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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 14, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 49." Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa july 14, 1898. Terms year Spring and we Are Headquarters for Wall paper of All designs and prices also Al Bastine red Seal White Lead oils and mixed paints brushes Spring tonics Flower pots and Garden seeds together with hammocks croquet sets and base Ball goods. I ices Low As anywhere. Call and see us. Co., druggists. A. F. A. 31. A. V. It a. Store Lodge to 251. Regular communication wed Nesdal of or before cordially invited to attend. Kobbert Llu get. W. A s. H. Davis Sec. I 0 u. F. Marble lion pc Lodice so. 36-, meets thursday 3venhig of Ettric Wutika. Visitors cordially Yuvi Ted. He oily dal Bun j. Ii. Kose kans sen. a Beolar Lodge meets tuesday evening f each week Nisi time Brethren invited. W. B. To Viies. C. C a. Rosem Vius k. Of k. B. I. L. Of ii. The 3rd tuesday Nigut in each month in add i Ellowe Hull. L. pres. R. J. , dec. Sec. Itt. W. Of a. Marble Kock Gump to. -1-4b3. Regular meet us second and fourth Gator div of each Mouth at Odd Fellows Hall. Visiting neighbor in Good Ittu Duic cordially invited to attend. A. 11. 0 u. Injun clerk. R. C. Meets at the Home of Stewart the 1st and 3d thursday of each month at 3 o clone p. M. Mus. A a. Steu Ait pres. 5fn.i. Cuni Tina Asp ii Sec. U. A. K. Marble Hock Post so. 308, meets first saturday it f each month. C. T. com. W. B. I Thtree adj. W c i v meets every thursday. Tyler Pras Iclene. A. Jutei Niau Secretary. Comr jigs. Methodist preening sundays All p. M. Pvt Ortu league meeting at up Myor meeting thursday ure fug. J. It. Kf.rrr.1., 1 Astor. Christian Church preaching sunday it 11 m. M. Christian Endeavor meets at p. M. Praver meeting wednesday Nung. J. Will pastor. Fusie Baptist. Prea nine san Tony at 11 . And p. M. Prayer meeting tuesday evening c. 11. Calkins pastor. Cuy mayor f. E. Oates recorder Frank k. Treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner c. E. Lamb Haritis Kiunya councilmen k c Darla nil a. Al. Wilster j. Weber h Llu get k. J. Ackley. Union town help school Board Freel Dant b. J. Ackley treasurer. John directors t pick Staudt 6 Madison 1 John Barth 7 John rates i it. J. Ackley 8 James i Lew Niraan 9 tiles Chleman 7 s. Ii. Hitter 10 . Maxson 11 Rob Barr Scott Tot Vuithi . Schermerhorn s. Sours Oonk Taw Georee Reed Ellis plaice town Crowell Garber w allies Marsh and w m Ese Hmelar. Scott township school Board. President f. S. Witter Secretary. Georee x Baldwin treasurer Charles d Jer Rock direct Otts John Bishop s. Or. Mat Standf i lures Ahart 9 5 f. S. Witter. G j. V. Beers 7 i Runnin fromn s j w Holtrey John Losee. Judicial. Judges John c. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Kelly Tentor court 4th monday in january 1st monday in pity. 2nd monday in september. 2nd Voni Laj in november Board of . Phil Sheltr chairman Marble Kock l. Lane Claries City pippin Rockford b. S. Cal Theoter Kudd i. C. Merrill Niles be Golm memo airs monday in january april. June we september and ind Loi idly in november. Sec trait county Cut roof theron ref Bart Tif Cownty attorney Coroner j. W. Parker w. I k. P. Walster Willard 1 Errin c. H. Johnson j. I. Martin f. N. Koi Iene Frank Cook town snap off Ceia. Of the peace s ii Davis. Nies constables Chyrle t . K e Winchell. Clerk h c scat Tricco Sph Aid Sra is to in if Vou want to quit tobacco c. Forever be Matie Strong foil of new life and visor tata the wonder worker that vet. Throne. Fany Irain ten Pound in toe of 37 cured. Buy no to by o tinder Pii arantes to Vor. Proceedings of the Board of supervisors. Adjourned session Board nut at court House in Charles City la pursuant to adjourn Muni june session at 2 o clock p. In. July 7th, 1s9s. Members present chairman Shultz supervisors Lane Merrill Chichester and pippin and w. D. Lindaman county auditor this being the time set for the open ing of bids on file for heating and Ven Tiltins the court House the same were opened nod the several bidders explained their method for the same. On motion the Hoard adjourned until 9 o clock tomorrow. Friday session. Board met it 9 o clock members All present. Forenoon taken up in consideration of different methods of heating and ventilating. On motion the Board adjourned until 1 o clock this p. In. Friday r. M. Session. Board met at one o clock. Members All present. On Nio Ion the contract for heating court House with steam and ventilating the court room was awarded to the Ideal heating co of Oskaloosa la., As per plan and specification on file for the sum of nine Hundred Sevo Teun dollars. Of motion or. Lane and auditor Lindaman were appointed a committee to oversee contract for heating and ventilating. On motion the auditor was authorized to draw warrants on the county fund fur the per diem and milage of the Board at shia session As Fallows l. Lane 2 Days 1 mile 10 