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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 21, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 50. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. July 2i 1898. Terms 4 year Spring is Here and we Are Headquarters paper j of All designs and prices also Al Bastine i i red Seal White Lead oils and mixed paints brushes Spring tonics Flower pots and Garden seeds together with hammocks sets and base Ball goods. Price slows anywhere. Call Anclee us. Co., druggists. A. F. A. 31. . store Lodge no 251. Regular communication or before nil Moon. Vinit Lnor Brothers in Cordialini invited to attend. Robbert Hugget. W. I s. H. Davis Sec. I. O. O. K. Marble Kock Lodne s o. 382, meets thursday Sven ii of Eara week. Visitors cordially invited. Jet Touy Pawson x. U ii. Ilose Krass Benbar Lodge no. 219. Meets tuesday evening f each week. Vistim Brethren Mvi Tecl. W. H. Vuki ies. C. C a. Rosenk Maxs k. Of k. B. J. T. Of h. The 3rd tuesday night i each month in add Fellows Hall. L. Koseski iss pres. H. J. Acklis rec. Sec. M. W. Of a. to. 4jr8. Lief Iligir meet second uric fou Rili saturday or each month at Odd Fellows Hull. Isl thug Elg Bors m Good funding urn cordially invited to attend. A. 11. Kiki 0 h. I xxx clerk. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and id thursday of each month at i n clock . 1c. A. . Sins. Cd Matisa Asper Fec. Marble Rock Post so. 308, meets first saturday . W. B. Adj. W c t re meet every thursday. , 1 rest enl. Mrs. A. M. I Binal. Secretary. Diuretics. Toft preach Dir sundays at 11 -30 Epworth league meeting at Wieb preaching at . P m. Myer City Mavor. Etc order. The Taurer. Street commit Ioner f. E. Tates Frank k. Nies. ,1 so Martin c. E. Liuni Willard Kinny con Cilmet he a Ailant a. B. Wouter. J Teber 11 Hugget k. I. Acuey Union town Phlp school boned president b. To. Ackley Secretary. Ii b Sim r. John Dike Tolis sick Standt John Bartu k. J. Ackley Lew Inman e. H. Bitter 11 Kob Burr 0 Madison 7 Joun 8 James i Archi 9 mile Clikeman 10 , Scott town nip of Nacri. John schermerhorn s son coot Trulius George need Blakc town de urow Ull Eicheler. Scott township school Hoard. President f. S. Witter Secretary. George s Baldwin treasurer Chan esd it Erick Dike jobs 1 John Bishop. 5 t s sours or. 6 mat Ptan flt 4 Charles Anart o John i Osee. T .1 Onn Pinchum judges John c. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. A Cluj terms of Coort 4th monday in january 1st monday in september. 2nd a Gondar in november. Charles City Hockford Hoard of Sopor Rofi. Piil Stilu Chni Maii Marble Rock Lane Timothy pippin h. S. Chic beater j. C. Merrill Heel is meetin.? 1m monday in Lanny re my september mid 3nd lond by in Tio vember. Can qty officers. Sec Erluff auditor. The Durer. Clerk of the courts to cruder. purveyor. Of potty attorney Coroner porker c. N Lin Danian k. P. J Errin c. Ii. Told on .1. J. Martin f. R. Roziene no a w. A. Coot township of the peace s h ii. It. Nie Charles t Kcal k e Winchell clerk he Phi and. Deal Torawo 8pft lift Awty. If too to quit tobacco using a tilt full of new life mid vigor the wonder worker Vox and Sample in Nim try. Yon americans will be surprised to learn says the Globe Democrat that Only one newspaper in Vorac Zulu savors the United states As against Spain and that paper u edited by an and is Lor circulation among the eng and american residents of that country. The general ten r of the expressions of the venezuelan press u set Sorth by a recent Reynart of the leading Caracas paper that after this War Enda the Naral policy of Wishington will be text in its utmost rigor in the whole of latin America especially in those republics that coast tue Caribbean sea. The americans ate encased in a War of foreign cupidity and we do not hesitate to declare that All our opinions convictions and Good wishes Are on the Side of t Toliese words show the stupidity and in gratitude of a people for whose defense the United on the verge of a War with England two years ind k half ago. The Caracas journal which save that the Monroe doctrine ii go to operate against our. Future appears to be ignorant or careless of the circumstance that that policy is All which has snap i 4 enslavement to some Loreign Power. The cubans no flood. Whenever sex president Harrison be Tou Ouy s Iott it that there is very Little difference far As character and morals Are concerned Between the average cuban and the average spaniard. These Wen who Hare been hell up by flannel mouthed orators in Congress As the legitimate successors of our revolution Ary ancestors. Are proving themselves to be nothing but a race of Igno rim cow at once indolent halt Savage and cruel. So far they have Doue nothing but at the bread of Charity which the United states Haa distributed to them. They have been a hindrance rather than an Aid to our army and men who have bad a Chance to observe their and estimate their character Are rapidly concluding that they Are no More fit for sell Gorer quient than the average hottentot. Lafe Young of the Des capital who has just returned from Cuba where he had excellent Opportunity to observe gites it As his Opi nun that our troubles will not be Over when the Spanish Are conquered. He predicts that we will Luve trouble with the insurgents