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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 7, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaF i vol. 25. No. 14. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa june 7, 1900, terms 4 year House decorations Wall paper Al Bastine Lead and Oil paints and brushes. Speedling speedling. Druggists Marble Rock Iowa. The exposition will do Premit in prize fighting exhibitions a i title harmless dueling Sod then they do not object to Bat they will not put up with such b Youj As fisticuffs Are Likely to be. A pocket cold care could cure is prepared in capsule form will cure cold id the head Throat. Chest or any portion of the body id 1-i hours you Don t have to Stop work either Price 25c. Sold by speedling Spee Huft. While we Are exporting half a Mil lion dollars Worth of provisions every Day 01 the month the foreign Market Mast be of More Benefit to Farmers. A monster Devil ing its victim is a Type of constipation. The Power of this malady is Felt on or nerves Muscles and brain but or. Kind s new Lile fills Are a eats and certain care Best in the world for stomach liver kidneys and bowels Only 25c at a. J. Asper co s drag store the Southern Cotton spinners association now in session at Charles town 8. 6 has declared itself Unn after Vecue in favor of the president s expansion policy. It really seems tone Good can come out of when Aguinaldo receives the novem Ber election returns lie will change his opinion of his american correspondents. The rejoicings of the democrats Over the discovery of a few thieves in Cuba Are certainly in bad taste. Boot s font your own nests gentlemen. The cubans have Little reason to Wax sarcastic Over the frauds in their Island. Had it been left to Spanish or cuban hands they w uld have gone on inde finitely. If the democratic policy of free ships should be carried out american shipowners would be compelled to go to great Britain to see one of their ships launch cd. I Are you with us you feel Jost Liper Ibao anybody else All the tit net if you Uke or. Culdwell s syrup pepsin you incl Good the year round it a guaranteed to cure constipation indigestion All stomach he Bowel roubles 81. Or Loc site a. J. Asper co will Tell you All about it la View of the automobiles Bic Les and other perils to foot passengers it seems about time that some one began 10 agitate Jor an overhead foot Way Lor Edei Naas. A preacher of Waterloo ind Llev 8 p. Klotz writes i have been afflicted Over 20 years with dyspepsia or soars Mach. Have tried different remedies without much Benefit. A inc bottle of or. Caldwel a syrup of Pep sin gave me great Benefit. Have taken nearly one Large bottle and feel like a different person for Sale by a. J Asper co be ready to meet the census taker and Tell him everything he wants to know. A is a very hard worked Man Tad the information he collects a most valuable if accurate. It is strange that some people who Saj they never read Patent medi Cine advertisements will be found Lup Ging Home every now and then bottle of some favorite remedy of theirs. We Don t bother you with much Reading but just ask you to try a Loc trial bottle of or Caldwell s strap of pepsin for constipation indigestion and Stom Ach 50c and ?1 00 sizes at a j Asper co. Senator Hale Bas always been a Pes Simist and his latest outbreak a Only the line with former ones. Accord ing to him the country is going to the dogs not because of the administration Bat in spite of it. American character is degenerating and there is no Hope in future. But the country will know what to put on this Tosh. A life and Uear w. A. Him of Manchester la writ ing of his almost escape from death says exposure after indeed Seonas lung trouble. Which Ewtou a consumption i had loathed night my Day. All my doctors said i must 1 began to use or new discovery which wholly Bave it on All say it never to met to Irma. A cwt and Lang Regehr tire and 00 trial Bot free at co a drag Mote. The selection of men As Wood Dole and Allen Lor governors of Cuba Hawaii and Porto Rico rather lends to Controvert the democratic claim that our new possessions Are being made the abiding places of spoils men if the Boer envoys will but take the pains to investigate they will ascertain that they Are being utilized for Campaign material by some rather Small democratic politicians. The latter do not Psi Tam to take of and cause that promises returns or , it seems played a Confidence game of the pops when Hose cured the nomination for vice presi Dent he has now announced that he Only wanted it to Trade with Bryan ror the promised Cabinet Job if the latter got in. However his chances Lor one Are about As