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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - July 18, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaHenry b. Nie8. The Mart. Tints fat Iff him a tuck. Published to Baay b. With malice toward none and Charity for ail terms per annul in Aivar volume Marble Rock. Floyd county. Iowa july numb Eli 30. In. Us4t . 1878. To the 1878. Summer resorts b 6r to tall in a sri. Ai Tou Terv la coot 10 kind. J. W. Balimt w. A. Of t e h l 0. 0. P. Tannic iu.1 cd Civ monday Erea Fly. _ w. A Cayton . L b Clark i 0. G. Rock Jio 1w l o g. T., by Frai Tyrity eve Otoc St my Tilc Hill Mcafe. N icsm4 stinging Are cordially touted to at wad. C. H. C. Cure services. Church Eury a half wet sen Alai Aalf put two try Trio 3 on flt at once. Ii Uil Petraco Portland. A noun. J. W. Oakland our Stock consist of goods shoes hats Caps. E. A. To simians dealer in groceries. Dried fruit. Glass Ware crockery Wood and Willow Ware and every tiling in fact found in a first class grocery store. I pay the highest Price for country produce and Ell my goods at the Lowe to living profit. Give me a Call and for vote self Irto Keepf Lulline of dry goods ha.tjs8. Its it Liis drug store puke i k u Titius a full blur of tart hit Cox a of Imit. I m i u Lues f a Lar blk tick Iowa. Al 1 f u kit iture i a full Lino of Fum tuck con stunt la on Linioul consisting of with an Tutere to ii milk or. j for Secretary of state. Thing in which i a. Ca1t.joiixa t. To Hulk. Us Chi should Tau Vati y a of county. Minute with to vary the Monotony of the i Van no loom Dalle for auditor of state he Lowed by example in the a could j1aj. Lil Rex ii. , be a Well .1, of Benton county. J we pm not close article with nit words to Tho a Allier who Are not in attendance and who Are w so iiiiic1 trouble to find a school. Pc. We would ii ply in it while Vou arc in vol Ling to Avail Onich oppor Lutitie As the to nuke your i Moie your m.-. Us a dial Cost too much at and k Tor treasurer of state o Kowk u. Jjkm1.s, of Buchanan county. For of Etc land 0 u1tt. J. K. Kun Kos of Cass county. Judge of the supreme court col. J. H. Iio Thuoc a of Cotlar county. Fur attorney ice dial John k of cuu Niy. For Lac Porter of the supreme court John s. Of 1 olt c for clerk of the supreme court. Edward j. Holmes of Jackson county. Ready made boots shoes and everything pertaining to dry goods e. A. Rate Imus Morfau Bock. Al 1 la co. Will continue to sell Sash doors blinds tables bedsteads choirs cribs Anil every tiling found in a first of Mitore store Liti Ady a wac coffins always on hand. On me at the earner Ani beef ar-5h, Marble Rock. H. Rosenkrans. Pm pm. A of 629 f Street Washington d. To american us foreign fat Oatt. Tit anti pro Grad id All count run. No rom no fit Cut to groceries or All kinds n. H. Farm machinery Siiter in Porcen s Charles City. J. S. Trigg. Auditor Floyd county Maulk , Volino Lgth. Jacob Baiker. . I Iii Ami is a of. Of. Jump roof fun vat county real Tail tax paving Asefie. Utu Lra tiny. I. M. Hutches it co., Grain dealers Chicago Kara Western Hig Liest Market Price i paid for All kinds of a crockery i of a Superior qualify and latest pattern cutlery Yankee notions Etc., All of which we offer to the Public at the lowest living profits Al i of har Lerock no for making Preshia kurir Ailin Tiou Citren to inter in or t Jiin Kiaup Roa Rah Milt or Iii i i . Waited state courts and de Putonti. Olauus in United court of Climit. Conn of com i aulm.u10. But Iii Anit Listii n ail ill Lusca u Irner claims on Lviv Arturi of Fay Nad Boa at. Orr Crik Ami or the line i the ii in u a in i i Iii cos lieu Kcal la wiry Winch Ili Orliage do full of Amo Imhuf up ital Bounty Ivi Oival , a full will be Girfen von fisc. Penisoni. Of the Best Quality and at the lowest figures for Cash. .1 m my now Matt rms Towa. Al i of w. B. Pm tree an d at Rock Forir Miou Wal in Furuli thu pm. Will in furnished with full Anil la we Chargi no in n ten Ltd Tatei Oen vral Labi of few. Cont Vord pm Etc . Mining visit id cts once de old Beauty we five 10 per fact it Wib. Mull h Itro Curine nuts ii loan us inc to ill Coti thefil 10 lab Errol with All Cli Urti of address Gilmore co., p. O. Box 44. Ircia Intai c7. Lines. Ii uni i in in in the a rank in no Llie St i see Pakson bed s. Solicits tile Patro Naire of parties about i Lake in my entire Cohol to build or repair their dwelling in Ibe Anil Judt Triy of t x Billil am Hout oil1khu stores for the co. Of Tow cite. J lie or superintend work by the buy. Satisfaction guaranteed i f futo of c 1976. My