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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 11, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaNo. 44. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa june terms a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome be destructive Nork being mainly done in grass lands. Potatoes and Garden truck Are Mak ing a heavy growth. With drains weather the crop Situa Tion will rapidly improve club races. But one of the greatest boons to women Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A. V. 4. 31. A a. Stone Lodge no 251. Ular communication wednesday of or before in is a regi fall Moon Viri bldg Brothers in Good striding cordially invited 10 attend. Sort not Nugget. W. M. S. If Daut Sec. The army worm. The army worm seems to is getting i. O. Of f. Marble Hock Lodge to. 3te2, Meels thursday even jul of Ezrh week. A visitors cordially invited. A. A Jle Iek t. O. Ii. See. of Beclar Lodge Meeus tuesday each week. Visiting Brethren 11 its Usa v Walt is k. Of r. Be. So t in some of our Meadows. I. L. Of h Elteto the sri tuesday night in each Mouth i Wal vllnw8 Hail. R j. Alki to req Sec. It. R. C. Meets at mrs. Sunart the 1st and 8d thursday of each Mouth at 2 o clock . Mus 1c. V. Mit 1 res. Mrs Collur Toni ask u. A. K. Marble Hock Post to 306, Lirett saturday of each month. W. B. Clime Kkt adj. W f t u sleet is b Ery thurs to. T i he arc Lyle no at Clarksville great damage is being done by the Worms. The sex payment station at areas sends out the following directions for tie destruction of the worm pastures and Meadows especially to Low ground should be examined of once and if threatened or invaded Active measures App red at once in save the crop. Where the Worms Are last Friday afternoon notwithstanding the excessive heat about 500 peo ple gathered at the race track to wit Ness the first of a series of races to be Niven by the Marble Hock cycling club. The intention of the club is to give races once or twice a month Dur ing the summer Only club members Beins allowed to participate in the events. The track last Friday was not the the to but cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas Good cod Dilion 1 11 heavy rain the night before and we will be glad to show them to you. Races were close and exciting a Quarter mile a very l a. M. Secretary. Elmr chios. Methodist at 11 a. a m. Epworth league meeting prayer Meetins thursday Beuins. W. Bios inbox pastor. Launch pre actins in Nosy at 11 a. M. And Pui. Chr Lynn endeared meets to. 1 in Jar a Eeten wednesday eve Ning. J. Will Wiltens pastor. Filee sunday of 11 a m and p. M. Young Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday even los. . Hent pastor. A Irr St pre chins every lit sync Lay in Eracli month a. 11 a. In. And p. In. Budaj school sunday 10 m. Services the Union school House. H. Gist pastor. City officers. Mayor Joseph Wiloth recorder h b Rosenkrans treasurer. J a Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore , 0 bailaiif1., vim Fletcher ii been trans a 11 Meier Chas Weber k Suggett Union township school Hoard. President Rico w resell. . Ii b treasurer John Gates directors dict a tautly. Larrv z p Wulster Lew Inman. Egbert is. 11 Rin Shultz. Bine John hates. James i Archer ceo v Sam Shaffer a Cote town help Oft cers. Marsh g t Baldwin. Fot tables Volney Beers Leoy Bailey to Vir no it Al fitter and or Beaver. Scott township sch pm Board. Pms ident John Bishop. Seer Tarj. Geo Jse s Baldwin treasurer Cannes d Memck directors John Brace Ward. E w Cartier ii e c pudding Chantker t j . John 8 jew Jeffrey u John lose. Judicial. W. Burr John c. Sherwin. Teim of Conrt-4th Montaj in Tain and 1st Pond in in my monday in september. And monday in november. Board of in Lucius Lane. Chairman Charles Cluj Phillip Sholtz. Name Kock Timothy pippin Boc Vford Rudd j. C. Merrill Regulas meetings monday Iti Tannery. A nil into Inix t Stirt 2nd fond no in november. Feeding in a pasture or Meadow and not moving in any direction the Best Way is to Spray the Gross with a Strong solution of Paris Green or London purple one Pound of Poison to one Hundred Gallons of water so As to get prompt effect even if grass leaves Are injured a Little. If tint fast. The first race was open which Childs. Time 30 seconds the second race was a mile open and was won by will porlies. Time 3 minutes the third was a Ball mile and much to the satisfaction of the crowd was won by Willard will being second time the slow race was one of the most interesting events of the Day there being a number of starters and As Roy Thorpe was the Only one that the 100 Yards and crossed the line without a fall he was declared the Winner Carbiener fell when within about two Yards of the line. The filth event was a extra for the Benefit of the Greene boys and was woo by Leslie Ayer of Greene in the distance being a half male the race in which was entered the interest of the crowd was the tour mile open in which there were five starters Childs George v ores Jiuji Ruzycka buc Ueo and Carbiener. After pacing the crowd for a male Hyzicka dropped out anal flip of annl the Little in adv Nec of the army Stock i Adal spent was made a should be kept off of course Lor several