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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 23, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 21 no. 50. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa july is 1s86. Terms a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. The people Are aware soon As it was known in Nof tuber 1892, that the democratic was placed id Lull says. No political Issue is involved in the coming election. The question to be decided is Lar deeper and More vital. Control of the government tha in jus the perpetuity of Republican ins Titu societies. A. F. A. M. A , Stone Lodge no. 351. Regular communication i on or before fun Moon. Yuit lug Brothers in Goode Widdig to attend. Kobbert Nugget. W. M. S. H. Datis Sec. I o. O. R. A Marble Rock Lorlite so. 382, meets thursday evening of week. 1 visitors cordially invited. A. H. Meier s. G. H. Jio9exkiux9, a Beeler Lodge. Meets tuesday f etch week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. Maxsay c. Walt Davis k. Of r. Pc. J. I. Of ii. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in i Odd fellow Ball. L. Of. Pres. H. J. Acklis Abc. Sec. A titty. Meets at the Home of 31rs. Stewart the 1st nud m thursday of each month nt2 o clock p. M. Mrs. K. A. Stir astr pres. My. Chi Sruta , u7a.lt. Marble Hock Post. So. 308, meets first sat Daj Protection the real Issue. S. Manning in last week s Issue of the american economist the real reasons for the depression and Bard times. Or. Manning says the american workingmen Are the most intelligent the most enlightened the most Independent and the freest in the world. It does not take Long for a foreign Emigrant to become thoroughly americanized when he breathes he free air of America bling him As it does with the spirit of Freedom of that trial plants closed Down Confidence ceased to exist and business prostration reigned throughout the land and is still reigning notwithstanding the the peal of tiie purchasing clause of the act which Grover Cleveland and his parly proclaimed was the sole cause of the deplorable prostration of business there is Only one Resl and vital Issue before the people. It is Protection for american industries and the maintenance of the High rate of american wages found Only under a protective Tariff. This is the burning question for the working Man and the Farmer to consider whether the former prefers steady employment and High wages or idleness and Low Wales and whether the latter prefers a declining Market and Low prices for his products or an increasing Market with higher prices. As they vote so will they knights of the the St us commander writes us from Lincoln neb., As follows after trying other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in our two children we tried or King s new discovery and at the end of two Days Lions has been threatened livery Loyal citizen should ally himself against the forces which controlled the Chicago convention forces of lawlessness which arc inconsistent with the maintenance of the Republic henceforth there should be no Republican no Democrat but a Union of Loyal citizens against the combined forces of repudiation and Dis order. When once this dangerous ele ment has been stamped out at the polls by an indignant people we can again Divide and discuss those political questions which for generations have kept alive the two great political Jar. B. Mcdougal a Kansas Democrat at present in washing icon says there will undoubtedly be fusion Between the democrats and popu its in Kansas but even with a Combine Bryan hat no sure thing the i think Are against him. Our state was so badly Hurt during the Short time that populism Hud Sway that the party fell into deep disgrace and Many who had acted with it Tor a season returned to republicanism. A Good Many democrats out there Are for the Gold stand Ard and though they May not Aid my the cough entirely left them. To will Kinley they will not vote for the Chi not be without it he after. As our experience proves that it cures where All other remedies . Stevens state not give this great Medicine a trial As it is guaranteed and trial bottles Are free at a. J. Tvs drug store. Regular sizes 50c. And jul of. Of each my ugh. T. Alkyl by com. He too will join his american brother in demanding Justice and the right to be protected against the importation of j competitive commodities manufactured by the cheap labor of the foreign world. The american Well As the american Farmers were led astray by the fallacious promises of the demo in c t u meets every thursday. Lbs. True 1 Iasi Dent. Lbs a. M. Mehbub Secretary. Com rejigs. Methodist Frescoln sundays at m. And pro. Epworth league meeting at Prajer meeting thar Day w. Kobi sox pastor. Chou tax Cal Man preaching sunday at 11 a. M. And p. In. Christian by Lender meets it b.30 p. M. Bloj. Mcclus wednesday j. Will pastor. Abbe 11 . In4 p. M. Young at prayer meeting tuesday evening . It wits pastor. Bimat. Preaching every 1st sunday in each Stith 111. M. And p. M. Mudar school every at 10 a. Union school noose. P. To. Burday pc m. Services held. In the ii. Giust pastor. City of flown. Joseph Wiloth recorder h b to Senkrua treasurer. J w Jar ten Street commissioner. F. Jesmore Willard Sottona c in ran vim Fletcher ii Bosen grads a 11 Meier Chas Weber k Huggett Union tour Phlp or How president Geo w Tusell. Sec Reuff. H b sies tre Murer. John Gates Divite Choei 1 sick Standt Harry Packman b f Wilster 4 Lew Inman. Egbert Davis 11 Phil Shultz. 