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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - June 2, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaOf. No. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa june 2, 1s98. V a and we Are thai quarters for Wall paper of All designs and prices also Al Bastine red Seal White Lead oils and mixed paints brushes., Spring Flower pots and Garden seeds together with hammocks Ciu Hiuet sets and base bail goods. Prices Low As anywhere. Call and is us speedling co., druggists. F f t t i f f Sake of giving us who Are Tomfor ably j in Washington on account of the re a situated at Home some exciting read we set our morning papers. We Are convinced that the Powers at Washington no Rushing things Lull As fast As they to and for Otic we will try to cultivate patience. We Are j Nonu 10 lick the spaniards just As fast As we can at Vliem and tha will be i fas Enoi Irh. A there Are in a men land Oiler prisons than a. J. As e to. Who up Ari no pains to secure of ever1, Teliin in line awake or the fur a. F. A. K. F. A a. store Lodise me to Cutar commom coition on Moon. Visit inn Brothers in . . David Sec. J military operations extend Over a Terri j Torvol magnificent distances. The. J islands. Location i Elmo it i Oron n Mir i pie and a hardly known to exist. Younger ones have fallen into our hand by oui of Tho m St Bri Limu naval tuttles of modern times. In less than six hours time people at the mercy of american War this Victory while one of the most glorious of modern times i brim s with it new responsibilities and extends the War to a territory so car away hat Are noes Sarilu slow Iino tedious. Thia Victory Neces their Many customers. They now have the valuable Agency for or. King s new discovery Tor consumption a ousts and is the wonderful remedy that is producing such a juror All Over the country by its Many startling cures. It absolutely cures asthma , hoarseness and All affections of the Throat. Chest and Call at above drug store and net a trial boil it free or a i Tor you cents or is. to cure t he or Price refunded ports of another Spanish Fleet being i sent to attempt to relieve the one now i cooped up in Santiago Harbor. Noth Jing would to Inoru pleasing to Tho president than that every Spanish ship afloat should be sent to Urban Waters. E Timve enough in Waters to dispose o i hem All easily mid if they Are Cut there i will result in Mure speedily the War to a close. One of Tho most significant of the week in Washington was the acceptance of a United states flan lilo i by Secretary Alt a with 5vb the torpedo in War. The transportation o of our soldiers by water a distance of nearly Miles these men Trust have arms ammunition and rations to last them several months. Oar hold upon these which Are of immense value must be made More secure before Tho final object of the War general Merritt has received his in is accomplished. The phillipine is Cyrus c. Carpenter died at his Homo in it Dodge sunday night. Or. I Carpenter was governor of Iowa from i 1673 to 1s77. A to auctions for the drive ancient of the islands. The general is to the live exclusive jurisdiction Over new possessions. Tom heed is making tha mistake of in Vic t n it n tar in n to negation. Tom had better get into band for the procession will be on the move. There remains no room for doubt Tutt the american Fleet has Cevera bottled up in Santiago Haiber. Admi Ftp Mcliley holds the Corkscrew that will pall the Cork. It is reported that another Spanish Fleet i on its Way to America. Samp lion will Welcome it with a regular of july Salute pneumonia is claiming Many of our Soldier boys at . Minn and Illinois regiments have lost the most men. The Monitor Monterey is ready for and will so on Start Lor Manila. She Hill go to Honolulu tinder her own and from there will a taken into by tuft Brutus. The american ships with Admiral Seh Fey Are the Brooklyn Texas Mas my huletts Iowa. Marblehead and Vixen an auxiliary Lorp Rdo gunboat. Extraordinary outbursts of Friend ship Lor the United in favor of an Anglo Saxon Alliance was wit in nearly All Toronto. Ontario churches last in on Church the stars and stripes and Tho Union Jick furnished the decorations and in another god save the Queen and the Star spangled Banner were lustily Sung by the congregation cultivate patience. This is easy when you Jet used to it. To have been among the most impatient of All the critics of the pics 601 Walp ohcs of the administration. M 9r we wasted this War in Oliree months from the Date Trio bloc Kat of cuban ports and had ail things worked As thought would we could have accomplished the Job in less time but conditions have changed and things in Cuba have not proved what we had been led to expect when the War started everybody that it would be confined to and even i Rio Hico Zas or. Lands when fully in our Pola session will give us pecuniary return for the Large expenditure of Money this coun try is at present obliged to Tuake in order to carry on the War for the liberation of Jubi. That must Init corp plate the Victory won by and his this takes one of the conspicuous elements of Tho torpedo s value is the fear its use excite a the act that its location is i Secre. And its attack will nigh in resist Wolc gives it a Power of intimidation nut of proportion to its actual Potency and makes heels unwilling to face it l caused terror and demoralization at the Battle of Lissa. And later in the Franco German War of 1k71, the French Fleet was actually frightened out of prussian ports by the Rumor and belief that numerous torpedoes had been planted for their reception. A striking instance of the effectiveness of of the torpedo is found in the sinking of the Blanco Encalada in Chili from injuries thus inflicted during the Revo Lution of 