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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 16, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly b. K1es 835, Marble race. Iowa. A song for the Fleet. Al. Song for them one and All. The sister ships of the Maine they have sailed at a nation s Battle Call to save a land from a tyrant s Thrall that has struggled Long in vain coming clays shall speak the Praise of our valiant tars to tear they will wanting prove or weak. When proudly flutters from every Peak the glorious stripes and stars then a cheer for the Flag unfurled on the Dawn of that Sabbath Day _ tin hurled crushed the Hopes of the Spanish world in the far Manila Bay and a cheer for the valorous ones who Are Girt for the gory right where the Tropic tide race swirls and runs tinder the frown of the Lorro s and god be with the right Scollard in Leslie s weekly. Only two owls i by Allan Forman. Or an owl in a Box Aud then Molliei like she Rose to the occasion and solved Iny doubts. You were very foolish to buy them but now you have them you must take care of them. Go and get them some thing to what do owl i queried doubtfully. Ilii a and Small i suggested that the opportunities for catching mice and Small Birds in a Pullman car were to say the least limited. A Little piece of raw meat Cut very Fine would she replied ignoring my flippant remark and Bush ing herself in brushing the starch from the Young sters fur. T u a Couk 01 Lilc lining it was on. The platform of a liitle water tank railway station in the Vest that i first made the acquaintance of the doctor and the judge. The train Hud Bee crossing a hot Dusty Prairie nil the morning its monotonous level Only broken by the Mounds of the Prairie dogs villages Here at the Sta Tion it was quite As Bare and uninteresting. The water tank was the Only Structure that looked As if it had been built to stay the station was a rickety shanty and the half dozen houses which formed the town were dug outs which did not appear much More like human habitations than the dogs Burrows which dotted the Prairie in the distance. The engine stopped under the great Iron tank and i sprang the platform to stretch my legs. 3trom the Little group of station Loun Gers a Small boy detached Lii self and came toward me. He had on a pair of trousers Miles too Large for him and carried a Small starch Box under his firm aside from the layers of soil with which his face and hands were encrusted the trousers and a fragment of a Calico were his Only attire. Say he began in the nasal whine of the professional beggar Mother s sick the baby s a dying we Ain t got no Money to buy no aed Cine an father s dead of go i exclaimed for i could see not Only by the boy s Man tier Bat by the grins of the station loungers that he was a juvenile Confidence operator. Strew hottest s Trew pursued the Young Rascal unabashed an i be got Ter sell my two pet and Here he began to snivel and held out the Box. I have you got two owls in that 1-----Iii t .1 ves he answered brighten ing up for he saw his victim was bit lag. Don t open it now or they will tit he added. They s two Fine 4wls, an Sich How much do you want for i asked. Twenty five was the unexpected and Hasty answer. It seemed that his elaborate tale of woe should have been Worth at least a Dollar and on the impulse of the to meat i produced a Quarter. He clutched at it and dashed off across the Prairie amidst the guffaws of the Sta Tion loungers. So he s took you remarked the Pullman conductor who had come no. At the moment. A Young Imp he is his father is one of the Sec Tion hands but his Mother died a couple of years ago and he s run wild sence. What did he say was in the Box last trip he sold one of my Pas sengers a Prairie dog in a Box same Way. Of it was thar All right Only i reckon it must have been dead a week or so by ils he said that there Are a pair of. Prairie owls in t replied rather stiffly for i was nettled at having made fool of myself. Me be thar said the conductor. Bout a week ago be sold a passenger Bocky Mountain Bat and when he opened the Box he found half a Limrick Bat y and the conductor off chuckling. I debated in own mind whether not to fling the Box out on the Prai Rie but my curiosity was too Strong besides i could feel something moving inside so i took it into Ilie air Anu closing the door of my stateroom i prepared to investigate my Purchase. I cautiously Slid the cover and almost cropped the Box for i was greeted by whirring sound that to my excited seemed like the warning of a. Rattlesnake a glance reassured me the had told the truth he had sold me two owls but such looking objects they were not More than three Days there was not one Feather to the pair they were covered with scanty Down powdered White by the starch still remained in the Box. They stood erect close together As if of their nakedness yet glaring at me indignantly and defiantly with their big. Round eyes. I began to Pon Der what i should do with them. I could not turn them Loose i did not Inow How to keep them they were so Young they probably die. And Icey had t feathers enough to stuff. My meditations were brought to a close by my Mother who entered the state room and asked what i had there. A pair of i replied sheep then i told her the Story of i had been victimized. There were a Tow Motherly Worls of advice about the of i Krajina pig in car and secured from him a bit of raw Beefsteak for which i obliged to tip him a Quarter and i May re Mark that it Cost me a Quarter every time those Birds ate until we reached