6 Madison Bine 7 John hates 8 James Parober 9 ceo a he Stull 10 Sam Shaffer Fscott town blk ult cers. Marsh g x Baldwin. We table Volney been Cor Bailey town w Nicholson. Kinney a w Witter and Jar. Bearer. Scott town Alp school president John Bishop Secretary. George s Baldwin treasurer Charity d Merrick directors 1 loin Bishop 5 Bruce Ward. Jew Timber 6 t. A Spaulding 3 a Busker 7 i 4 John abut 8 jew Jeffrey 9 John Losee. W. John c. So Irwin. Terms of court -4th monday in january 1st monday in suy monday in september. 2nd Mommy in november. It in chairman fillip so Nix. Pippin Charles City 31 Arble Kock Jet Ockford Washington letter. Washington july it is openly stated in Washington that the populists demand the Promise of two places in the Cabinet and other patronage As the Price of the support of Bryan and Scwll by the populist convention which will be held at St. Louis nest week. It is because of haggling Over this demand that certain prominent apri Nec Tings 1st monday in january and september and Tad monday m auditor. Int Mtyr. Blu cider att we Geof jes Lynford Cash x. A. It. Merriman a h. Aills c. Township Cadt he a 31 Xemon c w bowl tit i and cheaper goods were promised them if they would vote for Grover Cleve land and place the party in full control of the government they told the Workin Gruen that they were being robbed by the iniquitous a Pekin Ley Tariff they told the Farmers that if they would vote to put them in Power the Farmers would never see again any sixty cent Bushel wheat that a Tariff for Revenue Only would enable them to get per Bushel. They told the truth As far As the Sisty cent Bushel is concerned for the Farmers have not seen any sixty cent wheat since they put the democratic parly in have been glad since Thon to get forty cents and if they again vote and succeed in continuing the democratic party in Power for four More years they will be Lucky if they get Twenty cents per Bushel for their we that. Every device known to thu demagogue was resorted to by the democratic party in 1892 to deceive the people As is the ease appealed to the prejudices of the poor against the Rich. They appealed 10 the passions of the masses. They incited distrust in the minds of the people against the Republican party charging that party with being owned by trusts and the Coti of nip was while they thence Lam were the selected agents and trusted Al lies of these very combinations. Now these very democrats Hope again to deceive the people by agitating the currency Issue behind which they Hope to shield themselves and escape the just Wrath of the people. They Hope to obscure and Side track the real Issue of Protection for american industries and productions by turning the attention of the people to the financial question. What the democratic party dreads most of All is any discussion of the Tariff question. Their Hope is vain for the american people have Learned through the school of a sad. Bitter lesson. They know now what has their Industrial depression. They know it is wholly one to the reduction of the Tariff the throwing Down of the i Bir Nurs of Protection and the admission of cheaper goods into our country j los Appunn i which Gai o employment to i of on pop which created i for the Tamer the loss of j which is my m bitterly Felt. There were doubts about the action of the St. Louis convention. The Silver party which will hold a convention at the same time and place also demands the Promise of a Cabinet position As the Price of its support and the same de Mand has been made in behalf of the bolting Silver republicans. Bryan can very safely make these or any other promises As there is no probability that he will Ever be in a position to be called upon to make them Eood. Although or. Cleveland is strongly opposed to the populist ticket and platform of the Chicago convention if he has his Way there will be a Gold democratic ticket put in the is the very that the supporters of Bryan and Sewall Are hoping for or. J. H. Turner seer Taay of the populist National committee seems disposed to rub it in on the Gold if one May judge by the language he uses in a statement issued this week urging the populists to endorse the Chicago ticket and platform. He starts the statement with this Posi Tive assertion the result of the late democratic nation convention at Chi Eago is undoubtedly the Triumph of and follows with Othus a gift As irritating because of their thu Hull be s. Kor instance the democratic party at Chicago to All intents and Pur poses substituted the populist platform for the platform that the party a been using for and this or. Bryan the nominee of that convention is a Man who fits its platform. For More than two years he has acted with the populists of his state. It cannot be successfully denied that the no Ciplys advocated by the populist party have captured the democratic he publicans will Aid in giving s statement As wide a circulation Possi ble believing that it will make votes for Mckinley and Hobart. Secretary Herbert was the first Mem Ber of the admin ministration the statement that he would troll the Chicano ticket and platform assistant Secretary Hahn of the Treasury who a known to Hare nil a consultation with or. Cleveland Sioco the Chicago convention met. Date ont a statement Ono Daj ahead of or. Her Bert which thought to Hare been Cago representative Apsley of mass who is vice chairman of the Republican congressional Campaign committee re turned this week from a visit to gov Mckinley or Apsley says nov. Mckinley is in see it of the most cheering intelligence every hour of the Day and from the volume and Char Acter of his advises is Well satisfied to what verdict the people will return in november. In my position i the same kind of