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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 15, 1897, Marble Rock, Iowa1, vol. 22 no. 49. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa july 15, 1s97. Terms a year at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. Societies. A. Y. A. A k Lodge . Teen Ltd communication won Eslay on or before bit Moon. Vert Tang Brothers in goods Naing so Davis Sec. I. O. U. V. Marble Rock Lodge 36s, b. so 219, meets tuesday a. Is k. Of e. B. I. Tot h. Fretts the 3rd to Nesdal no Girt in each month in pm. Ets e r Fla fellow Hall. . Of a. Tuble Bock Camp so 4463. Meet fourth saturday of sol Wurtle. Visiting in Good mating an Cort Lally invited to y . I xxx Clett c. Keep at the hone of mrs. Stewart the 1st and of each Marble Bock poet to. 308, Meeta Satt Tadaj a acc month. C w. B. Cab tree adj. Of c t u lbs a. M. Me Mac Secretary. Comr clips. Fre chink sundays 11 . Union school House. No matter what tie platforms May declare to Iowa this year the voters will give Especial attention to these be Eliot. Of and senators who Are id Accord with matters of state issues. The people demand retrenchment in All branches of the Public service and will elect members of the legislature who Are conversant with the term in its est meaning. City officers. Recorder Tana user. Get tit commissioner f. Z. Gates h b Kwh Krans jew Martin George Smith cml on town help school Board , to wearer. John directors 1 Nolc Staudt i i p Winter 8 James Guenar 4 lews Raan Clikeman i it 11 a town Alp schermerhorn s sows com Ulm George heed Ellis Blaie town Rowell Marsh and be Lobmeier. I Bcott township school bowl. President Sec Eury. George treasurer cranes d Merrick Dibb Cooks b dec , judicial. John c. So Enron j. F. Clyde. Terms of court Ith monday in january 1st in 8nd in september. Chi pm Der Sov Emlow. Board of he Lune chairman ass next Ina 1st Jlon Daj in Mictl Jan Tad september my a Budar in Hon Attr. Ommy a Staey thu . Joh a 7. A. Roxley to Tuff Leagea Ujiie w. A House in a new York town was struck a lightning Sevco times in one Day last week. This May be called the electrocution of an old Globe Democrat one Good thing has been accomplished by the Wilson Tariff Law. It demonstrated that a tree Trade Experiment in this country Means a deficit and hard times general Weyler has issued an order to All male cubans this order was unnecessary Sod his hired assassins have been killing the wives and daughters As Well As the males for sometime past. The conference committee on the Tariff is making fairly Good Progress. The difference Between the two houses of Congress is quite material but it is Likely that the Senate will recede from its free Trade proclivities the miners strike is increasing to proportions the miners Are willing to arbitrate their cause but the Coal Barons with Large stocks on hand Are not disposed to let the Opportunity of unloading at advanced prices slip through their fingers. The Minnesota Board of pardons refused to Grant a Pardon to the younger Brothers who Are serving life sentences in the Minnesota Penitentiary for raiding and killing the cashier of the North Field Bank in 1876. The Board commuted the sentence of death to life imprisonment of Lewis Kelehan the Iowa boy who with his brother attempted the famous ser borne Bank robbery last year. The Marble Bock weekly of last week brings out the Hod e. C. Spaulding As a candidate for state sen Ator to succeed senator Perrin of Chickasaw county who will not be a candidate for re election. Or. Spauld ing has been t member of the House of representatives for three terms. Or. Span Ding is eat of our District but we feel like saying that the people of Floyd Rod Chickasaw can find no bet Ter Man for state senator than c. County frees. I of e p s b darts a Tatami to the announcement of or. E. C. Spaulding of Scott will be found in this tone of the Register As a Candi Date for the position of senator of the Floyd Chickasaw senatorial District. Or. Spaulding Baa faithfully served the people of this county six As their representative and will bring to the office of senator if chosen a most valuable experience to legislative tout ten. He thinks that a Floyd county aboard be selected for senator this fall the having Beta As follows Cut Kasaw not qty Marshall four Jean Floyd Reniger eight years Chickasaw Perria four Tern or. Hootne in the legislature hat Given i he people roof 4ewn a honest leg Malor in Dill u Laski a a Pawn Elj tract since our article bringing out Hon. E c. Spaulding As a1 candidate for state senator we learn that senator Perrin is willing to accept a renomination. Our authority that the Sena Tor was not a candidate and that he thought the office should go to Floyd county was derived from the Des Moine Leader which paper polished an interview from the senator to that effect at the close of the regular sea Ion. He now has modified