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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 16, 1898, Marble Rock, Iowa23 no. 45. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa june 10, terms 4 Yea ii Spring is Here and we Are for Wall paper of All designs and prices also Al Bastine red Seal White Lead oils and mixed paints. Brushes Spring tonics Flower pots and Garden heeds together hammocks Cio pet sets and base Ball goods. I ices Low As anywhere. Call and see us. Co., druggists. A. It m. A y. Aba. Stone Lodge no 351. Regular communication in or before All Monou. Visit luit brother in curd Folb Mvi Tud to Tutt and. Kobbert Huirt Al. W. In 8. A Davis Bee i. O. O. R. Marble Kauk Lodge 382, meets thursday Steuing of Curk week. Visitors cordially invited. Ii. Seo. , Huelat Lodge meets tuesday evening f each week. Brethren invited. . Yul Lhea c. C. A. Kosen Klavs k. Of r. B. I. L. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday in each Mouth in add Fellows Kail. L. W. Prea. J. Ackley Hec. Sec. . Marble Kock Camp 14s8. He Gulnor meet no second and fourth 9jtnrd.iv of Emilli month at Odd fellow Hall neighbors in Good Landing cords lev United to attend. A. H. Mei ii v 0 u. , clerk. To k. C. Sleets at the borne or mrs. Stewart the 1st and 3d thursday of Esch month at 2 o clock v. A. Mus. Ii. A. A Swaer 1 Rea. Mrs. Chiw Stisya Aji Kun g. A. K. Marble Rock Post so. 30s, meets Flat saturday i f each month. C. T. Ackley com. To. B. Cua thee adj. W t c meets every thursday. Mks. , 51ns. A. 51. Me Siuao sic rotary. Chur clips. Methodist Prenc Liinar sundays at a n and 7-30 a in. Epworth league meeting at 6.30. Prayer meeting thursday Tieu Iii. J. Ii. Ktrrhi., . Conci Cir Preachie sunday at 11 m. Christian Endeavor meets p. Prayer meet our wednesday eve Ning. J. Will Avail Rejis. Pastor. Ihbe Baptist. Preach us sundays at . P. I Rajer meeting tuesday evening c. R. Pastor. Ult Olla cars. Mayor f. K. Aies recorder Frank in. Ici. Treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner c h. Menhal Willard Kinny count Lime he dailanc1, a. H. In Isar j. Weber b hns get h. .1. Ackley. Proceedings of the Board of supervisors of Floyd county. June session 1s9s. Board met in supervisors room in court House at Charles cite flood Coli it Iowa at 1 o clock p. M., won 4ay, jane6th, ib98. Present chairman Shultz. Supervisors Lane Merrill Chichester and pippin and w. I Lindaman county auditor. Tic following reports presented Aid read recorders report. Charles City Iowa june to the Hon Board of of fluid county lows herewith submit my Repon of fees collected Lor the to its of april and maj in sum of 35. Sabaii Ted. J c. Ii. Johnson county recorder. I on motion the of recorder was approved. Sheriff s report. The report of j. W. Parker sheriff. Of fees charged in the amount of i , Lees received to leaving a balance due of g108 21 for the months of april and ivly 189s, was Road and on motion approved. Permanent school fund report. Charles Uty a., june 1st, in Fps. To the icon Hoard of supervisors of Floyd county herewith submit my report relative to the permanent school Lund since april 1st, 189s, the Date of Tny list report to shia Date As follows Cash of hand at last re port paid in since last report j Swan Wood 650 00 paid in since last report g n Johnson 200 00 Colon town hip school let ind president r. I. Ackley Secreta or. K b treasurer. John Gates directors Silt Standt John u. J. Ackley Lew Inman e. U. Eitter 11 Hub Burr 6 Ladison a u 7 John Cha Tea 8 James parcho., Miles cake Miro 10 . Maxson Scott Toiven Phi officers. p ones constables George heed Ellis Bhika town Crowell Barber w Witter Miles Marsh and Eichmeier. Scott township school Board. President f. S. Witter Secretary Baldwin treasurer Charles d la Erick direct ohs 1 John Bishop 5 s. Witter. 2 s. Sours or. 0 to. V. Liners 3 mat Staudt f j Cunningham 4 l.liariv.0 s i w 9 John Losee. Total Ami loaned since 00 46 judicial. John c. Sherwin. J. F. Kelly terms of court 4th monday in Jab iary 1st monday in 2nd londay in september. 