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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - July 20, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaV a West y. A. Roziere. Charles cite. Iowa. Knot paths Loans on improved farm it at Batea. Or capt my Merrity. I Fin a Vara i am always Day for consummation i Jad the ecu Riby perfect a i cd Al ill t upon. A. Rozyk in Ike most popular sewing machines 18 tha h Umon co. Nun York a Hicaro 0 Ranby Mas 0. Iron or jul byte is Awe All own Bliwn tonic rape Lom of a match lock Etc. Ami Tobim the Floa wit of appetite tie no Muti. Us now Kab to Uke of Wren orput to snip Totne suck tuft tag toe and . Hem Sten Rufii Start turn new tace Only Rota part Pnra Uon but win ski Buckun. The Tacui or i3ve . Sold tip All vhf at Bouk. Kowk chex1c4i, co. Pills it Tolu of a torpid liver. Wanh a Eliam Loni h Witlin. Birru Ahir Wjung. Wish , toward Lone us Charity Tat tens per annul in Advance volume 7. Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa. July number 51 the Stone store Rock Iowa will sell All ids of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar spices extracts tobacco a of Teot a general dry and grocery store an cheap As any Mai. That for his goods. Boot and shoes of nearly every variety Willic at the sic be clothing is cd mantly on band in quantities to h custom a Roods warranted an represented or Money refunded. I u. New american sewing Mac sink one of the Best manufactured. Allen Moore this new map Frow beyond any Reasno Abl question that the Chicago North Western railway is by All aids Best Road you to take Whitn drivel ii in i Thor direction Between mini fit principal j of Alt in the West Nirk and Oife Lally this map. I l principal i Taftt of and North of this its through to fins Olon with the trains of ajl at Points. A state cont Tim of the re wbb cd party it win be few at 2d Day to a. D. 1682, in Pitt for me tribe to wit feud Ida Tatumn Tarj a candidate for auditor Sutt. A Eandi cuu for 8utt a for of sip nth Coart. A Candida for clerk is Prem wart. A candidate for of the a Prim court. Floyd county i to Del estates. A county Convent too of eur in and for the empty of Floyd sad state of Iowa will be held at Nora up thugs on monday july 24, le8i, at 1 o clock p. M. For the Pur pose of electing seven to the Republican state convention tailed to meet at Dei Mosinee the id Daj of aug St and also to elect fort in dec Gate to attend the Hep Baliou con Greh ional convention of 4ifc con Gressional a indict of the re will be Del Tate for each township in the maty and in addition thereto one Delegate for Ertry 25 or fraction. Thereof Orr East for Bonn r. Set Tran for or at the general election in 1881. The several townships Are entitled to Tho following number it fit Cedar 2 Rockford 8 Floyd 5 i Vert on 2 Scott j a pleasant Grove 3 St. Chatt 15 Radii 3 Union s Koet Grove 6 Ulster. 3 tout no aided ii votes 81 neck Sirj to a Choice s3. By order of committee. S. G. , chair debility resulting from to photo nod Law fevers is Best and bom quickly relieved Bbrown s Iron bitten. Til k Chicago t North kit Jeff rial Wai. All its f Rin Ripal Lints runs Cir Way daily Frow two if my fist it u the Only Nad West North or Northwest of l Bingo hit Imperial cars. Invt of u by tank i it the pity Nih pv11.1bu Sunj ring or my Road. It t concil blur Cettl Fennii. St. Pm Pitt Khz Mem and Maxl "n.akmui. A thu fwd an by .11 a Mph ticket in Uhi we Tuuu to itt Tutomu to Iti. Neil. Us incr or i o for it. other. H w. i Nett. Of i i new t . . R of , it. Throat. , Phov Momia of Throat Echtor and Luhcs. Amu up Trtol ii Ita 111 ill till ii Aitt fim v la Ajilo most Wurn u to Holt wit Aid flu mob. The Cli Icarro Coroner has Monr Rawl for new 830.000 residence. Crip Eon. Why is a piece of cheap flannel like it dirty Inan because they both shrink from washing. I 89 years old and has been Tiit old so she is nscfl1 to it Usu i. Vuu Nuutt cum o Wuriu. A Little boy Prond of his new jacket informed his sister that to was a Btitton hid. Mary Clemmer tint Only one girl in 5w can be Happy As a Cleiv Amiin s wife. She tried it and in Nib apothecary who make a apothecary often Sells