j. C. Merrill 2 s s so r. S. Chi Chester 2 16 9 60 Tim pippin 2 15 9 50 Phil Shultz 2 20 10 00 minutes of this session read and on motion approved. In motion the Board adjourned sine die. I Hil Shultz chairman. Attest w. D. Lindaman co. Auditor. How to look looks Are really More than skin ins entirely on a healthy condition of All the vital organs. If the liver be inactive you have a bilious look if your stomach be disordered you have a dyspeptic look if your kidneys be affected you have pinched Good health and you will surely have Good looks. Electric bitters is a Good alterative and tonic. Acts directly on the stomach liver and purifies he blood cures pimples blotches and boils and gives a Good complexion. Every bottle guaranteed. Sold at a. J. Asper go s drugstore. Fio cents per bottle. An abstract of the stamp duties. Bank Check not drawing interest 2 cents. Bill of Exchange Inland other than at sight drawing interest Lor each or less 2c. Bill of Exchange foreign drawn in United states payable outside if singly for or Leas 4c, Bills of lading Domestic and each in Plicato in. Bonds used y Sny company or corporation on each f 100 or fraction face tile. Cd. Bonds except As otherwise specified 50c. Certificate of rat Oak original issued by any company or corporation on each ?100 or fraction of face value 5c certificate of Deposit not drawing interest 2c. Certificate of of Epos other than at sight drawing interest Lor each or less 2c. Certificate of any kind required by Law not otherwise instrument or writing whereby Tny land tenements or other realty Gold Hall be granted Ned transferred or otherwise conveyed to or vested in the purchaser or purchasers or any other person or persons by his or her direction 8100 to 500, 50c each additional 500 or fraction conveyance. Debentures issued by any company or corporation on each or Frac Tion of lace value in. Dispatch telegraphic. Draft not drawing interest 2c. Draft other than at sight drawing interest for each or less 2c. Express receipts Domestic and each duplicate in policy for each j100 or fraction insured not Mutual companies so. Year or less 25c Over one year Aud not exceeding three years 50c exceeding three years Over 81.000 and not exceeding 25e each additional too or fraction. 25c. Same As Origi Nal mortgage Money orders issued by the govern ment for each 8100 or less 2c. Orders Lor Money not drawing in Terest 2c. Power of attorney or proxy to vote Stock at election of officers of societies or corporations except religious Char Itable literary or Public cemetery Loc. Power of attorney Unertl. 25c. Promissory note except Bank notes issued Lor circulation for Esh or less 2c. Transfer of Stock by whomsoever made for any purpose on each f 100 or fraction of face value 2o. Telep Aono message upon which a charge of Loc or More a made in warehouse receipt for any goods merchandise or property of any kind held on storage in any Public or private warehouse or Yard 25c. A enterprising there Are few men More wide awake and enterprising than a. J. Aher to. Who spare no Paios to secure the Bestol everything in their line for their Many customers. They now have the valuable Agency for or. King s new discovery for consumption coughs and is the wonderful remedy that is producing such a juror All Over the country by its Many Stirling cures. It absolutely cures asthma bronchitis hoarseness and nil affections of the Chest and lungs Call at above drug store and get a trial bottle free or a regular size Lor 50 cents or guaranteed to cure or Price refunded facts about the Philippines. The san Francisco Erat niner. Oiled rags Aie used for brooms. Cattle Are no larger than goats. Women exceed men in numbers. Hats Are worn Only by foreigners. All the women smoke Large cigars. Spanish soldiers Bare footed the natives Bathe three times a Day. Water buffaloes Are used for blowing. Manila was founded by Legaspi in 1571. All the inhabitants fall asleep at midday. Knives and Forks Are unknown in the islands. Freedom of speech is absolutely prohibited. Manila is pronounced Mah Nee la by j the natives j indians and chinese Patrow the i car lines. In 1645 the City was nearly destroy-1 de by earthquake. I a fashionable delicacy for the menu is the Grasshopper. I the poorer classes Robe Ihen elves i in 1 Yard of cloth. I the common lib Ort receives As much As Loc Day. Mosquitoes Are More formidable than j electricity is used Loril tonin purpose 10 Manila. Manila paid to England a the yearly output of cigars irom the Philippines is the chief occupation of some of the Savage natives is murder. The streets of the capital City Are under water much of the time. Manila u considered commercially equal to Calcutta and Batavia. Visitors to the islands Are not i uie Rous. The earliest was Magellan. The High Quality of indigo is acknowledged throughout the world the Oil of the Cocoa is used for Lingl ing purposes throughout the islands the bushmen Are More dreaded that earthquakes typhoons or plagues. The