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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 21, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaA oink Home. By ref soft from every Bank and taint Wendi to the Uplands mingle incense from the new mown Hay o or her brow the first year s roses in her heart love s first Delight going Home Sunset Good night. Pretty one Good night the dark Clouds frowning naught around but ceaseless Din even Puy s accents drowning in the world of tears and sin on her brow no longer gladness in her heart care s hopeless blight Home to Shade and sadness the stars awaking. Calm above the City s Roar tidings unto worn hearts breaking of repose for evermore on her brow retreating sorrow in her heart returning Light Home till Joy s Good might Happy one. Good night Toynbee. To Frank pop ular monthly. Part i. Chapter continued. The sea Cook looked at what had been Given him. The Black spot i thought heed. Adhere might 3-011 Hare got this Ain t Lucky you be gone and Cut this out of a Bible. What fool s Cut .1 a said Morgan there. Tot did i say no Good la come o that i said you is about fixed it now among continued Silver. You la All swing now i reckon. What soft leaded Lubber had a it was said one. Dick was it then Dick can get to said Silver. He s seen his Ellie of Luck has Dick and you May Lay to but Here the Long Man with the Yel sow eyes struck in. Belay that talk John be snid. This Crew has tipped you Tjie Clack spot in full Council Asia Dooty bound just you turn it Over As in Dooty bound and see what s wrote there. Then you can thanks replied the Bea Cook. You always was brisk for Busi Ness and has the rules by heart George As i m pleased to see. Well what is it anyway Ahl that s it is it very pretty wrote to be sure like print i swear. Your hand o1 write George Why you was Geltin quite a Leadin Man in this Here Crew. You la be Cap n next i should t wonder. Just oblige me with that Torch again will you this pipe Don t fool this Crew no More. You re o. Funny than by your account but you re Over Siow and you la maybe step Down Oil that barrel and help i thought 3-011 said you snowed the returned Silver contemptuously. Leas ways if you Don to i do and i wait i m still your Cap a you 6uts with your grievances and i reply in the meantime your Black spot Ain t Worth a biscuit. After that Well replied George you Don t be under no kind of apprehension we re All Square we Ore. First you be made a hash of this be a bold Man to say no to that. Second you let the enemy out o this Here trap for Noth ing. Why did they want out Dunno but it s pretty pain they wanted it. Third you would t let us go at them the March. Of we see through you John Silver you want to play Booty that s what s wrong with you. And then fourth there s this Here is that asked Silver quietly. Enough retorted George. All swing and Sun dry for your Well now look Here i la answer four p ints one after another i la answer pm. I made a hash o this did i Well now you All know i wanted and you All know if had been done that we d a been aboard the Hispaniola this night As was every Man of us alive and it and full of Good Plum Duff and the treasure in the hold of her. By Thunder Well who crossed me who forced my hand As with the lawful Cap a who tipped me the Black spot the Day we landed and began this glance a it s a mighty line Yoa looks mighty like a Horn pipe in a rope s end at execution Dock by London town it does. But who done it Why it was Anderson and hands and you George merry and you re the last above Board of that same meddling Crew and you have the Davy Jones insolence to up and stand for Cap n Over that sunk the lot of us by Powers but this tops the stiffest yarn to Sizer paused and i could see by the faces of George and his companions that these words had not been said in vain. For number cried the accused wiping the sweat from his brow fit he had been talking with a Veheda cac that Shook the House. " Why i give you my word i m sick to speak to you. You be neither sense nor memory and i leave it to fancy where your nother that let you come to sea gentlemen o Fortune i reckon tailors is your go on. Morgan. Speak to the a the returned John. A Nice lot Ain t they you say tata cruise is bungled a by gun if you could understand How bad it s bungled Yon Wotila see we re that the Gibbet my neck s stiff thinking of it. You re seen pm maybe banged in chains Birds about p i Tinc pm out Tobej go Down with the tide. Who s thatt that Why that s John Gir re. I kno red him a Var another. And you can hear the chains a jangle As you go about and reach for the other buoy. Now that s about where we Are every Mother s son of us thanks to him and hands and Anderson and other ruination f of you. And if you want to know about number four and that boy Why shiver my timbers in t he a hostage Are vre going to waste hostage no not us he might be our last Chance and i should t to and number three a Well there s Deal to say to number three. Maybe you Don t count it nothing to have areal College doctor come to see you every John with your