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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaIs wbk to win to i feel 8 my at of it . Uxmal a Newt u4 Gna free. All re hard. Fox Iowa june a 1sk7. Terms dbalxk8n Staple and fancy a Kra Cis Kaeble Erfle weekly news. Rte 45 to 00 ends. Ful do to 00. Wheat Tio to Tisino. Oats i i to Chou. Timothy seed Cora 00 to 27 cents. Hogs 9 cents per Duen Cream 14 per Inch Asa Wallace returned to Minneapolis yesterday. Oscar Moore has returned from Iowa or Lamb and family Reutt Ltd to Northwood yesterday. Jewett Haj Nea and wife visited up to Nora so div the weekly Gladse Democrat ten pages. One Dollar a year the following comparative statement of a number of tie Roost prominent weeklies published in the United Stales shows conclusively that the we Bali lobe is 25 to 50 per cent the cheapest weekly Globe Democrat St. Louis no. Wreck or Annb Latcu St to try Lillic. Cubic Tel Iii tick. Kloco a Oikle later Oto Corm Cin Claih o weekly Comido Chat pfc mate cd Beldotti o a wkly Kew Totsc Civ 10 Vagedes taiga columns h columns h co Lulu 5c columns h column m Dri imme 56 columns m column. Fit 5s Coll Diu per tear to 00 per 1 00 per year 1 00 per re rear 1.00 firm 1 00 per 100 vat 14 Crims of Reading matter u favor the before or Rew Wing your subscription to other paper tend for a Sample Coper of the weekly Globe Deuce rat. Of the Ether Jedi trans of the . Postmasters and arc anti oried to receive subscriptions or Send direct to the Globe company by. Louis. Matlie Rose Kraas is visiting friends at Rockford this week. Of de loveral of her sister Lut week. A pleasant Little school picnic took Plage at the close of who oust Friday. . D. Ward returned from his California trip better satisfied with Iowa. John Wallace s wife has returned after an relatives. Extended absence among in. Magrie Paddleford of Nora Springs visited relatives friends in Marble Rock act weel we Hope the efforts of the is. E society to secure evangalist Stevens will prove successful. The time of the passenger trains on the Burlington Cedar rapids and Northern Railroad Lias been changed. My. Loella Beebe of Koch Ford who been nailing with mra put week returned Home wednesday. Carrie Clark is Vissing m the Southern part of the state called there by the serious illness of her tickers. to using workers will meet with mra Ann Soura Friday afternoon of this week ladies arc requested to bring their own work miss Clara Haven has returned to her Home at Charles City Mia Haven has taught a very successful school in Marble Bock the past rent. The Selv ves a to be Are requested to Call and setae wit i out Lay ave costs. De mrs. J Alstead received the sad intelligence of the death her daughter Marrietta last week the deceased was president of Colorado at the her death time of Iron the them Wii Marble Rock Den to those oat office pm Atafo. Arius. J f . Buo s. Or. And mra. H v. Laos of Scott township celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding on wedge iday jqde22d. Among the guests abroad were the following Jolius Ana wife of Allison John and wife of Illinois or. I d and wife of Minneapolis mrs. Newman of Iowa Falls or. And mra. A. Mima for Milwaukee Wisconsin yesterday noon. Or. M. Will renin Only a Lew mrs. Match however will remain months. Mrs. Maach i health been vhf the past few Aio Tbs and it is hoped that the change will a her Good. Commencement commencement tace be mins of the end the end of itt Aid the of Titus batiks for he Mastery of its fat Man in mate than Hare two ten presented n text at Slofco Olmre Eoanu Awyn i tent of problems whih will require months and years to Colre awl which Thom heretofore pile no i of the first in Marble Rock was told at the h. E. Church last Friday a tajik. Aad was witnessed by a Large tie friends of education in this Vicinity the program was full of Good and was Well carried oat by the Stu dents of the High school the interest of the evening however entered on pupils of the graduating class and Many Lan Souie Floral tributes were presented them at the close of each oration the essays and options reflected the careful Cei Ved t be hands of our popular principal prof. J Mcmurray. There was nothing superficial or shallow in them they were Well worthy the close attention awarded them by the Large and interested audience below we give synopsis a the several orations delivered by the graduates adva maces of Malibu talc studies Liy cd arcs f Angell with the exception of Tho Okaj languages time has no verifying effect upon mathematics As upon other studies. In comparing the language of tue English people of a Century ago with that of to Day ire find a marked contrast in the Modi of