land is Fertile but the natives Are too indolent Aud ignorant to cultivate it with the Best results. Hundreds of persons have been sent to the penal settlements and oven deprived o life. Horses Are a curiosity. The few that Are in the islands Are too Small to Brand. The male Hall caste wears trousers and a shirt. The latter is not confined in the trousers. The streets of Manila Are unpaved and during the Rainy season they Are impassible. In 1897 the United states took 41 per cent of the Manila Limp exported. The insurrection has been caused by oppressive greed and a crushing rate of taxation. The British captured Manila in 17rj2 with a Fleet of fourteen ships and held it for fifteen months. Delinquent taxpayers Are whipped at the Post banished and their property confiscated. The atmosphere of Manila has been likened to the savor of Cachon and the bite of red peppers. It is estimated that there Are 1200 islands in the group. There has been no official counting. 1 me typhoon Aud earthquake have been the most dreaded and frequent and dreaded visitors up to the appear Ance of Dewey. For three years the United states imports from these islands Havo aver aged Over a year. Prino de Rivera governor of the islands twice made an enormous for tune out of gambling licenses. The capital of the Philippines is Manila. It has a population of 200 000 and Over in the suburbs. In the Philippines they have butter flies As Large bats their color is Fawn and they have Ruby eyes. The wealth of the men who owns a shirt is estimated by the fineness of texture and the was it is worn. The streets of the City Ara lined with massive Stone houses somber churches and airy cottages in tropical Groves. For two or three Hundred years the insurgents in the islands have been in creasing in numbers and strength of purpose general Weyler was governor of the islands for Lour years. He saved out of his annual salary of the chief diversion of Manila is the i cock Fleet. The nit is is n Firna c four thousand Spee tatars can be a Eom Tuo dated. Houses Are raised on posts to permit the water to flow under them during the Niny seasons. They Are built to withstand earthquakes. The Mestizo of the islands is superstitious and languorous. She has been tilled human Butterfly. Her Gar Nenis Are thin and very Loose. He Orchid found in the Jungles and difficult of sometimes commands apiece. It takes months to malic the Demon Flowers 1 Spain s troublesome and imps onious Nobles have always been sent to Cuba and the Philippines. It is not considered mannerly to question How they obtained their wealth when they re turned to Spain. Take Scott s emulsion through the Winter if so we Are sure it quieted your cough healed the rawness in your Throat increased your weight gave you More color and made you feel better in every Way. But perhaps your cough has come Back again or you Are get Ting a Little thin and Pale. Then Why not continue the same helpful remedy right through the summer it will do you As much Good As when the weather is cold. Its persistent use will certainly give you a better appetite and a stronger digestion. It will cure your weak Throat and heal your inflamed lungs. It will cure every Case of Whin a cure is possible. Don t be persuaded to take something they say is just As Good. All druggists. And v u. Ii i , 1 Evasn Mugion leu i. Washington july Sib is. President Mckinley is too Well pleased with the news of the week to allow himself to be Resolution which has worried by the been introduced m the Senate by or. Pettigrew and in i he House by Imp. Berry of by to give Schley the thanks of Congress and All the credit for the capture of Admiral Cervera and the destruction of ins entire Fleet he knows that the motive behind his Resolution is not a desire to Honor Mcliley but one to Eru Barass the administration Ond create a jealousy and enmity Between two Able and Gallant naval officers Admiral Sampson and Commodore and their friends. Sort of firing in the rear of the administration is not creditable to those engaged in it the same crowd that is engaged in this work has been trying to arouse antagonism Between i he War and Navy departments and the army and Navy Ever since the War be Gan by every Little Fric Tion that has occurred Between the representatives of the two branches of the net vice. The real object of this sort of bushwhacking a politics and very dirty politics too. The War is being conducted entirely too successfully to please the enemies of rep Bliesa party. This particular Resolution will slumber in the naval committees of the Senate and House until president Mckinley made his recommendations which will be alter the official report of the in of Cervera s Fleet has been received then a Resolution giving proper credit to every naval officer concerned therein will be reported and adopted. Gen. Shafter has the entire matter in his own hands. Lie can Complete the capture of Santiago at or await the arrival of the heavy reinforce ments that