if the Island a not at once turned Over to them and he voices what is now a general belief when he Maya that it will never do to turn it Over for the reason that in air leaders will never be satisfied unless they shall be permitted to be tyrants Over the spaniards As the spaniards Havo been tyrants Over them Congress pledged the Honor of the country in the Juban declarations to a policy of non Interne hence beyond that necessary to drive the Spanish forces out of Island but that Promise will not hold Good if the cubans shall turn out to be the bar but Ous and cruel race which their conduct to far would indicate. America was forced to enter Cne in the cuban Spanish War because the longer continuance of that struggle was a menace at once to out Tif turn nah in nor purity and the cubans shall prove to be a people capable o self govern taunt to can no More afford to Admiral Dewey has woo another Victory and has Giyen Germany an object lesson of the danger of meddling in the Philippines. The insurgents reported to Admiral Dewey slut the commander of the German gunboat Irene had refused to allow them to attack the Spanish at fort on Aurande Island in Stubig Bay. Ral Dewey sent the chairman Babcock of the Republican i heartily sick of his Effort to dispose of in the clerks. Ii Lui Oue in ton looking after the work of the committee which is now Biag Dili gently pushed. The committee has just moved into larger quarters. Rema Kaule Rescue Michael curtain of Plain eld 111. Makes the statement that she caught cruisers Raleigh cold which settled on her she and Concord to Stubig Bay with orders to capture the fort. As soon As was treated for a month by her la oily tie physician but grew worse. He told .1 her that she was a hopeless victim of two cruisers made their appearance 10 t j r the Bay the Irene steamed out of i consumption and that no Medicine j Eom Are her her the cruisers had destroyed the j Eddy. King s new discovery for con fortifications and the torpedo station sumption she bought a bottle and to the Spanish Garrison of More than Ner Delight found herself benefited men surrendered. After the Burren i from the first she continued to r use and alter taking Sis bottles found Der the commander of the Irene tried have a state of anarchy existing in the opens his Mouth he always aids some _ a tiling worthy of reproduction. In a recent speech he said i was one of those who in the be ginning could not see this War co ild be avoided with Honor to our country. I knew that we were in Tho right and 1 could not see Why god had made a Strong nation if it was not to assist the oppressed cubans and help them redress the wrongs they had suffered for years. This is not a War of Conquest but a War of humanity. We have not struck the blow for additional Terri torn but for starving men and women. Toe War hag already proven to be a costly one Bat in wag ing it All Europe now looks upon America with e respect never before manifested Ottard us Admiral Dewey in his Victory Manila pitched the keynote of the War and set such a High Pace of heroism and courage that no f hip in o in Navy or no portion of our army will Ever falter in Tho struggle. The courage displayed by oar sailors his Given the to understand that ship for ship and Man for ruin the american is 4 match for any Navy in Tho world. There is another Arm of the service lint does not fight at three thousand Yards Bat that looks into the eyes of its foes that has shown that it will keep Pace with the the impression prevails to Tho West that the new York millionaire is a sort of Leech that preys on the Public but the work of the rough riders in san Tiago has shown the country that the Cowboy of Arizona and the millionaire of fifth Avenue can Rush on to Victory shoulder to Aho Alder and proves too that wealth does not enfeebled or Gap the patriotism from the american heart. The present has also demonstrated that the Man who wore the Grey uni form in 1862, pm charge the Spanish foe with he men from new York and Massachusetts who wore the Bine. We will come out of this War with increased respect and increased responsibilities but in the end we will find possessed of the Power to in dictate and maintain the right whenever we Are called upon by Providence to fight for islands under the cuban Flag than we could afford to Sii idly by during the prolonged s run role Between the two kind of guerillas Cru were Deso lating the Island prior to american intervention. Cuba is too near a neighbor to admit of anything like indifference on the part of the United states As to what Unity be transpiring there and if to Square h to self with Admiral Dewey by telling him that he had prevented the insurgents attacking the Forte in the interests of humanity and offered to turn Over the refugees that he had taken on his vessel. Admiral Dewey politely but Curtly declined to receive them. The Geraiann probably not to do any More meddling Over Tii Ere. One measure thit is sure to be pushed at the nest session of Congress is a Bill Lor a Cable from the Pacific coast to Hawaii. Since the annexation of the Island the need for a Cable has been More pressing than err. Senator Cul Lorn chairman of Tho commission that will report to Congress what legislation is necessary for the proper a government of Hawaii who with his