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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. No. 49. Mabble Rock Floyd county. Iowa july teems a Yeak we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Republican state convention. Pcs Monics june 16. Special j Republican stale convention j which met Here yesterday was a most enthusiastic body. Haj Ford made a Good Hho Wini but was unable to break the Dobson Dawson combination. The fourth District stood by him manfully investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Lols Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas of and we will be glad to show them to Vou. O j Geo. A Gates 31oines Railroad commissioner Dawson supreme judge Ladd of Shel Don. The other state officers Are the pres ent incumbents. Charles Walsh of Iowa has been elected Secretary of the democratic National committee. Societies. A. F. A. M. A v. A a. Stone Lodge no. 351. Regular communication wednesday on or before Fulti Noou. Brothers if Goody ii id Iii cordially invited to attend. Kobbert Nugget. M. A ii. Davis Sec. I. O. O. V. A Carlile Hock , 38i Meels thursday eve Iii of Earh week. Visitors cordite ill invited. Ii. set. A. 11. Meier x. U. , Beelar Lodge meets tuesday Veu Iii Al each week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. Kajisa c. C Walt k. Of k. B. I. L. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday Niu it in to ouch in Odd Fellows Hall. L. W. 1 ret. I. J. Ackler dec. Sec. In. K. C. Meet at the Home of mrs. Stewart the and 3d thursday of Racli month no 2 o plonk p. In. Hits. K. A. Stewart free. Mrs. Asi Elk see u. A. 11. Marble Rock Post sos meets first saturday of each month. C. T. com. A. B. Club tree. Ailt. In c t u meets every thursday. Jiw. , 1 Rosidell. A. M. Lebeuf Secretary. Clerc tags. Methodist of 11 7-30 a m. Up Wortlie league meeting at prayer meeting Tuare Flay evening. W. Robinson pastor. Christ tax Cuil Bici Fresoli Iii sunday at 11 a. To. In. Christian meets at p. In. I Rayer meet us wednesday event p. Using. J. Will . Pastor. Sundays at . And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at ur-30. I Rayer meeting tuesday evening pastor. Birri every 1st sunday in Encl Mouth As h a. M. Nuil every sunday at 1u it. Union school House. Cunday school it. A Kat pastor. City officers. Mayor recorder tre Aanner. Street commissioner marshal Joseph Viloth h b Llone Krans j w Martin c. F. Jetmore Willard Strong a h c jjnrhm1., vim Fletcher h Rosenkrans a 11 Meier Chas Weber k Huggett ship school Minaril president Geo a Russell. Siecretfi.7. It b treasurer. John Gates dtkectoh3 i pick Standt 0 Madron Blue Harry Packman 7 Lolin Gates. E p 8 James Parchur i Lew Inman 9 ceo i Egbert Davis. 10 Sam thallur 11 Phil san Ltd. Scott town help officers. Marsh g x Baldwin. Constables Volney Beers Leoy Bailey town w Kinney w fitter and or. Scott township school Hoard. President John Bishop. Secretary. George x Baldwin treasurer Charles d Derrick Dike Tolis 1 John Bishop 5 Bruce Ward. 2 e w Tarbert e Uspal Divis. I 3 Chas x scr t j can Ninina 4 John Ahart s 4 w Jeffrey 9 John w. Burr John c. Etc rain. I terms of court monday in j monday in my 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Senate control assured. New York press july of 1s9g for the Benefit of those a to May be to doubt about what will be the Politi Cal complexion of the nest United slates Senate figures have been pre pared by the american Protection tar Iff league showing that a Republican majority in the upper House of the Congress is the press Naa All along maintained. There Are Bur states where Republican Sena tors to flu Ocee democratic members Soeten certain of election. In two states be publican have been already elected to the fifty fifth in Ohio to succeed Brice. And Welling ton in Maryland to succeed Gibson the other four counted on As sure Are in new York where senator Hill s Suc Cessor is to be chosen in Wisconsin to succeed Vilas in Illinois to succeed Palmer. Then there Are Kansas South Dakota and Missouri where Republican senators to succeed Peifei and test Are not improbable. Counting the four states grit mentioned As cer Tain to be represented by Republican senators in the nest Congress and let tins the vacancies in Kentucky balance each other the new Senate would stand republicans 4i earn bind opposition 48 that is a conservative View. Should Kansas Missouri and South Dakota also elect Republican possible the result would be republicans 50 combined opposition 40. This computation takes no account of the Silver senators whose successors Are to be elected they being classed with the opposition. One less May be sustained in Utah which state Arthur Brown now represents. Senator Brown re fused to Bolt the St. Jouis Coave