entire com h. B. White. On in tiny Cli arc of the and looking Over the Exchange we came across the Butler county of july Lith and found therein the Marble rockers Are sick. In fact some of their first men arc Tor Ripoly off the Greene to is walked away with All to Weir purged last 4th. They would rather had any other town Side of Sun Down borne off the Money than ours and that is what makes them feel so bad. Marble Kock always was the laughing Stock of this dec v o and the eth the fact More vividly than Ever before. A new the editors of the pros Well knew that what they said therein Ireene boys walked with All their prizes last 4tu" a barefaced lie and men in Greene and Marble Rock will Bear us out in the Greene took one purse on trotting and one Black from g Cenc gambled on a game of and took from a in in who intoxicated a sum of Money. We further say Ivine such Means. One of the party suggested that no construct a Hook feet Long from piece of barbed fee wire and go to a neighbouring Kotiao and Bor Row a few Hundred feet of line and attach a Wagon Hub for a which was accordingly done. A Ive Sturgeon weighing 80 by Anchor then obtained. You me How quickly we hooked on to our Bailie and pulled for the Shore then while tented on the to rent and talk of our Success a wicked Chap from town came along said a few words of Greet ing and then the Scal Awag made this speech Tea lies Hie citizens of Marble Ilock knowing the anxiety a prolonged absence from your families gentlemen were decorous in ill their i escort to see you Home. It Wink Here and we do think the i however More to your profession than Marble bloc Ken extended to them to private matters. Tim used in cur fest in their Power and we further i capturing this enormous Lili to gird to link that the article alive quoted Only by fishermen of your known skill not attributable to the citizens of j probity and they Only Are entitled Orencie but to the Low debased Mil to its inc. The Cork relates to your lying propensities of the editors of the circular the Lio in Uible of Riff. Marble Stock always was the laughing Stock of this neck o we or Clunie the editor thinks there with tie Lory you Putry in the expression neck o j upon your and perhaps there is. The j return. Take the whole , and Maticon Yoiiro Peculiar failing. Tic whole is of he in a Alt Kite of owls is in the Nick o do the editors mean to say that the Greene owls arc hooting and in derision of Marble Ilock doubtless it is because the coffers of be remarks Ocie received in solemn silence. A indistinct Ofa sell mingled tin Leli in there might be Wnm degree of personality in that second this place Are closed against ilium and i Thuu Glit that it might he Loret of surfs in abundance arc imminent policy to re of in Ini cry ten and oar poultry Safdi Are shut presented with i Rock their Thi Evish and owlish propensities i tie matter ended but Imu every politely 01 it to in mrlik. Bulb my Tolu fia1 for l cd i of our fishing tackle and the thing i our Normal of Nelon monday july m0nutfiiion-. Anim no Iuchi St and although the attendance has j jul Ltd tire of curing not been a Good As it ought to have i but m it ,0 i been yet everything seem to show tint met slut it will lie a very profitable of. Of were 71 teachers of our county enrolled or another clothes of so but Foutch my try Hwn ill. Delivered at kit my to Yah in Lorado. The rate Between u it to Wio thu Rocic weft. Mhz Len. It. Be new Uhn. Std Points in elevator. No 1. We receive deposits j buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general Gold Chanci tit Rimiko mom t. If Toh ill if a Mill Ltd Linback of and in attendance at the end of the first j i Rof. Smith the conductor. Row. f dealer Booth d shoes Al Vij ill gloves it . Cd print Kif. to i ii Evl not i i r Well 41 Irhtr-1 lick leather or How the Tallu lot the Smitj in i Lummie Ami in Tiu Riner. Thu a this Iris Are , in i Iii i l. J Wpc civilly Fittz l for the it Biel in i. A. J occupies Ite Itas the faculty of nuking j lion Fuh Junta. Gone Riillo , i to jul Yin. J dry. The Iii freisting blur Iii the my. Promised to i . I i Given a number of i Pov cd in to Oil. Whip i Arm l to i positive evidence. Ait of the i have a 1 the advice of Many eminent daring the Jiant i thik time Haling had chronic sore j until i saw you. In one inti effects of pry Caturi a. Or was dry. J in my head at Timen me. I Nearis i i wind. And a com heat s. P. Murray ind i Dpi. Also of and dealer in made of the a i Oak tanned lather. Muric Kwh. . Vlf w. 7. Ball Rora Konx. Late of Sycamore. Beinor