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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 28, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaI t vol. 25. No. 17. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. June 28, terms year House decorations Wall paper Al Bastine Lead and Oil paints and brushes. Speedling speedling. Druggists Marble Rock Iowa. Of ill lame explanations or. Bryan s statement be did t mean that be we need a amendment Trust when he said that he did a the a pocket cold cure Kraase s cold cure m prepared in capsule form and will care cold in the head Throat. Chest or an portion of he body in hours you Don t have to Stop work either. Price 25c. Sold by speedling it Willis Astor now spells Bis Astoor in deference to British customs in to honour besides it wands More aristocratic. But what would his old fur peddling ancestor think of the change a of bib anti. Is often hidden by a sigh by pimples dec Tania Tetter Erysipelas Salt Rheum Etc Buck Arnica Salve will Glur ily the lace by curing All eruptions also cuts bruises Burns boils felons ulcers and worst form of piles. Only 25o a Box cure guaranteed sold by a. J. As per co. Druggist. Europe nays a dispatch is laughing to the Monroe doctrine. But we notice that Europe is very careful not to interfere with the operation of that same doctrine. We can Aland the laughing .11 the tammany ice Eri Denolf believes that too much ice is injurious for the Coor. Civilize ipod and Commerce always go together it Vas so in Bat Aii it will be so in the Philippines add Porto Rico the country would like to know the of the men High up in the synagogue who induced Dewey to offer himself for the presidency. The total amount of Money in circulation has increased by 182 per cent in the last thir y years and the deposits in savings Banks by 827 per cent. Exports of agricultural products have increased 117 per cent in the last thirty years. Who says the foreign Market is of no value to the Farmer a Kentucky judge has imposed a Fine on some who tied a tin can to a dog s Tail and chased it Down the Street. Some similar Protection should be at once assured to or Towne. A Chicago paper gives an account of How a Man fell dead while looking at his wife a new hat. The report does not say whether the Bill waa annexed or not insomnia is a derangement of the nerves Lichty s celery nerve com Pound is an extract 01 celery comb Ned with other efficacious medical ingredients resulting in a nerve Medicine of rare virtue and wonderful in it prompt and soothing curative effects. It will make you sleep. Sold by speedling -------1------------------ the democrats Are declaring that the last Emion of Congress waa extravagant Tol when the expenses justly charge Able to the Spanish War Are deducted Ita expenditures Are not much larger than they Bavo regularly been in recent Jears. A great world country like the United states cannot be run Tor Noth ing. This is several billion Dollar country. A monster Devil ing Ita victim is a Type of constipation. The Power of Tia Naiad a Felt on or Gans nerves and and but or. Kind s new life fills Are a Safe and certain cure Best in the world for stomach lifer kidneys and 25c to a. J. Asper k co a drag store. There is no doubt that the filipinos frying to bold together until the election this fall hoping hat colonel Bryan will be elected and will withdraw the army from the islands whether col. Bryan would really haul Down the Flag Retreat from Manila we have no Meaos of knowing Bat it is quite certain that Bis attitude is encouraging rebellion and it comit us the lives of our soldiers. Are you with us you feel just than anybody else All the time if you take or. Caldwell s syrup peptic 701 Asay feel Good the year guaranteed to care con and All ii or Loc a. Jasper co will Tell Yon the Oregon Electron Bott test the will oat carry my the Wytera of Kwh voted 1696. Mast Pia a pm of if Twy of the Efteni the first thing the Kansas City hotel keepers know the democrats will be calling them plutocrats and octopuses and devoting a special Plank to them. The policy of expansion which gives us a foothold in the Eist which will open a new Market id the Philippines and enable us to increase our Commerce with China will be of great Benefit to All our people and More especially to Farmers and wage earners. The experience of the United states in the Purchase of vessels during the War with Spain shows the nation just what can be expected if we were to rely opon foreign shipping with which to build up an american merchant Marine. And aide Rico merchant Marine to be the real thing must be Ameri can built. It is to be spec std of course that democratic congressmen and politicians should be Load in their denunciation of Bon. H Clay Evans president Mckinley s commissioner of pensions whom they assert is unfriendly to the old Soli Iier and the Soldier s widow for the reason that they Are desirous of securing the veterans votes it May however be of interest to these self the old Soldier As Well As to the veterans themselves to know that during the first three years widows of soldiers of the civil War a rapidly increasing from year to year. A preach in of Waterloo and Llev. 3. P. Klotch. Writes i hate been of Over 20 Yean dyspepsia or Titt Cal. It we to be expected that the e worm Lead to i sour have tried different remedies without Benefit. A inc Boule of or. Caswell a of Pep the Dolim to Silver j am Cave great 1-Emfit have taken and zip Wiwi Appeal j it Raj of urge bottle feel like a u vat Sale by a. J. A to Theodore Roosevelt. With spontaneity unanimity and enthusiasm almost without a parallel 1" 1 t j t in Asusta Luc Gulfo was yesterday nominated by the re publican National cod Tention for he office of Rice president of the United states. It was an event toward which the hands of destiny had for a Long time been pointing he was the first Choice of a vast majority of the Republican party throughout the nation. The delegates who went to Philadelphia As the official representatives of that party Aid no carrying in their reins the enthusiastic thrill of