2nd monday in november Hoard of supervisors. s Anlu Marble Rock l. Lane Clu Irlea City Timothy i ppm Hockford b. S. Chichester Kudd j. C. Merrill Silas Cegula j Odny in Jar nary april june and september and 2nd monday in november. 1306.46 april session 630.00 bal on hand at this Date amt of mortgage notes on hand Ann for which the co is indebted to state application Lor loins none. Respectfully submitted w. D. Lindaman. Co auditor. Auditor s report of fees collected. Charles City la. June 1st, 1898. To the flon. Board of supervisors of Floyd county Iowa herewith submit my report of acis collected Lor the months of april and May the amount of 50. Respectfully submitted Lindaman co. Auditor. On motion the foregoing reports o permanent school fund and auditors report if Lees collected were approved clerk s report of fees collected Charles City. Iowa june lit. 189s. I to the Hon. Board of supervisors i herewith submit my report of fees collected for the months of april and i May 1 rotate fees 00 5 00 District court 173 75 24 75 Hare compared and checked All recipes and disbursements of the treasurer a of ice our i Job Uultt Muli 11uu til u1uiuch collected and received properly charged to the said office and carried to the proper funds and vouchers on file for disbursements and a balance in his hands of j29.306 25 belonging to the several funds As set North in treasurers balance Sheet Here to attached and made a part of report said were accounted for in Cash and certified Batik statements of hold ing count funds balance Sheet. Funds bal on hand permanent school fund apportionment school Lund. School Iund interest state fund county fund. County school fund Bridge fund insane fund poor fund. County Road fund Domestic animal fund Cannes City id Diso fund Charles City corp fund Charles City water fund St Charles diet Lund St Charles Road fund. Floyd twp dist fund. Floyd ind fund Lloyd Road fund. Nora ind dist fund Nora Springs corp fund Rock Grove Road fund Rudd twp dist fund Kudd Boad fund Rudd ind Tot fund Rockford twp dist fund Rockford ind dist fund Rock Ford Road fund Rockford corp fund Ulster twp dist fund Ulster Road fund Scott twp dist fund Scott Road fund Union twp fund Union read fund a Marble Rock corp. Fund Greene ind dial fund. Peas not Grove Toad fund. 46 71704 317 16 186 59 5.752 99 03 1.541 77 1.91548 19 59491 233 57 11003 1176 909 so 17770 231 20 136 40 10832 9347 2638 136 133 23 2966 28 95 58 62 206 37 1667 957 s3 j3 78 20 72 00 00 145 4s 247 38 41 so 4950 1023 58 25 1 no objections being on file from persons whose names appear on the military Titis a returned by Hie Serepsi assessors it was on motion ordered that the several lists be and Are hereby approved As the military lists of persons liable to military duty in Floyd county Lor the year 1s9s. Abatement. The following abatement were on Tito Tiou ordered fit 2 of against win. Ryan tax of if git Riverton township having receipt for same in Charles City. Against n Clark in Floyd twp tax-1sd7 having receipt irom Chicka saw county. 50c poll against b Benson of Rock Ord corp. Erroneous assessment pleasant Grove twp dist Lund 103 78 Lead Lund Niles twp dist fund. Niles Road fund Cedar twp debt fund Riverton ind dial no 1, do do no i do do 3, do do no 4. De do no 5, do do no i do do no 7, do do no 8, do do no 9. Do do no 10, do do no 11, soldiers Relief fund Charles City Library fund special Deposit Iund 24 32 791 87 30 97 1323 m i 65 52 1993 23 52 s til 176 do 123 79 1 02 0 00 88 47 12 4 go 5g2 64 20 89 04 total in 25 All of which is respectfully submit Ted r. S Chi Cilester Phil Shults finance committee on motion the report of the finance committee was approved by the rest of the Board. On motion the county treasurer was instructed to Transfer the balance in the Dom Ostio animal and poor funds to the county fund. Or. Hartshorn appeared before the Board and explained his business in Selling stuck watering device and asked in at he be required to pay no License Oft same. On motion it was agreed that the Selling of said device did not come in Ler the License Law. On motion the Board adjourned until 9 o clock tomorrow. Tuesday a. Session Board not at 9 o Ulock. Meu burs All present. Minutes of yesterday read and on