per i for j a gently located at j he pc Emid Crable expend Marble Rool Pic Mhz of i add tire Wiser placed re Fri where my Al Ioasa i not Utu ire kept choir not Swett. Nethol of the Public that he i prepared to do All kinds of of tour reucclicft.1 confectionery. I eol ircle Ralie cd of the i in of cell of j Diwali i s p. Mcorlly. Fittz up perfect care. I j Neil Jav. Loo frit in sett Cedar rapids Carriage works i i i Propri tolls i a i Matac Tuikka of All the leading of Varria oks j in. K to -v.v, buggies. A Fine for wholesale and Khail a week he a method of primary Reading which pm trip to Dakota of 1 a ill Emden a i .1 teachers As Well of the in . Yiu inter that great Deal of i no been both in i i methods the teachers present ail uni Neil i i Coninie Ditzig the real Nii l of our county superintendent or. Niclml.-. Lip i in Solk imiller if cd in i l to l Mil till mile Neitli of l when one of our tire l of in Clark and Liard it we to i. Iki e a i Vang Ihmie Vii Tih an Ihle in Here we Typpi d with or i. Prove nent. Yoc Itin in s we a. Ilin Choek and Ali a i Zuklin i . He i i Are Lawing and faithfully in i Jijin a l " to Weir respective depth tin it aril arc i i. To Ikui the r til it in of i i 1-11 i i1 i i who truly to the of o tin i Luh l in u 1 i the work to absent Cook put the a cures on by Tir the did n a i -._. Clayton a Deci led and arc i wily Truk re one of the most Coli inn fennel much better . Through Alij .1-1 Sutt superin pendent Vonc Elln so Ith be present on Tommay and and i u Sint a. I give the teachers some very la Uible 1 to l c. J on i hair and i never Uch of it. Priori Larto an for the Seho d of in my Jit wheat i i i Fettic. A Cliveres in lecture. To i in. ii the even . Ave v ing which is fall of Dpi 1. in the ref , Liin str Nexion for All Oit the of tin Ike Siux prof. Of Shiogo enter in my next i y i a the Jtb Navlen of it inc for Prame a in i. P. C Yth. The it tin. I Uinci i i.r.i.1 Lully i Cone eled Ili inn Jinks i the Intel tit Iii Iii in in it the Eirini invitee thu it i i nor. Ritly that u Lilii nit to in is bin i9 n it her. I is Miller pretty your old. 1 a Sun Kiili year. I. In Little dead my two of Theiu a he it her ulna to t i i i. In i tid i , Mien , turban .1 a Ivo Mii no Ivy and Oft Hawk Ruhe la Hati a which Tov conf tacitly Nilli i Buhek ried. She i a met Nittold and Oul that old i Wyo Hun Jbutler and Liei. Her to i Hia Ilcy were a pc Lilly Ean timkuroii.1, the i neral would the kit Lippel of Liis coat to firing his inevitable Button Holo Bonnet in Contact with hi.-, himself Down on i. Double thin and take it out in the Ith of july Only Cal equated Here by the oldest society in a Hall rated Toat cd. A Ujj wings , drank and were merry for the greater part of the Day a Lucli was too hot Lor people to enjoy themselves. The line of lire crackers in the Ute was but was of eoui.-i1, 111 a Lirui in by Nam Crimins Small As him Iii the i of Lith would t be at All ire Cracker. Altogether wad a Day at the Capi Tal. Fhe usual ii Niber of minor Acci occurred two boys their faces blown full of i Man non cup Luecil tearing hands severe la did of on but no ser Iolli one. Were report cd. Unc or two fires were started but before any build Miv. I Jeudy la intent upor nuking the of her four in like Lute Hoti o. Junior now a that . I0 to ried to an Olin , in Bieh event thu a untie till -v.eil. e.-Li-. I tie. Or. I the a on on an i like a Rimini to still edit wifi in thin die. Sleek hair jew Noii Stathe. Tie e or Soldier Ilii the to Annj occupied lat a Lanier is rut Aird for to Weir be Thi but Thev in tend Noii Fly in Llic White mount Lin. As Oon it the under Bill with the for coins Melinu the re to i ration of Model or in Iho a Aat i Dent office Fin. Lit fall the Condor of that office be to in with Eppli Imit fur appoint Init. The the room where the no pcs Arv work is to be done ii in site into the in Rideu the Mot Pait , skilled and in number kit the i5 or Jim place to filled there Wele several irn Vireil appointment Inot of n jul 1. 1 Nolk inomtll.-. I lie City in full Icli from far and Tricy ii Fly my i i t j a i d us Aini Lla Umfort on of Iti. In Hil. If . Or the. Sona i the ii of the it Hiwa it it i in in Ului in Ini a i ill Ril the ii or. .1 in two Day in u lit in in b i Uvira to n h i ii. Ish Ili i. He Cockreil Tho in . I to i. I i m ii i Iii a r a and Mil. Xp1. I i i or awaiting m i Fri and. . A Fuk aril .11 ily t 17 1 a re at i.-. Ii Vil i . Cir i i i k ir.- . Ii or. I p Ither i j i r . Of r the Lxi i ii sin. In h i i Al
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