head broke you George merry that had the ague shakes upon you not six hours Agone and has your eyes the color of Lemon Peel to this same moment on the clock and maybe perhaps you did t know there was a Consort coming either but there is and not so Long till then and Well see who la be glad to have a hostage when it comes to that. And As for number two and Why i made a you came crawl ing on your Knees f o me to make your Knees you came you was that you d have starve too if i that s a trifle you look and he cast Down upon the floor a paper that i instantly other than the Chart on yell to paper with three red crosses that i had found in the oilcloth at the Bottom of the Cap Tain s Chest. Why the doctor had Given ii 10 Iii More i Puiul Uulu la Iio. But if it were inexplicable to me the appearance of the was incredible to the surviving mutineers. They leaped upon it like cats upon a mouse. It went from hand to hand one tear in g it from another and by the oaths and the cries and tire childish laughter with which they accompanied their examination you would have thought not Only they were fingering the very Gold but were at sea with it besides in safety. Said one that s Flint sure enough. J. F., and a score Pielow with a Clove hitch to it. So he a fight said George. But How Are we to get away with it and us co Silver suddenly sprung up. And sup porting himself with a hand against the Wall now i give you warning he cried. On Emore word of 3 our sauce and i la Call you Down and fight you. How ? you had ought to toll me the rest that lose me my Schooner with your interference Burn you but not you you cant you Hain t got the invention of a cockroach. But civil you can speak and shall George merry you Lay to that s fair said the old Man if Organ. I reckon said the sea Cook. You lost these in found the treasure. Who s the better Man at that and n owl resign by Thunder elect whom you please to Ibe your Cap n now i m done with they cried. Barbecue for Ever Barbecue for so that s the Toon is cried the Cook. George i reckon you la have to wait another turn Friend and Lucky for you As i m not a revengeful Man. But that was never my Way. And now shipmates this Black spot Tain t much Good now is it Dick s crossed his Luck and spoiled is Bible and that s about it la do to kiss the Book on still won t growled Dick who was evidently uneasy at the curse he had brought upon himself. Bibl e with a bit Cut out 1" returned Silver derisively. It. It Don t bind no More n a Don t it cried Dick with a sort of Joy. Well i reckon that s Worth having Here a cur Rosity for said Silver and he tossed me the paper. It was a round about the size of a Crown piece. One Side was Blank it hat been the last Leaf 1he contained a verse or two of these words among the rest which struck sharply Home upon my mind without Are dogs and the printed Side had been blackened with Wood Ash which already began to Cote Oft and soil my fingers on the Wank Side had been written with the same material theone word i have that curiosity beside me at this moment but not a Trace of writing now remains beyond a single scratch such a his to Rora Nail. That was the end of the night s Busi Ness. Soon a drink All round we Lav Down to Steep and the of Silver s vengeance was to put George merry up for Sentinel and threaten Hita with death if he should prove unfaithful. It was Long Ere i could close an Eye. And heaven knows 1 had matter enough for thought in the Man whom i had slain that afternoon in my own most perilous position and. Above All in the remarkable game that i saw Silver now engaged the Muti together with one hand and grasping with the other after Means possible and impossible to make his peace and save his miserable life. He himself slept peacefully and snored aloud yet my heart was sore for him. Wicked As he was to think of the dark perils that in ironed and the Gibbet that awaited him. Chapter xxx. Of parole. I was we we Alt wakened for i could see even the senti Nel shake himself together from where he fallen against the doorpost by a Clear Hearty voice hailing us from the margin of the Wood it cried. Ibe and the doctor it Wal Alt Toufik 1 we glad to hear the bound yet my gladness was not without admixture. 1 remembered with confusion my in subordinate and Stealthy conduct and when i saw where it bad brought among what companions and surrounded by what Felt us tamed to look him in the face. He must have risen in the dark for the had hardly Nome end when 1 ran to a Loop Hole and looked out i him standing like Silver once before up to the mid leg in creeping vapor. You cried Silver Broad awake and beaming with Good nature in a moment. Bright and Early be sure and it s the Early Bird As the saying goes that gets the rations. George shake up your timbers son and help or. Livesey Over the ship s Side. All a Dooin Well your patients w Ell and so he pattered on standing on the Hill top with his Crutch under his Elbow and one band upon the Side of the log the old John in voice manner and expression. We be quite a Surprise for you. Too he continued. We be a Little stranger he