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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 14, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaJ t _ t by Thi or. Jeiter Taj. . Tow Ckuj. Or ohm to a Eutaw. Of c. K tilted pm Utt str Cardale was elected of 1 Ilse dem crw. T i of a of tace prominent the a flows to Ici Sittly that the Al Abb dam Ocean 26 to 60 per mini the cheapest. St. A wisc 1 per tear a i j col mob j 8 58 cola new 8 fees columns to gets 5s Saiu chg Titan a.-.-. A Taxa i Cote Siut calf m column aulm . 8 Paie columns jj5 to us Fri Tvr per tear us Ferter 1.00 y 1 14 of silk hitter ii the the de Lwiws the i. .112.00. 5.00 of Emmen to of Globe at Tonto Andrews of Rockford was m town Yew Kerdiy Ommey Tarthur have a sue 3o teat to. Troja Cana traae will soon be Here. It Root of sunday hit year. Doa t Foniest to Call and Carney a in i spot of dishes. 17 adapt Ferric pc he husked 1400 bushels of Corn Omell. Full liw of band dishes lit 4 Arsbur a. Earl Oaks he been suffering with neuralgia the put week. No Fin Warden has Ai yet been appointed by the City Council. Mrs. Frank Brower of Charles City a visiting relatives in this Vicinity. Call and Price groceries at Carney Arthur s. 17 Kobert Ramsay was up to Nora Springs last tuesday Horace Hawks has been on the sick lilt the past week or two. Apples by the barrel at h. St01ts. Wai. Crabtree has gone out to Caugh erty township to finish up the Tathlin Pannage. Miss Karie Judd has been acting As private Secretary to or. Hutch in the put wok. For a abort time at h. C. Hobison s. Bert Paddleford came Home from Dakota last monday. We understand that he will soon go to California. The w. 0. T. U. Will meet wit i mrs. I. M hutches. Thursday after noon december 15, lcs7. Asper co., is the the Only place in town where you can Sec a Complete line of jewelry clocks silverware and musical merchandise. 4 the regular baptists Are holding a series of meetings to the Union school House services begin at 7 p. M. Profs. Gem Mill and Sunderlin attended the teacher s meeting last saturday at this place. If you arc in need of underwear. Flannel and fancy shirts Wool jackets pants or of Ells go to Wilke e he has the largest Ayd finest line to be seen in town. 9 Charley Narrows District Munger of Iba Iowa and Minnesota Telephone Koche writes a from Cedar rapist tout he will probably be gone till after the holidays. When buying anything at Wilko i he tells Yon what Kini of Yoa Purcha ing exactly what they ire made of. 9 mrs. Dell Strait of Minneapolis Vigi Crl with Allen Moore s family the past week. Miss Grace Komi Konns birth Day party to a number other friends last monday evening. Ujj services in the f. B. Church next sunday As Usu in. D. M. Znoj Truox. Wanted All persons old and Young to look at that line of boots which ate hand sided screw fastened and made to order for Wilke. Of cdx congressman decking s Miny Friend i in this tit pity will be glad of learn that he is recovering from tits late dangerous sickness. Wool boots lumbermen s overs. And gents Arctic cheaper than h Cro Bison. Liu Enaw and it Ivores will a tire Jared sheets. To sow Taftt i Urga arc interested to. Lire a Printer he works with the tools him and produces the Bent a inlets with the Uit Erial on hand. This the Public expects of its teachers. Tony Purchase and Supply the it Cossu and apparatus and it is the Tocher s business to obtain too very results possible. Or. Hopkins comparison that if you want to read Setji Lespeare Yoa do not want to be to read ii found when tr., in Jivis Lute pays for his own Reading Public has to pay or the have a right to say what Apo Othall be read. If the selection of it books would to left with the Dif int teachers we would have to with the incoming and outgoing of every is each one has his own of Teit books. We App Revtai that there is but Little dil the modern ten 5 ome Excel in one Piti Ulav others in but All tend to the same of get and is fir is the Pupil is concerned t will bake no difference with his Ine Ledga at the end of his Scholastic training from which set of books lie has derived his knowledge. The main Point 13 the teacher. An incompetent in Strati or will prove a failure with the his command while an John Mills informs us that quite i number of Bis neighbors Are hogs by cholera. Hinsee we under stand o2irly.hj3.er.tire of undoubtedly be Able to claim the Honor of first bringing out the. Republican candidates next year. It pie gents a new ticket Eracli Duy indebted to me by either note or Book account Are requested to Settle by january 1st, 1ss8. We j tue Siale will save Many dollars every Tutu Cai buy Roux trip hike if to ii in in rciluce.1 look out for it is the first syn Tow of by a Ivinia. Chanberlain h Congh Ueni Civy rely soon u he child be Bonfie i ii oars. It will prevent the group whici1 cm1 Fau Woitt if the re Wiy is at attaud. There is least danger to Cuvi i. It. Sam to a. J. To marriage divorce re introduce Itilio Chi Ait Verr Tienyu Bowka cd twin my for Cash be sold it for cats sores itch Rheum fever to night and to Morrow night and enc ii Day and night during thin week of can get at go s Kemp s Balsam Lor the Throat and lungs acknowledged to be the most successful Tennedy Ever sold for the cure of coughs group bronchitis. Whoop ing cough. Asthma and consumption. Get i bottle to Day and keep it always in the House you can Check your cold Ai once. Price 50c mid simple bottle tree. Apartment is that Worth Tun dollars per Day during the session of the legislature. Harry Goddard and c. J. Hiattt Are Selling tickets for a drawing to take place in the near fiure. The drawing ill consist of horses one set Iff double harness and one lumber Wagon. Tennessee chestnuts at Tobison d the weather the past week Haa been splendid. Snow surly All disappeared. Wild geese