expression a change has been brought about not Only by dropping old words and Coin nip my by the new use and mean ing Given to Many words where Citi we find any such inconsistencies in mathematics it is True there arc con stantly being introduced new and briefer methods of computation but the methods being Eupr ceded Are not considered incorrect and obsolete As would be the Case m other brunches of science. What we find to be True in to Day will always be True the com Parrison most important to us May be found in actual business a person Mast Hare some knowledge of Niath Tutics to Mirage snoes Sully any bus Ness but what common line of bus Ness requires fur its management one Well versed in letters by this com Parison we May readily see in which of the branches a limited education would of tub Mamie a. Sours. When we be coir Iii guru with the duties and circus of life there is Noth ing that will enliven our spirits and Ive rest to the body the perusal of some Good Book to Scott the great est novelist or Tho world Bis Ever produced it is said. Belunes the Honor at lifting the English novel from the dreary Depths of the no odour and sentimentality of the eighteenth Centor and placing it upon the lasting Una of Good Good month ind Good sense from which no one hence Forth can depart and be Safe the historical novel May help the Dull and Ugi Magina Ive Reader in forming a More distinct idea of past events and custom the Domestic novels Foremost among which those of Dickens nay in spire with Charity kind Ces and Good will. The great mass of con Monla known As dime novels have without doubt a debasing effect upon the mind and character the popular Ity of this kind of literature is great but Cann it be called Good for a Good Book is opened with expectation and closed with thin is hoi what we expert or receive when we read this this cheap literature disastrous to mind and body tet us choose novels of a higher aim in life. And from which we Benefit. Can derive some o the news rep Idle Ritj ust of Raj that mra t. S. Clark daughter of or. John Wallace bad Denly died at her Hoo mar Charles City on that Day. The body the deceased we brought 10 Marble Rock for burial. Owing to the rain Day afternoon the funeral Sermon was postponed until sunday morning Bat the remains interred on saturday Emo Mug followed 10 by a Imber of Reutita and friends. Tim deemed Tutti a child Refl a Tref awant Low. A dirt torn order to All a Ehause to Tat a be m it press Forward and not hesitate or falter on our journey. What is the aim of our lives do we Seel to reach the goal awaiting us in heaven i we sunni out the great seek to a the will of our gild to shall Tom Bright laurels on the morn. To Kail As a Standard of sooi1 t1-" Emma j Boone. Society a medium which constrains individuals and in a measure Bridges their Liberty. A Man who lives on an Island alone Haa More Freedom than one uni Yuliy. Vimr us conform to certain rules and thereby not infringe upon of lick people s lights a elicit there Are a great Many minor acts one May perform to annoy a neighbor and still not be subject1 to the Law but there Are social and Cue tarns that should our actions the country Schoel master stands before his class and Calls on Johnnie to 1 morality. In words which Are inspired by thong hta that shoot within him he exclaims in enthusiastic tones a noun. It s the name o some Quality answers the master take your scat Johnnie now aos to Montc or any other Pupil in that know what moral Ity in the name of of Coure not but the teacher does or should and .13 it is his duty to the Young dict Liow to he d bet or teach them to the panting and the meaning of the word. The foundation of culture is the moral of aliment morality will banish thousands of errors from society social purity moral Itie s strongest and most sacred Alu will be Given a Conico chair at the liar of society. Isar As a moms and Safe Ouake of be hts Maine of. Rosenkrans Unity is t1 e state of being in c Neon. Nature is a living example of Art Niay nature cannot strength of a nation especially a Republican nation in in the intelligent Well ordered Homes of her people tire leaches tier children to perform their work Reg flail and perfectly that during Lilc n certain amount of Haf been it Rhc Home tins regular training and teach ing roust be done. There must be Harmony among its members each member being taught to realize the re that rests Upun Luni lore Sweet of who could it Ever 10 Lime Lar Home Home Jfe Ople unite to lorm society and there in t be a intr of purpose acc Al ton or the welfare of the members is impaired part of the Community is always on the Opp obit from the others on account of personal political