new York and their appetites were something enormous. When i re turned my Mother had the two snugly cuddled on her Lap under her hands and she fed them on the raw meat until they stood up with crops distended like a couple of pouter pigeons. Their aspect of complacent self conscious dig nity was so irresistibly funny that named them doctor and judge at once. The remainder of the railway trip was uneventful except that doctor and judge grew amazingly and sprouted feathers so that by the time we arrived in new York they were almost full fledged. They Learned to snap their Bills together when they were hungry which was a signal for my Mother to Send me off on a foraging expedition. They were very intelligent and in less than a week Learned their names they would turn their big eyes up inquiry inst in when my Mother spoke to them. In time they grew very fond of me. And apparently recognized me As their master but during All their Hes and i kept them for Over two years their affection and Confidence Mother if anything alarmed them which was not often for they were plucky Little creatures they would Fly to her for Protection and they delighted to snuggle Down in her Lap under her hands Mak ing a queer purring noise like a couple of contented Kittens. When i reached Home i got a Cage for them which they never liked so i allowed them to roam about my room at their own Sweet will. They soon found congenial quarters in a couple of empty Pigeon holes in my desk where they would sit by the hour while i was writing but the moment i Lay Dow n my pen or Pencil they would Dart out like a couple of Young pirates pounce upon it and drag it Back into the Pigeon Hole whirring in Triumph they would play hide and seek with each other in the dark Corners of the room under the furniture and sometimes As a special treat i used to close All the doors and let a live mouse Loose on the floor. The owls Yould Rise and float like a bit of Thistle Down just Over the mouse then drop suddenly on it fixing their Strong Little claws in its Back they did not torment their victim like a cat. But Tore its head off at once and proceeded in Audi Lac u u1cu.l of it. I regret to be obliged to record the fact that notwithstanding the very Evi Dent affection which existed Between the two upon All other occasions they relapsed into savagery when feeding and the one who was fortunate enough to secure the mouse scolded the other until the unfortunate rodent was snugly tucked away where it could not be got at. I generally tried to have two live mice for them at a time and All our neighbors and the near by grocery stores were Laid under contribution to meet the demand. One curious Fea Ture of their manner of eating mice was a. Never failing source of amusement they had a habit of bolting the head and for quarters first and then Swal lowing the rest without tearing it into bits with the result that they would stand with their Little launches swelled out to an enormous size and the mouse s Tail sticking out of the Corner of their Mouths for All the world like a fat old Man who has finished his dinner and was enjoying his after dinner Cigar. Their flight was absolutely noiseless they seemed to float rather than Fly but they were very Swift on the Wing for Short distances As Many a Sparrow discovered to its Cost. When i went to the country for the summer i took them with me and used to carry them in my pockets when i went out for walks. The English sparrows were becoming Tery plentiful about our place and were driving away the More desirable song Birds. With the Active cooperation of doctor and judge i declared War upon the impudent foreigners and when i came upon a party of the Little Feath ered Ragamuffin i would set my two plainsman free. They float r. Among the sparrows and Seldom failed to catch a couple. Sometimes in the excitement of the Chase if one of them failed to catch a Sparrow he would Start Oft after the nearest song Bird but a Sharp Call never of filed to bring1 him Back obediently to my shoulder. It was in this matter of obedience that they showed the Only difference in their dispositions. When recalled from the Chase judge would turn at once Circle about me and Settle contentedly on Ray shoulder but doctor bras More minded to have his own Way. The would float Oit after a song Bird like a bit of Down on the Breeze when he heard me Call would Flap Back to me As heavily As an old Crow and Rould further Dis play his vexation by snapping his Bill j close to my ear. While it was evident that the Strong sunlight annoyed them they seemed to see quite As Well in the daytime As at night and naturally All their Hunting Wai done in the Daylight though i tried to select Cloudy or overcast Days for their excursions. They never seemed to have a desire to get away and indeed. I fancy it would Hare been difficult to have made them it very far from some member of the family. They would of and i thought Jou were quite comfortable yes mum i m comfortable enough in a. Trav the Cook hesitated and fidgeted about. But is queried Heri stress. She blurted out the fact my efforts to please Are wasted so i d. Rather go but vat makes you think that your master does t appreciate Jour Cooke re Lias he Ever complained to asked tne1 to mum. But my late master was Al being Laid up through said he could t 1 help doing so because my Cooke re so master nere Lieut. S. D. Flood first division i. N. K. I Ain t ready to enlist now and i our k Ilavu in j. Guess. Ain t declared said the Man who opposed a dilatory policy. I thought you were declaring