his views to such an extent that he would be willing to accept the office should it be tendered him a second time. Senator Perrin was nominated for his first term against the determined opposition of he delegation from his own county in the last senatorial convention. As Long As Floyd county must do the nominating and the electing we see no Good reason Why they should go a second Ime oat of their Way to bestow the senatorial Toga Een just with Chickasaw is not required to be Over generous. Is it not asking too much of oar republicans to e away preferred places when some one of their own number is entitled to to the Temple amendment will be one of the prominent issues of this Campaign in fact u will be the Only Issue the Railroad employees will recognize at the polls the Republican Senate rejected Tbs measure be cause there were too Many Railroad Law Yeia in that body who preferred to lose their senatorial Seata rather than their positions with the Uil roads. The Railroad men know How every representative and senator stands. Unfortunately for senator Perrin he has gained the opposition of this element one of the leading Railroad men to this Woty who is now spending consider Able Lime in this City raid to u last monday if you wast the Railroad to vote the Dunro Zratie ticket in this senatorial District Tou fall senator and you will have your he suited while sector Perrin voted for the he wet per Toutle opposed to it did wot add he it time its Gui imply Fotty for it be a few politicians in kit District wrote to him that it was the Best thing he could do for the party. What we want is a senator that personally believes in a Law holding Railroad companies responsible for the careless and Ines fusible killing of their employees and if Yon folks want our votes Yon must put up a Roan who is not owned by Rai Hoad this Man not Only voiced the sentiment of the Railroad men in this District but of hundreds of others who Are tired of being represented to the state Senate by parties whose interests Are diametrically opposed to their own. The convention that selects a successor to sen Ator Perrin should know to Ese facts be fore it is too late to remedy the matter. The Success of the party is greater than the Success of any member in it. We this week devote considerable editorial space to the senator shop from this District. We believe that this office should be filled by men who have the welfare of their constituents at heart and Are willing to stand up for their rights la the last ten years too Many measures that ought to have passed the legislature have come o grief in the Senate chamber for Lack of support. A measures relating to a correction of unequal taxation have met their Waterloo in the Senate. That body in the recent Eit a session persistently Good by its proposition to tax All property on a basis of 3sj per cent of its Cash value and had it not been Tor the Farmers of the House the poor Man s taxes would have been raised nearly per cent while moneys and credits would have been reduced about 20 per cent. The present senator from this District was an Earnest advocate of the per cent plan. Or. Perrin was undoubtedly honest in his advocacy of the Senate measure of taxation but his sincerity in the matter would not have lessened the tax on the poor Man s cow or the modest Home that shelters his family. Big position upon this All important question is detrimental to Bis constituents and we believe he should be he n. Who is nearer in Harmony with the masses of this District. We May whereas and resolve at every convention Bat unless we place men in office whose convictions upon this question Are in line with the people they will not be Worth the paper on which they Are written. Has been close to the peo ple in the matter of taxation but the Senate has been a stumbling Block. We believe it is to turn our at Tention to securing senators who Are in touch with their constituents. Washington letter. Washington july 9, 1897, the republicans of the House did not give the democrats any Opportunity to interpose any obstacles when the Tariff Bill was returned from the Senate which passed it by a vote of 33 to 28. They had their own quorum and As soon As the Bill was received representative motion to disagree to the Georte amendments and to Send the Bill to conference was promptly adopted. It is not possible to say at this time How Long the Bill will remain in con Ference but senators and representatives who Are in positions to know express the opinion that an agreement will be reached inside of ten Days and possibly much Wenoner president me Emley s special message recommending legislation for the appointment of a currency commission to report needed changes is no new de parture. It is exactly in line with the views he expressed to Bis inaugural address. The Senate committee on foreign relations this week favourably reported a Resolution authorizing