paint by . A Michigan Man dreamed recently that mint dead. The dream proved Tiu. He tried mine dream on 1m Lull her in Law Bat it did t work. When it uns known that b women at Franklin kv., Vas prom Nading the Street with a Errol scr in hand is Dif Ferent men had in time Urstain and Down cellar and Rould not be disturbed. Toung Franlel Mathilda. May i Otford you toy of this Ofie Rinz your Arm is getting Vuono tenons. Who not offer new Sotir hand for a music of. Johnson u the least Disare Cable of nil the Learned doctor did Dot know everything. To never lived next door to a Cornet Amateur or a piano banging Yoong a snack doctor beads his pict to that s just what dyspeptic win t a if they All would Hoe Rizo Rozaly they might not icy tic Pecolian Ticson English Tongio in in iss mimics adm Irwy shorn in the latest sign disc tired i the a chairs Hung with Mage it Ilc pairs executed with Dili one can readily the error Marie by the Little Church going Maiden who asked her Mother the Sperini of it no Cross Rcd she had heal hymn a Siuw crated Cross i d in View of toe frequent in the Southwest we arc inc lined to be Lieve the number of Rog ii who break into jails in that Ruwim u ninety pc the a applet re Ward can carry Tow Unkn of Bovah artiest Ahng Throat re the web of Are the Gomon tetrads Henrj. The Silver dimes and quarters met or. Mine in Kirk de mrs. Chipp Jek. Chanced Man. 1 hardly knew him he s so Chipper and re her Hub am. Grat Elv. How very strange i read in the paper that Hia wife Aai cd for Europe last you love echoed the fair Crea As her pretty head oiled the Collar of his Tamer Oft. He my tenderly von an my own us interrupted Don t say original. Tact too Roach like a circus show Bill said an Artran of a lady Friend in the profession "1 think Alice is in Une. Who yesterday she actually told real age. Kot that she s so very old you know but it is better to begin to rut Don n gradually than to Stop at a certain Aue ital a chef get it or take a jump Back a Maiden lady old to her Little Nephew to Johnny you go to bed Early and always do so and you la be Roey checked and when of grow Johnny thought Over this a few minutes and then observed Well aunty you must Hare sat up a Good Deal a Ben you were their House in country waa raised n few feet from the ground Whf Tom my to escaped a Well de emd whip Ping ran from his Mother and crept under the House. Pron Nelv the father Cune twp thing when the bar had taken a pipe crept under to bring him out. Is of on his 1 Tomij asked is m no Vine myself most of the raid the Young Man proudly As he adjusted his Hotd to the Back of chair. The Barber Gaied thoughtfully at the Gash in the ton Cheek noted Tho irregular maltese Cross in the Chin observed the finely executed outline map of hell Gate excavations on left Side hovered Over the piece of Cir that held in place with court plaster and i tingly seemed the prize collection of pimples and blotches which ornamented the neck. Ted i notice you he said As to softly strapped razor. French and Swiss military authorities Hare adopted for the use of the infantry handkerchief upon which Are indelibly printed a list of marching advices suck m near the Cravat quench thirst with cry Small Etc., Etc. If the idea be adopte4 in this country in private life one May expect to be Aboto judge of his neighbor s character by the mottoes of Hii Kerchiel imagine a Man in a crowded Street or using a rag of his wife s selection stamped touch not not handle and other 3uch kindly Are ice i rial m this country eclipses the slow Colum Hension of the average for Eigner. It a native born Intel Lect to with absolute Cyri dance a i a the Follot Viti Ria a letter addressed to a Brooklyn relative of the writer. Come to sail Francisco if you would Rise to Anlu Eucce without w earing your lift out. I be hero Twu . 