Good a they arc far the other. It is inevitable that there should be More or less laxity in the management of affairs in the Philippines at present this could not possibly be otherwise under fhe circumstances. But it is Only fair to warn the administration that no Effort to prevent corruption there should be spared. Our men Are honest keep them so by making it dangerous for them to be otherwise. In order to secure employment at their Trade the hundreds of shipbuilders in the District represented by Juhn f. Fitzgerald in Congress will be compelled to go to is if his policy of free ships should Ever be adopted by Congress. A shovel Cost 6j cents More last year than in 1896. Corn was 14 cents a Bushel higher so that the Farmer could buy two shovels last year and the Only additional Cost would be his extra profit on two bushels of Corn. Even then he would still have a cent left to put in the baby s Bank. Just at the present time the demo cratic party is Long on sympathy for the Export Trade this is the same democratic party hat declined to exhibit any sympathy or mercy for the american labourer when it framed and enacted the Wilson Tariff Bill. Trade under senator Lodge is one of the Wost careful and thorough investigators of like expansion ques you in of its hearings. He has just been examining the growth of our Trade with Hawaii and finds that five years ago. In 1895, the total hawaiian Trade with the jailed amounted to Only last year it reached i having increased almost three fold with a five years and most of this increase has occurred within the past eighteen months. The senator says we May not think that a business of amounts to very much when our foreign Trade is now running up into the billions but to compare our Trade with the hawaiian islands with their handful of people with our Trade with some of the larger countries of the world gives a better idea of the value of colonies to the United states As a result of investigation Sena Tor Lodge finds our Trade with the hawaiian islands is Over 100 per cent larger than our total Trade with Austria Hungary. It is 75 per cent larger than our Trade with Denmark it is 60 per cent As Large As Trade with Italy. It is nearly four limes As Large our Trade with Portugal. It is Over 150 per cent greater than out total Trade with Russia. It is almost double our Trade with Spain. It is 125 per cent greater than our Trade with Sweden and Norway combined. It is More than double our Trade with Switzerland it is ten times As Large As our Trade with Turkey. It is nearly 30 times larger than our Trade with Greece. Comparisons with countries on the american continent shows that hawaiian Trade with the United states with the entire continent of Africa. Senator Lodge Stys the increase in our Trade with Hawaii Bas been very marked since its annexation by the United states and he looks for equally rapid improvement in our Trade with Porto Rico and the Philippines. These colonies will absorb some of our surplus manufactures and they will also draw upon this county for their provisions thus increasing the demand for the products of american farms. Washington letter. Glorious comes from or. D. B. Carsile. Of Washita i. T. He writes electric bitters Bas cured mrs. Brewer of scr Fula which bad caused her great for fears terrible sores would break out on her head and face and the Best doctors could give no help Bat now her health is electric bitters is the Best blood Puri Fier known. It s the supreme remedy for eczema Teler Salt Rheum ulcers boils and running it tit Mattes liver i dues Anil lid news and bowels helps digestion builds the strength. Only 50 sold by a. J. Asper i co. Druggists. Guaranteed. With the whole Dominion of Canada. It is nearly 150 per cent greater than our Trade with All the Central american states. 11 is go per cent As Large As our Trade wit i Mexico it is 50 percent larger than our Trade with nil the British West indies. It is nearly five times As Large As our with Porto Kico. It is three times As Largo As our Trade with the danish dutch and French West indies with Haiti and san Domingo included. It ii a Roost twice As Large As our Trade with Argentine. It is almost half As Large As our Trade with Brazil whence we import most of our Coffee it is nearly 400 per cent larger than our Trade with Chile. It is nearly 400 per cent larger than our Trade with the United states of Columbia it id nearly fifteen times larger than our Trade with Ecuador. It is More than six times larger than our Trade with British dutch and French Guiana. It is ten times larger than our Trade with Peru. It is ten times larger than our Trade with Uruguay. It is More than five times larger than our Trade