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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 29, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaV vol. Is no. If. Marble Ike k. Floyd county. Iowa. One invites your attention to ii a Stock of groceries. My line is new and Complete my prices bed Rock Marble Rock weekly i very morning by h. B. Soit. Celebrate the wishing a my i Usu a special prices on even arose Satur i May in Iii All Call and get a bargain i s o some kind. Corn to Iii "10 Etc of ii iils kit in City. Juk ens of ibid my aim to please the people i f j. M a. Valsik i Ell m. Oot i i 1 want All the butter and eggs you can bring in. My customers want Good Dairy butter in warm As Well As cold i will j or. Biloy has moved into j j so Llu you Good goods in Exchange Tor the above i a o Tarm produce. To jus in k it lilt is r Rej aul put diirlnm.1 have u sol Izitter in his i. I. 4 co and flans Pitit to his recovery. Mrs. Minnie own Weott is j i ii a airy the summer Geln of us mrs. Bate Mitis is visiting with her 1 s a Cir rules a Eman of this place. J o to Troso learn that Mie j boys i township ii late i a number from Irona Nite Ndell the j i k. Of p. Lodge at this pique last tuesday j aids of Illinois ? ski an m. Will base i cell at 10 o clock in. Mew goods. The j Ripon trans is to the j Pride of a in Trio i flair. Prison fyr coup i furniture satire Iii Irini the of j City Iti Lay run. We have just received a Stock of the mra-1 1iorr and uie j c Ethel. To turned Home Frani Moro Well known act a til6 the Lockford gun club i ill i i Xii Tiou is Moulins i Iii Iny tin foil Midi. Just received the of err i if you want to buy i go Oil i and Jinder or Coc sums Iii j Kuk before purim sick. Wuol j. I m. Tudini Ulm or. Vuu due vi.1 wait in four on Chi for outside Ami indoor decoration. Abo a Large Stock of tro1 f 3 chased hta in Cunera in window shades and Wail paper 13. P. Wright i Ike Aerol of the Ai Ivull based his partners in to add to the o their us j i a is ution the Bills of hand. Cod i limits p tue Piepetr. I h1 i a i. C no to Rev ing on the life blood of Tho notice for the million. Lead pure Oil. In Isles Ami in fact country. And x. 11 i -11 i Ang fan Iii. Of washing so everything usually found 111 i Vij Inigo Anig store. i _ or. Urane. At 10 o i look i. In. I in Turin in of Tiiu oin rail Iise Lii i Iii i in tin i Nihil inti in Tireli tin1 sri soul Aioli Park Visby tin be conducted Musi 1 Ray i Rev. K. Tho sous Liy glee club. Ling of i of Iii. 1 v glee . Oni fion by t. M. Vnus. Music by Jeand. Sec Iii in c u , Yosep Wiloth in ton Monif us. lire Jiro s circus will in in i lie House lately Vuc Tieti by this City july Irani i five two perform i . Looks at 1 Ami 7 o Dick. J Liolis Ettor. J i have ii it Ono Rica circus travelling. I i30 it mans . In i Only a . Let All attend. Under shirts at mrs. Seth i Lynki plot he k. I the lire in irks this place the of i visiting with in j july will contain one Hexhi rents or. My mrs. Si.iitl., re-1 by Tim piece Wlinich a Lis cd j30. I j Turmol to Home last tuesday. Hit Tail Aid of the cirit Yijin j c re Ciao. I Clord will serve hut i Linn of july Lii j n. A friends in re Coli cd Uuk Kyj who i a Lilly its in our Intel Vituj of i our Lipar Tfelt at 1 p. M. The following races will begin at the driving Park. Admission 25 cents j i in or j to Al. Ana Khz of hardware harness i.i-. Unit. J yrs. Nikii mus or. 2 in purse i j special tic meet Alt Liming Milf. 2 a j Trot ins or ii.1. For All. Mile., 2 in Pui so i a o 1 honorable for i d Jar the Iloni of hutches hns Tjuk. Hit. Uay. It t or. Goto i Antroll retiring acc oui of ill a filth. J i Iii in Sines will me curried on by the i Ham stiff for went Dover. To Independence and Back with Linin his daughter Sarah. Who has under to ii Talent a the Cor nearly two i Jav her cure Getina to Ihor numb it. J i it a a sltfio.00 hat Stock. If you Cirii t i am Uhn Wie n to take Jart in to item id Ohar cd i fool Nee so.00 la Pfiel Barwo race Ancl of lofts too to s308 display of fire works at night Buslov Ftp mid Kotlier. I j h. Stott 1nd incr be Ceries s and even inc. So so d mockery cigars tobacco notions Salt to or his family Wili soon follow him. Tow j Iii he ibis ? been to his son cd sics. Who will continue it this place. I All at i 1 have i citation lilo a.-1-.inv. Wish of inform the j of Morbit Vicinity hint j Airis k u n new for it is to the ,.po mrs. Lorr. R mrs. K. A Riis a full and Complete line now on hand at or Curtij Juir or Tom i j in to in entirely panicle a j Declou tinn Polinie . Dances that Deiv Competition. Highest Market j meeting and orders of i Aua Kiln in a Volt Muu Orinel r _ r j will be Rebil j feet sic in. Yoars Soho choir. Paid for eggs. Give us a Call and be convinced that we mean business. Send que b. Crabtree comma Niler. . Ii. I carry ont of the of j Ilo ii mar. Mcc Niy. Matt a Smith. I Arthur. Than ii you can afford to be annoyed by i nonslip nation Don t i i utile Early i scr for 1 these Little Pilla will cure them. A. J. At in Diijon Riml Mentsas i old a period opem House monday the followers j were in i mrs. Cli Arlea Bottei Ufton it Teea i in ,-.nn. Mnew in on1- r. It Jim i e refer to it ii it illirtr.i.5. I Scurra Iino flt t in illness did at her Home on Monny v co. I of Aioli of july a Loci a. You Vvan always find that i Pav the highest _. L j prices for butter and eggs. My motto Isy Good goods at bed Rock prices. A private letter made Public. Be to tie w Farmers Fob t whip., Fly sets Dustin i peer Law gloves and machine of kinds the Core lower the Hil Lious on tuesday affy Rwm. j Isis. Brusini Sho loaves to Mouru j Ivan topic a a. H. Her lore a husband a fun Lily i life. I7 of n Circle of Tritini. I i jigs a of Kipias Norl Hwn , will the cow boy is finished i drum Refl Iii be Scott township to sets i John Berry is the Winner. Most of the Cesilie newts. Their Little my j on a Vert j want you t. Call Oil us ill Jii Caf. Ziy i la ill Liv Uii ii ill ii Tii a rivals. I the Mii utry .f.v. Cml Ali Irv ill lit i fill s. I Vir Fiji Iii our j or Iliili Liny us us Lii nil for in i . Will Nii Kif Liln ral is ivnits i Hutiu
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