1 came without a Dollar in on pocket. Six months ago 1 hot a chinaman who was Dunning me for a Wash Bill and now i m a Rich out in Dakota a new Comer from is known u Tui Lur foot or a and Surh an one is often run Fie the butt of airy heartless joke. In Tho town of Alan Dies recently the up a i to on. A Pilgrim Tail took him at night to the Edge of .1 neighbouring . They Hisiu a lantern a tin Horn and a Gunny pack and bade him blow the Lioni. Keep the inn frn in full Blaze my hold sack the a nip were to no into the suck. The boys left to Lient up the and in Gettig out of Iii went Home hav my poor Pilgrim faithful at bin Post tooting his Horn at throughout the night. Arm Marble Rock it Prera Rrt o of Ifni a Quality of break of. Well Rny dear Are too Oft Ely with Jour Rumic r of. Team Ida Jah month when i Rhyard four hand with my in sic team Hur i Alu av3 a couple of ban behind. Now i am at tons three ahead " How in Yon keep off caulker said tie visitor they destroy thing that of very ill or. Eide Ekpo in in Jerild r. No or kill thera asst do Puliti Ciul with a Tong of Toaty. Did Yott 5ce that Bian stare at Yod How mde men of they re much better now my i Why. Len years ago they to j no and talk to Roe now they oni a Yonng won Nobe wit in Lewynn nit a Pard to chaff a Iniel Nirmala with i my Kim Whai Yon -.-.tv. Vie Mako so. Ont us Matuh stuck Yow oar War. Agony thru the a Young inuit Nuy fount i ii tire Ami sent r of a strict Al Al t. W. H Bov to a r Nan if Rel pan i i am at amt my Patow. Come i a Ramlog Jart for but tin Young my s of the we of Rve of. Drinking Preachen a new England congregate ii he big n so horrified by a report that it Pas Tor had been in the want fur liquor that it removed itself from the charge of the offending divine with whom no other fault we found. There was a Tirac however and within tote memory of Many men still alive when intoxicated pro bars won not Mac and when their influence us not consid emt Terr bad. Fifty years ago a Yankee Parson who made the customary runt a of pastoral to sits and so much rum Gin. Brandy wine pressed non him by the god la members of Liis Nock that be some had to the Day in two by a Long Nap yet. Strange to say new eng land now moans for just the elms of preacher that made Lively in Vojt Dars. Everywhere but in the United the drinking habit is u common among a Tori As probably every one who wimm be a cur off if he were to restrict pot Ilioiu to c com or the Virlio i.l5 no fault but that of drink ing too much of stranger fluids de better treatment than to be my my. Perlis of if to new England Cogar edition alluded to Hwy pail it minister a Good salary paid promptly and nut damped All their Petty Tanh Bra into his ears or expected him to com too Long and too Many every the unfortunate Roan Annm not have been compelled to ask help of a Ift Nul our dinner. Senator test Deio t to mastered the Noriea Wenof poker for he plume of my that be had be a Hariw. To at or. Kra Funti of eve u company Dick Arigrit Serra it Al army of Senate. Dick us senator room i Joir de if was no Epli. I Hook dinner m the not id Nee. And i Only had t aged one and it Cut it 1 won t Towk i can kind any suck Dia a salary of liter a Tyty Wen air Nash my when for Saone Only asked orm hug few Story a ii Miar Ruml charter that of How the do jew myth of n that id re Bec we h s a who Fitow or Nawf new my or other. Two Yean whispered to of Day thai waa to com Rich by coming into to Mem of some of Gold Coin Abd it i keep a so Crit he would try and a wac in trash an. Of course 1 pro faed to Don and to Render an the in my Power by digging Lor the hidden treasure wherever it might he said that Down by met a Man with n divining Row who inquired of him if he had nver Beard of Money being buried about there. My brother remembered hearing that an of sea Captain who formerly lived Fin Miles no the Lake to Hare been a pirate in Liis Early that had brought Home a Large amount of specie and fearing that Justice wow Tittl him out hid bund t Shore in a Large Iron pot Nowr a nuke ple tree that he had never Tom where but on Bis deathbed had tried hard to Point oot spot but was unable to do so. The Man Puli the Rod assured my brother that if he could be landed and where in that Vicinity and would draw him at once to treasure. My brother to Pink him to that neighbourhood for a snare in con tents of the pot which was offered. They had walked Down on a hot August Day and Latr Tud spot with Little difficulty. Group was tory hard and Stony and Hung in