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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 25 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 25, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaI 21 no. 46. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa june y.5, terms a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A. F. A. To. A v. Stone Lodge no. 251. wednesday on or before Falt Moon. I jilting Brothers in Goodston Flung Conwall invited to atts Urt. Robbert Hugget. In. Of. S. H. Denis Sec. X o. U. R. Marble Bock Lodge so. 302, meets thursday Denim of week. Visitors cordially a. A it tikk s. U. Less ses. , Mcclar Lodge meets tuesday each week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. Kaji Isay c. C Walt Davis k. Of k. Is. I. J or h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in Odd Fellows Hall l. W. Bosek bags pres. H. J. , Bee. Sec. W. B. C. Meet at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and and thursday of each month ats o clock p. K. A Stewa it pres. Kilts. Christina a Nib Sec . Marble Hock Post 306, meets net saturday of each month. C. T. Anklet com. Of. B. Cab tree adj. Meets every thursday. Jars. Tyler president. A. In Milf Secretary. Now everybody can Cool off and ready to fight for a protective Tariff which holds the place of Honor in the platform As it should which will be the leading Issue of the Campaign As it Mast be and which is what the people Are after As they ought to Ford Post. Comr cities. Methodist Atli . And 7-30 Pepworth league meeting at Prajer meeting tha Fulflay evening. W. Of. Obix sort pastor. Pm Man preaching sunday at 11 a. U. Chris Tim a neater Lumels at p. Prayer meeting wednesday eve Ning. Or Vicc Ciui j. Walters. Pastor. Fuse sundays at 11 . P. Toung Peoples meeting St prayer meeting tuesday evening. J. P. Pastor. every 1st sunday in each . And p. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. Services hem in the Union school Home. I. Grayr pastor. City of Loran. Mayor. Joseph Willoth recorder h b Hose Krana treasurer. -7 of Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore marshal Willard Stroud c darlam1, we Fletcher u Bogie Krans a u Meier Chas Weber r Haggett Union now Phlp school Board. President Geo w Russell. Secretary. Ii b sies John Dibe toes 1 1ck Standt f a Dixon Blue Harry Packman 7 John hates s e t Walter 8 James Picher 4 Lew in Ltd b ceo w Russell i Egbert Date 10 Samba offer ii Phi Shulte. Scott township full erg. Marsh g n Baldwin. Volney Beers Bailey town Nicholson. Kinney w w Witter Beaver. Scott town help school Bouru. President John by europ. Secretary. Georee Baldwin treasurer Chanes d Derrick. Dike toys 1 John Bishop 5 Bruce Al Ard. I k of go Trier 6 k c Spaulding 8 Chasker. J Cunningham. 4 John Ahart 8 jew Jeffrey 9 John Loewe. Judicial w. Burr John c. She Nevin. Terms of court-4th monday in january 1st monday in my monday m Stoltm bar. And monday in n or Lane Casinio Charles City Phi lip Shultz. Marble Hock a Rockford Timothy pippin it. S. Cubic better j. C. Merrill been lat meetings 1st monday in Janus Scott items. The Sale of Bruce Ward s place to John Mullen is completed. Price for the Quarter Section. Schools Are drawing to a close the 3rd of july winds up most of township has been fortunate in its corps of teachers this summer. Good work done and Good results obtained. We would like to Lap a Bare Mer Rick s private Market wire As be always Sells at the top. There was a full House at the exercises in the Coldwater Church sunday evening Many of the Scott people taking part. First Grade. 1st, one year s successful experience 2nd, a general Arenge of 90 per cent. 3d, orthography arithmetic Gram mar Didactics not less than in per cent. 4th, no study below so per cent. 5th, age 19 years. Goth certificate Good for 2 years. Second Grade 1st, one term s successful experience 2d, a general average of per it. Of orthography arithmetic pram mar and Didactics not less than per cent 4th, no study below so per cent. 5th, ape 18 years 6th, certificate Good for one year. Lii by Trade. 1st, a general average of so per it. 2d, orthography arithmetic Gram mar Didactics not less than so per it. 3d, no study below 70 per cent. 4th, 18 years. Orb Good Lor one term s work. No third Grade certificates will be issued for the Winter term s work except upon request of director where applicant is to teach. Open fare and for round trip from Points Irit Liin 50 Miles of Marble. Rock on b., c. R. A. To that Point for the bicycle races Fri Day june tickets food to return until and including the 2 7 tit. Washington letter. Washington june for the e events Tima the represent Senta Tives of the Republican party have assembled in National convention formulated a platform of principles and nominated a presidential ticket. There Are no new departures in the platform it is merely a reiteration of the Doc Trines which have been followed by the party since its birth and which have Given the country its longest and great est period of Prosperity. While of course no ticket could have been nominated that would not have disappointed some Good republicans certainly no ticket could have been nominated Chat would have pleased More republicans than the one that was named. Both gentlemen have records of which the party has a right to be proud and of which it