those who remained at Home other states had their favorite sods Bat once upon the scene of action All other candidacies became at Onoe subordinate to the mighty and Over whelming tide of sentiment we us demanded that the famous new York governor accept the place. In his fre quent protestations that he bad of de sire Toj Beccie visa president the capital believes that governor Roosevelt was Holest and sincere. There is nothing about the office that could Bave any special attractions for a Man of his character. But the voice of his party called him and that too a tones which could not be misunderstood and so he audibly submitted to its decree. The great popularity of Theodore Roosevelt is not a difficult thing to Annlyza or understand. He represents a wholesome personality a positive Type in our american Lile. He is a Man of clean record naturally possessed of Hijji and one who believes that the principles of honesty integrity and civic virtue Are the All important essentials of a Public As Well As of a private career. By no moans a poor Man in the Ordinary acceptation of the term big has nevertheless been a life of toil. What advantages of wealth or position have come to him be has been prompt to utilize in that manner which should Best result in his own personal improve ment and Ftp of Follon men. Life in the wild and woolly West roaming upon her Broad and Sitjes in Plains give Hin the physical develop ment and end race which enabled him to Lead and inspire the Brave boys who followed him at Santiago. In the school room at College and in Bis private study he acquired the mental discipline which afterwards brought him Eminence As a scholar thinker and statesman. Readiness to come in Contact with his Fellowmen in All the relations of lie and a sympathy with All their aspirations has won Lor him an enduring place in their affectionate regard hence All things considered there is Little reason fur Surprise Over the tribute which they have paid him. Mckinley and Rosavelt under snob a leadership the country will witness one of the greatest and most inspiring Compagna known to the history of poli tics a Campaign which requires neither seer nor Prophet to foretell will be crowned by an unprecedented Victory in Moines daily 6 capital. When any Democrat gets to talking too hotly about trusts this fall put Tho tammany ice on him and see him congeal. Cotton provisions and Mineral oils show larger Export values during the ten months of this fiscal year ending april 30th last than at any Tine since now that the philippine War and the Boer War Are about Over it is about time for Sulzer and Jentz to take Down the map of China and begin to be labor the administration for us anti Boxer attitude. Washington letter. Glorious from or. D. B. Cara Ilc. Of Washita i. T. He writes Kustric bitter Shaa Brewer of scrod la which hid caused her great suffering for years terrible sores trolaid break out of her head and face and the Best doctors could give no help Bat now her health is electric bitters is the beat blood Puri Fier known. It s the supreme remedy for eczema the Ter Salt Rheum alters boils and anoint it liver kidneys and bowels kidneys and bowels Weipei Roisom. To the Only 50 ets. Sold by a. Asper too. Guaranteed. Washington d. C. June 22. 19uo hundreds of Delegate a to the Phila Are to their Homes by Way of Washington is order that they May personally of Biratu late president Mckinley on his re domination and assure him of been Thusia Stic support presaged by the har Mony of the convention and the splendid ticket platform of the party. They Are All bubbling Oyer with enthusiasm and Confidence that the Success o the party will be greater this year than it was four years ago. Mckinley and Roosevelt Wake a vote setting ticket. Kniha Siam aside. And viewed strictly from a business and patriotic Point the Republican National platform is one of the greatest it not. The greatest Ever adopted by any political party. The patriotic achievements of the Mckinley administration not surpassed by those 0f la our history would alone Hare made a grand plat form but the Republican party never contents itself with plaudits Lor its pan achievements. It is a party of constructive action thereby differing Radi Cally from its opponents and in the platform Points out what it purposes to do with every important question now before the Public. There is no straddling no evasion. It is a Flat footed declaration of All the principles for which the Republican party stands and if pit not ism controlled All Voles it would receive nine tenths of the voters of the country in novem Ber but of course it will not Appeal to those i o vote the democratic ticket because their fathers and grandfathers did. Nothing can change that class of voters they would vote for a yellow dog if it were on their party s ticket. President Mckinley has ample authority to use so much of the at my and Navy of the u s As May be necessary to protect the interests of America and americans in China without calling an extra session of Congress and he is now doing it. There will be no session of Congress reports to the contrary notwithstanding. The u s. Will furnish its quota of men and it rasps to act in combination with those of the other great civilized nations in punishing the chinese Lor their treatment of foreign ers and in restoring Law and order in China or Mckinle is a firm Biever in the Plank of the Republican platform adopted at Philadelphia that says the american government must protect the person and property of every citizen wherever they Are wrongfully violated or placed in and is living up to it in this chinese matter just As he Baa done upon every occasion that has called Tor action since he became presi Dent. Be has no fears of any. After Cam plications in China which May involve this government he knows that this government has no hankering after chinese territory and that the u s forces a China and to be sent there will be used for do other purpose than that of protecting the lives and property of foreigners and the rest Rural Ion of Law and order and be in common with the