american col leagues will Start for Hawaii in August said about a Ruble been a time that it there has never was not perfectly Patent that this Cable was important but its importance appears greater now than even. Here we Are with our Hiwa in possessions in mid Ocean Over Miles from any Telegraph station. The people on those islands do not even know that they have become a part of the United 1 think the laying of this Cable will be provided for at the next session of Congress. French officers Are regarded in Europe As High authority on things Mili tary. Therefore the opinion of our army formed by maj. De Grandprey military attache of the French Etc asst who icon Jpamela Gen. Shafter f army to Cuba and witnessed some of the hardest fighting a round Santiago is worthy of attention. Fie said i have the Moat Complete admiration for your men. They Are a Superb body Way for the establishment of a Perma nent peace than through absolute american control then that control will Hare to come All promises made through a misapprehension of the facts to the contrary notwithstanding in View of what has already tired the dullest and most prejudiced mind in the country must recognize the far seeing Wisdom of the administration in its determination not to re Cognize the excuse of a government which the insurgents had sat up. Can now Deal with the question on its to edits and do with Cuba As the Best interests of concerned dictate. It looks very much As if the United states would to practically take charge of the Island until the inhabitants thereof the rudiments civilize Tion and become sufficiently educated to exercise the just Prero Calives of a free people rapids Republican. It shall appear that Thuro is no Olur and i suppose not throughout the world is there Suth splendid lot of fighting men. It is the fighting characteristic of the men which is most they Are aggressive eager Lor action. Washington letter. July 15, ibus. The All of Santiago will make no difference in president Mckinley s plans for Rushing the War to a close should Thi yellow fever which has unfortunately made its appearance in the Vicinity of Santiago become rpt Demic in our any it would necessarily make a very Matell difference in his plans As it would make pre Culins to save the lives of our men take pre Over everything else. There is no alarm Felt by the War depart ment officials Over the appearance of yellow fever As h was expected that it would be brought oat of Santiago by refugees and the medical department o the army had taken every precaution known to science to prevent getting t foothold in oar army still the knowl Edge that it is there causes never needing the voice of an officer to push the Tii Forward. Another marked characteristic is the self Reliance of the men what we Call the character of the initiative. It is almost unknown in european armies where every movement and the move to meet each action of the enemy awaits the Initia Tive of an officer but with your men they fight to the front meeting each emergency As it arises overcoming obstacles by their own initiative. Such self reliant Fig Hung men make an exceptionally impetuous army Lor every unit contrib Utica in the irresistible on Ward movement. Besides the impetuosity of such fighting material the effect of inspiring a morale among the troops it King them Leel that Success is assured and at the Sauie time carry ing disorder and depression la the ranks of the enemy. The people the Plain people every Day people Are no Whit behind the army and Navy in their Devotion to the herself sound and Well now does own housework and is As Well As Ever was. Free trial Botis of this great discovery at a. J Asper go s drug store. Earge bottles 50c and is. Our Des Molnes correspondent Washington. At it seems very Odd to be Here at the political Center of our country when Tho next morning after our arrival i Learned that the Senate had passed the hawaiian annexation Bill 42 to 21. I thought from Force of this Hay ing occurred a Long distance Vataj and i could scarcely realize that 1 was on the very spot Iron which went Forth the mandate to Columbia to stretch Forth her hand and make these far Oil islands of the Pacific a part her government. It is now certain that no War Bonds will by secured by financial institutions or corporations although they offered to take five times the amount of the Issue but that the entire will be taken by the pc pie. This fact will do much in the eyes of the wonderful financial resources of the to itch states. It is an i Hitmon that could not have been made of any other country on Earth. The of our Young Mer. Are freely placed at the disposal of the government and the of our men. Women and Chil Dren arc As freely put into the governments Treasury. A country like that is bound to be invincible in War. Domain. From the pulpit where i at tended service on sunday was read the president s proclamation concerning special prayer Lor our country and her Brave soldiers and it was difficult for tue to realize that i Roa ident Mckinley was at that moment but a few blocks away. Here come first All the official dispatches and from Here goes out the War news As Well an the political Ness of the United states of America. This i a cite of offic offi proc info office seekers. Here Are the ins fighting