a Noo Boarder and lodger sir and looking lit and taut As a fiddle Slop like a super cargo he did right alongside of to Stem we wus All or. Livesey was by this time across the stockade and pret near the Cook and i could hear the alteration in his voice As he said Xot the very same Jim As Ever says Silver. Tic doctor he did not speak and it was some seconds before he seemed Able to move on. Well he said at last duty first and pleasure afterwards As you might have said yourself. Silver. Let us overhaul these patients of a moment afterwards he had entered the Block House and with one Grierr nod to me proceeded with his work among the sick. He seemed to me under no apprehension though he must have known that his life among these treacherous demons depended on. A hair and he rattled on to his patients As if he were paying an Ordinary professional visit in a quiet English family. His manner i suppose reacted on. The men for behaved to him As if nothing if he were still ship s doctor and they still faithful hands before the Mast. You re doing Well my he said to the fellow with the bandaged head and if Ever any person had r close shave it was you your head must be As hard As Iron. Well George How goes it you in a pretty color certainly Why your liver Man is upside Down. Did you take that Medicine did take that Medicine away sir he took it sure returned Morgan. Because you see since i am Muti neers doctor or prison doctor As ire d now i should wish to with that said the doctor. Fer to Call said or. Livesey in his pleasantest Way i make it a Point of Honor not to lose a Man. For King George god bless and the Gal the rogues looked at each other but swallowed the Home thrust in silence. Dick Don t feel Well said one. Don t replied the doctor. Well step up Here Dick and let me see your Tongue. No i should be surprised if he did the Man s Tongue is fit to frighten the French. Another a said Morgan that Omed of up Iling that you Call be ing arrant retorted the doctor and not having sense enough to know honest air from Poison and the dry land from a vile pest Ferous Slouch. I think it most of course it s Only an you la All have the Deuce to pay before you get Liat malaria out of your systems. Camp in a bog would you Silver i m surprised at you. You re less of a fool than Many take you All round but you Don t appear to me to have the Rudi of a notion of the rules of health. He added after he had dosed them round and they had taken his prescriptions with really laughable humility More like Charity school Chil Dren than blood guilty mutineers and that s done for to Day. And now i should wish to have a talk Frith that boy and he nodded his head in my direction carelessly. George merry was at the door Pelt hug and spluttering Over some bad tasted Medicine butt the first word 01 the doctor s proposal he swung round with a deep flush and cried and swore. Silver struck the barrel with his open hand. He roared and looked about him positively like a lion. Doc he on in his usual tones i was a thinking of that knowing As How you had it fancy for the boy. All humbly grateful for your kindness and As you see Faith in you and Takei the drugs Down like that much grog. And i take it i be found n Way mall Ali. Hot a Rev word Konor Man for a Young gentleman you Are a though poor word of Hotoi not to slip your i readily gave the pledge required. ".then, said Silver you step outside o that stockade once you re there i la bring the boy Down on the inside and i rec icon you can yarn through the spars. Good Day to you sir and All our to the Squire and Cap n the explosion of disapproval which nothing but Silver s Bidet looks had restrained broke out immediately the doctor had left the House. Silver was roundly accused of playing trying to make a separate peace for sacrificing the interests of Bis accomplices and victims and in on--1 word of the identical exact thing that he was doing. It seemed to me so obvious in this Case that i could not imagine How he was to turn their anger. But he was twice the Man the rest were and his last night s Victory had Given him a huge preponderance on their minds. He called them All the food and dolts you can imagine said it was necessary i should talk to the doctor. Uttered the Chart in their faces asked them if they could afford to break the treaty the very Day they were bound a treasure Hunting. To by he cried it s us must break the treaty when the time comes and till then i la Gammon that doctor if i have to Ile his boots with and then he bade them get the fire lighted and stalker out upon his Crutch with his hand1 on my shoulder leaving them in a disarray and silenced by his solubility rather than con Vinced. Slow lad he said. They might round upon us in a twinkle of an Eye if we were seen to very deliberately then did we and Vance across the Sand to where the doctor waited us on the other Side of the stockade and As soon As we were within easy speaking distance Silver stopped. You la make a note of Tiss Here also says he and the Boj 11 Tell you How i saved his life and wore de posed for it too and you May Lay to