Tjon but his term does not expire until March 4, 1s9s. So a Tariff Bill can be passed before his successor who be a tree Silver be elected. All of which goes to show that the pie publicans Are assured practically of four majority against the combined oppo j a Bead end collision of an excursion train at Logan Iowa Las saturday resulted in the death of Twenty one persons and the serious injury of fifty one More miss Murray has a Boom. The inter Ocean gives the following account of the demonstration led Folliss Winnie Murray a former Marble Rock girl at the close of or White s speech placing in nomination Horace Boies at he Chicago convention. Or White left the platform and As he passed Down the Steps the Iowa delegation got up on its chairs with a stentorian yell and the Boies Boom slipped of Ibe whys into the presiden tial sea. The demonstration appeared to be moribund at the expiration of a couple of minutes but the att Rmon of every one was directed to the frantic actions o a lady in White who occupied a seat about half Way Back from the front of the South gallery. Swinging her White Robed arms aloft she described with them All sorts of circles in the air with the violent enthusiasm of an orchestra director putting the finishing touches on the finale of the Anvil chorus. Then she crabbed a couple of american flags from bystanders and see sawed them in front until the whole House Delegate and audience alike joined in a demonstration which outdid any outburst in the previous history of the convention. From 20 000 throats a yell went up that discounted every earlier Effort to that direction and the Bouse burst a to the White Bloom of handler chiefs waving a Salute to the feminine Champion of the Iowa statesman. Inquiries were made All Over the Hal for her Natue and she was declared to be miss Minnie Murray the editor of a free Silver paper at Nashua Iowa. The Murray Boom was fairly launch id and an Effort was made t y the Boies henchmen to transform it into the Boom of Iowa s sex governor or in some Way to connect the two for his Benefit. It is barely possible that had a vote been taken at that moment either governor in spite of themselves our demo cratic friends Are now coming to a realization of the fact that the Tariff is to play an important part in the can Pamn. The earner do not need to be told much concerning the Tariff they know that under the democratic Tariff they have suffered and lost much of that which had been saved under the Republican Tariff and they Are anxious to get Back where they were. There will be no dodging the Tariff tins year. The wage earners want to know Why their tin have not been in use for so Many weary months they want to know Why they have not bad work for weeks and weeks they want to know of what advantage a cheap Blanket is when the Money to buy the Blanket is not to be had they want to know slut advantage there is in a cheap coat when the material in that coat is made in great Britain instead of in to e United they want to know Why the government has to borrow 000 in a time of peace and they to know Why promises of higher wages and steady work made by the demo Craitic speakers and editors have not been del., news june 24 1890. The Home hark i and the Farmer. These prices speak for themselves. Sit Ion in the next Senate and possibly Boies or miss Murray would have been a majority often. The figures of the american protective Tariff Leas Neare is follows fifty fourth Congress. Before Bolt after at St. Louis Bolt republicans 44 40 combined opposition 44 48 vacancies 2 fifty Fly Ali tonnes conservative View republicans 47 Board of in Lane. Cling rms Philip Shultz. Timothy pippin Charles City Ila me Koch Rockford combined opposition vacancies 43 0 possible 50 40 0 declared the unanimous nominee of the democratic convention of for the presidency of the United states. An immense Boies Banner was lugged up by one of the Iowa delegation to the Younesi lady and with this elevated in her hands and escorted by a howling procession of Lowans and others she 2 i passed Down from the gallery and along the space in front of the platform to the Steps leading to the president s chair. Here she was requested to mount the Heights on which i the chief officers of the convention were located but she declined and passed on her old people who Hes j require Medicine to regulate the bowels regular me Tirigi it monday in january j and kidneys will find the True remedy air of. Jane september Aud ind monday in _ bitters this Medicine november in electric 1 Doe Mil stimulate and contains no Hiskey nor other Antosi cent but acts Way to the position of the Iowa delegation where she became the Center of crowd of Yelling handkerchief waving Hawkeye enthusiasts. On her Way Back to the gallery