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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 15 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 15, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 18 no Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa june 15, ib93. Ter3is s1.50a yeah invites your attention to Lii Stock of groceries. My line is new and Complete my prices bed Rock my aim to please the people. 1 want All the butter and eggs you can bring f in. My customers want Good Dairy butter in warm As Well As cold weather. I will give Good goods in Exchange for the above Tarm produce. Wall paper Day next monday june 19th, we will sell Wall paper at 15 per cent discount for Cash. Secure a bargain. Marble Rock weekly. Up muted it cry thursday by h. B. Hies son. Keu a. The heat it int Euc. Gross lira s now to night Marble Rock will . W. Bucklen was Dowa to Greene tuesday. Moo a of Charles City we in town saturday z. T. Mitchell of Rockford. Was in own saturday. Or. Kustell of Cedar Falls u Al Satin relatives in our City. Tai Ruyee Smedy company at the House to Morrow night. Arthur Lyon of kick Ford i visiting with Hla brother at shift Naoe. Just latest Styli of Ber Lin Batt. Or. P. Walsh of Scott township re turned fran his Chicago trip last saturday. Will Ford of Nora Springs visited with his undo Horace Slawka Over sunday l. E. Toque and wife at Waterloo cited a. C. Koso Krsa e family Over sunday. H. Rosenkranse left tuesday a Fenlong for a trip through Illinois and a visit to the world s fair at Chicago. The democratic state convention will be held at Dee Moines Eom Zumft during the latter part of August. Paxton Shultz in building a new addition to his farm residence. Scheme Bora is doing the work. Sell Soble and wife of South Dakota Are visiting with their parents or. And mrs. Ambrose Smith. Xxi different by test of slip Rte in under shirts and Tiht shirts at Low. Jamee slut clue came up from morning Sun the rivet of the week on business connected with the hutches elevator Corn it getting there with both feet mrs. L. 8. Horr and daughter Bethle drove Over to Thornton saturday and returned monday Gay Danforth and Henry Walbaum came Over from Charles City in their the Junior editor. N. Deversy and wife attended the Rcpt Ollna of a relative of yesterday. Elf r Brown the interesting ceremony. Charles Ilyes and Ketu tape and i Gene Cru Kiuon and Mabel Watkins. Of Rockford were Tea Guesta of hear i Davis Neil wife last sunday. 1 Curry one of the largest stocks of Goto for Quality of live and let or. S. K. Puce has closed Bis dental of fice at Rockford for the present. Hii office at Greene will be open the 3d to evening of the 2hh of each month. The ladies of the Baptist society will serve an ice erf am social at the Beme of Are. S. G draw at the Joe Asper place kit Carat to nigh. Ceorge Lei Hui vat up to Koi turd j Lily Soure Liaa of the list monday. J Trie j or. Sayder of Cloathie City Wai in Wasj. Nve deking by his new barn j town Tut Oday. And Lena Clart Are rift Long at i. I Sclifo crowd set Fri Liy pit Nic j Dicker on the Wahidi wan fully by no of the fib jars j after the usual of Hail june 17th. Wok mayor hutches we Down to a. W. Mcalpine Hae sold .7 j Many thanks Are ladles my Denisy. Corn us kindly in children and mar. Salaili a the of j i Ign need of oct for we Down j Tuchen with their dinner. The . Will i h. C. Darland. Or. And mrs. George reams Are visit ing friends at Milb Clark was a Rockford j visitor Lut monday. On his usual weekly visit sunday. I the commen Trueitt were a c. F. Greenwood Hae returned from his no cow from Tia Meh. Trip to Illinois and the worlds fair j of observe for ii in buc John Tao Dill and John Kirsh it " these but m of each during the seated Opell e Flat of the week mine Nattie Itilman has a Cousin from Fayette. Visiting her. John Mcdonnell wan a Claybr Rill Juhn he visitor let sunday. In r