that. Doctor when a Man s steering As near the wind As Chuck Farthing with the. Last breath in his body would t think it too much Mayhap to give him one Good word you la please Bear in Mai id it s not my life Only that boy s into the bargain and Yursi la speak me fair doctor and give me a bit Hope to go on for the Sake o to be continued Little or. By and by. Lilo or. By Aud by. You will Mark him by his cry who he Lomers when Ullin if he must his play though ail tune be Holiday. Little or. By and by dyes cast Down and Mouth awry in the mountains 01 the Moon he is known As pretty soon and he s Cousin to Don t care As no doubt you re Little ill by a nil by always Luis a fretful when he s asked to Torai or go like his Hope Well nor be like Jar by a in by. Scollard in the watchman. Gigantic swings. How people of Ada i after the car inti when the harvests Are gathered and the season s work is finished the Siam Ese become a wonderfully Jolly people. They have they like an army of big children let out for a Romp but they enjoy tie sky Best of All. This festival is a Gigantic Structure Over w feet High and its sent nearly 30 feet above ground. When the crowd is All ready Tor the sport there blare of Trum pets and two lightly dressed climb up the Side pillars to the High Cross bar walk nimbly out to the win j pets of Sailor men. Cuts. , i in i that 3inve i Len Silit let Artlis in the lulled suites she won the Case. But had to Ile sort to Deaper afe to do it. Ill Tell you said the head of the big Law firm As lie sat that evening with his Only daughter i can t conscientiously Sanction this proposed Union trip or Micir Man is a brie Fless barrister. The chances Are perhaps one in fifty that he has the qualities which win Success but i do not propose to subject you to any such Hazard. You May consider his suit but is there no test must be spoiled because you cannot fathom the future far enough to see Honor your profession up to Ace Tain Point i will obey you father but de Cline to be made the victim of 4cy fatuous prejudice. Is there no Way in a Young Man can Provo his worthiness without waiting yearn for a Chance to show his of yes my dear if you do not care to await the somewhat tedious process of evolution. This Young Man is to try a Case against me to Morrow. I admit that the Law and the evidence Are both on my Side but it s the Best i see for you now. If wins the Case i vill Sanction the did. She sleep that night not if her own word be allowed to Settle the mat Ter. She wrote note after note and each note went by messenger boy. She urged her Young Knight to do his Best and not to yield As Long As there was a fighting Chance that he might win. In the Small hours of the morning crime one of those inspirations that Only come with dreams. With the stealth Ness of a burglar she concealed every material article of outdoor Wear that belonged to her doting but self opinionated father. The Young Man won by default. In the secrecy of his chamber the old lawyer swore like a pirate. But he had free press. Deli Cnoc hint. Dean Hole in his Little tour in party went a fishing it was to come Home in Triumph bearing a glorious Salmon its Silver Scales glittering in the Sun. Naturally he was in Good humor and Well disposed to pay taif Fisherman who had accompanied him this was the dialogue As the two men stepped on Shore said the Happy tourist How much is the Honor the boat la be in the Bill. Your Honor la give the Batnia. What you but what is generally Given Well your Honor some la give shillings and some 33 Pinch. A tailor be for giving is How much the passenger gave is not known but surely he was not inclined to be classed with stay at Home not accustomed to a bad answer. said the Mother do you like your i think the influence of the Book is unwholesome and because it is fun of horrible and his Mother was stunned the she forgot to punish often wonder if stylish men do Wear such High collars v dirty the Pride and pet of the naval 10 shoes aboard the new Hampshire is u cat who rejoices in the name of Ilo Kyj. Monkey has 011 the vet Sei Long thai Auy attempt to re Mote him meets stubborn resistance. A Sailor tried u Luce and a r he carries St Ais Reee hed from Monkey s claws. Now when Monkey tees that particular Sailor he. Makes a dive for the Quaite Cleck where he Kimons that he is from Pursuit. The pet on the Mahant is bugs a Sersig Jujj dog. is Ull that Lii ii name implies. When the officers on Board the Monitor receded their commissions from capt. Linch Man the naval reserves decorated pairs with the National colors Aud informed guests that the dog. Too had been duly commissioned and that henceforth his rank was to be ugliest thing that Ever the Mascot of the new York is a Goat Ulio was picked up in South America by i tar was then on the . The Goat has earned the Friendship of the jackies by adopt ing their habits of life. It took some time for him to get his sea legs but after a few voyages he became a first rate Sailor. Favorite Perch Vixen the Rev York in the Yard on the Bridge of the vessel and1 he would stand there for hours. The Goat