will be prouder after they have Rauer this year As he has now about 150 and More to follow. Rumor has it that August Mauceli or. Is to leave the farm this fall Sod join the son s of rest in Greene p. D. Burlingame visited with old friends last week. Some arc wandering what keeps de Crowell at Home so closely this sum user. It cannot be he is on a still but Tor office can it i Beard one prominent Democrat of oar town Saj he could not stand a free Silver platform if his part adopted it in Chicago. Wonder where he will go the water tanks reached the danger line during the still Days last week. More tank room needed. This item is not to be construed As an and for your tank maker but a gentle hint to far mers who need much water. The Merricks Are having their build Ings painted in Good shape the City painters Are cling the work. More rain More grass Lor the ducks. Floyd county summer school. Widd files i april nire and sept Ralar and and monday in county officers. Ald Tot to Reurer. Clerk of dec ones recorder George s Ila Ford chm m. Lur a. Ii. Kerri Man . A a summer school Grill be held in connection with the annual Noruin Institute. The summer school will be Gin minday july 20, bog and will continue four reeks. Institute veil begin August 17, 1896, and continue two weeks. Tuition for summer school per week. Usual enrolment fee for Institute. Satisfactory arrange ments can be made with hotels and private families for Board. In the summer school the following studies will be taught orthography Reading arithmetic geography Gram mar u s. History Didactics physiology civil Stover Niedt economics american literature physical culture while there is no compulsion As re girds attending Sammer school but in View of the fact that the grades of All certi6catcs have been raised further More that All teachers will be required to pcs to examination irrespective of the certificate or they now Coroner position f. A. Koi Iene i hold in civil government and Scono r Rizik i to tit a Vlf 4, is to it is quite that every teacher make term help Osceta. A Mikei of face peace e p Ter s h Divis co mutter Yoerk a c Jar Law a x a ctr c n new twi an v i cow. Every Aone preparation along these lines. Rules governing for fico ii do i school beginning August 15 bowl a Ami vice president. There was Only one regrettable Fea Ture about the St. Louis convention. That was the bolting of some of the Silver republicans because of the Finan Cial Plank of the platform did not meet their vie its. It is hoped and believed hat those gentlemen and those they will before the Campaign has advanced far see that they will gain nothing by leaving the Republican party and that in the end they will be found supporting the ticket nominated at St. Louis. Political parties Are necessarily ruled by the majority and those gentlemen were overwhelmingly debated in the convention upon in is sue which they were themselves largely responsible for forcing upon the convention. They asked for a new de parture in party principles and the convention denied their request simply because a majority opposed it. If the minority in every convention bolted political parties would soon be nothing but factions stick to your party and Hope Tor better Luck next time id Al ways the Risby thing to do. Some of the South carolinians who come to Washington Are very indignant when anybody Speaks of sen Ator Tillman As a typical citizen of their slate w. G. Glass a resident of Charleston Tillman lives on notoriety and is making show of being in the presidential race merely to keep his name before the will no doubt get the votes of the South Carolina delegation for he controls it absolutely Bat i Don t think the Dele Gates of soother state will support my. Why Balf the people in the United states class him As an anarchist and a big per cent of the remainder put him the discovery saved his life. G. , beavers Ville iii., says to or. King s is new discovery 1 owe my life. Taken with la Grippe and tried All the physicians for Miles about but. Of no Trail and was of told that i could not live. Hating or. King s new discovery in my store i sent Lor a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better and after using three bodies was up and about again. It is Worth weight in Gold we won t keep store or Home without it. Get free trial bottle a. J. Asper co a drag Siors Down with Waite and Pennoyer in the Crank a counterpart of comptroller Bow Ler in the person of sixth. Auditor Rio wait Las been a much trouble by holding up Post office accounts that it is said postmaster Gen eral Wilson has notified or. Cleveland that if Howard in t fired he will him self resign. The clerks in the sixth auditor s office commonly called botany Bay Are much interested in the outcome of the squabble. They hate Howard who is a fussy self Eon sequential sort of a Duck course do not dare to say so publicly. But Howard has a pull somewhere he was made chief clerk of the Post office department by or Bissel shortly after be became postmaster general and was later promoted to sixth auditor. This position is under the it is said that or. Cleveland appointed Howard without consulting Secretary Carlisle. Or. Cleveland s announcement that Bis Only desire hereafter is to be a private in the democratic party is regarded As a sort of last ditch expedient to prevent the adoption