motion approved. Board proceeded As county Board of review to examine asic stors books of several assessment districts As returned county officers. Sheriff j. W 1 Arker treasurer. K. P. Walt or clerk of the Willard 1 Errin be Carder. C. Johnson superintendent . Martin treasurer per voucher attached conveyor f. K. Ozlene i coat to Atio Raer total which a Len Oaid to 50 the county Towd Alp Ennice of the s ii my Charles t her k k w Mtchell clerk ii c Harlaud Don t tobacco spit and Soto a if you to in both a and forever. , full of life and rigor Xot. The a a Oriter Fiat r Fri avrame Yafo Chicago by the severs assessor a for the Jear 1898. Messes. Klaus Here and bal Wio appeared before the Board and asked Lor the Charles City apportionment of county Road fund Keford to super visor Lane. Several of the Charles i y business j Neo appeared before the Board and mid statements to regard to paddlers License. No action taken on motion the Board adjourned until 1 o clock this p. Tuesday 1 m session. Board met at 1 o clock members the following report of finance j a present. Committee presented and Reid j it appearing recapitulation finance committee report. I irom the returns of the to the Board of supervisors of Floyd several ass wors the was county i Jast Civali was on to Ion ordered your finance committee would report j the of personal proper that we annual j i Rew bushings remain a made the rent with k i Walster county j by the several for the year treasurer of Floyd o Mij from Jan 1s9s and no change be made by ii 189s, to june lit 1sss. Vve Board. E _ v Frejuk and Strom to by a Cool Perrin clerk of the District court. I on motion the Joreg inf report j clerk approved. Of on Tulion the following amounts were refunded 42 to w k Brown of Floyd township assessed in ind dist on be 19, 96, 16 same in twp dist. G 76 to l brow in Rockford corp. Erroneous assessment. 50c county poll to j Punchard in Rockford corporation erroneous assess ment. Rede prions. On motion the auditor was authorized to redeem from tax Sale the follow lots lots 4 and 5, Block 3, Marble Rock property of k a a Soldier s widow. Part of lots 6 and 7, Block 147, lanes addition to gnarled City property h Thorn on account of poverty. On motion the Board adjourned until i o clock tomorrow. Wednesday a it session. Board met at 9 o clock members All present. Of Boater Day read and approved. The petition of e b Haynes for the removal of obstruction to cattle Way under the Boon hollow Bridge was Rand and on motion agreed that the Board had no jurisdiction in the matter same Beins township Bridge. Claims against the insane fund in the following cases were presented and on motion the auditor was instructed to draw warrants on the insane fund for the several amounts allowed As Fol Cynthia e Blue 00 Joe Nelson. 80 00 mrs j n speedling. 34 to win. Schneider 10 50 h k Potter Cost fee 2 00 Ceniti Cates of fees were presented and on motion the auditor was authorized to draw warrants on the county Lund or Tia several amounts allowed in the Case of the state of Iowa is the following parties Frank Howard 55 d do 5 85 Henry Craig 4 85 6 has Holt 4 85 eos Mons Cassidy 5 85 Frank Kelly o 35 Henry Mahoney 5 35 Bennett 5 95 Lewis Burnett 12 70 Vernon Johnson 1 50 Henry Leeander 6 55 Edwin Beyerle 14 75 Patrick Lynch 12 75 this being Tho time set for final hearing of the petition of Jaa Purcher it Al to vacate 2 part of county Road no. 152 commencing at the South East Corner of Section 31, township 17, and running West to the Marble Rock and Rockford Road considered. It appearing to the Board that proper notice had been had the report of the commissioner recommending that the part of said Road be vacated As petitioned for was on motion approved and the Road ordered vacated. Petitioners to pay the costs. La the matter of a Edukere under Section 1347. Code of 1s97 As revised and amended by the 27th general Assembly the following rate n hereby made for the year ending april 1st, 1s06 to paddle fish or meat 00 tax and All other paddlers 10.00 lax. The Ett Lemeni Sheet Between the county and state treasurer and the auditor of state account current were