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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 10, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaA vol. 22 no. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa june 10, Yeak at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. Societies. A r. M. A v. A Corner Stone Lodge no. Full. Regular communication wed Neelay no or before Vijit Itji cordially invited v Al thud Tubbert Hogget. W. M. B. H. See. I o. O. F. Startle Hock Lodge no is Meela thu War of Elk week left of cordial Iny Ltd. Sort Deli Ikon n. O. Set. , better Lodge. No. Meets tuesday evening invited. W b to bibs c. C. A. K. Of b. A. I. L. Of h Meela 3rd tuesday nightly Esob month in l w. It. I. Aykut ret. M. W of a Marble Bock Camp no 44h8. Regular meet aug fourth saturday of each month at Odd hello a Hall siting in Good standing Are cordially listed to attend. A Mevik at c ii. Jyjiaj., clerk at tie Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and Cnway of each month at 3 o clock p m. Mai a a. St want free. Chaj Stisya Ashen Bee. G. A. B. If Vole Bock Post no 908, meet list Bat Idaj of each Mouth. C. T. Acc lbt com. W u t 0 meets Grerr thursday. Lbs. , Pra Dent. My a. M. It Ibbia Secretary diuretics. A hot 7-30 a m. Epworth league meeting at 63d. Prayer to array it. To. Juko Bikson pastor. Chm Wias a mice peach in at 11 n 30 p. M can Titan Ead Eaver meets ats sep. M. Prayer meeting wednesday . Pastor. Twee sundays at m. M prayer meeting evening c. Pastor. Birtir preaching every w sunday in each to Sandmy scowl sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in the Ulm school House. H. Obasi pastor. City of Cen. Lyof. Recorder Wawer. Strut commissioner a Taufao. Tomn Ihben a 3 Dut Suft a. H. Walstein h. Ken get b i h b Hosen cram 1 w Martin Gorge Smith , to Ami. Jofen direct outs 1 a tilt Studif 6 Al Mimi blvd. a John x p Walter b i poet Farhar 4 Lew Ollea a Lakenan wet Date 10 Macam 11 Andrew Gates Ornis soon Coo Tawes George Ellis Towb corked Aast Wor Jake Barber w Witter Hiles Lanb and m Ogira Acly Sckerl Board. Barber Sec Lury Baldwin tre rarer Bailes o , s a new s t 7 4 Mil stat 8 Loba Lowe. Jooic1ai. C. I t it Matt in do Kuti september. Sod 3ovemtaei is wimp 1st pm m com mtg w 0 owe a Terr c. H. . The Republican senators at Ringlon have requested an investigation of the newspaper charges that the us Jar rest has controlled the forma Tion of the Tariff Bill senator Banna the chairman of the Republican National has authorized an explicit denial it the recently published state meet that funds were contributed to the Campaign last fall apes any agreement looking to the passage of the railway pooling Bill the in the Senate Are pushing the Tariff Bill at the greatest possible Speed they Aro occupying no time in i s consideration except to answer the criticisms from the demo cratic Side and if it tails to pass during the month of Jane the fault will rest with the democrats. South Carolina s new senator Hon. J 0. Mclario who succeeds the late senator Earlc adds another to the list of Southern protectionists in the Senate of the United states six of the thirty Southern members of that body ire now protectionists while the Hoase of representatives showed in its Rote on the Tariff Bill no Lees than thirty votes for the protective theory As exemplified in the Bingley Bill. The attempt to manufacture Gold which was made under the supervision of experts at Washington failed. But As the Gold of the world is increasing three times As fast As the population of the world business will get along As Well As though Gold could be manufactured to order. The Gold much More rapidly Dur ing the last half Century than has the population and us a Rowter continues year by year at an accelerated Speed. The recent reports to the comp trailer of the currency from National Banks of the leading cities of the Conolry Lehors an increased activity in Loans and discounts and other branches of their in Iooss this is to additional evidence that the promised return of Butine activity has began and is go ing to continue. There is no More accurate test of business conditions than there Bank statements and the Evi Dence which is thus being received in Washington of revival of business Prosperity is Unno taxable. Seven states bad seceded and rebel lion was Well under was in nearly a states when Abraham Lincoln was inane rated in 1961 yet he did not even his Congress to Meef on ill Jely 4tb. People who Are com that president Mek Mley a u slow u getting its Tariff other legislation completed would do Well the Progress of now with those of that period when the life of the nation was being threatened reason to believe that the Tariff Bill will now become Law by the Dute it which the Congress was assembled on that occasion. Wit Liana Jennings Bryan and Richard Parks Bland who assume to speak for the democracy to Repnin m tiny renew in recent utterances their of esteem w the demo staff and and owner to fact if they an if fief to birr their gotten in aa4 Bow 4own to free and my noted Ngn Alfir Hwy into Ibn Bey m a n Iii to of Cantu 10 Wmk w it in for n Dnn s review for the past week shows that Man but teas was done in May than a april and that the april business was Only 10 less than that of the Best year on record. Bonsi Ness at Preat is being done at a smaller margin of profit Bat the amount of Bani Oess hand is Large and this will in turn other lines and brine about general aet nity. Farmers and others who Are study ing the bee1 sugar question in the United states will be interested to know that stockholders in the Watson Ville California beet sugar factory who