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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 30, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 21 no. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa july 30. Terms a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. It is announced that the Iowa Board of Railroad commissioners will soon be Gin the preparation of a schedule of express rates that May be charged in this state this work will Boilore under authority of at thu last session of the legislature and will Mark a new departure so far As Iowa is concerned As heretofore there has never been any interference with the express business in his state. Displayed. Whatever Way be thought elsewhere the opinion is practically unanimous in Washington that Mckin Ley and Hobart Are going to be elected. Representative Mercer of Nebraska societies. A. R. A. M. A y. Stone Lodge no. 2s1. Regular communication wednesday on or before full Moon. Brothers in goodst guiding cordially invited to attend. Kobbert Nugget. W. M. S. A Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Hock Lodge to. 362. Meets thursday cute Niue of week. Visitors cordially invited. A. Ii. Meier i. U. Hosisk Kolks k. Old Beelar Lodge. To. 21, tuesday evening of each week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. Llampay c. C. Trait Davis k. Of r. Be. I. I of ii. The 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth in Odd Fellows Ball. L. Pres. J. Ackley item. Sec. To. K. C. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st mid m thursday of each month at 2 o Clont p. M. K. A Stewart pres. Christi a Aspeti. Sec a. K. Marble Rock Post so. 806, meets first in tuday of each month. C. T. com. W. B. Adj. W c x u president. A. M. Mett Niwatr Secretary. Clibur Wiigs. Sundays at 11 a in. And . Epworth team fisc meeting at prayer meeting thursday Avening. W. Kubi sox pastor. Cams teas Church French uni sunday it 11 a. And a in. Christian endeared meets at p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Uve Nln. J. Will Walteris pastor. Sundays at 11 . S m in tuesday evening. And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday evening. J. P. Hewess pastor. Baptist. Preaching every 1st sunday in each month of 11 a. M. And m. Sunday school every sunday at 10 m. Services held in Tho Villon school House. Ii. Grant pastor. City Joseph recorder h b Lios currans 3 Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore fut Hal. Williard it Ion c darlam1., vim Fletcher m Boaen kids a h Meier Chas Weber k a Liggett Union Tam help school Board president Geo v Hassell. Secretary. Ii b tre Taurer. John directors 1 sick Studt 6 Madison Bine marry Packman 7 John rates 3 e p in later 8 James Parchur 4 Lew Niraan. Ceo w Egbert Davis 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Phil Shilu. Scott town help off Cen. Marsh g n Baldwin. Constables vol Nev Beers Leoy Bailey town clerk to w sic Nolson. Kinniey w w Vitter and Jar bearer. Scott township school president John Bishop Secretary Georje x Baldwin treasurer cranes d Merrick Dike toys 1 John Bishop 3 Bryce Ward. 3 e w Barber 6 k c Spaulding 5 Chw t Ker t 3 Cunningham 4 Jav Banart 8 .1w Jeffrey 9 Joon in we. Judicial. Bair Jonn c. Shera in. Terms of court-4th monday in january 1st monday in Sod monday in september. Slid monday in november. Charles City Marble Rock Rockford i turd Lucius chairman Phillip Shulte Timothy pippin 8. Colchester j. C. Merrill Niles Keunlae meetings 1st monday in january april. September and 2nd monday in auditor treasurer. Clerk of the recorder so Tenor. Conty Canmer Jorgu s Stanford Cash a. Ii. Merriman eighteen years ago Kline was tried and convicted of manslaughter at Monticello. His Case was appealed to the supreme court and he was out on bail. Alter the confirmation of the by the higher court Kline jumped his bail and skipped to Penn Sylvania in which state he married and raised a family. A Short time ago the sheriff got track of him and on july 22 he was placed behind the bars at Ana Mesa to serve out his sentence of ten years. Kline claims to be inn Petit of the crime and has led an exemplary lire since his residence in Pennsyl Vania. Have been out generated. There Are Many republicans growing weary of the party managers who have permitted themselves to be so out Gen erased that now the whole contest is Vertex from Protection to free coinage. Under the former Issue there have been of doubts for Many months what the results would be. To would have been a Complete rout Lor the enemy and an overwhelming Victory for republicans. Under the changed Issue the result is now doubtful. A business Nanao writing a City in connect Cut says 1 am very mucin gratified to know that there is one source from which some voters of Tho country Are getting some instructions upon the Protection question during this Campaign. I think it a misfortune that the entire Republican press of the country and nearly every Republican Leader has got rattled and gone Daft on this Stiver craze. The the Tariff matter should be forced to the front. That is where the Tariff question belongs it should be first in the mind of the average voter. To him it Means Good wages and stood govern ment. Without it he will be As he i has been for the past few years like a Reed shaken by the storm. The democrats have Tain lit America a which will not be forgotten now that it has Cost so much. There May be no re enactment of the Bill but the people want some change that will give thai ample Protection against the cheap goods and cheap labor of foreign lands. With ample Opportunity to earn an honest Dollar they will soon re turn Prosperity to the liver Pool Ohio evening news review june 23, 1890. Republicans and in tact most americans believe that Good times will return with Protection. They want a protective Tariff Law again. They in Republican journals for the last ninety t j.1. _. Instructed their delegates to the Tom tit of Celtib of peat k p Wazeter. S ii Paris Constable t ret. U k Feith c stir Tori a x , c w Bowman Ami f or. Bryan on the Silver Issue than could be done in six months by every Silver journal and every Silver orator in the country. They publish lists of Gold democrats who Promise to repudiate the democratic ticket. They publish the list of Wall Street men who Are dissatisfied with the democratic pint form they present to a great Republican constituency the whole Silver rent and every speech of every demo cratic candidate. We believe this letter expresses the feeling of a majority of the