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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 27 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - July 27, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaCheapest f. A. He Zisse. Loan real estat3 broker i Ullola u i Imti Loans on in Provet at lout eat Ninaber no to p mint n i flour it 1 l 1 it i c i v i of by t it to i it Rev of ii a t i to ear i ii tin t n.1 i r v i a others i woj v a 30 Union York a Hicaro ill. 8 0 ran Fie mass. N Caro Sci full do to a tonic Jcj Fps wow Clos and 11 or o us Nerren act it on Dirc Salto .1 to Foll v i not i a tic i Kcf at i of r chf3ncati co Tutts pills of a torpid liver. Of a dc1 la t 1 of body Tond Irir 1 t of temper Low t t of nor Eufr or i j the barter her la Jet i vol Frlj j i 111 n. La t hair abolished by Henry b. Kles. With Talice toward Lone and Charity for ail terms. Per armm in Advance Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa july numbek5 the Stone store marble1 Rock Iowa will sell All ids of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar spices exit apis tobacco a. v b a store Ai thai Vit that for his goods Siil 51io of Nei Riveter Nill lie Iob tid store car a c Ciotoli n on hand in Quirt Iii ten i floods Are As represented of Money refunded i idl tic America sewing machine one of the Best manufactured. Allen Moore this new map Protti any reason ibo qution that the Chicago North Western railway by i1 of adj Ibi for Yon to take in Cit or d Reiou Between principal pot Ili Terf Amz Effort i wat this principal Etna of West and n Orth from two to oar or mete Iris t i a is it to the Only wet North or North Nat of thus go hit at Imperial Palace pining k Moil i wan cart Sirtoli of Nonh m a sub it he Orer Mil v a Ittem to non Jil Frt own trunk i us he own gait x 19 to tact Prate m Ami o Tajib 01 Jub Row Tali Utt omy is to a pc a link Srmst tax of a Corm to Toul Rock Ano Bye a my so Crim few. Tun s hair Dye. Nuo if Liht Jyi. It n or 9 a Sute conf Dauod of the j Oak put in will be held m do mounts on u Edn Day the 9d a b for the Nomi Outing for the of towing a far auditor of sum a try nearer of a on Divite for judge of court. A acid nuts for clerk of oort. For reporter of the court. I county is Cotile to screen delegates an elephant Hunt in Cerlon. A correspondent no Fri c Ron p i i the a rect of ale h s own m Ide of Cariou fur o it Slit ill Rod on coital find Ilic spec int Luj projected was Cut Phi t mint chid h Kritil m Ion it k t id in Iti in Dia Ami conducted Turku a c a forum cattle rot Leo u is possible Sutti Ift rce animals. The a closure Utu which the Tare finally drum a his cured is actual of Palisades formed from the Trzaka of Trees from dido incites to a Fout in diameter Abd eight Etc to Long deeply imbedded in he tend strength word by to terse Batmus stud i ago Natl a trough lashed to tic uprights with natural ropes of touch Fuog Lyl creepers. The lat aft air o this kind held m Ceylon wis in Naff Dak of visit m and the one Dow described took place in new dlr the sane local to Here in a broadly wooded Raunec bisected by a Stream of Clear Ming Witch uie Kraal was located it Conta Mfd about four of thick Jungle through we Ich paths won Cut to inc Ihnate Loco notion tie nine Entrance to this was itt the lower end and consisted of a Brand aperture capable of Bung securely closet at a moment no Tice b ban Bounthin of inc ulary from each we olb Anclades extending for the or a Tingle in the form of it Tunnel and constituting h known u the drive into which the game h fixed and from which h cannot easily a scope surrounded in the ctr by Bond res and a two Cono Oune of people called beaters 1 with the usual accompaniment of a Hannani and Koo thinkers a Iurco Atuck the Herd and with loud ones plaintive Obj rations or Tierce threats and other noise demonstrations urge the beasts Forward toward the in of Tho much Kraal into which they finally Rush a Day be generally allowed them to Down and in the meantime tame ele Ponnu arc introduced and men with axes prostrate most of the Jungle in the Tunita of the stands shut