cot f 300 Lor a share of Stock which Cost them and upon which they had also received till in dividends Are complaining because they were Irown out by tre company Only got 1? for each Dollar they in vested if thu id a Sample of the profits which people May expect from Ilie sugar of ainess the results of Secretary Wilson s Experiment May be of very material advantage to the agriculturists and Busia ets men of this country special commissioner Calhoun who was sent to tuba by president Mekilo Ley to obtain facts concerning conditions there is to be in Washington this week there is reason to believe thai the administration will announce a definite policy on Ibe cuban ques Tion soon and that it will be one eminently satisfactory to the people of the United states. There it no disposition on the part of the president to neglect this question and it is because of this fact that republicans in con Gress Are unwilling to allow the democrats to Force the belligerency Resolution upon the president and thus compel him to act before he has forum his policy a few More such speeches in Senate As that with which senator Vest of eyed he Tariff a worn convince even the members of his on Side of the advantages of Protection. He quoted a Sines of statements show ing the expo stations of manufactured articles in the fiscal year 1896, claim. Ing that the in Cream in exportation was due to the Wilson Law. A com Parison however of his figures with those under the protective Tariff show that in nearly every Case the pet ceo of gain in exportation i was greater under Protection than under the Wilson Law if or. Vest s arguments Are a Sample of those to be presented m support of the democratic free Trade theory the Public will give them Little weight Oor crime of 73" was not a Cir on stance compared with the crime committed against the Dollar of the peruvian daddies. Our crime of 73 consisted in the nominal suspension of coinage of a Dollar which had not in realty been coined for years while the peruvian crime which has just been committed pro not Only shall the coinage of peruvian soles be suspended but that the coma when brought into the Conniry shall be melted up and re turned to their owners in bars thin is the result of pern s Long experience with the free coinage of Silver it has not Only made Gold the Standard Bat proposes to Meu Down the coins brought into the country and pass them Back to Tbs in owners in the form of Bullion the growth of Protection sentiment in the South which Bao been frequently evidenced during the consideration of the Tariff Bill again indicted by the utterances of that Sterling demo cratic paper the new Orleans Pica commenting upon the demand Lor an increase in the duty on Rice it the Industry has under the Wilson Law As the Low Rales of duty do not protect domes tic Nee producers from the foreign we Nisei by the paper labor of the Industry Enn thrive aider nothing inn Tenn the Protection a the singlet Bill Sac cite m in fops a tint Howe Awn new Avier Minerv in a a twine ring wring a Kex senator Hill in a recent state ment for Paui eation showed that 60 000 democrats in new York voted for Mek Ialey or stayed away from Ibe polls last year while voted for Palmer. Applying this estimate to the democrats of the country it would appear that nearly half a million democrats were driven out of the party by its adoption of free Silver As a leading party principle. Nevertheless or Bryan insists that this must be the leading feature of the platform in 11hh and that therefore Gold democrats May As Well be kept out from this time for Ward. He has issued a new pronoun Eia mento to this effect in which be says knowing that they will fight each other three Yean hence _ it is reasonable to suppose that they will be political friends in the the Farmer is equally interested with the Mechanic in the Protection of our a Artel the value of Ile Home Market to the Farmer is nowhere shown any More conclusively and the demo cratic free Trade assertions More conclusively proven untrue than by the United states Treasury statistical abstract the consumption of our farm products by our people reached its Maxim no in 1892. Passing Over 1s9b, the year of the panic and taking 1894, it shows that More than 51 per cent More pounds of our raw Cotton were consumed by our people in 1892 Noder he Republican Tariff than in the cat 1894 under thu threat of a democratic free Trade Tariff that More than 73 per cent More wheat was consumed by our people in 1892 than in 1894, that More than 33 per cent More Corn was consumed by our own people in 1892 than in 1894, that More than 32 per cent More pounds of Wool wore consumed in 1892 than in 1s94. Flon. J. B. Walker m c of Massachusetts. Washington letter. Tit a us us j., Xuwu i president Mckinley greatly enjoyed the break made in Bis official dance by his visit to Philadelphia this week where he participated in the excises attending the opening of the com Mercial museum and the annual meet ing of the National manufacturers association arid inc american medical association. He was accompanied by a distinguished party including two Mem Bers of the Cabinet and a Large Dele a lion from both branches of Congress and the diplomatic corps together with the ladies of their families. The Tariff debate a far As it has gone has been particularly pleasing to the republicans of the Loose because most of the schedules which have been adopted Aro nearer what they were in the Dingley Bill As it passed the House than they expected them to be when the amended Bill was reported to Ibe Senate. There is a report that Sena Tor Gorman is at the head of a scheme to delay the final