with Venezuela. He then makes comparisons with countries across the Pacific and finds that our Trade with Hawaii is within six millions dollars of being As Large As i our with the it spire of China. It is More than three times As Large As our Tiac with Hon Kong it is nearly half As Large As our total Trade with All the British dutch and French Bast indies which Send us Large supplies of sugar. It is equal to 65 per cent of our total Trade with Japan. Ii is More than fire limes larger than our is St year s Trade with the Philip Pines. It is nearly Twenty times larger than oar Trade with Asiatic Russia it was larger by Ion million dollars thin our Trade with the whole of the australasian colonies ust year with their five of people. It is larger last tear by More than three thai oar Trade Washington d. C. June 1, 1900. An object lesson showing the real attitude of the Republican and democratic parties towards trusts is now being Given in the House the republicans Sre solidly Suppo Tim the Resolution reported from the judiciary committee which they will pass providing Lor an amendment to the Constitution jiving Congress authority to control the trusts of the country while the democrats with the exception of a few who Are defying the mandate of the democratic caucus Are opposing the Resolution. The democrats Are fond of hurling denunciations at the trusts from the Etu Uip but when Given an Opportunity to do something practical towards curbing the Power of trusts they decline to accept it. The democratic party is to Day what it has always been simply a opposition party. It can howl to beat forty brass band against any and every thing but when anything has to be done for the betterment of the country the peo ple have to look to the Republican party to do it and they never look in vain. Senator Banna says the Story sent from Washington this week that he would not continue at the head of the Republican National committee was entirely without authorization he added that the chairman of that com Mittee would not be chosen until after the new committee was selected by the Philadelphia convention. F resident Mckinley and the entire Cabinet Hay and i Usi Muier i Eneidi Diu Tii. Went to Aniie Iam memorial to witness the dedication of a Monument erected to the dead of both armies which participated in that Battle Preo iolent Mckinley showed Liia appreciation of the services of Gen. E. S. Otis to the philippine by nominating him to succeed Gen Merritt who will retire june 10, As a in the regular army Gen Otis who is on his Way Home of leave who holds a Volunteer najor general s Toiuo Biasion. The republicans of i lie Senate have found it necessary to squelch another Boer Resolution and by a vote of 40 to 20 the Teller Resolution was referred to the committee on foreign it in t eafe to Monkey with an order of court. This week Justice Barnard of the supreme court of the District of Columbia fined e. A siggers and costs and administered a stinging Public rebuke for his failure to obey an order of the court directing Hin not to represent himself in any Way As sue Cessor to or connected with the Patent Law firm of c. A. Snow to of Washington the Dairy interests won their Long fight before the Hoosoc committee on agriculture which by a vote of 10 to 7 decided to favourably report the 1-iruut Lull Viii Ich pals an Al Joal tax on Ole Margarine and other imitations of butter. The fight is now being waged on whether the Bill shall be voted upon before the adjournment of Congress. Senator Platt of Conn chairman of the committee on relations with Cuba which will make the investigation of All cuban receipt and expenditures under the Bacon Resolution recently adopted by the Senate said the committee will go to work at once and probe the matter to the Bottom. We Sha l receive once a definite statement of All receipts and expenditures in connections with the Laffis in Cuba with these accounts before the committee we can take up each item separately and examine into to investigating All the circumstances in Cooney Tion with it the committee has Ampie jurisdiction to Call for persons and the inquiry will be thorough Complete without regard for those persons May be affected by the on account of its being Niobe accessible to the districts in Winch the hardest Ggut will be washed the Headquarters of the Republican congressional Campaign committee will be removed to Chicago Lor coining Campaign a Branch will be maintained at the present Washington Headquarters which will have charge of All the work in districts. While it is not yet certain thai con Gress w la adjourn on the Goth. In accordance with the Reboul Ion which was adopted by the House and is