Plain new of the neighbouring farm House the digging could Only after Sundown for fear Farmer would come Down and chum pot Ai. Tar to had unearthed so i win taken into the company the Day their return and like All u that nne Siy was delighted with Prospect of adventure and now before the diviner showed his two rods one to draw in a Oriano direction the other toward with. He assured me that he could go City at Auburn blindfolded and taking his Rod in either hand could go direct to the Banks or any then was any amount of specie. I got my Uncle s Gold watch to the Rod attracted but it would t attract in any person s hand but the diviner s. 1 neatly made a confidant of my dear old Uncle who was a boy with us Abd taking our boat with picks and shovels we started a in thu no Down for the Uncle said had no Faith in the rods but would stud guard to warn Lis of visitors were digging. Waiting under the turn plan until Mutan Down we went to work with a will and had quite an excavation fear Ful however that Farmer who own the land would claim the pot fur had unearthed it the ground Gnu very Bard and Stony As we proceeded and Uncle remarked that it had t moved since the flood. Had already reached depth the was necessary to reach the treasure wet no pm Falls u. Ollu um4 Prfu Auti Vucu Zilg Watts very srm nil there began to to of a coming Thunder Shower. He Ding from our labors we were a Little startled by a Juilio in. Bush is near the Fence and presently App tired something taller than a Man und ill in and which we could dimly Mako out to be standing motion be i As a Ever Nelv Lookin Over the Dir Lucr whispered that was the owner of the Lind ind requested undo to go Anil speak with him. Went the apparition which did not move and soon returning said in a Vert solemn voice that if we any to Send Home or the divisor a a Ruyer p. Juak Vwe must a far wire allowed us to do so. The diviner nirm irad is it any one you and his voice Shook audibly and my brother and , beginning to suspect a trick a Little frightened b his. Manner. All this time the image in White stood staunch Ai on old Pointer. We looked at one another and it had grown so dark that our features could hardly be distinguished but still we could plainly tee on visitor in White and also see that he wits drawing near. The diviner hastily gathered up his rods and coat and was ready to take flight when i caught hold of asked him. Wrist is in whisper he replied the fool killer and you in Ier get to your boat Juu As we gathered no our tool and clothing and As the rain by inn to Patter among m we had some excuse for haste. The d the Way we won reached the Shore punned by our , to soul made out to be nil old n horse. Turning our boat int Tom up we crawled and waited until the Shower when we re cd Home. I Init refused our invitation to take a re for the night and said he would lie n the Hay m the barn. We looked for in Earl in the morning hut have never set n or curd of him me Story of Dick ilium. Ton Avra Emlet i until you that would or or be More than a Eilirio airy As Hamm when the ado our men we made that Ahe a told appear a put have ache of the Lumli Svilar count to journal Kow my reason fur that we last. Al Toweh Anna is in Many was really a tallow she is not altogether Kirilc and mule. I slim t believe 1 Erer told Yon Twy o Ber bit capt to get Dunk. Well Shehr scr to an opinion non any subject either privately or in the makes Benet practically Tho master us fur by of Cipuri Nkenta and Fritiof her nearly absolute knowledge in the matter. Ago she was a the subject of intemperate if. First she read up the subject thoroughly from a ethical and social then secured male Auire and passed Davs ant Niglis not onh in fashion Able resorts of vice tint intemperance in and flout the dives of new York Rhi Adelphia. Mot Antis hell with Spring All could to Een of drunkenness and its results she oud Clud d to go to work systematically and ret drunk Berx of. At this Lime she was boarding at cotia Enlal. In the latter City. She got one or two confidential friends in her room arranged to have a physician within and then ont fring liquor set about fitting chock Lull in a methodical