read and on motion approved. On motion the Board adjourned until 1 o clock p. Sidne Day p. M session. Board met at 1 o clock members All present. In the matter of the vacation of a part of the county line Road Between flood and Butler counties commencing at Tho North West Corner of Section 2, township 94, Range 17, West of the oth p m in Butler county and run Ning thence cast on county so rods top inn oar the West of the Shell Rock Rifi r the petition of a w Al was presented m was also a Reid Patrance against the same. On motion the prayer of this being the time set at the april Bession to consider the heating and venue Ainis of lieu Tuuri Blouse the matter was discussed on estimates furnished by or. Sheerer for steam and hot water Hea cars. On motion the auditor was authorized to advertise Lor and receive lids Lor ventilating and heating with both steam and hoi water up to 2 o clock p. July 7th, in pfc. Plans and specifications to accompany bids to Gether with certified Check to the Ani t of in the matter of Aid asked for by mis. Noah Palmer in conveying child to Asylum for feeble minded. The auditor was on motion authorized to draw warrent on the county i und i or said expense. Of motion the Board adjourned until s o clock tomorrow. Thursday a. A session. Board met at b o clock members All present. Minutes of yesterday read and on motion approved the Iuliu immig to Soiu Liua a. Us Torch and on motion adopted unsolved that the Board at its september session will receive proposals for county doctoring Lor the current year commencing september 9ji, and ending september orb 1sd9. Said proposals to be for medical service including Medicine and minor surgery for the districts As now divided to All persons receiving county Aid or conned in county jail. All bids submitted to be on file in auditor s office on or Belora the second Day of said session and notice to be published in the county official paper three weeks prior to said time. Reserving the right to reject any or All bids. Of motion the annual report of ii c Baldwin As mayor approved. The following petition was presented and read to the Hon. Board of supervisors of Floyd county Iowa we the undersigned citizens of Charles Unity hereby represent to you that u certain Bridge on county roid no 18 within Ilie limits of the incorporated City of Charles county Iowa which has built As a City Bridge and should belong to said Floyd county and be main jul or u cum ii i must it Ueng longer than the length prescribed which required said City to build said Bridge. We therefore ask your Honor Ablo Oody to make said Bridge a county Bridge to be owned operated and maintained by the said county of Floyd slate of Iowa from this time Forth. Dated at Charles City Iowa this both Day of june a j Lac 98, and big cd by c d Ellis and of others. On motion the prayer of die petition were granted nod said Bridge was declared a county Bridge. The rest of the a. In. Session was taken up in auditing claims bled at this session. Of motion the Board adjourned in j 111 1 o clock this p. In thursday p. It. Session Board met at one o clock members All present except Lane. On motion the Board adjourned until 11 o clock tomorrow for the purpose of visiting the county farm und Road matters in Niles township. Friday a k. Session Board Mot at 11 o clock members 11 present. Minutes of pc inns Day read an on motion approved. Claims and accounts. The committee on claims and accounts presented the claims died at this ses Sion and recommended the allowance and disallowance of the same As Pur the following schedule. Or. Iuli n to r the committee was accepted auditor authorized to draw on the several funds for the amounts As allowed i Felix Myers do its it Al do to of m fir 1400 50 it Flo 2n win Melugin it Al co Ltd ii Porter it Al co re work. 6390 Jubb it Al co Kracl work 4 2 75 i u Daugherty it co i to id work 21 Iowa pipe tile co car Load tile 10t. In ii hummers lumber 5 i Geo Kohnle Stone 3t 00 o m Dutton work co v 3 50 j c Merrill seed co of 3 co rive Pond Bros meat co Furm 00 Korinke Bros manse co Furm Joe l Roberts manse co farm 1011 Geo la Kobe to Alduse co Furm 7 01 