Taid Lieut. Flood mildly. If you change j our mind look in at the naval Reserve armory at to. 20 Michigan ave then the passengers shouted with de Light and the Young Mac went out on the platform to commune with the con Ductor until Sacramento Avenue was reached. There he get i5ecord. Peace of mind. An important Factor in of the Llody. Zealand Mutton. The Story of a new zealand sheep design tied for the London Market May be very briefly told. It is taken from the run to the Slaughter House killed dressed and transferred to the Cool ing room. The skin and superfluous fat Are retained after ten hours Cool j ing the carcass goes into the refrigerating room for 30 hours. Thence it goes to the storing room and when it has been enveloped in its Cotton shirt and labelled is ready for its journey Over sea. Steamers which bring the meat to use through the tropics have of course. V fit c l appliances and our sheep takes a place among thousands of others some of the boats being fitted to carry As Many As carcasses at one time. There Are is vessels engaged in the Trade capable of transporting sheep per annul. Arrived in the thames the barges come alongside the vessel and the sheep is transferred to a cold storage station. Here As has been already indicated it May he for weeks or for months if necessary so that an important commercial advantage there is no necessity for Immy i Diate Sale on a depressed Market. I i Nally to part company wife our sheep it finds its Way to Smithfield Market or is dispatched by rail into the provinces. Having once left the cold stores it will not be Long before it reaches the consumer s table. Good words. Llesh of Unnic. Pound the meat of game freed from skin and Gristle in a mortar. Add a Little fat pork or cooked Bacon seasoning herbs and a Little Nutmeg with some Gravy if too dry. Make into tiny sausages dip each into a beaten Egic Roll in Brown rms pings and Fry in boil ing fat. Serve in Pyramid form on with Fried Butoft lob pc peace mind is one of the great fac tors of healthy nutrition. Soon after introduction of food into the stomach blood current is diverted to the stomach if the peace of mind is not enjoined and thoughtfulness prevails the blood current Flo tvs toward the brain in augmented quantities consequently the stomach is Cut off from the proper sup ply of blood and the foot is not digest and a bad form of indigestion re sults. Similarly in other cases where the brain is not allowed to rest no proper nutrition of the body becomes possible. The peace of mind Tan variously be obtained either by directing patients to pleasing scene Ries or amuse ments or to Light Reading especially stories romances poems and travels to divert his mind. Music again is an other potent agent to Calm the agitated mind. Especially in diseases where the entire system is subject to much Strain us i vat to Cul l Lull ill an essential item of treatment. This can be effected by allowing the patients healthy and innocent amusements and talks and conversation with amiable but refined and Learned friends. Coer Cive friends Are worse than hated ene ties in disease. The patient must be kept cheered and amused his minol so directed away from thinking of his ill Ness and these can be effected by Al lowing him Reading of histories fictions travels and voyages and biographies of great men but War reports or exploits should not be allowed As these have some stimulating action and do More harm than Good by exciting the brain and unrest the conditions of the y. Ledger. Soup. Cut the red part of four carrots the parse Quantity turnips the White of one head of celery three onions and six beets in thin shreds one Inch lung put them in a Ste pan with one half Pound of butter and one Pinch of sugar stir Over the fire till a Nice Brown moisten with three quarts of consomme and site Mer for three boars ten minutes before j serving add a Quantity of cabbage let j Tuce and sorrel blanched boil these for few minutes then skim and Cotton Globe. Twentieth Century men. Who av111 be lenders in the Immi nent years men of thu Century. Where shall we look for the men or the women whose names Are Likely to Rise aloft in the world at the opening of the twentieth Century now less than three years off we Are All familiar with the names of the men who were conspicuous at the opening of the nineteenth Century in. Which we live. There was Napoleon the conqueror renown passed that of All his con temporaries and who in the first year of the Century when he had just passed the thirtieth year of his life was the master of victorious armies. There was the youngest Pitt the Brit ish statesman who soon after the Cen Tury had opened became Premier of England for the second time and who then formed those mighty coalitions that were devised for Napoleon s Over throw. There was Thomas Jefferson the illustrious american statesman who be came president of the United states in the first year of the Century and who eau ih.uu1 up me declaration of Independence and had been one of the fore most leaders of the american revolution. There was Humboldt the Foremost naturalist of his time. Who. When this Century began was engaged in prosecuting those scientific researches upon which Bis Fame rests and who was a Diplomatist As Well As a scientist. There was Goethe the world renowned Man of letters who in an Early year of this Century gave to literature the masterpiece of his life the tragedy j of and who. Until his death in 1s32, was a Fertile and potent author. And there Wase Yron the storm tossed poet who was eight years of age at the opening of the Century and who. Seven years after it had opened began his poetical career. When this Century came into exist ence Daniel Webster was 12 years old William Cullen Bryant was 6 Washington Irving. 