Earnest Active republicans of the country. It does not encourage a who ought against the supremacy of demo cratic doctrines and the leadership of such men As David b. Hill and Grover Cleveland to be informed that those men end their followers Are probably going to vote the Republican ticket. To Many such information is absolutely they Stop to inquire what has the Republican party done to in the favor or approval of such As these they know that these men have no changed their views but hold the same doctrines thai As republicans they have been taught to believe were dangerous to the country. The question naturally arises ii Cleveland and his friends have not changed Bow has the Republican party changed the correspondent s criticisms of the newspapers Are Well made but he and All such should remember that the newspaper must publish the newest things and the newest and most wonderful things Are those which indicate the changed position of Republican party managers toward the members of the present administration. So far As the inter Ocean is concerned we have continually protested against Sid tracking Protection and making free coinage the leading Issue Bat we have been Mckinley today is stronger than his party because he rept sents better than the the principle of Protection and Protection is Whit the people Are the most in Earnest about. On that Iago they would win this Buttle if they had not permitted to become be Wiltold in the not goitre of free Silver. Daily inter Ocean july 21. Convention for Mckinley because they believed Hie nomination for president would do More to restore Confidence than the nomination of any Othet Man and they Are now ready to go into the Campaign for Mckinley and Protection because they believe that his a Lection As president will bring about speedily the enactment of a protective Tariff Law and the Prosperity hos always been been found so closely following such legislation. There need be no further concern what will be the Issue of this Campaign. Inter Ocean june 2-2, hog. Marvelous results a letter written by Kev. J. Gunde Ruian of Dimondale Mich we Are permit cd to make this extract i have no hesitation in recommending or. King s new discovery As the results were a a Ost marvelous in the Case of my wife while 1 was pastor of the Baptist Church at gives Junction she was brought Down with pneumonia succeed ing the la Grippe. Terrible paros sirs of coughing would last hours with Lite interruption and it seemed in the could not survive the i. A Friend recommended or. King s new disco cry it was Quick in its work and highly satisfactory in trial bottles free at a. J. Asper co s drug store. Regular size 50o. And Washington letter. Signal Campaign committee returned this week from a trip to his Home. He is enthusiastic Over the promising re publican Outlook from both presiden thl and congressional Points of View. Speaking of his own state he republicans will carry Nebraska. I be Lieve it will be a hard fight owing to the fact that the democratic nominee is from Nebraska but the republicans will win and we will have a Sale majority too everybody is hustling around the committee Headquarters to the demand for sound Money Liler nature which is becoming greater every Day. The committee 13 prepared to Supply the demand no matter How great it May be. Senator Faulkner chairman of the democratic congressional Campaign in the Chicago platform but he in t much in love with either. Lie says of the candidate there is one great trouble with Bryan. He likes to talk and in my opinion he talks too much. He should be keep quiet until the Campaign opens and then he should not be allowed to speak without careful preparation. His recent speeches Are not up to the Standard of his Chicago speech and they will not be unless he a Given ample Opportunity to prepare himself. I have noticed considerable criticism upon some of his offhand efforts. His enemies Are on his Trail and they ire Ever ready to pick up and make use of any silly or injudicious remark he May Chance to let fall. His play now is to remain silent and bottle up some of the personal Joy feels Over having icon selected As the can in Plain English or. B aulk Ner thinks or. Bryan needs a guardian to keep him from making a Monkey of himself. Or. P. E. Studebaker of who has just returned from Indiana eur pc july republicans do not Euvy the democrats at All of the meager satisfaction they can extract from the Section of the populist National convention. But All the Fame it does seem that the democrats in putting up n populist candidate Lor president and adopting a populist platform paid an almighty big Price for Only a portion of the populist tote. The populist convention received next 10 no attention in Washington. If there were Iny people who really cared what it would do they did not Tonske their appearance a Rood the usual news centers. Those discuss the convention did so with such to indifferent manner that it was Plain they attache i not the slightest importance one Way or the other o what it might j do and when is action was Anu there was not even a Ripple of jute Iesta says he proposes putting in a lot of Active work for Mckinley and Flo Bart and honest Money. Speak inst of the situation he said i know the Farmers of the West for i have done business with them Lor thirty years. They Are intelligent and honest and 1 cannot be Lieve they be influenced by Sophis try to place themselves in a humiliating position before the eyes of Lac world. I know or. Bryan Loo for i discussed this Silver question with him several years ago. It will require More Ihan High sounding phrases to catch the Farmers votes this year. You must convince the average firmer that he and not some wealthy mine owner will be by refitted before he will vote for the free coinage of Silver which would really be disastrous to the far although two of the three daily newspapers in Washington Are con trolled by democratic sex cons Resmen and All of them Are presenting in their news columns All sides of the Siver question in an unusually fair manner some of the Silver democrats Are trying to got Money contributed to publish a daily Silver Organ during the Campaign. It s a free country and if there Are people who have Money to invest in that Way it is nobody else s business. Still it would be interesting to know that they could possibly expect to a a Mali a by Tho p Law brition of i i in Silver Washington. An interesting Rumor which nobody has been Able to authenticate is

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