or. Moray and wife Ruric returned from their trip to Onaha. Mrs. James shiite lira and returned to Elwir Fork which May be Ilkei j Only a credit to than wires j we Rock High re Hwy. The orations were Well t to Weir by ii i upon or Cut jut to mar Aud vex nicely dry cries. N Lions and r. For Ivi ivs and a mrw lots that my arc As Low no. Lowest. I Boot and Linker. I or new cd a v. Miller is building a few learn on his premises across the River. Jiin la building an addition to his residence East of town. B. A. Has had the front of the Bedell grocery store mrs. Ony respective the latter part of last week. Frank Graham another gentleman and ladies of Luckford air Newl Church Sou in Franklin county Lut week. Mrs. Nettle friends in us bus Kolt the past week. The firm of Stephens a Seth co. Ass been dissolved. Or. Stephens re prof. Colgrove of Nora Springs made thin office a pleasant Call while in our City saturday. A number from Greene and Rockford attended the conme nement exercises St this place last Friday evening. The miss Emma and Lillic Dunning accompanied by Everet Stuib were Greene visitors Lut week. The w. C. T. U. Will meet with mrs e. Judd june 22. All it Ribera Are cordially invited to be present. Sec. Dont fall to attend the summer school at Greene. It has an excellent reference Library and will Eti ploy three teachers. Jacob Carbiener hag the foundation for a new residence completed. The new and commodious. Be at Cthery Btu Turc will be or. Reyno his office thursday last tuesday we Host warm Day of the heated season. Mercury wite up to my in Ibe elude and com ruse in Yra Pathy with Ibe boat. A Large number of our people attended tin exercises of the k. Of p. At grm Jne last sunday. Elder Devol delivered the Ltd Irefej. The sunday school and Fullerton sunday school unite id a Pic Nic next saturday at Mitchell s a Topi Nuro Siut it Jacklum. Could not improve the i Jualita of Aid double the Price. I Viii a Witch strive is Tiu Salve bul am produce or that Money Auy. A. J. Paper co. Will be an ice Cream Lawn sociable at Allen Gates tuesday Juco 20. Evory otly come wed have a Good time or. De Lavorgne and family who have been visiting my. Delete Rene s pure Ute the Post few months returned to their Home in Bol Aldere Illinois list Mon Day. Ina of Nora Springe and miss Ada sunt Lerllen of hew Hamp ton attended the graduating exercises and visited at ret. Brown s the put week. I have Large Hack of Tureen doors of hand. It afoot Bonene Nade on i lint South of town Neit saturday evening i now. For Quality june eth is we. Eret body invited. And the beet Call and a full and Complete line now on hand at paces that defy Competition. Highest Market prices paid for eggs give us a Call and be convinced that mean business. Art her Moon u years of age. Has in vented an incubator which is Superior to any on the Market. Its a self Reg later and takes less attention and Oil to Tea it thin the regular patented incubator and in perfect Success in every Way. It Yon cant at Charlea adjoining k. Kamsay. Sawyer cd ool at Gre few will open 31th and of feral emf Frovag teachers fur Good work in their schools. 40c the w. C. T. U. Will meet with Are. D t. Ackley june lath. We Hope All members of the Union will to present As business of importance will come up. Book a Caum will once our be Nett. The and must j respectfully a. J. Hartr of of Marble Farmers Headquarters for will be the Many friends of miss Grace Rof a Akran will be phased to Lam of marriage to or. Frank a carers at pow Paw. Illinois which secured the latter place last evening. We add our congratulations to that of her hot of Fri Cadi in this Vicinity. Him Jennie Warner returned to her Homo at Carver Minnesota last Mon Day. Miss Warner has been attending j state superintendent of Public instr int Schnol at place and during her stay Rumado friends i All of we m regret her departure for her bom and Hope that she Bay return to a Caroi Terra. Something new in foot went. In ladies show t grrr in Stock common at this place lint sunday evening. 