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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 24, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 40. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa june 24, Prosperity has made a Start at last. In office is popular with Silver As Well 85 at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also paints and oils of ail kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. I last monday i Ornis the Duquemin Tao friends of i forge Garland Cabin works and West others. It is whispered urn Ilio real i Vici fic work it a Rand in wifi a form of men heretofore in societies. Kobbert Hugget. It. F. A. M. A k. A. Stout Lodge 251. Regular communication on or before Ull Moon. Visiting Brothers in goo Osth iding a Uriah Itu Luu in s. A Davis Sec. I o. Of f. Startle Bock Lodge so. 362, meets thursday Joe link of Cark week. Visitors Cord mlle invited. Esi Oitt , x u. H. Risks Krak Seo. a Beelar Lodge. Tuesday evening of each week. Visiting Brethren invited. A of tubs. C. C. A. Kose Bass k. Of ii. A i. L. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in add Hall. A pre8. E. J. Ackley Kec. Sec. a. Marble Rock Camp so. Us second and fourth saturday of ouch month at Fellows Hall. Visiting in Good standing Are cordially invited to t c 11. Antt Vav clerk. W. K. C. Meets the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and thursday of each lbs. Chi Brixa Ashen Tec. A. K. Marble Rock Post no 308, meets first saturday teach month. C. T. Com. W. B. Crabtnee adj. At c t d Toleu resident. Lbs. A. M. Al Ebbitt Secretary. Air Arnos. Council preaching sunday at 1-1 i aud7-30p, m. Christian Endeavor meets n in Prajer Mertins wednesday eve j j. Will Valtes. Pastor. Sundays at 11 prayer Tutti t preaching every 1st sunday in each Union school Honse. U pm Tor City of cers. , recorder treasurer. Street commissioner c . H. Walster if. Weber k Ilu get e. J Ackley. F. E. Gates ii b Rosenkrans j w Martin George Smith Kinny Culon town help school president e. P. Wulster. Secretary. U b Kiev treasurer. John Gates directors sick Staudt Harry e p Walster Lew Inman Egbert Davis 11 Andrew Gates it Adison Bine Juliu James Purcher tiles Clikeman . Klassou Scott town help officers. John schermerhorn s. Sours Cost Wales George head Ellis Bluke town de Uro Weh Jake Garber w w Witter Miles Marsh and Jei Chmeler. Scott township school Hoard. President e. W. Secretary. L to or n treasurer Chanes d Al Erick direct jobs 1 John Bishop 6 5rnce Warful. E w Garber 6 i. C Spaulding Chasker 7 3 John Ahart 8 j w Jeffrey Al John Losee. Judicial. C. . J. F. Clyde. Of court -4th monday in inn try 1st monday in my. 2nd monday in september. 2nd in Sove Rober. Hoard of Supert Sork in cons Lane. Chairman Charles City Phillip Shultz. Timothy pippin b. , 3. C. Merrill beg Las monday in january april. June and september and 2nd monday in Sorembe. County officers. Rock Rockford find Sites auditor treasurer clerk of the be cortex superintendent Sar Reyor county attorney Conner w. T lint Lamonn Cash m. Corr Perrin c. 11. Johnson f. A. Roxiene Frank Linge Femer c. Knickerbocker few Days since which organized what was called the Silver ii publican party was to set on foot a movement Lii Eli should push to the front an entirely new Leader and dump to the Bottom of the deep Blue sea William Jennings Bryan who led the party to Tielert last year president Cleveland pulled Down the Flag it Hawaii president Mckinley pulled it up again. Indications still warrant die belief that the Tariff Bill will pass the Senate before the end of the month and that the conference Over the differences be tween the House and Senate will be an unusually Short one the Republican state Central Ooin Rottee has called the state convention at Cedar rapids wednesday. August Ostli is97. Floyd county will been titled to in delegates in the convention. The convention will consist of 1.51g delegates. Spain is to learn what the present administration do in regard to Cuba her anxiety is shared to state it mildly by a great number of citizens in this country some of the fall elections May prove an incentive Lor j valued at Only severity three million yen. This simple fact deposes of All the Japan has sold to the people of the United states in the past decide goods amounting to three Hundred and thir Loen Kii Ilion yen the of the yen being about equivalent to the Dollar while she has bought Rora us the state department to make a move in that direction before the Island is totally destroyed and before All the women and children Are Ester minted. This has been a sad week for the few