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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 21 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 21, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol 25. No. 16. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa june 21, terms 4 year House decorations Wall paper Al Bastine Lead and Oil paints and brushes. Speedling speedling. Druggists Marble Rock Iowa. It be a waste of time Lor the Hon David b. Bill to ret Iod the Kansas con Eulion of certain pre the gentlemen in the demo cratic Saddle openly boast o their As cat do Tro jets a pocket cold cuke Krauson s cold cure is prepared in capsule form and will care cold. In the head Throat. Chest or soy portion or the body id 24 hours you Don t have to Stop work either. Price 25c. Sold by speedling Speed nor. Us he says Arthur Sewall of Maine Whu was s vice pie Pidemia nominee Lour years and protect every american ship thai sails Iho naturally there foie he urges the passage of the Thip subsidy Bill. A wealth of Beauty often hidden by unsightly pimples eczema. Tetter Erysipelas Milt Len n Arnica Salve will glorify the face by curing ill skin eruptions also cuts bruises Burns boils melons. Ulcers and worst Lorro of piles. Only 25o a bos cure guru need. Sold by a. J. As per co. Druggist. The Paris i position sensation like the cuban has gone the Way of All democratic yellow y urn in screams the coun by has the fullest Confidence in president Mckinley and in his in Tention to see that the tiling in at All Coats. Insomnia if a deranged sent of the nerved. Lihty s celery nerve com Pound is extract of celery comb Ned with 01 her efficacious medical Ingrodi when the democrats voted against the proposition to Amend the Constitution so As to suppress trusts they gave a hard blow to their denunciations of the republicans Lor alleged friendliness to those Copponi ticks. The railroads of the country Are expending some fifty millions this year for new equipment consider what this proves. It Means that the amount of freight to be moved has enormously in creased id the production of the coun try increased still More Jno Moos by and that Prosperity is unbounded. The House com Mil tee which has been the Oleo Bill hag reported that Loco is wholesome and that Many Lauri industries depend upon it Lor hires stance. The committee thinks that it should nut to taxed More but that stricter regulations designed to prevent its sold a butter should be made. Before representative Fitzgerald of Boston became a democratic Leader to used to declare that be favored Protection for american ships in com petition with foreign ships. Now in order to show that he is a he Lias been compelled to right about Fres Trade. The democratic National c Ommittee is looking for h Home chairman Jones charges that Chicago treated it like a step child in 1s9g, and he wants to go year. E sew Here this year but can t find ends re Suliin in a nerve Medicine of another City so veil situated Leo graphic rare virtue and wonder Olin its prompt and soothing curative effects. It will make you sleep. Speedling. Sold by speedling the strikers in St. Louis charge their employers with til sorts of things and the employers retaliate with other charges. No doubt both Are both right and wrong Bat what the Public wants to know is when it will be Able to ride on the cars again. There ought to be some remedy for the present state of affairs. Gale and certain care world for stomach liver. A monster Urvil ing its victim Type of constipation. The Power of ibis malady is Kcf Fiven or Gans nerves and Muscles and bribe but or. Kind s new life pills afe t Best in the kidneys and bowels Only 25c at a. J. Asper co s drag store. The United states has bid. Experience with frauds and swindlers in the past in i h administration of new territories but they have All away the once new colonies have be come american Stales Bone of our Bono and flesh of oar fresh. As the past has been so will be the future Cally As Chicago however it won t Wake any real difference where the committee goes through the motions. James it. Keene Oliver h. Belmont Are predicting Success this Vear. Or. P. Democratic Keene is the Walt Street boar who thrives on Cuic Mercial depression and has accumulated Tail los by Reinsoo of past financial Dis Tress or j3elmodl inherited Bis Mil Lions year the democratic party is terribly or opposed to the millionaires. The insincerity of the democratic leaders on the Trust question was demonstrated in the House of representatives when they declined to vote with the republicans Lor a amendment which would have taken the evil in hand in on effective manner the us socratic leaders Don t want the trusts destroyed. They need them for Campaign material. Thurlie new York democrats who Are mip Orlins or. Bryan sve sop pressed in their state convention the Chicago platform is not surprising to people of the country. Of course the i democrats stick to their free Trade policy by demanding tree with Pur to Kiccio. Which would be simply an in ars you with us you feel Jost finer than anybody else the time if Yon take or. Child will say tearing wedge Lor the establishment of rap Yon May feel Good the year round it to cure constipation indigestion and All stomach Bowell 50e or Loc site. A. Jasper co will Tell Yon All about in lord Roberts experience St wit that j the popular complaint that the generals get the rewards and the do the work is was every thing Eta for that Natter is a matter of generalship. To win without fight in. A. Robert9 . Or thai principle in a larger degree thus renewing the destructive efforts of the Wilson Tariff. The condemnation of trusts and monopolies is amusing considering that t in democrats in Congress refused to vote Lor an Onod Mcnol to the consist Neiot which would enable Congress to properly legislate in that direction. A preacher of Waif him. . Klotz. Have of is oors Mach. Have tried different Stariat an Preat leaders i re Wojes who it Mach Beselt a in walk