3, w. Martin wife in like no Lite Oriu h fair this week. Try will be one ten Days or two weeks. Or. A. H. Of Paw Ilu nip has been this City the past to enjoyed h Chat with the gentle tue during bid Ebay. Charles a. Kaupp if wort Wood was in town Las week to attend the Cora it Giorc Shefl of the of y3. He seemed real interested in the her especially one of the oration. Tho worlds of nor a Kef u Grond Dis play in Man not Coni Pai Wiles and and Eale at Well delivered. Clues history and i r l s my "11 kinds if line so mass. Bong a doled Inucci m Ibe porn Gricia. J l last ivs ill Lull Ait ii a. Prof. Suni Kuliu was not permitted to be with us so iils j Rcd to Jet in nil i Calilli a shot of Nelm City but be St it 1 ref. Coign principal of Nora april lab ski Ulibary. Words of instruction Hhd in coils i re Gem vol were Well mud approx j ii Iso k m Al ill Iii hcs Mil a Xor mul Fivi Icli Cost Fri ring Oil and i i j v in a . Ymir a Nde is Solie Iti in. In mini Linic Xiii los on i Nihil. Show but it Don Spring Ewitt of lilies on pm Ibitson r. P. Ilece s a j. Asper it co. Trill have a special Sale of Wal paper on monday at which time a discount of 15 per Cut. Will be made on All sales. Remember this and secure a bargain. Your vist specific to. Sever coughs and colds. Get a vial at your it s Bandy to carry in your vast pocket-25 Wlsh Ini of Bua the Mower girls were kept Busy and it arc permitted to by the amount of Flowers received their efforts were surely . The music by the a flute the tvs excellent. The orchestra furnished a Woodty number of their Chico selections. The no the door was and the opern House was tilled to its utmost there won a show in our City the ammo evening. It will be Well to add that tie of the raising of this class Mem or Ace graduated from Paw Paw Illinois High school. Class of i desire to return thanks to All who to kindly twisted then with the commencement exerciser Little vegetable health producers de Witt n Early risers care Malar ious disorders regulus to the Blonie h and in Wolf which prevents head Nobe and a. J. Asne Rico. New goods. The i St Lii ii. I Ever i groceries Gomo Ami see my goals b. Rosenkrans. Joseph we loth Ali Alk in Model gnome re. Fir. I Mcafity has received the contract for Riu Kiihnl Iitto a 1them the poor for Union. Scult stud i Iii Aizint town ships. C. H. Ookema has moved into ills country near the Cor position lion rom pure leasing a Winter residence j in City. I will s it Tuii Salve or Burns Lirussi Sakin Hlatt a Tirui Piid Iii Leti. A. J. Asper a co. A Des Aldines Difan Tuii there is a Tefil of in to Whin the populist a and prohibition Nigga else Are to endorse professor Aylesw Ortli Wiio was recently fur Goemer by the prohibitionists. There will Chin in both Siden a few Annj of Mitra Fine Thiu Maple strop left. To Offar Yurii aple sir old at i. Ufa i i i in Cream cheese the snort 10 cents a up mud. In of Timber Hare or Wiktora l of sky i Keu Hoisun jiving insure Eisent. To the populists Money a return for the sup port the Fiir mers will lend the Terri or act people on the prohibition Lue lion. Report of High school month ending Juberth if attendance no. Cases turd less neither absent nor Terr. Lucy to Man Osier t. J. Woh Klei Pron. Report of grata oink for month june oth tin Sojor enrolled 80 Avengo Tenily att Dancs 29 number of cases of tardiness 1 in Meekof pupils neither Abbot nor tardy Ruih limit Dart Brunner Claude Winchell Wolfl Verhn Mary Schremp Rhoton Lizzie Volker ii Buie Scher merlion a Larry Winchell Earl Ila lev Orai treo Hubbard. I of Pup Iid a been nor Baring in settled tardy Durniok the year Asper 4 co j sours Harry " pm hell the Safune lit Claude Winchell. Karl Bailey. Of pupils promoted from Ibe Orain Ortr to the school Harris of Miry schermerhorn Willie Pierce Luble Schen