democratic fossils who still cling to the free Trade democratic theory. One third Oft lie Southern votes id Congress have j either supported the High protective features of the pending Tariff Bill or refused to be recorded against it. Hen one member of he democratic team pulling in the Diree Taon of free Trade another towards Protection still a third in favor of free Silver and a fourth headed resolutely towards the Gold Standard the Jelt ermonian jacksonian band Wagon is not making much Progress. The Trade reviews and daily papers of the country unite in the assertion that business is brightening in All parts of the United states More men Are employed the Tolu a of new orders is a n t done is steadily gaining. With the final action on the Tariff Bill which Nuy be expected during the Preterite month an increased improvement is confidently expected people who Are surprised that the republicans in the Senate Are not answering in detail the attacks made by the democrats upon the pending Tariff Bill need not suppose that it is because of Lack of argument or facts upon which to base them. Their silence is simply because of their unwillingness to consume a moment of time More than is absolutely necessary in getting the Bill before the Senate. The democratic platform in its Long list of indictments against the Republican party should have included the destruction by lightning of the state University Library. The loss to the state is of sufficient import Ance or an additional Plank and would have been of equal importance with a great Many charges that that document contains. It is stated in dispatches from new York that the sugar Trust is trying to Purchase Cuba from Spain and make it a big sugar Plantation. The scheme contemplates an Issue of of Bonds guaranteed by the United great scheme for the sugar Trust and Uncle Sam s share of the profit would come later on when the Bonds become due. The sugar trusts scheme will not Settle the cuban question. Senators Jones Vest and Mills did t know it was loaded they be Gan shouting Abou a Small Advance of Tuuu Cua a till 111 l11u a Lluu it Sutull Trust stocks simultaneously with a settlement of the sugar schedule by the dual action upon it in the Senate Cau Cus but had evidently forgotten that when the Tariff Bill was in their own charge in 1804, stocks of this same sugar Trust advanced 55 per cent in value during their manipulation of the Bill. Every Side of the cuban question is being considered by president Mckin Ley now and a course of a too is Likely to be indicated in the near future. The importance and Gravity of the issues involved and possible consequences of a mistake Are so great that the president and his advisers Are moving with the utmost caution As any judicious citizen would do if Auch give responsibilities were placed upon his individual Shoul Ders. The fear that the conference Over the disagreement Between the House and Senate on the Tariff Bill would be a Long one is being very materially reduced by the fact that the Senate has j rejected the most important of the changes made by the finance commit. C tee and returned to practically the House rates on nearly All of the items where the changes have created much discussion. The Only important schedule now remaining is that which relates to Wool and there is reason to believe that the House rates will restored in this. If farm prices do not Stop advancing and Silver prices do not Stop their Doutri Ierard course Urti will be Isol icing left to Sast Aiu the theory of the Iree coinage orators of last fall that prices of farm products kept Pace with those of Silver. Leading farm products have increased in Price from 50 to 100 per cent since this Beautiful theory was exploited on the stump last fall while the Price of Silver has meantime steadily decreased. Tow Dahl of the peace e p Waif Ter. F it Davis Constable Charles t hex k e clerk it c weted in idea in. Wig Taron. Disappointment follows disappoint ment among the to Pocrnic leaders. Not Only Are they disappointed in the fact that the republicans have presented a solid front on the Tariff question and failed 0 quarrel among themselves up on currency or any other question but they Are even More distressed to find their own party jailing to pieces on the question of Crote Cimon As Well As Silver since their vote against the protective features of the Tarlit Bill is crowing weaker is ii while their arguments in behalf of free Silver Are being Dis protein i by every week s developments since the i election. Beet sugar Bounty proposed. The proposition of a beet sugar Bounty was pro ached by senator gear of Towa who