1s91. The whole of presi Dent Bahr Iacca s Fleet present had joined the insurgents when suddenly his two Swift torpedo vessels the the condition Lii at it shall be Over mod jigs to. Havana. T was originally by Tho Corn sex Philadelphia and a regiment was enlisted under it in but it was or. George w. Alger of Merchantville n. A. Who was its proud o Viii Cutuil the from j. K. Joee Post a. A. Of that town brought it to Washington and presented it to the government. Secretary Alger concluded ins speech accepting the Flat by buying a thoroughly be Lieve that an Over Rasiti Providence is t v v. J i i Al o i d s raised e hag Comino 1 ail 1us Hibit completeness will excl l ii u i by ail a Vitili far to Iny show now Travenna. The this Ireat Burden on the Amer i and Best troupe of lady and artists acrobats leapers lean people our country has taken up the cau3e of humanity Aad it will not Lay to Vii its anus until Cuba is free and a of the people and by the people is established. I thank you Fot the and will direct that it be raised Over Morro cattle when it is in our senator Lindsay one of the few democrats who favor issuing Bonds instead of Fiat Money made this Patri Otic reply to senator Tillman s inquiry As to what kind of Money would by paid for the Bonds to be i Sutti the Bonds issued will by sold for Money As Ood As Gold and Tho funds so raised will be used to pay the boys who Are to be sent so Cuba to Spanish bullets and yellow fever. Our credit , vaulters Piti res riders Etc. Etc., in the world Lynch and Londell arrived at Valpa i win by As Good a a 5 famous funny mirth twinkle the perfect miniature educated Igor f. The grandest and Best i i America our drove of Pel forming and educated Paizs the Only show on Earth Havi ii this feature. Five different kinds of music. Remember the grand Gold a Iii ering Bun dazzling at every Day rain Shire followed by the tvo free exhibitions killed and the ship keeled Over and Sank in five i nuts. The torpedo used a charge of about of punds of gun Cotton. Neither of the i Urc pm by attacking boats was injured and fact and the demonstration that such a Money in the Trio urn charge of Irun Cotton striking a vessel in a vital part is irresistible combine1 to give the Torpe to prominence in naval equipment and Warf care which it had not before possessed. From or time. Another cause of delay has the whereabouts of the Cape Verdo Fleet. All sons of predictions were about the Spanish War ships. Old Boston and some other Eastern coast cities hive Hung on to the presidents cont tails and frantically appealed to him to protect them irom this Phan Tom Spanish Fleet. This caused the administration to keep our War ships so distributed and located As to Roach All parts of our North Atlantic sea coast in the shortest possible when finally the Fleet was reported in american Waters it steadily avoided our sea const ran away from our fleets and locked itself up in Tho Harbor of Santiago where we will probably to starve it Iolo submission. If the spaniard would Como out of his hols we could lick him in two hours but if he prefers to starve instead of fight it will take us serial months to do a Good Job. This will not be As Brilliant a Victory As was Dewey s but it will be us effective in the end to accomplish this it will take time and the people will have to cultivate patience. To raise an army of men .___5 r _ fare is no Small matter. To take a Man from this Northern climate and Rush Hitu into actual service in a Cli mate like Cuba without preparing him Ler the change is almost sure to to Good work they must become acclimated and become used to service Meta and destroyed the Fleet in Battle under a tropical Sun. With the Light but h is in reality much More Satis fac Cost kind of work Northern boys will j because it suffer terrible hardships from the in tense heat and Many will fall by the Wayside in our Southern a quips. Ii they we re forced 10 into hard i Arches and hard service in Cuba without first Poi id guns and Feur torpedo they immediately attacked the Blanco Euci Ilada and the ironclad was taken completely by Surprise. She had no protective net out. And no guard boat were patrolling while a portion of the Crow were ashore. Alter two or three futile attempts the Lynch approached the Encalada within fifty Yards and discharged a torpedo which struck the ironclad abreast the engine room the j Enil of War of fill be will the explosion was try Mendonis. Many were of me War we win and at the end i ave conducted it grounds the grandest and most costly free exhibitions Ever Given any show on Earth. Free for All. Two perform ances daily. Doors open at 1 and 7 o clock performances i he show on the very cheapest possible basis. We May become involved with Continental Powers and the time May come when the ctn it go farther on a Coin basis either Gold or. Silver and when we will compelled to Como to the Issue of when this time comes whatever demands will he done. It will Dino without com plaint. Those who arc alive at the debt but ire cannot promote that state of affairs. Canuck discredit Orsolics at the Vert outset. By resort ing to a currency which is in the a ssi inn notes putting no pay hem payable on Dumi Matij Bedocs and torpedo boats.1 in Frank Leslie s popular monthly Lor june. Washington letter. May 27, ibos. President Marx Tiley the members upon demand gon. Milos Hiis everything ready Lor transferring his from Washington to Tampa. Florida. That fact Leiis Luvot Ubo i to of his Cabinet and. In everybody in Winshi Norton in jubilant state of mind Over the results the week. The make immediate use of the army than could possibly be told in words without revealing plans that if would not be expedient to publish at this time. It is hardly necessary

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