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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 19, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaAudi t vol. 25. No. 50. Mabble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. July 19, terms 4 year speedling speedling. Drugs chemicals paints oils Wall paper cameras supplies proprietary medicines druggists sundries hammocks sporting goods croquet sets Etc. Good Oil window shades .45 at spelling speedling s drug Rock Idle Diin tramps armies furnished Bat poor markets for farm produce it is Sot fashionable to die just yes but you must digest the food that Dow you causing each unpleasant crucial Ion sick headache or you will die just the same. Ask anyone whoever took or Caldwell s syrup pesto for indigestion. Stomach trouble sick headache at a j. Asper it co _ his patient laborious work at d the successful result of fee War with Spain alone entitle prescient Mckinley to re Cle Cirod at the hands of the peo ple colds melt away if you use u cold cure. Prepared in con Canle form they Are easy to Taka Tad effect a speedy cure of the obstinate eats Price 25c sold of Speed Lior 4 speeding the farm Price of wheat an Decem Ber 1st in each. Jearos president Juleve land s administration averaged 54 1 per the Mckinley the average Price has been 67.5 cents per Bushel an increase of 25 per cent Over Price. The democratic in. Ija f aa1o Jou. I Forth of us., suffered for i months with a Irir Lithul running sore on his leg but writes that Boek Len s Armea Salve w Lolly cured it to five Days for ulcers wounds piles it s bes valve in to e world cure guaranteed Only 25 sold by a j co Washington exercised the veto Power twice. Monroe but one time pm Ion times Mckinley four times Confidence ii the Coordie to branches of the government have characterized the actions of our greatest presidents. This appetite of a boat is in tied by All whose stomach liver Are out of order. But such should know that or King s few life Pilk hives in tended appetite second digestion 1 bodily habit that insures per great Energy. Only 4 Asper co. Drug store Eon nation 01 the Obio the smallest for the past Quarter of a Century. Yet chair Man Jones predicts democratic Success in Ohio this year. There May be nothing in name Bat Admiral Schley is shrewd enough to decline to place himself in the hands of the democratic politicians. If Youj hive Reid Don t Experiment with alleged cores. Bey Kra tue s headache capsules which will earn nov headache in half an no butter what ottes it. Price 25c sold by Speet limit a speedling the settlement of he difficulties at the samoan blinds was one of the diplomatic incidents which terminated happily Loder Tia minis ration. The Tot democratic president hauled Law Rieara Flag at Hawaii it watered to its place Over the Patoile by president Mcki Ofey. White Mas to ceded the democrats of Milwaukee have nominated Peck s bad boy Lor con Cress representative Lentz was a sufficiency in that particular line. It was plainly Manifest in the re publican National convention thut the party is determined that two Preat National undertakings shall be inaugurated before the close of the first Mckinley administration they Are the restoration of american ships to our foreign carrying the construction of the Nicaragua canal ugly Bill a serious mistake. T thick it was while general Grant was still said Charles Mel ton of Denver yesterday at the hotel Imperial that his second better known to his fiends As Buck Grant made a tour o the Western mining Camps. In the course of his travel he arrived Leadville the news slut Grant s son was there soon spread the length breadth of the Camp in one of the mines on the Mountain Side was employee a Char Acter known As plug ugly Bill who was the cock of the walk in so far As Leadville was concerned who had i tremendous n Fiot tar by some curious mental process arrived it the conclusion that Buck Grant s presence n Leadville would detrimentally affect his reputation As a fighter that the Only Way he Bill could maintain his prestige Witt to seek Ond thrash Buck Grant at the first Opportunity. In Pursuit of this idea he into town that evening arid began a systematic search for his victim. Finally quietly eating his in Parr in a discovered a neatly dressed Young Man As the stranger possessed that article of apparel called a boiled shirt which at that time was almost wholly unknown in Leadville Bill jumped at the Hasty or him unfortunate i conclusion the flagship of Admiral Remey now doing Man service in chinese Waters. Yoe armoured Cruiser Brooklyn. The Brooklyn is the Navy s greatest Cruiser. Her Speed is 20 knots her displacement tons ska Cost about she carries eight 8 Bach twelve 5 Inch 20 smaller guns. The democratic platform the annexation of the Philippines advocates philippine Independence under the Protection of United states. Had Dewey been ordered Home from Manilla after achieving Bis wonderful Victory the world would have witnessed one of the most brutal massacres of the age America would justly have been held responsible by All the civilized nations of the