proposed that a Bounty be Given of one half sent per Pound per annul decreasing at the rate of one tenth of a ctn a for when the Bounty should cease. The suggestion was opposed by several Eastern senators As being based upon an objectionable system it was supported by senators gear Thurston and soup. The two last named sen in their speeches dwelt especially upon the necessity for a Bounty in Case the sugar was to continue to come in free saying that with the Competition he thuggery which the free traders Are indulging in about the Allsgood probability that Japan will Octal Date upon the passage of the sew Tariff Bill by shutting out Ai Nericka goods. Jer and financiers Are too Wise to Cut off one Dollar s Worth of Market 1 or american goods when by doing so they will destroy four dollars Worth of Market for their own. Populist leaders Are advising against a continue co of the fusion of last fall Between their party and the democrats the Uncertain attitude of the demo cratic party on the to Groat questions protect ton and Silver is the cause of this unwillingness to continue the unholy Alliance of last year the act that Large numbers of democrats in every state where campaigns Are to take place this fall Are refusing to port the ire coinage of Silver and that Many members of that party in Congress and Elbow Here abandoning free Trade and supporting High Protection hag rendered a further Alliance of the two parties improbable or. T. B. Rankin a prominent member of the populist party in Ohio in a recent interview said the object of Organ i7iflln it Alifi i Nti hit fim in secure needed not to Stab the democratic or i a publican paries. I opposed to the fusion last year and am still More opposed to it now. Is the time to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples Ancl have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named Lor such goods. Call and see them. We know we can please you. Gates. Some people can to fooled once or twice but very few More thaw that. Or. Bryan in his speeches last fall asserted that the necessary to keep Pace with the growth of popu lation in tie United of tapas could not be produced since the suspension of free coinage of Silver and quoted senator Sherman in support of his theory that amount was necessary to to added to the currency of the country each year. Was undoubtedly right in his quotation of senator Sherman but both inaccurate and mis leading in assuming that this amount of currency cannot be and 1% not added to the circulating medium of the country by Means of its present facilities the coinage of the mints of the country in the year which ends with the pie sent month will be in round numbers three fourths of it Gold while that of the Callendar year 1s9g was add to this the fact that the Money in circulation to Day is More than it. Was a year ago and it will be seen that or. Bryan s statements in this As Wei As in Many other things were to say the least misleading. Washington letter. Washington june 14, 1897. President Mckinley never did a wore popular thing Ihan when he is Ivnel Lii r Amo to the treaty for the annexation of Hawaii As a territory of the u. S. Euclit out of eleven Mem Berso the Senate committee on uror of Oriental labor by which the Islan i relations Are known to favor an would be im-1 so that a Lavorace report on possible to establish a beet sugar Indus j the treaty from that committee is cer try in the United states without some neb encouragement As a Bounty would give they took occasion inc Dently Tain and As fifty five out of the Neces sary sixty votes to ratify the treaty Are already Good 21 p a hrs i. Pros Lvi Uley would prefer that the matter is disposed of at the present session it u not absolutely necessary that it should be As the treaty has Given notice to the world of the intention of the u. S. To Annes the islands. Should Japan make a formal protest it will merely result in hurrying up annexation. Had senator Pettigrew s so Maheu anti Trust Tariff amendment been of such i nature that it would really have operated against the trusts it would have been adopted instead of being Laid on the table by a vote a so to 32 had the demoed aug senators voted their sentiments the vote in of Hying on the table would have been much larger but with the exception of senators Morgan and Pettus of ala., who both spoke against the amendment and voted to Lay it on the table they amendment so that they can use its failure to be a opted As a stump Ngu moot the Denio crafts to by a night trusts and the republicans to be for them. As a of cold hard act the Patti grew would if it wore a Law create More trusts and cause More Hovic to american producers manufacturers than any in that was Ever on the statute book.