuni 01 i lit All ski i j Niroj tins a in Liely Urr a or in pay r i ii i guaranteed to sue Peic is faction or Money rely Niimd. Per Box. For tale he Oaks Joseph Wiloth a Salkil i harness collars cent inns Saddler and Kobry Tuu Juty ii Liing i Hanson ii Xic. Grease j Lite Rizig hair 1 Vokn Lipil car Tom Oil and null loot Oil and in Del Conry Chmir in fiut Clau Karnow Jipp. Ail work warranted. Owh paid Tvr Rido and fallow Marble Rock Iowa salaried general it Ltd
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