Are erected fora Petaton on command no j is outside thei closure onh n few Stout Trees standing to in. Usual in hitch ing posts for the captured the Pimpis next Are in Van orse duct one by one into a cleared space Semrou Deti b Tamo Elk Points it amenable to soft Are Ca b their cunning confreres into such Tempo Rory quiet or if or it fraction Pound etl into such obedience m in Iblis Clorer to oscars to approach Nodi r the Billies Ottto in Tim a mris and by bitching their Opportunity to slip the Minu nut is round Tho mini Ftp s leg the Lutter joint and the fool the ends by then listened to Trio Strong l to in of the time elephant those a in stir brutes with Grent March their captive off to the nearest tree to which is transferred the Atid he poor Salon shed coca fire aban t tie d to in tit Union the result Gentr All Sci ssh the Ftp strand bite resists off Conli tin men t with All the Force of hit body Fri Yentl breaking the or Otto turn tog Tho id his frantic efforts to mean Tho howling rage and Aad non Lar him Vlf prone upon the Earth in Latigue and despair f fat hot Abonan. It Wmk solemn visa cd Ivow England stockholder in a North ctr la Mil Roud who made a Jim Knox Bouth to in the Trident of the Road and ask tilings look now is if the rond would Large surplus it the end of tote jeur3 yes but or have seven bldg a to rebuild the reply and next cur9" shall to Imit twelve locomotives Well the year after thst91 of want new Iron All through by Llinat lore if Tho roid four a itself Rcpt Decatu dend9" at Utic of j a Rector and you ran than Obian Iti a Mil from Bull to build Jaunt in r til scr n a Apt 3 bied a i 1 c a he n it 1 a i j a in it i ,1 l t j to m Road r tier turn of the screw it wan a re ticklish 1 can Tell Rou we in that position for Jiuu Runng n c i on the Bridge j Levar r and then we could that we were in the midst of a urge i umber of Burga from 50 to 200 mint did Thev Oik were us Here the c Ipton m i be a of porno of them one w w Uku n hns Ciu Pewter rung with i h Tyndle an 1 resting on the wite be it Flat on the top quite Al it was shaped like n. Aug if e Cut in two there was Cue i Erv St one continued caption it bid. Broad Block Bond no mite through the Berg Hile nil the rest were White a third see Telic 1 b Tho Cap Tain looked like a by s it top on a huge scale sitting in then str deep to ewer the i a spi ill part of the wedge the of tln.90 All serried As if nun b the a action but cry Chino is thing i noticed about some of them w is Tiit the cart covered with dirt As if the had rolled Ore and the Bank no Mew Here an other sight Worth seeing occurred just As i gut opposite to it Largo fellow in a lil cd if a routed him with broken Lee the Berg w is n Long and had about Oue Hui red get above the Waters Edge just us we reached the Point opposite Tho Center of the Berg it split in and the bergs tumbled and bumped a rain teach Otu erf while the frag aleuts it into Trio str in tons in tins Way to o bergs Ere m ado out of Aure Cor respond tact of the to few Lork it is to by fit n non of a cml in since if Jon go at it i a we Over on Street no Long agon hich shows that is Wii As be it it Lui own Gurneth it Lum t red Dihlman Fttie Erie Itic Nril r 1 n a Isth in f tin 1 in fhe Ston in cd i my Olio w n Nunter h a t it us be of it lie is b Iki n 1 k i my up h if the it hit f n i i to urn n tin ror in for the in is to i to h u 1 be by e line of i h Tif i i h Nuu 1 rur ind b irk in i Makr pre i i r Jmes ule i u u 1 11 in int i o r w with big 1 r find it Idu l in n t Juitt fill Down tin Bui lie Uirl jul m us he i tid n it it r t1 ii u r in Niiya it Lus f ill Hunt Dihl nmn 1 tic mba of w it r i Nisi Taus an i u tic r i m al1 the hopi j eve Tut into the n ill in 1 l Edther Jurat u it r tid looked tip Atam in i to Kation u in than urls e Imper 1 Mil e t p m ail a ohling to o ii ii i in la e h it to Elm Mil As though be Didu t Cir if he a Btty hint Dors tin my fun Tho cited inter a to Fdl to w is r und in to wit or o holding Slid Pahlmen Ai he lit a Mitch on the shoulder of bid p Tel non Haj onh i ought Ushii Yeji. My Lin Ling j until i Oost