-. Under its provisions any three men could at any tune Force any line of Manu act Tireli articles or products Upora the free list by simply forming a to Deal in those goods. The Republican deflators Are just As anxious is any body can be to curb the Power of the trusts but they do not intend to give them More Power in legislation sup posed to be against them either through haste ignorance or design. Jerry Simpson quit making a Monkey of himself by Irving to play Parlett Centary tactics against speaker Iseed and hurried to Kansas not be cause he was tired of playing Monkey would rather be in the newspapers losing As a Monkey than not be there at but because there is a populist plot be ing worked in his District to keep him from being renominated for g ingress. According to Republican advices it Diesu t Nake any diff Roncs who gets the populist nomination in the big seventh District of Kansas As the District intends sending a Republican to the nest House. Or. Calhoun returned to Washington tuis week bringing with him a detailed written report of his observations in Cuba prepared to supplement the ver bal report he made to president Mckinley when he first returned from Cuba. Or. Calhoun has not made and will not make any As to Cuba. His Mission was to investigate Ancl report upon existing it has now been completed. Tim 11 is the attempt of certain democrats to give the Wilson Tariff Law the credit for the increased Etc copts of Tho govern ment from importations during the past three months when Over body knows that the increase is due solely to the Advance importations that were being Viado to escape the increased duties in the Republican Tariff in kit Unateny no practical Way of pro venting the profit being realised off these Advance importations has been devised As it Segoins certain that the House will not do it. These importations Are bad for every body except the men who make them. It is therefore surprising that democrats can be found with so Little judge ment As to think or even pretend to think them creditable. The Senate having passed the Moat disputed portions of the Tariff Bill will rapidly dispose of the rest of the Bill As it is now Nis tins at 11 a. M. And putting in Sis solid hours of work daily. You naturally lose flesh in the summer and running Down i is so easy. You get a Little weaker each Day without hard i by noticing it. There is loss of appetite headache weakness j of the Muscles disturbed sleep weakness of memory and these Are the beginning of nervous prostration. Iron and tonics and bitters May afford some j temporary Relief but what you need is a food for body brain and nerves. Per Cleron St. Do sch option. Darl Iron Gray foaled july 2bih, sired he to he by Llu Volte no. 5-Ifco, he by beside Xuy. 1040. He by French Monarch no. 734. Dame of mousse no. 3621, she by Contro eur no he by Lant to. 404, he by Jec Cir no. S92, he by Coco no. 712. Hereby certify that the above is True and Correct. Jno b. St Charles will take the Teason at my two North of Marble Kock. Terms for i inside Mare pan with usual conditions. 10 Hon Uynell. Notice of Sale of Bonds. To score the hawaiian reciprocity trea y i pct or us ratification h Bright. How As a blight upon american industries Ever should the democrats carry out and to express the Hope that if Annex the threats that Are now being made by action should fail the reciprocity treaty j some of them to delay a vote on the would be cancelled forthwith. J treaty in the Senate i will to an Cash there was such a determined oppo matter to a Ines Hawaii by a joint Slation to the Bounty plan that or. Resolution of she House and Striate As j first reduced figure to one fourth of was done when Texas was admitted to a cent a Pound and then withdrew u i the Union which will oily require a entirely without risking vote on it. Majority vote. While president my a of cod liver Oil with the by to phosphates furnishes just the nourishment needed for those who Are run Down and Pale and _ thin and weak. If you lose flesh in summer take Scott s Ernul sign now. Don t wait till fall or Winter before beginning. J for Sal at Joe and by All drug Situ. The undersigned to pensive sealed for uie Sale of Twenty three Sun Rlre-1 of Orpo Raia issued by the incorporated town of Al Arlo for Ivi purpose of paying sex listing indebtedness. Said Bonds Ere to denominations of one Huml Reo dollars Cai h. Having twelve years to run. And at Tho Dion of said three tin vim n first of j Lrus

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