Clemens Harding Monee co Furm 19 31 h n Waterbury manse co farm 5 00 c Holbrook manse Cor 13 co h biter Tiekle do 2 23 v a Young twp clerk 27 00 ii n Ponto u. U Jour Listul Charles Huwell Powers .1 h c uhf Frau 11 a Hirou a s Wight s p Bishop w l Cook do Ilo do do do do do do do j h is eel assessor bal j s i truer Ilo Tiro r May w c of Taymond m Roberts Chester Wilcox full do do do lib us n 2000 1300 1025 22 00 0100 50 x 10410 53 23 3425 assessor 118 50 e m Smith assessor full 1-17 so j 31 Musser do ii do it Huffman t d Wulster ii x Kirvay a s Forth in j g Cutler do do to do do 0 Johnson Wood 91 75 is 85 8725 105 to to 20 20 01 to 0 00 Merriman tax collectors w b l a Robertson drugs 55 sort Hestein Tel co. Tel rent 600 Iowa Tel co., Tel rent g 00 0 s Fay Bridge mater ii 11 90 Joe Powers cleaning bldg 1 23 l a Davis Wolf Bounty 14 00 u Illard Perrin Board of health report 23 20 Willard Perry postage and express i 75 c h Johnson Fos Tnge and express. 10 45 her 4 of 1 x and express j i Martin postage exp Ess. 1000 j 1 Martin salary 101 00 j i Mai tin salary 10100 City of Charles c Ltd water rent to ii Melber a close c ii i Chus Allen it a work c House 30 00 state of Lown dues orphans Home. 30 00 state of Iowa clothing Acot feeble minded Floyd co Mutual insurance j w Parker sheriffs fees and a Nail 72 i i i fluent trustee 3 to t m Riddle manse jail 1 31 w a conk it no coroners inquest. 00 d m jury 22 Geo Cree coast fee Jim a rinse Bailiff to 00 a j Cokin lift grand jury j2 00 Alfred reporter go jury l 00 pm Milams Couit Rpp. Moo k s work it 15 Phil Shultz do 13 50 j c Merrill to 12 00 courier Bank b co., Blank ik., k0, 20 50 t ii flood in books 3 00 acres Lilac mar co. Blk books c 85 Matt Parr to it sons blk books i 00 Kenyon a mfg Ely 3 30 Hammond Bros a stationery a i 35 Odoone Bank Book Itonery 4 Waterloo stamp Itonery 2 30 and of the warrants Blu Odule. Of tone of kind of Ain t am to claim. Eland. Llod a s Kelly poor Rel 28 84 28 Ira Knapp 8 w s 01 Milner son do 100 2 00 Luecht Bros do 1650 1650 w k Holbrook do 44 84 44 84 t m Kiddle do i3 31 33 31 w b Baum in do 3 2.1 j 2o c e Mitchell do 5 50 5 30 c s Fay do 20 10 26 10 b a do 190 190 h s Stansbury do 4 2.1 4 25 Chickasaw co. Do 33 "0 33.10 j w Cook do 3 00 3 00 Korinke Bros do 40 70 to to j 1 Merrill Road work. 13 30 1330 Leo 11 co re work 14 15 14 50 John Melugin it Al co re work 4050 4050 14 co 197 30 i 8940 g390 42 75 2425 100 03 599 35 k 350 300 300 43 75 1011 704 1931 500 1300 2 25 2700 3600 to 1125 24 23 2000 1000 1300 102.5 3200 g100 5000 10410 55 25 34 25 us 50 147 80 9175 84 85 s725 105 go 110 20 79 20 6430 900 153 10 55 goo 500 1190 125 1400 4 to 3 t5 1045 1000 i no 10100 13 50 i 3000 3000 450 1 go 72 07 200 131 15 90 2275 4 25 1200 000 woo 1715 15 50 12 50 6 so 1700 350 04 35 1 75 230 200 450 1 00 97 25 15 50 Soo so Road co petitioners Lor a vacation of Sam hours it Al co work j l Holst Adt it Al Road work 20 24 line about Tim pippin co re work 37 60 v i. 1 Geo e Birdet Al co in blah work 34 50 c d Merrick it no co a work 07 89 Geo p Seaton co re work 13 25 goo d1 do 32 45 115 of 31500 was vol 2924 37 go 34 130 i i binding books 2 00 Dyke Dyke stationery 4 30 Dyke 00 to Stoni Jujj proceedings and print 35 50 l h Henry proceedings and prints a ii 15 Nies on proceed Ings. 15 50 Stevens if Riog co. Mdse c h. S 00 de n mass of 880 ii f Miles son Milse c h. 2.73 2 75 on motion the auditor was authorized to draw warrants on the county fund for the per diem and Uii Leago of the Board at this session As follows. L Lane 5 1 mile .1 0 Merrill 5 Days s i Niles. R s Chichey apr 5 10 Miles Tim i pain Days 15 Phi. Days. 22 mile.-., minutes of this Day Lead and on motion approved. On motion the Board Adjo Ireci until 2 o clock p. July 7th, 1sos. Phil , chairman. Attest d. , co. Auditor. 10 20 so 21 co 21 m 22 00 k s Chichester do 20 30 we Millaid ets do -13 of pm Patterson do 4 32 07 90 j 13 2-5 i 32 2 1.7 i 432 we will club toe weekly Des Moines Leader democratic and the Marble lock for one year for 8150 in a Vince. The Leadens Tho if tiling demo cratic paper of the state. T

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