the president to take such measures As he May necessary to obtain indemnity Frota Spain for the wrongful arrest of two Natur Alicd american citizens by 8psi ish authorities at Santiago de Cuba in 1695. The resold lion plainly intimates that Force should be used if accessory to compel Spain to pay the which she has refused in these Cam the treaty for the the Tim of Hawaii will probably be reported to the Senate the a Wewt inc. Bit fun two Are rtt cml carpet now is the time to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and see them. We know we can please you. Geo. W. Gates attempt will in made to get a vote on it at once. Senator Teller will be called a Dema Gogue if he makes a few More speeches like that he made just after the Senate had by a vote of 57 to 9 Laid senator Allen s Tariff amendment to pay a Bounty on american beet sugar on the table. Because 9 populist and Silver Republican seat Ora voted against Lay ing the amendment on the table Sena Tor made a pretence of holding the re publicans responsible for the failure of the Tariff Bill to provide for the pay meat of a Bounty on beet sugar when he knew very Well that it was the democrats who had stood in the Way of the Bounty amendment was originated by republicans and and was approved by a Republican caucus but when it was offered in the Senate. Or. Jones of ark., the democratic Leader and or. Teller who aspires to the leadership of Iffatt remt Flat any Rah notice on the Reou bucans that they would prolong the Tariff debate indefinitely if the amendment was insisted upon then the finance committee withdrew the amendment and it was again offered by. Senator Allen. The Republican senators held a caucus and although strongly to favor of the sugar Bounty decided that it would be Wiser in View if the enormous loss of Money every Day that the Tariff Bill was delayed to allow the sugar Bounty to go Over to the regular session than to extend the Tariff debate in order to get a vote on that amendment at this session. In accordance with that decision the Republican senators voted solidly to table the amendment not because of their opposition to it but because they Are anxious to get the Tariff Bill passed. Secretary Gage this week issued nations to govern the submission of plans by architects in the competitions the government will hold whenever emulsion of cod liw Oil with Phi tet can be As Cutty to Mauner Asia Winter. Unlike the Plain Oil it it palatable and the hypo phosphates that Are in h Aid in digestion and at the sane time tone toe for Skuly delicate Crim run for Thok wince bogs Are affected h b a mistake to leave h off in the months. Recommend the Small size for to Naff and Lor Chi Drav where a Sautter dose is re a Jairala new Public building is to under them at least five a be requested to submit plans specifications and drawings Tor each building with the understanding that All of them May be rejected if not satisfactory to the Secretary. The successful architect will not Only have Bis plans bought by the government but will de employed to supervise the constr Union of the building. The first nil rings under Tho competitive plan will be at Camden n. And Norfolk. A. It is hoped that this method will result in a marked improvement in the architecture of Public buildings. According to the latest version the matter it was More because be waa not informed of the negotiation of the treaty before it was made Public that the japanese minister got mad than because of the treaty itself. The min ister bad been especially by Bis to nations looking to annexation and his failure to get the information to Japan be Oro it was sent there As a matter of Public news has Given him a Black Eye at Home which May even result in his being recalled . He sought to Belo himself by the wording of hit protest but Secretary Sherman s answer thereto blocked Bis efforts in that direction. Poor fellow Fie in t Auy better Bluffer than be is a news Don t Toboco spit and backs you life away. If you. Taut to Cuit tobacco using eff a and forever Bema Ewell Strong magnetic full of Tiew life oud vigor take Tso to Bac the wonder worker that makes weak men Strong. Many Gam ten pounds in 400.coo cared. By no to Bac of a Troy guarantee to care Sou at w i a my Sample mailed free. And i has new fashions always on hand new work cleaning and repairing at Low prices. Leave orders at it Rex s Barber shop. Percheron stallion St. Charles. Description. Dark Iron Gray foaled july 25th. Sired by Bataille no. He by revoke no. 5489, be no 1940, he by French Monarch no. 734. Dame a Nousse no. 3621, she by control end no. 11230. He by valiant no. 4m, Joe Eire no 892, a fwd cow no. 712 we hereby certify that the above Pedigree is True and Walyeh brio s St Charles will make the at my farm Biles North of kick terns f for single per Span with atoll conditions to Honky Nett

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