until their is considerable new grass or until after a Good rain. If the ground is smooth and hard it mar be possible to kill Many of the Worms by the use of a heavy roller but on in even ground or soft turf this is not Likely to be of much Benefit. If the Worms Are moving from one Field to another or travelling in a Given direction a deep Furrow with the Virti Cal Side out so that the Worms will be compelled to climb the perpendicular Wall or a ditch with a sloping j sad who stole and squandered of Iowa s Money regular loaf is expedition. In the sprint c or incr who had been setting the Pace was passed Hyall three of the other riders finishing to the following order Chulds Vorhes Butlen Karbiener. In these races Carbiener used a new racing wheel that was geared to 77 inches while he has been used to a 04 gear and the being new to him and the gear too High undoubtedly had something to to wit ii the poor showing he made slightly under will Stop them and by Boring pos holes every Rod in the fur Row the Worms May be trapped in great numbers and buried in some places the Worms May be observed to die break open from a disease in which Case methods of artificial treatment May be unnecessary but no Reliance should be placed upon this Means of destruction unless it is in actual Progress. Iowa weather crop bulletin Moines Iowa june 0, 1890. The first half of the week was Cool goes free the court held that he was officer of the state and that the idiot intent against mid was faulty and is trucked to injury to return a re Dici. Of riot guilty. Pm gets of the the commander writes us from Lincoln neb As follows alter trying other medicines for what seemed to to a very obstinate in our two children we tried or King s new discovery and at the end of two Days the cough entirely left them. U c will not be without it As our experience proves that it cues where the last half warm making the average All Oiler nes Nedies v. Temperature about Normal there was sevens. State com Why nut give a Large Csc cts of Chou i ices with of quent Light showers in Many localities hindering farm work in Fields not Well drained. On the 5th considerable dam age was caused by cloudburst in Cass and Harrison counties. Variable reports Are received is to the condition of Corn earlj7 planted this great Medicine a trial As it guaranteed and anal bottles Are free at a. J Asper a tvs drug store. Regular sizes 50o. And Washington letter. J from any Point of View Between the vice presidency which carries neither influence nor Power and the speaker of Usu Lious re Licu curries More Power and influence than an office under our government except the presidency. And h3 in. In to Aitro of icon. And Tor. To wire. Clerk of the courts. Recorder superintendent sir Reyor. Comity attorney. Coroner Georges Hin Ford a. Ii. Merri Roan changes Bis since Hoke Smith got Back and told him that Georgia was going for Silver the Batler Bill prohibiting further Issue of Bonds without the Sanction of Congress passed tie Senate by a vote of 32 to 25 10 republicans voted for and 10 against it and 17 democrats for and 6 against it. That will be the last of the Bill As the House committee on ways and Means made an Adverse re port up it and the House promptly voted to Lay it on the table and it will stay. There rank with a tendency to rest the re Salt of Zee Shire heat humidity and rainfall. Fall wheat is doing fairly Well pastures Are luxuriant Timothy and heavy township off Crift. Of lie f p Wal jct. Cowles t Rex r k Winchell c s a 31 Memas. F to Dow twi Meadows Are while the s the yield of Hay will be much reduced unusually of in old by i he encroachment of Blue army have appeared in in dub Mroula localities it May do As much for Jar. Fred Miller of Irving 111. Writes he habit of doing j that he bad a severe Vinney rouble it to reject any and All bids. P Sec. Board of directors. That to will under no circumstances accept the nomination for vice president this docs not Lueaco that he is sulking because gov. Mckinley will got the Honor he he has yet to learn for Many years wit ii severe pains in i his Back and also that his bladder was affected. He tried Many so called kidney cures Bat without any Good re sult about a year he Bejan using electric bitters and found Relief at once How to that he has t the electric bitters is especially adapted to slightest desire to Gil the office of vice president. To any one at All Una Wiur great i with Public at Washington it i their need Luis to say there is no comparison cure of All kidney and liver gives almost instant Relief. Will prove oar statement. And often one trial Price Only 50c. For Large bottle. At a. J. Asper co. Store. I i i i i ii jul. A disease conies on o sym Ptonis a Lica increase in extent and gradually Dang circus. Ii Jon suffer Ukoh headache oys _ Persia or indigestion al1 a Claro bilious 5 corp unit if your complexion is . Usu suffer distress after for offensive breath ?.nt All Swisch Ders of the stomach. Tables regulate the system end preserve the health. Tab Les Ripans tables Ione i gives Relief i easy to 7ake_ Quick to act Ripans tubules Are sold of 6 50 hot is sent to Kkt company Jjo. 10 Spruce st., j rial if cents

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