will reach him next week before again forcing the fighting. Inas much As the Princi Fai object of the Campaign against Santiago the destruction of Cervera s Fleu has been accomplished and that the spaniards have been heavily reinforced War department officials Are of the opinion that Jen. Shafter will Wail for rein Forteni its rather than take the chances of the Large sacrifice of life that would probably fellow taking the town by then fighting. The sonata at adopted the Resolution for the annexation of Hawaii which president Mckinley signed at once. The sentiment of the country was too near unanimous for the oppo Ilion. As it is the prediction is freely made that More than one senator has signed his political death warrant by voting against the Resolution. Congress will adjourn at once if As now seems Likely. Admiral Camara is really to the Philip Pines with his Fleet he is merely carry ing it to certain destruction. He May be Able to get to the Philippines and avoid Dewey s Fleet for a time but a Fleet of our Best and fastest War ships is to be sent out for the express purpose of running his Fleet Down and destroying it and Between this Fleet and Dewey a Catuara will have n i possible Chance to escape the same late that met Cervera s destruction. The departure of All but two of the German worships which have been in Manila Bay for sometime is naturally regarded by president Mckinley As confirmatory of the several statements made by the German government to our own that the German ships were Only there to afford Protection to the Peraian residents of , in Case it became necessary. As soon As the american troops reached there and were landed the German gov Aromenta was satisfied that the interests of its citizens would be protected and All but two of its warships want elsewhere. Whan it is considered that the insurgent army which Only Dewey s positive or ers prevented taking Manila by storm is mostly made up of men who Ore Semi Savage the precaution of Germany is easily understood. President Mckinley has issued a proclamation asking the people to re turn thanks to god for our great victories and to Pray for peace. Illinois Central Railroad company. Notice to stockholders. The Board of Tia Illi Nois Central Railroad company at a meeting Beld july 21, 1897, adopted the following preamble and Resolution to the end that the stockholders of Illinois Central a Railroad company May More readily attend in annual meetings of stockholders which Tho by Laws require to be held in Chi Cago on the last wednesday in septem Ber in each year be it resolved that until the further order of this Board tiler s May be issued to each Holder of one or More shares of the capital Stock of i to Illinois t ventral Railroad company As registered on the books of the company a ticket him or her to travel free Over the company s lines from the station on the Illinois Central Railroad nearest to his or her registered address to Chicago and return for the purpose of attending in person the meetings of such ticket Good for the journey to Chicago Only during the four Days immediately proceeding and the Day of the meeting and for the storm with his present Force. Another return a Cornu Irani Chicago Only on reason for delaying the assault is the the Day of the Nee tag and the four probability that the spaniards May j following when surrender the town under persuasion i countersigned and stamped in of the bombardment of the heavy guns of shatter s army and Sampson s Fleet. The president s such a ticket May be obtained by any registered Holder of Slock on application in writ president Mckinley has absolute conf Den c in the and Deere non of i to d c resident of Gen. Shafter Admiral Sampson in f ac1 must and is ieavin2 them entirely free to act 3lale lbs ful1 name and of the they May deem Best under the Cir stockholder exactly As Given in his cum stances. Or Llor cd Rubicate of Slock together with number and Date of such Eer Tifi rhe Success of Gen. Shatter in sex v Cate. More than one person will chancing Lieut. Hobson and his Brave p c i be Carneo. Free in respect to any one men was received with delis it by i i holding of Stock As registered on the everybody in from the boots of the president Down to the Tummes citizen i by order of the Board of directors. I i. V. Ii Aoto i a r a the Freedom of these Raineri cans be moves one of the principal i anxieties that Felt about the to n-1 bar dment of Santiago there is now no danger of their Bini injured by american shells. Secretary. The nest annual meeting of the stockholders it the Illinois Centra Kail old company Wil be held at the sece of the company in Chicago on the Campaign gain t Santiago has wednesday september 2f. I military men that the cuban noon insurgents will Lay a very null part j in let win now feg in the fighting against Spain their and stamped in the flue no w Forte seems to be bushwhacking not g. Bruch ass t Sec y. Chicano

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