now awaiting the action of the Senate it begins to look very much thut was senator Spooner said think con Gress will adjourn on t length. Of course you can never Tell. I bad a talk Fri h senator Allison and he told Ine the appropriation Bills would be out of the Way by that Iuie and Liete is nothing else to keep us there will be no philippine legislation ibis session the democrats will not pass anything of the kind there is a Strong democratic opposition to the Nicaragua canal Bill too although that is not generally the Boer delegates did not require a Long tuition in american politics to Rea Lize that Mason Sulzer and Luntz were not the Best chaperones they could find and to turn Furjin them to the republicans from whom alone they can receive any help. The anti canteen legislation May pass. It is endorsed by much that is and most commendable in american life and by All that is vilest. The cheap Saloon used to hang around the army posts to prey on the soldiers Are watching its chances Wilh Hope in their hearts. The Hon. Arthur Pue Gorman thinks the lion. John p. Altgeld should take a course in the Art political silence or Gorman is said to be an excellent Tutor in that particular Branch. Lac preventative Fitzgerald of Boston f 1 to t .1 shipbuilders of his District Vibat interest they have in the Purchase of ships build in Broil Britain which die plan by which he would build us the american merchant m Irinio in the foreign Prarle Cus Truis receipts Are always larger under a protective Tariff than under free Trade the following customs year. Receipts 1s92 it 1s95 1s99 206.1-2s.4s1 most a noted doctor once said women lose their freshness and looks much earlier in life than Neces sary because of inattention to nature s requirements because of their Peculiar habits All should make a practice of using a Josue simple there is no laxative so simple so oleic Arit to take and yet to potent As i. Cait Lwell i rup pepsin get a Loc Battle 10 doses lets of a. J Asper co. Krouses cold for in the head Throat or any portion of the body Breaks up a cold in hours without interruption o work. Will prevent colds if taken when first symptoms appear. Price to. Sola by Speed hns i Dort Stop taking Scott s emulsion fee cause it s warm keep taking it until Yoa Are it will heal your lungs and give you Rich blood in sum Mer As in Winter. It s cod River Oil made easy. 50c. And 1. All or uksts. A wealth of Beauty is often hidden by pimples eczema letter Erysipelas suit bunk Len i Arnica Salve will Fol oily the lace by curing All skin eruptions also bruises Burns boils felons ulcers and worst. Form of piles. Only 25u a Box cure Huapin Teecel sold by a. 0. As per x co. Charms strike the sight 7 Merit that accounts for the continued Success of cwt democrats a Wujs that pro cd Tiomi Cheeks the customs Revenue the facts Iron the Treasury department s figures prove otherwise. When we have our Home Market we can afford to buy some foreign luxuries insomnia is a derangement of the nerves Lichty s celery nerve Cuni Penuna is an extract of celery comb Ned with Oiher efficacious medical ingredients resulting in a nerve pied tie of rare virtue and Wonde Lulin it prompt and soothing curative it acts. It will make you sleep. Sold by speedling Jfe everybody s blood purifier prompt positive pare Tea surf which has the charms of Sci ence and practicability the Merit of germicidal agencies and vegetable juices. Micro Germi acts directly upon the kidneys causing a free and easy flow of Normal urine. It unlocks the various secretions casts off the impurities of the digestive organs and stimulates them to healthy action producing pure bile gastric juice and blood. It exceeds Suty dam Ever made for it. A bib Ore Dix a the modern remedy co. Kewanee ill. Sold us guaranteed by a. J. Aspek co largest circulation of All political papers in the West always american always Republican the weekly inter Ocean supplies All the news and Best current literature every column is Bright clean and packed with news the literature of its columns is equal to that of the Best Maga Zines. It is interesting to the children As Well As the parents. The enter Ocean is a Western newspaper and Faik it brings to the family the news of the world and fives its readers the Best and Ablest discussions of All questions of the Day it u in full sympathy with the ideas and of Western people and discusses literature and politics from toe Western standpoint. One Dollar per the Dart and Suddat edit Kos of hiter Occam Are the bust Ever seen Iii the West. The inter Ocean s news is exclusive Artoe Dolly 00 per Price by a dm7 Imi Switaj Fly i ,.s6.00perycar

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