life is i of or Caldwell a 8f rap of Pep or fest of j sin me great Benefit. Hare taken Aad fear Vethe holc Ami feel like a and the it few Kwh b7 a j a Rote Tor a democratic Means a Rote Tor free Trade free soup. One Sizer Bike bread free poor Outt and Freedom from the removal of mayor Van Wei a in asked for by the leading democratic newspaper of new York. The looting of the poor of that City by the ice Trust is too much even for the partisan journals. If the ship subsidy Bill were says Arthur Sewall of Maine who was nominated in Chicago in 1896 As democracy s candidate for the vice presidency the Days of the Early fifties when we were the leading maritime nation world would be with us the Minneapolis Tribune. Among the dallies of Minnesota s cities the Minneapolis Tribune 13 unquestionably entitled to rank a the leading Republican paper Lor it in the Only one that stands by the party s principles through thick and thin As a result of its faithfulness combined with its Greit Enterprise As a enjoys the largest circulation of any of the Northwestern dailies its average for year Eodie March 31, 1900, being the Tribune s new service u thoroughly up to Date. In addition to the very fall service of the associated press it shares with the new York Tribune the special Cable War service prepared in London by i. N. Ford and its corps of special correspondents who Send in their news Over the wire embraces the National capital the Metropolis and the entire Northwest. This special service covers North Dakota and South Dakota very thoroughly in addition to Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Montana and the Pacific coast. Nothing that is going of in All this Region escapes the vigilant eyes of the Tribune s editorial columns Are terse and vigorous and in addition to tiros with great intelligence and Logi Cal Cju Cue Bear of to usual literary culture especially in the Sun Day edition. And the sunday edition of the Tribune by the Way ii a news and literary Gem la its various instructive features its stories he illustrations its correspondence Etc it is entitled 10 rank alongside of the Best magazines. Its Broad pages numbering from 82 to 64. Containing quite As much matter a very taking features of the Tri Bune is the cartoon department pre sided Over by Doc Bowman whose oar tools Are so Good that they regularly copied into the leading periodicals of this country and Europe they in enliven current events take off the follies and foibles of states men and convey a political or moral lesson with a precision and Force that the brightest written elicit Seldom attains. One reason Why the Tribune s car Toons Are so popular is because the mechanical work on them is so Well executed and this leads us to speak of Tribune s a department which is unquestionably one 01 the Best. The Tribune has recently moved into its new building which is one of the very finest structures devoted solely to the newspaper and in the country. Its mechanical appliances Are first class in every department but in the Sevea rooms Given of to the Art department on filth floor they reached the Acme of per Lection. We easily devote a column to a description of the beauties of the new Tribune building like the Tribune Itsell. It is nearly perfect in feature. Glorious from or. D. B. Carcile. Of Washita i. T. He writes electric bitters has Eort mrs. Brewer of scr Fula which bad caused her great suffering for years. Terrible sores would on her head and face und the Best doctors Enow give no help Bat now her health is Excell it electric bitters is the Best blood Pun Ier known. It s the re Avdy for Criena Tetter Salt timers boils and room bag it lifer kidneys bowels kidneys and bowels dig Tion to info i he 50 cts som by v j. Guaranteed f work by the last session of Congress pissed 132 Public acts which had been approved by the break eni up to and including the month of May Many of them were of general Public interest and were carefully considered by both an act to define and fix the stand Ard of value to maintain the parity of All forms of Money i such or coined by the United states to refund the Public debt and for other purposes was the first Bill passed through the House of representatives and became a Law on March 14th last. This Bill is he most important of All that became Law during the session. It places the finances of the country firmly on the Gold Standard no pub questionable items the growth of while the population of the United the country and the continued disorder j settee has doubled 1s70, Hera in the philippine sunds rare solely a Baa been an increase of 163 per cent a countable for the increase in these the number of Poa toffees to the Miatch Uius Buor oing Oil per cent net it wis not deemed practicable to re j Ter facilities for the of mail to Duce the revenues during the last ses j the people Sion Bat should the present rate o surplus Coli Utec on wars and Means having obtained leave to sit during the recess will bring in a Bill and press its passage at the beginning of the next session. Meanwhile the Treasury depart ment has used about Twenty eight millions in refunding operations and will use Twenty five millions a Jota in the 2 Pei cents already called in thus practically disposing of he accumulated surplus for the year. Congress has also much in to official can hereafter disparage any i killing proposed legislation of a bad or Dollar is used by the United states until questionable character. With the Senate and Houe. With approval of the president shall concur in Amend ing statute. The Bill also provides for the re funding of the debt amount ing to into 2 per cent Bonds. Since the passage of the act this refunding process Hus been constantly going on and now reaches about As the old Bonds bore in Terest at the rate of 3. 