to stay in and the outs fighting to get in and ing the civil service Laws the old habit of underlings standing by their Chiel Patron is pretty much As it was Ylita the inc cuing party put the rascals out to the last Man but civil service has done wonders for the government service though it is far from Bunn perfect and though in application is constantly is awarded and perverted by the dispensers of patronage. As an instance of this an attempt was made to rid the pension department of some worthless employees last Spring by Cut Ting Down the Force which numbers nearly 2000. A Bill was passed Dis charging 110 of this number but the commissioner tried to put it it into effect against those for whom it was Ini ended he found the most them so Well entrenched behind their patrons that they could not to budged. As a result of this 110 clerks most of whom were presumably efficient were discharged that the order audit be obeyed. These outs have since set up such a Hue and cry that the gentleman who brought about this is perhaps you have made up your mind to take scoffs emulsion this summer. Then look for this picture on the wrapper a Man with a big fish on his back., do not let anyone talk to you of something just As when you want cod liver Oil and the hypo phosphates you want the very Best. You will find them in Only one place Scott s emulsion. There is no other Emul Sion like it none other does the same work and no other has the same record of cures. All druggists 5oc. And it. Instance of the inefficiency of this in Many respects excellent Law. But the civil service must not be judged by failed 10 do 1 it rather it has done. I visited Congress the Day before and Jour went and like every legislative body on the eve of adjournment it waa Busy. Iowa has no cause to be ashamed of her delegation la the House vol liver cousins Hull and Hepburn Are Able and efficient members ready and eloquent in debate and Strong in influence. In the Senate Allison is Here recorded leadership without a question and gear is not or in the rear. There fore in Iowa Man has cause for much Pride in tue brains and manhood that his beloved is ate contributes to the nation s Congress. Aaili Najjum is a City of Homes will As offices. Thousands of clerks in All departments Tho families of army officers foreign diplomats and their stiffs newspaper reporters literary people etc., either make Homes for themselves Here or live in the numerous and excellent hotels in which the City abounds there is Little or no manufacturing done Here. It is nol intended to be a City of factories and up to a year ago soft Coal was not used inside the Corpora on. A school House and a few other buildings used it last Winter but 1 am told it will be tinned. Tho City is therefore very clean and free from Ciloke. It is paved with Asphalt and this adds greatly to cleanliness and Healthfulness. Asphalt is impervious to water and gasses anal the Broad stretches of Street that elsewhere Are absorbing filth that rots and passes off in poisonous gases Are hers unknown the Street dirt is either swept up and carted away or washed into the sewers and through then. Flushed into the River Miles away. One of the leading attractions of Washington at this time is the new congressional Library. Perhaps no where on Earth is there a More artistic Structure and surely nowhere else is a tire one so Well adapted to the use for Wlinich it was erected for in none other of such great capacity and such perfect design have All the modern improve ments been adopted. The Library standi directly and near the Capi Tal. Its area is 470s340 feet covering nearly three and one Hall acres of around. The Walls Are 60 feet High and Are surmounted by a Beautiful carved Balustrade. It has nearly two thousand windows opening toward Lour streets and Lour Interior courts. It was begun in 1888 and completed in 1s97, at a Cost of 54 exclusive of tic Cost of the grounds. Its capacity is Over volumes and it now contains books and pamphlets. The books Are kept to Sterl shelves and Are carried to the rat Reading room under the dome by a most ingenious system of carriers too intricate and elaborate to be explained Here. A similar system a Irnes books through a Tunnel about a Quarter of a mile to and from the Capitol the dome is 195 feet Hish and is n dream of Beauty both in and decoration. But t must not at Icmat in the space at my command to you More than a hint of this a description o it would Large volume. I be Here for a while and you will Here Iron me again. J. M. Mehan. Robbed the a incident of which or. John Oliver of Philadelphia was the subject is Nar rated by him As follows i was in a most dreadful condition. My skin was almost yellow eyes sunken Tongue coated pain continually in Back and sides no growing weaker Day by Day. Three physicians had me up fortunately a Friend advised trying Klc Etric hitters and to my great Joy and Surprise the 6rst bottle made a decided improvement. I c a tinted their use for three weekend am now a Well Man. I know they saved my life and robbed the or rare of in other victim no one should fail to try them. Only 50 cents per bottle at a. J. Asper go s drug store. The weekly and Uhi Casio inter one year for the wee Xiy and Iowa state f 1.-50

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