opinions Etc it is impossible for the town to grow or Enterprise to Prosper to must be willing to sacrifice some of our in did Nat pleasures and desires for the Good of the Community let this be Ever country and still our country to cherished in All our hearts and defended by All our hands when Kab pass through the Golden and enter into eternal Paradise we will Bud that All is Unity there no strife no contentions no wars to take away the Ablest truest and but All will be Calm and peaceful. Sopt Walker delivered an address to the class which was of Good thought advice. Among other things he said every person is the architect of his or her own Fortune the by word to in Scesa is honest patient toil. Pupils of this can o yourselves what Yon choose in this life you c in to the orc test Grade of atone in the a Jarry Gnu can unpolished in b3ej, or o i can be polished stones in the Temple of human society. Jiving statues in the galleries of Fame your gauge of education is not what you Hare studied. To is that this your learning has made you. The Only measure of discipline is its what arc you what can you do what can you be for your own Kielp no Lviv help of urn cars Are every Pupil should ask on staving school. Aid we May All of you enter into great Battle with All the strength of Zwir women Hood bring to life s great contest Bah Bra Mettle and con science by doing Joa will usher in the Daw mag of a better Day than by yet dawned upon Falu Wir Tat actual in we wis us aim Wai be tymces in the a Idle lord a awol by by met Sabbath at 3 o Etuk of d. Of. Trio Xapsos. O Iowa iame Corr the truth of for by the residents 1 73 of have with kidney comp int Vul ii years could not help i no All Tim Tua and an own i Etc Etc Artura for an youth and re us he Bate Merf it Ian Mofit South wet. Huh a w a bldg Orums. Is k id Moi. Arlum. Tic i Ndallo Tel wbk Tad Mima. Dim All Phr ii Pictou. A fungo til m to Traat for Council Jyh nah. A solid trains Una july 4th the Anith Ersary of the Kation s birth be fittingly observed at Marble Rock Iowa president marshal h. B. N1es l e. Winchell. . The Marble Rock Silver Cornet band will furnish excellent music for the occasion National Salute at Sunrise. A. Parade of fats 10 a. Procession at Corner of and Bradford streets in following order 1 Marble Rock Silver Cornet band. 2. President and vice presidents of the Day. 8. Orator Reader chaplain and glee club 4. Representatives of state and territories. Representatives of business and trades. A Large company of and plug taglies. Mayor City Council n us i lures. Exercises at the e. Call to order by the president. By the band. Ai Itlie Liy the glee club. Prayer hex Pearce music by band Reading of the deflation g. Music by glee club. Oration by i h. Fait bail n. Music by glee glub Basket Punk p. In. Will commence and continue until finished the following amusements 100 said foot race 10 Rod wheel Bat ran race potato race three legged race base Ball game half mile Rui Nimg race for horses without a record bicycle and trotting race 1 5. 6. 7. 8. 9, c. co. Wall paper a Large and handsome variety also the wonderful ii ill Iii i famous albeit Lea hate a Kloof St. Lara my Hsijui 4 a. He tent Chi Bow pm in Lima Renha Matte Oak Luul it utom 10w Meta at in. Bar Tanon to ii Timah Cut in. To Wuu a Ian. Clumm Dir Gaw Comoa t kit it Myrtlo to , Imit Dabhi Tau i men route of we to Umi Tua Vati j. Ivis. J. C Hani to if you will take the try Bufo to Call and Price our goods you Witt be convinced that mow can do As Well better. At than you can Tny Railroad fare paid some towns Tiwa offer Jojay you expenses Jok will give you the Benefit but Fht for Ash an Liberal discounts for can t pay Railroad fare or sett at coat As some Good goods at reasonable prices cheap goods at cheap cheap prices. Avo i ails or jockey prices. Keep fully Marble sock Best Silvein tin world for Caw sores til Cera Sah a Horn Peter 8om letter Fin Tkv child air Jurns All Skia in4 pin itself k a Juit of ii is guaranteed to give per Leol try. Or Amway a minded. Cantu per Box. For Kei Orti Best brands of White Lead and Oil Alabas Tiue Kals Omine window and fixtures paint a Comine brushes. The above m new of the latent Patei a Ami ill Solil us Voitk prices. A full line of physician Tiosh constantly on hand. carefully com All hours Day or night. see its. Miller. Clay a 00, Joseph Wiloth dealer harness collars Ladie. And whip and Boggy ii hings ant Arcase Plaat Erim hair Hill Oil Tut toot my and 10 Verryt lung Twilly Foiada a Hall claw Bani i a wort warranted. Paid to follow Marble Rock Iowa i Boob salaried it flies so 1 Mem work i acc k. I 7 t Mclott Csc agents wanted. My
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