passage of the Tariff Bill until september because be pre fers making his Campaign is before the people have an Opportunity to see the Good effect that the new Banff will have upon business however the democrats have not yet shown any disposition to delay the Bill. Speaker ried moved St the is no sure of the manufactured by an addle cited fellow who imagines himself a detective and a newspaper Man this fellow wrote letters threat ening the speaker s life if he Dij not do As he directed and signed a Urban and after mailing copies of them to or Reed peddled other copies of them among the Washington correspondents and actually succeeded in Selling then to the representatives of several notoriously papers speaker Reed knows that the policy of Ibe Bonse which he is carrying oat so Well is endorsed by the Best interests of the Eon try and that is nil be wants to know about h Bendelow m not a profane Awn n a Rale and he probably did not intend be profane whew after Jerry Simpson had delivered owe of Bis abusive tired a against the spec car be cause he had not appointed a Mhz committees and several had repeated for we Home Fowzi Idi tie the Anjou try of the umm ask we but fam carpet now is the time to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and see them. We know we can please you. Geo. W. Gates. By speaker Reed to indignantly said. This Bell in a Teapot this boil ing Over i rom the Rel rns of after calling attention to the fact that the policy being carried out was the will of the majority of the House As repeatedly shown by the vote when attempts have been made to set it aside be declared that the abuse howled at the speaker was neither honorable nor honest. Gen. Henderson concluded with this lashing Lor Jerry Simpson it takes time to ascertain lie predilections and capabilities of members take the gentleman from Kansas imagine trying to pick out a place he could be useful to his country when every time he opens his Mouth he makes the problem More difficult representative or Cavenor put the House in a run uni his description of the changes id demo cratic leadership and his remarks Nerc interspersed with shouts of laughter he said in part. Every now and then Tobej Spring something new on us in the shape of a new Leader when the talented Young Bailey who inherited his leadership rather than earned it was in command a Little flattery and a few kind words sufficed and we got very Well of course had some trouble with the Dis sip pointed Leader rom Tennessee me millin who grumbled a Good Deal. We got used to that. But when the great Leader from Kansas Simpson suddenly flashed upon the horizon and swung the minority into a solid Phalanx i to bought perhaps god almighty had decided to wreck the democratic Patty under his leadership but he dropped Oil i never knew exactly How perhaps his time was oat then came the gentleman from Washington Lewis 1 have not examined his credentials yet and Don t know who he represents in this contest 1 Don t know whether he will to supported As his leadership has not progressed far weak hot weather won t cure weak lungs. You May feel better be cause out of doors More but the trouble is still there. Don t Stop taking your Scott s emulsion because the weather happens to be warm. If you have a weak Throat a slight hacking cough or some trouble with the bronchial tubes summer is the Best time to get rid of it if you Are losing flesh there is All the More need of attention. Weakness about the Chest and thinness should never go to Gether. One greatly increases the danger of the other. Heal the Throat cure the cough and strengthen the whole system now. Keep taking Scott s emulsion All summer. Enough to get a vote or Grosvenor also had a few words to say about sen Ator Morgan s assertion that the House was not legally in session which he declared to be wild senseless imbecile 1 talk that ought to be rebuked. As the democratic senators have objected to including the Campaign of 1892 in he sugar investigation pro posed by Pitchfork Tillman s Tesola Tion and senator Smith the Only Man who has been directly accused has de Nied that he speculated in sugar the Republican senators kill probably Vole against the investigation Resolution and As a number of democratic senators have announced their intention to do likewise there is Little Chance for adoption of the Resolution. The Sultan of Turkey has withdrawn i i Iwaji k v Angell late president of the University of Michigan As u. S minister and says the objection was based upon a misunderstanding. The new Way. Women used to think female diseases could o n 1 y be treated after local Iamma tons by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women silent about their suffering. Them _ production of wine of Cardui has now Demon that nine tenths of All the cases of menstrual disorders do not require a physician s attention at ill. The simple pure wins Ord taken in the privacy of a woman s own Home insures Quick Relff and speedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. Wine of Cardui re quires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under the head of female troubles disordered menses filling of the womb. Beautiful by making them Well it keeps them young1 by keeping them healthy. At the drug store. For advice in cuss requiring i Perial directions address. Avtar the udiei1 advisory tie co., Conaha Nool Tenn w. I. Add Tsor m.o., err of tin. Ace. and u to Ait gently and Pom Cly on own cos. Or and Boweter desm inf the entire Sistrun hcs Taota fever and b. Lou socks. Please buy Ami to. A Box of c. C to Day k oct the. Bold and

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