Earth. The filipinos have demonstrated that they Are about As Able to govern the islands As a Crew the comm och indians when tiap was annexed to the United states the proclamation of the democratic George Washington Agnaldo must satisfy every thinking nun that for the Sake of protecting innocent men women children who had gained residences in the Island it became the duty of this government to see that Protection was Given after destroying the Only government that was Able to protect them. The future of the Philippines my of Coupe a serious question with the voters of this country but to establish a table government to assert the authority of the United states there should be no dision of the peo ple the Vermont democrats Are for free Silver the electoral votes of the Green Mountain state will be recorded on the Side of a stable currency continued Prosperity Farmers in Wyoming would do Well to paste the following figures where they can see them when having their evening smoke. They show actual Price at which Wool sheep were fold in Wyoming in riven years sales cents per fear in p of b 1893 5 to ib92 s ib95 8 8 10 18 16j 1898 1899 1900 Salks 0 sheep in fall of year. 1891 Yra Lior ewes 00 yearling ewes 2 00 1896 Zearlma ewes 2 50 1897 yearling ewes 3 ii5 1s98 yearling ewes 4 00 1899 yearling Ewas 4 00 this magnificent battleship is ready awaiting orders to Pound civilization into the Heathen Chinee. That he was the Man be was looking for. Siding up to the table be passed rapidly from jeering personal remarks to ago Vigo the dishes about finally upset the other s Coffee. At that the quiet Man arose Bill never could Tell afterwards what it was that happened but the bystanders averred that Bill s Anatomy came in Contact with every solitary Inch of floor Walls ceiling of the restaurant before lie was finally violently ejected into the direct when be came to he was lying in the Gutter. As be sat up gazed around him the first object to fix his stance was the Man he had tried to do up apparently As unruffled As Ever. Looking at him mournfully with profound respect Bill raid boy you take Power fully after your Pap the Man whom Bill had mistaken for Back Grant was Gambler known far Wije As the Bone breaker on account of his signal ability to care for himself in rough Tumble fights to place his adversary in a condition Call ing for the services of a physician York Tribune. Was it a marvellous care of mrs Kena j Hoat consumption has Crea de intense i i event la Cammack writes nation Stuart a leading druggist of Mencie . She Only Wei bed 9v when her Joc or in Yore Crown the Bat Down. Bit wit boat said she must soon die. Then she to be advised to try i Gan to Awe or. King i new discover in weight alter i eared 1 i cured it Kwa i Bop them eases a trial at wow its am Ahat i to Tan til inti Iii Ftp Nettni i i do memes. And Are a Large number of conventions to inf null a i later it is not claimed by even Tho wildest democrats that the republicans will lose any congressional strength in the East but the republicans Are Figur ing on carrying a number of districts now represented by democrats Hoo Otis 11 Cutler of new York who was a Delegate to the Philadelphia convention said to a Hin Friend of the Outlook in his state ton i seagoing battleship Indiana. The Indiana has a displacement of tons Cost Speed at 15.54 knots. She carries for 13 Inch eight 8 Bucu four 0 Inch gnus 80 smaller guns. Her Mammoth 13 Inch Gaus Are mounted in turrets Twe Forward two aft Yob allow Elt by the irm Tot of m. A Bogarty of Lexington ky., they my be was turning Yel thu skit slowly changed color Nho Azawi be terribly. His Auma Lettow he was or. Bryan goes fishing frequently. To thought or. Bryan Sra pledged to refrain Froni the characterized the or. Rieveland. Weaknesses which administration of by sending the filipinos american school books the government evokes another prolonged protest from the democratic party. A Missouri Farmer lost a Dia do Morrau who assert that the re a mood ring the other Day who e engaged publican National convention did not in feeding Bis chickens. Daring endorse shipping subsidies find in the i last democratic administration Republican shipping Plank nothing had no diamonds to lose find fault their annoyance. J precious Wittus feeding to do republicans Are satisfied the the the Republican Nat Ounla declares in Faford of legis a Ion for the up building of the american merchant Marine in the foreign Trade. Congress May be depended upon to pass such t Early in the next a baits s Ubau ache capsules Wero the first headache co Talea put on i he Market. Their immediate sue oem re salted in a Host of Tai Biog Antipyrine. Chloral corp Bike Mytr in emos drafts. A importing to Jet at Good Atodd these ins Tali we i aim of having wily bad effects. Once 25c sold by speedling it believe Mckinley s plurality in new York state will be larger than it was four years ago it would not Surprise me to see him carry the stale by a plurality Over Bryan of More than 30u.ooo every condition that contributed to Mcl Vinley s vote in York our years ago still exists he now has Many elements