fashion. First she drank Fri Elv of the lighter wines. These Hill nor of her when Ahe sorted to stronger liquors. She drank on until she had taken about everything from Claret to straight old and Chough altogether to have sent dozen scotch leu under the table. Still she was not drunk. Allot a sudden however. Miss Anna jumped up four feet in the air clasped her head in Ber hands wildly and gave very womanly sort of a shriek. The doctor was immediately called us declared that one Glass More of liquor would have surely had a fatal effect. She was promptly up Inird out and the result was several weeks ser toil Iii Etas. But mind you she Slid not get Dunk concluded the old gentleman his eyes twinkling with merriment the Naseous Why Anna Dickinson can t play Hamlet Are identical with those Why she can t get a fellow s no Fel Low at All Tom know if he can t get full simply can t do i subsequently turned from a hotel clerk in this cite who was formerly at the Continental that this statement re Garding miss Experiment with liquor Wai True and that it very near being the cause at one time of very unjust accusations against pc Dickinson s character. The bit. Occasionally Herrmann the magi Cian Peculiar talk no of Tactual service of guide tiie Ulmaier. Kew try in " rolling tin a Manly Pri Nofi in a overcoat tapped him on the shoulder and politely inquired time of Day. It yes 4 by is said Herr Mann after taking out h m chronometer. Murmured the in i Wren. Briskly . Herrmann a if by i Tinct. A Tinct some Thoj and in his pocket. I torred Ahjit a Nawroc cd pucker Book containing a ctn Quantity of was missing. Light sobered party by litih1 but Herr menu Quick a he Pace and caught of him turning Down twi Miv Fourqu to enter Ned Stoke Pitsti Al institution for the of he followed the thief closely and the latter a later As raid be tits the of was Hotrie Hurt to Herrmann standing him in the Artof for the in Tifik with a Bill inn the Morocco Wallet which few by pc a cd it Uii i Coit pocket he put Down humid cd. Did you know it on Iron then the Organ or vet a All Vowel did Trsar a Usmar try Iron bitten int n or fact Hrcan Guerier. Why san d be glad. Or Iii inf her a lady on Mailynn Venni to or. I Tob Bijj Lotc s Little boy who replied i m Gloid Ion Aro coming. Will a Jud How do you know your Mother Nill be glad to see asked the lady. Because i heard Hor Tell papa yesterday Iluigi we Bothy Ever came to the Haas except men kill Viiu to col or. J. F. Cary . 0 writes i tried Brown s Iron bitters with my Little Tirl whose blood seemed poisoned her Sefcin being constantly covered with and wives. U Baa cured her Complete 7, Anil All tract of impure blood in her Tun entirely piles. Files Are frequently preceded by a sense weight in the Back loins and lower part of the Abdomen causing the patient to suppose has eone eff cution of the or neighbouring organs at symptoms of indigestion Are present u Tatu Lenef uneasiness of the too Ian Etc. A moisture like Respi ration producing a very disagreeable itching particularly at night alter bet Ling warm in Budia a very Colimon attendant. Internal external and itch ing files yield at once to the application of or. Hon no s file remedy which directly upon the parts fitted absorbing the tutors allying the intense itching and effecting a per input care where All other lire failed do act delay until tie Drain on the system produces liability but try it and be Price 5u cents ask your druggist for to and when you can not obtain it of Lim will Send it prepaid on receipt Addran Smanko Pivia Ohio by a Geo. M. He baud new drug store. Clark Kendall Oil a a in. I has Iciano pm Crip barter 1 hair Tsau special att Tationa Fri Tirb t hair Marut Kou. Iowa for sale1 1 will an Ron i r main Bradford streets Ai Low Price. Roi two Large 4nd inc t r is Placo Ike. A Bavcum int for a and a i and will a Rizw a a rental of i fill Law say . Eai Denre in town Foi to i to joi1s Kobi sox and a or u. A at tame Charles Lamb livery. Feed ajtd8ai.k stable a did mail in Colp Efi stir Oil stove ear fill at All ii in osbm3i to. It us Invar on ii. Cau. M for Sah by ii. Rockram
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