of a free Coin age Plank by the Chicago convention. To in Only inf Tulp informed democrats in Washington doubt it. Some time so senator Brice begged or. Cleveland to make a Plain announcement that he would not be a candidate for the democratic nomination and it was because of or. Cleveland s refusal to do so that Brice abandoned the he had intended making against the Silver democrats in Ohio and told his friends lie did t care a Contin Neal what either Cleveland or the Chicago convention did. So far As or. Cleveland s announcement relates to a third term for himself it is absolutely Teani Oglesb and was entirely unnecessary. The democrats had themselves already made k so Plain that he who ran could read that or Cleveland would hereafter be Only a private in the party. To Plain English he a of simply declined something that he had been convinced that he could i to just As Jack supper in the j Nursery Book. Cake Eor headache a remedy Lor All forms of headache electric bitters has proved to be the very Best it effects a permanent cure and i he most dreaded habitual Side headache Ziems to its influence. We urge All who re afflicted to procure a bottle and give this remedy a fair trial to of habitual con ignation electric bitters by 2 rim the needed tone to the bowels and few cases Long resists the use of this it once. Large bottles Only fifty cents at a j. Asper co drug store. List of transfers for week june 22d, 1896. Furnished by p. Pm. Guiwits abstract or. Charles City Iowa Chas Veber and n Ife to Root. Wil Liams trustee q c a 36-100 a in Sec 16, 94, 17, sheriff for est of P. Bethe to b c Mathews Shuff Speed of sell of set 22, 746.06 Robl Williams trustees and wife to Chas Weber q e cd 1 acre in of so 4 of Sec 10, 04, 17, 1.00 w Millard and wife and l fillard to l m Thomas w a lot 6, blk 1, Willard s add to Judd 330.00 f Lingenfelder and of to j Schmidt q c a Jot 15, in or of of Sec 6, 73.00 e m b r e Lowell to c w Hain w d of sea 33, 95, 18, h j Fitzgerald to c h Juane w d lots 4, 5 and 6, blk 10 Gilberts add to St. Charles 1000.00 for abstracts of title to funds or town tote write to p r Guiwits at Charles City mail orders promptly at tended satisfaction guaranteed. Before the races will be a time to come in and look Over our elegant line of summer suits and gent s furnishing goods. We have something new in boy s bib Over alls that Are Fine at 35 cts. Straw hats will be sold at a very Low figure. 9i us sufi i one Price clothiers. Suffering in silence. Women Are the real heroes of the world. Thousands of thousands of them endure the drawing torture of the ills Peculiar to womankind in the silence of Home. They suffer on and on weeks months years. The Story of weakness and torture is Tritten an the drawn features in the Sallow skin in the list less eyes in the lines of care and worry of the face. Inborn modesty seals their lips. They prefer pain to humiliation. Custom has made then believe the Only Hope of Relief lies in the exposure Examina Tion and local take ten cases of female weakness and in nine of them local treatment modest sensitive women should sub Mit to it. Wineo Cardui is a vegetable wine. It exerts a wonder fully Healing strengthening and sooth ing influence Over the organs of woman kind. It invigorates and stimulates the system. It is almost infallible in curing the Peculiar weaknesses irregularities and painful derangement of woman. Year after year in the privacy of Home away from the eyes of every body it effects cures. Whig Caius a to sold Femme. In Ngu cite sell it. Willy Csc us wont the famous Lake City Stock Fountain can be purchased from l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa. It will water 50 to 150 pigs daily. Governed by Grav Ity weight valve. Ivo Springs to rust floats to stick in mud and let out tank of water. Hns the right size drinking cup not a Large double drinking cup to hold a lot hot filthy water before fresh Supply comes Down. Valve with in body of water. Can be set to water two pens at once. Fountain now arranged for heating attachment which can be supplied during Winter. Fountain put out on trial. It costs nothing to try one. Will pay for itself every week in a Bunch of 20 pigs. You will state your self after trying that the increase in Tat above the usual method of watering is apparent with the naked Pya in two weeks. Retail Price 80.00. Call on or write to l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa general agent for Floyd county. Stock fora Tver City ia.42m3 wanted an thing to Patent protect your ideas they mat you wealth. Write John proposals or the erection school and repair of notice is hereby Given that proposals for the erection of a new school Bouse also the repairing of. The old House in sub District no. 1, in the District town ship of Union in the county of Floyd will he received by the undersigned at his office in Marble Rock where plans and specifications May be seen after june 20th, 189c. Until 1 o clock p. M., june 30th, 1s9g, at which time the con tract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. The Board the right to reject any and All bids. A Nies i 43w4 see. Board of directors. Joseph Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware earner repair eng a specially. Jfe meet All honorable Competition

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