of strength lie dul not have in 1896 you fee Niau ii Hsui it creeping More Ana More into cur Luu onal life each year americans arc coming to look Politi Cal through business eyes o vote As they think their Best inter ests senator if Ruker arrived in washing ton this week lie he finds re publican enthusiasm everywhere teels confident that Mckinley Roosevelt will receive a larger Clicc foral vote was Given to Mckinley Obort tit of course., to take an Active part in the Campaign not Only la Obio but in other states gov. Allen of Porto Rico is in Washington to report on conditions in the Island his administration As far As it has gone he said he did nit care to talk for publication about t in work Ling of the new tarriff further than to say its results bids Lair to exceed the claims of its most ardent advocates As the Lle publican National platform q conditions he old that Tho adopted at Philadelphia did Well in pointing oat the danger loss of american dependence upon the ship Ping of foreign nations for Tho Carriage of nine tenths of oar foreign Commerce this is a danger that Congress is sex Pec de to rectify Earl to the o it ses Sion by the pro Ait passage of the shipping Bill. I Houng Are Jot Iiri do Yoa badly it hard to Cnoc Turtte Lour you it yet do reel tired rat try Law hts s celery t it will do than to bitty Jam have som spot Dilig 4 set wiling. Of Tho u. S is to seek Tilard was slowly but surely getting upon a solid substantial business footing that All the indications totalled to an of the greatest pros Purtty in not since the Monroa doctrine was enunciated ims a older or More Plain spoken document Sceo by this govern cd than that defining he attitude of the u s. Towards China which sent to All foreign govern ments ten Days a to was this week made Public following h a portion of the last pm graph of Tom important document policy of the govern which May bring about permanent safety peace to China preserve in Mitoru adj Cote of protect All rights guaranteed to Friendly Powers by treaty inter National us safeguard for the world the principle of equal impartial Trade with All parts of the chinese it Means business All the Way through is a notice to the world that the u s not allow any changes to be made in China that will affect our commercial rights Wilmington ill sep 21st 1898 w. B Caldwell dear sir take great pleasure in adding my testimony As to the Efficacy of or Caldwell s syrup pepsin As used in our Home. We use h in All cases of Conati Patio indigestion. Respectfully Sweet. Slid hers widows Home j Leper co would t you rather sell Corn a. Cents 10 Chicago than at 281 cents the former was last Moo h s Price. The latter the lower figure was the Price in 0 Tine 1896. The democratic party is no drawing inspiration from the my Mot of Jefferson Jackson. These Are not to be appealed to in Woodo eting an anti expansion Campaign. The Nebraska banker who purchased a Gold Brick is in a Posi Ion to sympathize with those persons who invested in the democratic predictions of 1s96 the failure of the democrats to denounce the annexation of Hawaii was doubtless due to the fact that the vote of Hawaii alone enabled them to revive the 16 to 1 Issue hag Tho by already Pretli Good or Bryan it so opposed to Meklin Ley becoming an emperor a been working Lor Yean scepter for i Voe. Proven himself to Boss. To Reiten merchant ships Over subsidies bounties a result these foreign ships Ramono polizia the carrying of 9 2 or cent of foreign carrying draw from the United states a tear in payment. Republicans propose to remedy this by subsidizing american ships to compete with the subsidized foreigners but this the democrats oppose having nothing to propose in its Stead Bat the Purchase of foreign chiefly British ships with which to build up an american Mer chant Marine to abolish the duty on Trust con trolled imports would simply change toasters in place of being the victims us a Home Trust we would be transferred to the Lender mercies of a for eign one. Beti idus this the method proposed would not affect trusts in articles on which their in no duty for instance in would a tvs no effect Ever on the Standard Oil of the flour Trust nor the beef Trust. Nor the Coal Trust nor on Many others. The True remedy is id the adoption of the Kepul Hcan policy of a Constitution Al amendment giving Congress full Power Over the Trust. It has not such Power now under the Constitution the states should Grant it that Auto onto through a Anco Ducat to the lion that will go to the Root of the it 19 the Only Way of reach ing the subject Blade die from prussic Acio Thiol go mistake no worse i Tike that thin n taking blood Medicine for stomach trouble or. Caldwell s strip pepsin cures forma of indigestion constipation or stomach trouble. Don t take the wrong kind of Medicine take or Caldwell s syrup pepsin ask a. J Asper it c o. Don t Stop taking Scott s emulsion be cause it s warm weather. Keep taking it to Tel you arc cured. It Witt Yucai your twigs Yoa Rich mood in wed out As in Winter it s cod lint Oil Trade easy. T. All i

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