rulers of the other governments which will participate in the human movement has been assured by Russia and Japan the two governments which of account of proximity will have the Moat men 10 the Allied army and which Are regarded with the most suspicion by european nations that they will not Atte opt to use the presence of their soldiers on chinese soil for the purpose of acquiring Chinen tar Itury. Be does Dot know nor does any other Man what will be the final result of the in Vasion of China by an army of the Allied civilized nations but he and Bis Able can be fully trusted to meet any questions that May arise in connection therewith in a manner that will be h durable to the u. S. And Satis factory to All patriotic at Neriaus and will at same time preserve All of oar rights in b new persons oat aide of those directly interested Realise the enormous growth of oar foreign Commerce under t be Mckinley administration for in Mooe or. John s merchant of port land Maine now in of that Trade in his own City Uhr Howee is doing the Largett Bosi it its history. The statement May scorn big but it is nevertheless True that aside from he regular importations on which duly is paid there Are goods imported in hand amounting to about every month. This has been the record for the last four or five Mouths this state of affairs is due to the shipping of goods to por Luud for transportation by rail into cant a which formerly went direct to Canadian Points the Harbor at Portland has numerous advantages for freight and merchant steamers across the Atlantic and recently the steamers have been availing themselves of these advantages. The nearness of Philadelphia caused a Large number of officials to attend the Republican convention As onlookers the crowd especially numerous yester Day when the nominations were made. It is now believed that in his Early childhood the Hon. William Sulzer one of the latter Day Derao cardio leaders swallowed j toy Bellows. Publ c officers who fear the Daylight to be obtained in the courts of Justice Are not to be trusted. The accused tammany men Are seeking the obscurity of the Law s technicalities More contributions to our institutions of learning have been made under the present administration than at any other period in the history of the country. Education is receiving its full share of the profits of Prosperity and education will contribute liberally to the sentiment for Good government. It is strange that some people who say they never read Patent medi Cine advertisements will to found lug Home every now and then a bottle of some favorite remedy of theirs. We Don t bother you with much Reading but just Usk you to try a trial bottle of or Caldwell s syrup of pepsin for constipation indigestion and Stom Ach troubles. 5uc and sizes at a. J Asper co. The chances Are that the til Liao knows every bit As Iii Uch about emperors As he does about Arnor a representative southerner address ing the Cotton spinners of the Sou hat their annual convention at Charlotte n. U Latch declared that for years preceding the civil the sentiment of subsidizing american shipping Wal a growing one in the South and he quotes from democratic platform and Southern convention utterances to prove his assertion lie said in addition that the South is again reaching the same conclusion in regard to american ship Ping needs that it reached a half ceo Tury ago. There will be a few Bour Bons to favor Tho free registry of foreign Buill instead of the construction of american ships at the Kansas City convention but if Progress is in control the proposition will be killed. A noted doctor once said women lose their and Good looks much earlier m life than Neces sary because of to attention to nature s requirements because of their Peculiar Babits All should make a practice of using some simple there is no laxative simple to pleasant to take and yet to potent As or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin get a Loo bottle 10 doses lots of a. J. Asper co. Nursing mothers dread hot weather. They know How it weakens and How this affects the baby. All such mothers need Scott s emulsion. It gives them strength and makes the baby s food Richer and More abundant. Soc. Of Bdl. All druggists. City Iowa july 4, 1900. Race program. Class trotting class rooting purse purse 150.00 purse 15000 purse 25.00 Glass Pace class running race i mile o in 5 class driving contest drive nearest to purse 10.00 any d Iver detected in timing himself or being assisted by others in measuring hi3 Speed will forfeit his Entrance to cons and will lie ruled out of the contest. All classes open to the world. Conditions. Entry fee 5 per cent and o per cent. Additional from Money winners. American trotting rules to govern except m otherwise provided. Purses divided 50, and 10 per cent. A horse distancing toe held or Foy part thereof will receive but one Money. Harness races mile clients. Best 3 in 5. Entries in running races close Day of races. Entries in trotting and pacing rices close july 1. The association reserves the right to Sandwich Hea s and to change the order of program Gejeu Rsioda rates on All railroads. Stalls Sod Straw free. Records made after j line no i a. Write for entry Blanks to a m. Jark soc retire j. M. Mikek president Bailes City inter uni Iii largest circulation of All political papers in the West always american always Republican the weekly inter Ocean supplies All the news and Best current literature every column is Bright clean and packed with news the literature of its columns la equal to that of the Best Maga Zines. It is interesting to the children a Well As the patents. Phe inter Ocean a Vestern newspaper and Witik h 1 brings to the family the news of the world and gives readers the Best and bleat Deci Asinos of All question of the Day it a in full sympathy with the Ideal and up ratio of people and sex attn and from tie Western Han print one Dollar per .00------ _. _ Tik daily and Surat editions of the tote i Ocean _ h h flt i inter Ocean 3 news exc Timve. I of Wam Ely Ibsh i t 9

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