4 and 5 per the National saving of interest on the Bonds already refunded amounts to con a durably More than this saving will nearly Iqual the entire in Terest on the borrowed to pay the expense of the Spanish War. Should we succeed in refunding the entire indebtedness of eight Hundred and fifty millions at the Low rate of 2 per cent interest the National saving in interest would not Only pay the interest on the Spanish War loan Bat also the interest on the o Bonds issued by the last administration in time of peace. Under the minor provisions of the Bill there has been a great increase of National Banks of limited capital in Len i Western and Southern states Bills providing Lor the government of the hawaiian islands and of Porto Rico after Long consideration hate finally become Laws while the Bill for the government of Alaska has been passed in it96, president Lekin lev said "1 Hope that thais will not be tar Distant when every working Nan in this country can get work and get it top at fair and remunerative time was not far Distant and it is with us. The still the Prosperity upon which the publican party mainly relies for Victory is the genuine article it is unexampled in the history of this or any other country. It is so great and All pervading that the calamity howlers of 1896 have lapsed into silence in ton Post. It is strange that some people who say they never read Patent medi Cine advertisements will to found Lup Ging Home every Dow and then bottle of so Iii favorite remedy of theirs. We Don t bother Yon with much Reading but just ask you to try a Loc trial bottle of or Caldwell s syrup of pepsin for constipation indigestion and Stom Ach troubles. 50c and 81-00 sizes at a. J Asper co. Tammany is anxious to inject a sweeping Reform cry into the Natonio Al Campaign at Home in new Fork state tammany has to defend itself against its record or the highest lax rate and for its tammany ice Trust. Reform should begin at Home Between the tammany ice Trust the exorbitant charges of the Kan As City hotel men the democratic leaders Are having quite a time with the octo pus. A noted doctor Oneo said mos Wouri lose their freshness Aud Good looks much earlier in Lif s than Necen sary because of inattention to nature s because of their Peculiar habits All should make a practice of using some Siiple there is no laxative so simple so pleasant to talc and yet so potent or. Caldwell s rup pepsin get a Loo bottle 10 doses lots o a. J. Asper co. Tammany is striving hard to protect its dishonest officials. The Protection official Dishonour is a favorite demo cratic praline. Consumption never stops because the weather is warm. Stop taking Scott s emuls5ch simply because it s summer keep taking it it will lungs and than it another . 5oe. in All i to july 4, 1900. Race program. Trotting class 1 i class Root in Tirse purse 150.00 purse 150.00 purse 25.00 purse 10.00 classes open to the world. Conditions. The feature of the Porto rican Bill which occasioned most discussion the race _ most Liberal toward that Island of any j class re Mung race a mile 3 in 0 Ever incorporated into Law it provides class driving contest to drive a slight Tariff on the products of that i nearest to 3 20 country coming to the United states j Matij d Iver detected in timing Biu Isoif or being Iasi Ted by measure def Ana also on products shipped irom the i it United states to Porto Rico excepting has wil1 his Entrance Money and will be ruled the contest. All necessaries of life allot which is turned Over to the Treasury o Porto Liveo for a period of two years or until local Taxa Tion Cao be provided by the new govern ment at the end of two years Trede Between Porto Rico and the United states becomes absolutely free. Not Only this Cookjr Russ has appropriated All the Revenue derived irom goods imported into the United states irom Porto Rico since the occupation and amounting to More than 000, Lor the Benefit of the people of that Island All latiff collected at Porto Kincan ports a also to be used for that purpose thin was a Boon to those peo ple justified by the Wirsu Malancea and entry Fen per cent Ami 5 per cent. Suddit Iodel froth Money wieners. trotting rules to govern except provided. Purses divided 50, 25, 15 10 per cent. A horse distancing toe old or any part thereof will receive but one Money. Harness races mile beats Best 3 in 5. Entries in running Rupe close Riny of in trotting add pacing races close july 1. The association reserves the right to Sandwich heats and to change tie order of program. Excursion rates on All railroads. Stalls nod Straw free. Records made after june 1, 1000, no bar. Write for entry Blanks to c. M. Carh Secretary j. M. Mine president Chatles City Lown a for toward unparalleled any popu. This Congress also passed the free Homes Bill giving free homesteads on the Pablic Landa to actual boo a fide settler. This was a measure pledged by the platform of All Pur lie. An amendment to the pension act of 1890, known As the grand army Bill has also become a Law. A Law of much importance passed daring the session was that allowing the free transp station in Bond of All Good shipped through the United states from a foreign country to an other foreign coutry. This will be of great Benefit to Tippins of the Coa Otry. To ant i Trust Law amendment to the j Sherman of 1890, effective and far reaching a the will has als paid the Home of lives. The appropriation have been care ally acne wired Aad although bet i largest circulation of Alt political papers in the West s always american always Republican the weekly inter Ocean supplies All the mews and Best current literature f j every column is Bright clean and packed with news the literature of its columns in equal to that of the Best Maga Zines. It is interesting to the children As Well As the parents. Inter Ocean b a Western newspaper and True it Trines to the flu Fly the news of the world pm traders the Best Aad do Lett Dix ass Iasi of All a Occi oct of it it to my Lym Patlaf with the and Taipi Ratkow of Western people and and Potto from Tfaye wot Era standpoint. M-pr1ce one Dollar per my the Best Stefl m the wot. Inter Ocean 9 hews 9 Exon. Figo Ivr i Cimi 9 inv w

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