morhorn Rock is the District of Union will come i Minnie Vor Lios Ida Fox to ism Fly Seta it wet. Swot i 3uree and Machiote Oil of All is Asch is Irwin Nail Tow Cek bated Kli win Ivan Ltd plows waiting and r if of com allows on Bic Axle Grueso i indigo Vinc a pc Cihiy Price ump Ibe Kuwent Imone Harr men meters Elgin Crote Piniat Seow Leet silly in Patent Aars toe Pic proot and i i he. . Armb u. In Tener who been Ion at Dee Mcrina Iowa july a fwd Clark. I by Harrison ranks 1 in average the ladies society of he Greene j Christian Church not with the Simo of r sch Asrob teacher. Mrs. Or. La sync tuesday one word refer crw j Ivo. Of pupils aver Jfe daily enrolled Norbec too i no. Ones of pop 44 41 t Nelbet nor ii Oeh i Lara Angell arthor Sod u. N. Merrick j i no Atte Tad of their i y Dewight Merrick who ird on tuesday a i wino Hau at Cost yield Low. The i i it one Tiare a citizen of worn lev 1 father in Vartou last two jets Plure. Lib i evening. Was about i _ the funeral will take As dial pm mils Wakwe Biggin Tod bad Garm and of All Allws. Chirch. The k. P. Lodge will con-1 Ford restrict jury itch. Admin nah whole no. A duct the of tick to their Oor sopi Eti Rita i. J Dowitt s Witch cures 1 Witch cures Igor is. I watch with pc Laiel e Curry in cars. A. I. Co. Jay of Fri Weler fireman hitter Clay Hyron crud a a. Hardware harness Repa inny a specially. Me meet All honorable Competition. H. Stott the 4th of july will by celeb Rafoil this fear As it Novar been a Fere. It being the four Hundredth anniversary j every Man woman and child will want to Chow their appreciation of it in a manner that would nuke cult Ralita i us Liat his efforts were due blk approx Ciamp Del Ell vat ire to celebrate. Leu than a car Load of fruit Jam just received. A ire Headquarters fur them at prices that Are right. Of Jou anything in the dried fruit line give in Call. Dried pie cd and cored Large site one fruit very Iwert and a bargain at 15 cents a Pound. Fishing books and lines in tone. Ccann Are pc inc last. We Bare the navies and Lions both. A full hoc of fire works and firs crackers toy flags and Orelj tiling to Ratku a Noim with to acc circa up Jimut Moat boys. Another Dew coff of Donne tillers cd Dora in Pound packages. Cents package. Try it. We Haro a Supply of Hcrman acid can Supply 7on cents a Bushel. Millit Waterloo ice Cream in bind at All hours of the Day. Strawb trip Are High. Tit acc to crockery cigars tobacco notions Salt barrel. You will that i pay the highest prices for butter and eggs. My motto is Good goods at bed Rock prices. It Totice to i will sell ii Oil at Jiri cow. We i ave or pc Many baits. Olli will Shiriti our no jul we think an us any Liat fur it yowl article. Will very Liln Divo Nants on sonic in oils Flint arc going out and Urc Justus and Many Titius i Tvr of flip Lii Ali Jiri Wal pods we will willingly Thi Licati Liny Bill in a lolling or a Row is s Liv inv of to Lii so Fri Chi ref till at i Renu or uru jul. To Cini take Yon j Lent for u diffs suit Nihil Giuri into lit or to s o can a. A out b a fit nor tardy i has relieved Itla y j term to of of we by As i Kef Lowinia neither a bunt Only combination Fence having Pur Chaij 1 a Cliine of a j dirt Jared to for Nisi All Jot combination Fence it it Sjur fitfully ii Neil Fri a Cli capt i loss to Ojik. A am dealers in a tin shop in connection. Job work and Rqn Tring a specially. All work warranted. One of Weir wad Nancy state opel reuse this fake and a bold re. A pm Osaske fax about i wok i Boob Mill it Asawa net j a Wii _. _ in four tears term of in the hitter they. Rule fling of Jomir to the removal of Nch Charlie Cullim wan wry co Icren Curtin mfg Fate Truax Brenner Tuny Beckh the to for Wen Outcen Fri Reum Ltd j Volk i ukat a Al a to was fcb i Willie will Wash Ilij tin term mud Wetula who Rait Mitor to la bpm inc Tumlim. Sorrl oar j k ing a to. I. I is
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