7 Emerson 3 Andrew Jackson 33 Tennyson 9 Carlyle 5 Wellington 31 George Stephenson 19 Czar Nicholas i., 4 Mazzini 7 Bol Ivar 17, and von Moltke less than a year. In the first decade of the present Cen j Tury Abraham Lincoln Napoleon Darwin Pope Leo Xiii. And not a few other men who became renowned in their generation were born. In this decade Robert Fulton ran the first Steamboat on the Hudson River. It were easy to Tell the names of Many persons whose Heads loomed above Ordinary people s Heads at or near the opening of the nineteenth Century or who were Young in the Early years of it. But who can look ahead so Fansto Tell the name of anyon0 Vlin 1r to stand near the front at the opening of the twentieth Century or at any other time of it it May be that there is among us to Day some Stripling some Young Man or some one in the prime of life who is destined to stand aloft or to achieve greatness in the coming Century. There is certainly Good reason for indulging in such a thought As each and every generation of Mankind has had its men of Eminence and As vre have had a share of them in our country within the Century that has passed since George Washington was president of the United y. Independent. Character told the Tony inf. It is Tiow claimed that character is betrayed by the shape of the Tongue. The Long Tongue indicates fondness for talk n Large tons me nor Generos Ity a Short Tongue. Dissimulation n narrow Tongue concentration of idea j and the Short Broad Tongue shows a i capacity for talking but not for speak i ing the chronicle. Be the women Are wearing such thick veils that n Man has to be Consi Antov of his guard to avoid the mistake of Sill intr too pleasantly it Fata own atchsion Globe. 9100 Reward the readers of this paper will be pleased. To learn thai there is at least one dreaded disease that Scie Niue has been Able to cure m. All its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall s Catarrh cure is the Only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a. Constitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh. Cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces the pc Stem thereby destroying the foundation of the disease and giving the patient. Strength by building up the Constitution and assisting nature in doing its Ivory. The proprietors have so much Faith in its Cura Tive Powers that they Ofier one Hundred dollars for any Case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address p. J. Cheney co., Toledo o. Sold by druggists 75c. Hall s family pills Are the beat. .4. The Tell me that Blakely is not Rich ind yet there is not a Day but what the Wagon from the jewellers and the Mer chants stops that s so. She s one of these Omeir that Lias things sent Home on the Omaha. Exposition of 1898 beats Thi Centennial exposition which occurred in Philadelphia in 1s7c away out bight and is next to the world s fair at Chi Cago in importance to the whole country a of the states in the trans Mississippi re Gion Are interested and our Eastern friends will enjoy a visit to Omaha during the continuance of the exposition from june to october inclusive. Buy your excursion tickets Over the Chi Cago Milwaukee St. Paul to v. An Illus f .1 be sent you on receipt of 2-eent stamp for postage. Address Geo. H. General passenger agent Chicago 111. Do Yon i now the Virtues of the Waters and climate of Eureka Springs Ark. Do of to know we have a Booklet on the subject which is yours for the asking it is free. Address b. L. We chill general passenger agent Frisco line St. Louis. Mcvicker i to better Chicago. Shenandoah is having a Phenomena run and everybody delighted with it. Don t fail to see it. Strong statements. Three women believed of female. Troubles by mrs. Pinkham. From mrs. A. W. Slim 59 summer St., Biddeford. Me for several years i suffered with various diseases Peculiar to my was troubled with a burning sensation. Across the Small of my Back that All gone feeling was despondent fretful and discouraged the least exertion tired me. I tried several doctors but. Received Little Benefit. At last i decided to give your Lydia e. Pinkhan s vegetable compound a trial. The effect of the first bottle was magical. Those symptoms of weakness that i afflicted with vanished like before the Sun. I cannot speak too. Highly of your valuable remedy. It is. Truly a Boon to from mrs. Melissa Peru lips Lexington ind., to mrs. Pinkham before i began taking your i had suffered for two years with that red feeling headache backache Petite and a run Down condition of a Stets. I could not across the room. I have taken four bottles of the vegetable compound one bos of liver pills and used oae package of Santive Wash and Nowfel like a and am Able to do my prom mrs. e. Hebbel Ell station Tenn for three years i suffered with such a. Weakness of the Back i could not perform my household duties. I also had falling of the womb terrible Bear ing Down pains and headache. I have taken two bottles of Lydia e. Pink Ham s vegetable compound and like a new woman. I recon trend your Medicine to eve cry woman i is the sure cure in tse worm for cd role be str Loren. Ana Mosora. It Neter fails. Draws out All Poison. Javes expense and cures permanent. Air cow c and All he Iii Small. 33c la Rac. Book r. Mem i co m. Pm life life Lifet

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