still bearing she was again urged to mount the platform. But to All requests she re plied no. No t want do and fourteen minutes after the Marray county officers. Is a lucrative of 3cts Jerk of tie con ref. A. N. Merriman i on the stomach and adding i sir Enath and tone to the organs set ii in Cotow c. W. Knickerbocker j in acc of tre of electric to excellent appetizer and aids j Boies demonstration Boczan she made digestion old people find it just her Way Back to her original seat to Motly what they need. Price fitly i the South gallery. The Basi i be org to a j. Asper nov. J nets of the convention Ben put in try Imp i v to i j t i i Olio. I the Home Market created by in ceased encouraged by a protective Tariff has changed the condition of the agriculturists of the country to their advantage and prot. This system has Given the la rulers of this country whether they throw Cotton or Corn wheat or Wool the Best domes tic Market anywhere offered has Given our people a diversity of employments to our industries a wider Range and to our labor better wages than can be found elsewhere. Aside from the men who labor in shop or mine no class of our citizens today Are so deeply inter ested in the Lusintak Nance of a protective system As the Farmers. They sell 95 per cent of All their products at Home and every mile of transportation Good work shirts 25 Good sox 6 pair 26c. Durable overalls 50c. Harvest Straw hats big ones 20c gloves from 25c to All Spring and summer at reduced prices. Strictly one Price. Portion of our people except labor which would be so seriously affected in income and profits from the policy of free Trade As the Farmers the recent census shows the remarkable growth of agriculture in the last ten years under Protection. In one department that of truck farming the Progress was Al most phenomena1. Upward of Are invested in this Industry the annual product s reaching u value of on Aruis Aller paying freights and commissions. There Are employed in this Industry men women and children assisted by horses and mules and Worth of implements. This a seller. wants the Boot vast Industry could not be possible ox-1 fat Mckinley s borne. Porters i Book Sells at Sif lit. Kenders will accept a Gold mine s wanted to sex Clay. Life of m Kinley Aucul Hobart Republican candidates for pies dont and vice president Kobe. P. 1 Citer the journalist present editor of the Cleveland would and inti mate i ind of Mckinley Lor Twenty absolutely the Only Puli Tentio life of Jovit Kilt a published. Fur More Tyfian two years in preparation and the Only Voik that has received Hie endorse ment of Mckinley and his most intimate friends. To Hook equal to it a seller. Capt with a Home Market the products no other. Are perishable would not stand Lonu shipments must be consumed when Ripe and arc of Little value except to Home Consumers. Nothing could be so disastrous to the american Farmer As the surrender of the Home Market for the foreign. The value of every Frai is increased by its nearness to a manufacturing Center which is a Home con Sumer. The Farmer wants More Mouths to feed More men who do not produce from the soil but who earn Money in the shop and he wants them near his Field of production As he them the closer you can bring the Field of compound liquid is saving thousands of dollars for Farmers. Thoroughly tested in Ilia worst cholera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of the age and the Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the a meet for the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices Farmer can afford 10 be with out compound liquid Sulphur t Bolc a cure. Nut Only the Best but cheap est remedy on the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day Tor each bog. For Sale by a head our free Booklet of Mic Robic Dis Essis. Production to the Field of Chi sumption the better it will be Lor the producer and consumer and that is exactly what under Protection our Home Market has done. Ask the Farmer whether he would rather have another Faro or a factory beside him and he will Lake the factory two lives saved mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction cite 111., was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no Hope for her but two of or. King s dec ovary cured her and she says it saved her life. I. Thos. Eggers.139 Florida St san Francisco suffered Froais a dreadful cold approaching consumption tried without result every thine else then bought one bottle of or. King s discovery and in two weeks was cared he is naturally thankful. It is such results of which these Are samples that prove the wonderful Efficacy of this Medicine in coughs and colds. Free trial hollies at a. J. Asper co s

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