information from every part of the Union and to my mind there in t the possibility of de teat for the Republican ticket. The american people Are too conservative nor Irvid header to Mentlo a parly that is committed to such absurd Lasarus As Are written in the Chicago platform overalls a new lot this All sizes reason Able prices. From 25 cents up. Best grades at Low est prices. Of course you need pm. Call and see pm. Strictly one Price. The Tiew Chicago directory has Al together too much Johnson in it. Five thousand four Hundred persons bearing that euphonious Patron me Are enrolled upon its pages As against Smiths no wonder there n talk of social revolutions and things when the ancient and conservative family of Stith losses its supremacy. It Vay do As much Ron j or. Fred Miller of Irving ill. Writes that he had n severe Kinney trouble for Many years with severe pains in his Back and also that his bladder was affected. He tried Many so called kidney cures but without any Good re sult. About a year he began using electric bitters and found Relief atone electric bitters is especially adapted to cure of All kid Lucy and liver troubles and Olen gives almost instant Relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price Only 5uc or Tarjie bottle. At a. J. Asper it co. Store list of transfers for week ending july 20th, furnished by p. R thu Switz abstracted Charles City g w von Berg to h p von Berg w a lots 7, 8 and Block 101, lanes add to 6t. Charles a h Meier and of to w Roschen w a com g so Cor Block 7 mar ble Rock and run West 1 Rod North 4 rods eat 1 Rod South 4 rods to 20 Ujj s Croop and to Lindsey c a part of of so lying cat of Road and so of Sec 5, and lot 1 Jwj and new i of secs do. 16, 1 w c Herbrecht and Wile to w d Linin Jinn w a fats a 7, 9, Block d Freeman 4co 1 p Jepson and wife to w Cunningham w a is of so of Sec 2, 94. 15, d g bin cumin to a w Johnson 8 Block s3, Kelly cos to St Charles. 175 m a Mitchell to c d ii g Brit Tan w a bit 16, Hock lord 500 a Kober and wife to t j Jan w d. Of Nti of of Sec 4, 95, 15 n of by 50 for abstracts of title to in mis or town write to p r Guiwits at Chartee City town. Orders promptly Den which in narc prepared by or. Clave Una which. I tended my action guaranteed. Agents wanted to Cley. Life of m Kinley and Hobart Republican candidates for president and vice president by Kobe. 1j. Porter the noted Journa Jii a present editor of the Cleveland world find inti mate Fiield of Mckinley Tor Twenty years. Absolutely the Only authentic Lite of Mckinley published. For More than o years in preps ration and the Only work that has received tiie endorse ment of maj. Mck Zoiey and his most intimate friends. No Hook equal to it of a seller. Everybody wants the Book published at Mckoley s Home. Porter s Bonk Bells at Sigu. Readers will accept no other. A Gold mine for life Active workers. Our agents Are a Lennig from 810 to s20 per Clay. Chance for thous ads of others to do As Well. This is the Opportunity of n life. Tha highest com Mission paid. Order outfit Dow. Send 20c stumps taken As an evidence of food Faith Shioli amount will be refunded with agent s first order if it is Only for one Bonk making outfit free Iio oks on time. Charges prepaid leaving pro fits Clear. Act Quick or while you Are waiting others will Cut you out the x. G. Hamilton Pur. Co 891, 3021 Arcade Cleveland o. Compound liquid in saving thousands of dollars for Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the worst Clio Iera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of the and i. The Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market for the prevention and cure of hog Choura. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices Armor can afford to be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera cure. Nut Only the Cost remedy on the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per for each hog. For Sale by a 4 co. Our free Booklet on Mic Robic do stats. William Mckinley agents wanted to sell the life Anu speeches of Mckinley with proceedings of St. Louis convention platform of party and other valuable information. 320 pages with 20 full Page illustrations. Price cloth 81.00 half Morocco sixty per cent discount to 80 cents for prospectus and full particulars am go to work at once you can j sell 200 copies in your own t j. S. Oglle publishing company i Rose Street new York. Wanted an thing to Patent protect your ii Lens Uhey May brine you wealth. Write John Wedder Birks co., Patent attorneys Washington d. C., for their prize offer. The famous Lake City Stock Fountain can be purchased from l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa. It will water from 50 to 150 pigs daily. Governed by Grav Ity weight valve. Ivo Springe to rust floats to stick in mud and let oat Uuk of water. Has the right size drinking cup not a Large double drinking cup to Lulu a of of filthy water before fresh Supply Comee Down. Valve with in body of water. Can be aet to water two pens at once. Fountain Dow arranged for heating attachment which can be supplied during Winter. Fountain put out on trial. It costs nothing to try one. Will pay for itself every week in a Bunch of 20 pigs. You will state your self after trying that the increase in fat above the usual method of Waterloo is apparent Vuth naked Eye in two weeks. Retail Price 83.00. Call on or write to l. Hartshorn City Iowa general agent for Floyd county. Stock for attain City Joseph we loth do Balbo is heavy and shelf hardware earner repair eng a specially. We meet All honorable Competition
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