catch a Fexy for that sett it the hit iter broke his dogs after Tiht with a Ellis in trip Bick my and Dahl in in snore Oft on Fishma line yes sir a a. Up we Csc soft Iii Creul up n b Dij Oft is a country Man hoj of Trpce h i tire to i Badu ii la of got Els the following Sou n is like of of the jokes from sift c o of Operon Kcal one of Tbs leading German of be v in ii fils Tex Tel i tort Vijit Jura we n a a ran ind was in Kinju his Terrt to Mas or to c of the 1 a to it la 11 that Hir 1 of 11 Lin not tip i Lue i cd he Lui 1 in i u the Force in 1 Sirij it nut Tia v Naii Iraj Conett u i that Siruc was i Steinjr stated at a of Tho n polite huh a skid Jun if to would partake o a certain dish lie re Tho in which followed of inns what the Joni eur but he 1 to a for end it his and in Juip w j it n Iko be i 1 Ria a f be 1 1 no inc i or i the la Sui id it the sire Hob the Tili Iron the Andi Eface web now to Tvr o in inter a to c him very Reti h in midst o thud confuse n 1m left Lia 1 in re h r i i Lou Urt Mil t what i Rialla Tou w if a Yuri Init rfcs r a to f i j i Roziny John pvn s Idiong Loit son Tood id the of a wealthy Wondo Kiner a co Siodo m Evory Day life h to John i inn to sides with wife and n portion of his family m a neat cot tic of which he is the owner located on or acir the Boundary line of pod Ham and Toston Here it hug resided for it least Twenty five he h id three sons one of John enlisted m the army during the late unpleasantness Aud was the other two were named tid Avill Iara Cor Nohns was a us of about 17 j cars Al the outbreak of the War to suddenly left town and his parents hearing nothing of his Liere bouts concluded that he to had d especially m during the Wir of one Cornelius t inn attached to a new York regiment be ing killed the family mourned for Bun As As they did the death of John lust september Williim want to col Orado to Settle hoping to Bettu himself Yphile Gen cd in a room in the Western portion of the state afternoon soon. After his arrival there a Miner entered and announced to the company pres ent the it Cornelius finn Gnu opened a new mine William Ken what b the name said that he had a brother once Whoso none was con Ulivia finn which the Miner responded by looking at the stranger and Declar ing that be resembled Cornelius finn Tho Miner and might to his brother Cornelius became greatly agitated upon learning Tho of stranger tied that he care from Dedham Ana Immo Diatel started for that aide win Cornelius at once hmm 13 is Iro thet although a Jim by Lair in n t a recur dec Tion of Cyrene a Mutual it Ort til Ulm Delaleu ins Unco ing Home he h id in nud enteral Arij at Tho conclusion of the Ivar he in film t u Here he a not in top a it 1 Gnu self mining nod in Leconie k a letter Homo nut d the it he had in us in Tho Nipert o be Atli of his i rants Ana bad is Mil it h Jolin Furnin it former h Dentts in i i i Iaboni lit met to bid bund nut my Hope of hearing from Hix folks i it once took Linin with him to milling Camp and him in i Llis Ruthei h is it Cen l j Elf Elk for is 000 Boston Glo he saw his Kobe Defot s Ani Hii Lee tint of Man in Laj in his i suit of clothes Ile scribes h the Eon Luct and Fet 1 Ings of Mam a n Ige of diaday Noth me is More Romeil thin the looks find actions of 1 1 rat of civil ired i Hiners and an rail in settler can Ltd the n it c Blacks b some of his furniture once Uhn i and cattle for Goul i b uht int Lac met hoping court it in la Eton he t Jeu they were hair a it emed and client Tny ii to four shillings Tipsie the lira Eter brought into Tho la in Bush Tioy Trero the irenae of Selma the Cut tiny s to e i air Itira 01 wonder i and Jabben in to Tho ii Icv for i eks after ird Izev would p in und look at i.3 6 on to in i id dip Cir ill laugh or in i lift in fintis lie sule to Tho tribe the thought chairs tip Culous a Stith Titi i brought Home i Lorrn look in my Hie ii tin Nio enea there in Hilt this to by go and got a o i 1 be bid Lorfink uni stood and leaped and e 1 be f to it to nil tiring first n Titi o in to laughter at tied of liar Annc u i if Jan in Cobon stupid to Itin Iuo l he Tun "t1 1m Mif frn a to silo i h f fid if Ime in Frlic d make a Light More. Do look at no o t a Esto a a Tho it Barca. Of Ali p i it or in inc a of it i one to m i1 hid Milci thex Tern be ird he an 1 j t orc the the Kahil p Al i off a i off t a 1 ii n t1 in r la i form d s -1 of i. U m 11 Mil to 1 i i a e t out t he liver Aid isn., d t a. Hit i it me i 1 i i i t c in War of n la h to Ion i i for i Fol a of t d in o thu Emu to and the f to i in now t is or my by c ring he Snia i i s in e i Art about the Fri Len ind i in Aid res Orr with the b Sotl this i Cor uni in among i of tue Iny or Anca Whir put with m Al at. Kill. If they happen to be re the but of u hot this Bikih of blood Ron k off let it on them Ami remain mul it wears or ratted. Ten a a Fec Tilv la of hoi to let us in must a had Wai xxx Romu to still n Ope the of r f Cix in enough i t Orer the Fence u t nyint it tin. O i ult i nil u rep ill a Boll six Ftp is on it log Tii Kjus pm Merui Irav a Scon of pjs Jumil Dijonn a a into tick but Fure a Huj i t in Giitl Luwi we h it Lect for h ind who Raki by k trip for Lii a Ihm i culled out hons on Huld on tvcnbwh1 me tin it Tinl Fintor und do in i dumb. Lur knit Ite but of Twute t Fdl to a Veluma show he a it voter about lung m Jour thumb soil crept to the Restid it on a Mil Aid after a gnat Dell of till twist my Ontl con Hiir Una he Iii Al Lig floor Lloja u off the log ind Digap it ired Uiti the fit threw Down his Piatt and Jim up Aud Tiwu mid filled out Mumo Center or i m a gvat1 Loo Hooray r unix patting him of to Hack Ami Tollini him the it isi_nn5in was the or cites in the Union Nhun a coloured t Mie Down through the com to the Edge of the Poud and tailed for Sale 1 we 1 i Ocic in at main Iii 14 Low rut 1 in m try t of i r e Tiiu t u till jul ref or if 00 Limi 11 t Tor in i i i i -40x00 rest ant Mil Luni i renin. Of i Bill my Rusf r r Dune buildup in Tfirn i to Hallin Iol m Mirt Ulm or a at to t sin Charles Lamb m hich of of ill am do in in me1 me1 i killed Hub fatty who wis of or do it the Gator of Jou eb1 Well Dott on ten cents a Uriot but i Gnu t have you boder in me fur Dan Tif teen if of to put m do odder of Jav bullets til Call it fifty and u he started to come around tit Pond the old reptile led out to Trio Host Row at Corn and pillowed ins head on a Sod if weary of life it Tribu lations the fat Man looked from the Darke to the Alligator and then Back at Tho crowd and nil he Oaid u fall in by fours and March up mud so Tiger of Trucl nod it Toni fret Ker m v rent Ngou i Buot n y Wilif from too Cloee application u Vij ailing my health under vent a itt Cre Traio i Felt a Weinen m every part my Bod my digestion 1 failed Oil and a Nerres blame ill to Strung did not do me pro per Benefit final la on the Recob Imuta Tion of a brother minister i tried Brown s Iron Guitura it he mite no Lettua mail i fori Felt Aiace 1 a Man piles. Pika Are frequently pc Cudei by m 0t weight to the Back ions and lower p it of Rhc Abdomen canting the a unit to suppose be Hii we Eftic Tiki of the kidneys or Nett Boring orgin at time i Finton s of indigestion Art i cent is to no Casines of the Etc a , itt pc Rapi ration pred cing a p at Naglit alter Ting Tvarok m bed in Coinon no tend ant internal external and itch ing files yield at once to the application of or Jam Naco a pile a toed which acts direct la upon the parts of absorbing the i mors allaying the intense itching and effecting per Ian tit Turc where All other remedies have failed do not delay until tin dram on the produces permanent d ability but try it and be cured Price of cents Aik your of it and when you Cio not obtain it of him we. Will it prepaid 1 on receipt of Price a id Man the or Benauro Medicine co Piqua Ohio som by 6 o Neidnig store. Clark Kendall action Fol 01 Ifo Al t 1 1. K a j to Tif r Oor John b. Gong i r to Tia 7ft j t a us t a t to of Ftp Raj or m Ftfe livery feed stable. J 1 Golden Stab Oil 8tovc Ink . in Orr tonary Send for new circa or. 1tcts, c 1 Ett oz.vvmx.jk.otx9, 07--0. I Uit irm. Call on local for Sale to h Keten Krum
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