was allowed a bottle of Beer every Day and lie had Black Coffee after Din Ner. His Only rival in the affection of the new York Crew was a Small pig which came from the Island of Madeira concealed under the jacket of a Sailor who had1 been Given Shore leave. The to Kyj 1. His food with his for feet before be ginning his meal. The jackies tried to cure him of the habit but the porker refused to eat unless All owed to have his own Way and the attempt to teach him Good table manners was finally y. Tribune. Newsboy violinist. He tin the a limit Dill Tiu Imenes of claim Long Mulc Irth perfect out in the streets of Philadelphia struggling for a Hel Hood by the Sale of papers is a Little ragged Urchin out of whom there May Jet be developed a second Joachim or y Saje. The suggestion of Chopin Saint Sens and Beethoven in connection with a news boy has just a touch of Gilbert about it. Yet this youngster can Plaj the Chopin Impromptu in a or the Berceuse the Melody off by Rubinstein or the Spring song with perfect expression. The . The liitle violin always by his Side has served to attract Many a curious crowd. They will sometimes ask for Sweet i Osie or then the eyes of the player Fiath with an angry and outraged dig nity. I play rothing but the works of the great he . How he found time or Opportunity for even this limited expansion of his god sent gift no one knows. He is not Blind to tiie Osius Merciai of a he situation. When the crowd is big enough he drops the violin and Sells papers what she wan. Come Bridget play with be re playing Soldier. G wan Yez Imp. Of Ain t no Soldier. Tommy to but a. Red Cross nurse. Harper s Bazar. A sky swing. Ropes fastened nearly 100 feet above the ground and then slide Down to seat of the swing. Then the fun begins. Like a couple of boys in an Ordinary backyard swing the siamese men begin to Teeter the Back and Forth till it gets to flying at a Speed of perhaps u mile a minute. The swingers work till the swing ropes stand out at right angles to the Frame then they sit one on the other and wait for the swing to end . Usually there Are very exciting contests to see which. Team of swingers can make the swing Fly the highest Ami it occasionally Hap pens that a Man will lose his grip Anol Fly through the air to certain and Al most i staut record. Sparrow As a mimic. He imitated the Rolls of tic like n Goldfinch acid a Lark. To train a Sparrow is the task a Eert Iii Bird Lover set herself one year. During the month of april she took a baby and fed it i Ery carefully until it could feed alone. When a week or two older it was placed in a Cage with a Lark a Goldfinch and two canaries. After a few months had elapsed the Sparrow imitated his companions perfectly so that one might easily mistake him for one of them. He mimicked the Rolls of. The Canary Sang with the delicacy and artifice of the Goldfinch and More amusing than All he walked like the Lark. In All this perhaps there was nothing so very astonishing added the Narra Tor of the tale for Many Birds have the Power of imitating the song of other Birds but the Little Sparrow went a step farther and tried to train his to a Cricket s note. In the Spring some crickets were caught and kept in a Little Cage. For a Long time the Cage Hung next to the Canary Bird s Cage but not one of the Birds was pretentious enough to try to imitate the crickets which were after Ward moved next to the Sparrow s Cage. Gie i the astonishment of the household when two Days later the Sparrow s Little voice in imitation of the crickets. Even after the crickets died the Sparrow continued to imitate them varying his tones with the different Little songs the other Birds. So sparrows Are not wholly uninteresting Little Birds after All. Carlotta Patti a Sparrow Ulriich was a great pet and companion. He recognized his mistress whenever she entered the room and Iii up a Uei come he would never cat but when she fed him from her lips. Like Carlotta the spar Row was lame. It was on this account indeed that she him for her pet. Elephants fear mice. They n Little animal which he ills fellor i death in the Uncle. Arre Teit for judge what is your name woman that s for you to find of a. . It seems incredible that so Small and harmless an animal As a mouse is Able to frighten an elephant out of his senses. One Little mouse in the Hay on which they Are feeding will Stam Pede an entire Herd. In their native land there Are Little animals known As Chacana which feed on a Small sour Berry or which elephants Are very fond. I they in settlements something after the manner of Prairie dogs under the Berry Bushes. When feeding the elephants trample the Little towns and the Chacana in their fright run up the tubes of the elephants their Long Sharp claws catch in the flesh and they cannot be ejected. Twi More violently the monster through its coiled trunk the More firmly the hooked Daws of the Little animal become imbedded in the flesh. Inflammation and death Are the result. In Captivity the elephants think they in danger of the deadly a y. Jour

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