ducks flying Over daily. This Short weather report is inserted Lor the Benefit of our California sex i soup any was in town Tut week. Or. Alto Boon purchased the cur zionists. Quarry property of j. B. Sep for or. Humphry Halstead and mrs. Etna Jane Halstead have returned from their Michigan visit. Go to Wilke s for women s warm i my and you will be sure to shoes and slippers a Fine line just re i find that will be to Cei Ved. Year the people who obliged to from one locality to another. At tie present time a family moving from Juniou township into that of the adjoining township of Scott is compelled to Purchase an almost new set of books. A uniformity of text books throughout the state would remedy this As one set of text books will be Good anywhere in. The state. The methods presented to remedy the pres ent evil Are quite varied. Our Way Orfi be to abolish1 the present offices of stilts Printer and Binder and in their Stead have the state do its own printing and binding purchasing an outfit for that purpose the Misc As the present government printing office at Washington and in this institution print and bind the school books for the state. Bui we Csc very Little How the object is attained so that text books Are brought Down and sold at what they arc actually Worth. The completion of the eighteenth volume of the Magazine of american Andrew Ufford. Residing near Shef Val Nawe Chris tags presents. History with its december Issue is an it a Nice Cutter i of interest. These elegant vol Umes elaborately preserved by its subscribers in the choicest of bindings and they constantly increase in value with age ii is the Only Magazine extant where Back numbers Are in As great demand As current run eco very Tew eix re coughs and colds during the eth tev a Ionics. It is an easy mat Ter in avoid the Diseri forts and distress of coughs Anil colds by using Lam j dough Lle Ruedy. It is by far the Tver brought into general Hen the syst symptoms of a told appear use s cough ii inc by uni the cold can he Troken up m once. Solu in a. J. Asci or of. Of by Millef Joseph Wiloth a Baler in time Jurt cafes As has been Ike ciist6hi.times Are Dull and Cash is what we after. It trite local Hill Marnem Oil loot Oil and in fast. Maui in Warra Titeff. Cash a in Adf bides mow Mil i i of if 11 Ammrati no , Losili Holiday it Iii file lather of a Mccu us and a Hali old who tells that the child was once watching an old Udy Niu tag her toilet. The old lady had removed her Lasc hair and Teeth when the astonished Small buy said bet you Cim t take yet neck interested people. Advertising a Patent Medicine in the Peculiar Way in which the proprietor o Kemps Balsam for coughs does is indeed wonderful a. J. Asper co. To if you of Bells or a Fine harness whip or any thing in the harness line come and sex ia5le Posern Wilold. Geld marketed some hogs Here Jcj Flattie Moore s primary room Iii give an exhibition to Morrow evening at the m. B. Fautn bring Jour butter and to Cash it a Artadi and get the highest Market Price. 1g the Floyd county Oit Ijen he Bursto new and commodious Quad Tan lately per Bawd by or. Parker. A wont of Able Leet Urei Weald be Well received by the people of Marble Hock. Who will move in the Nutter. Wilke has n Lart ror Stock of boots shots Batt Cape gents furnishing than Evar before. The a Good Bajro Foonying Virginia next year. The do Wratic no Jorier in that state reduced to 427 at the late Alae it or. C. Jenore Haa pure bed old hot mod North of tha lot contained four and oot bar acres and was purchased for 8240. Took Wilkoc boots Are the Best that i Ever for the what every Vwe says who has worn or looked it he his them in men s boys youth s tit. The attendance at Church last Sun to the Sadden change to colder weather. Agreeably diversify i. Sisida opening Holer they Shai j to by oar coup the editor the Gate up in Dakota and it has been Virv Leaf Ane Ever Pince. For president in 1888, John Sher Man of Ohio for vice presidia to George w. Curtis of new York. Plat Rorm the prodigal s return under modified liver and Acou for the mugs veal cutlets for republicans Democrat. Or. By the of Nora Springs and or. Huckins. Of Greene consulted with drs. Clark Mccray last monday in to ease of or. Gorman. The physicians decided we arc informed that he is afflicted with cancer in the so Tach. We Are always glad to receive items of Low news Bat we Mast insist for on own Protection that the write give their names. This Rale is inflexible us if not complied with the items will be of no use to in 1 oar signature the Bottom of the pipe not for in big cation but simply u a guarantee of Good Faith will be a Messiry to insure the communication above it. Correspondents will save presents a series of quaint pictures made at the time and never before published in this country together with incidents in connection with the Jour a clings of Lalay Otle in ifc24 and 1825, not least among which is a graphic account of his entertainment by the fish Ermen of the oldest club in America it the state in Schuylkill. Stephen a. Douglass and the free by a. W. W. Clason informing and readable contribution Aaron Burr a by Charles h. Peck is continued from the november number and concluded the apotheosis of the plutocrats thoughtful discussion of the labor question by w. M. Dick a incr a Winter s work of a Captain by general p. St. George Cooke of Detroit gives the Reader new and colds he author give those who Call for it a Sample bottle free that they May in before purchasing. The Large bottles Are 50c and we certainly would advise a trial. It save you from consumption. Photographer is ready to take your picture i Jurieu. I Hotdog rather All ready not look pm Tasat. Before the my dear 1 think Yuu d better go into the other Toloai. Omaha world. Would you believe the proprietor of Kemps Balsam gives thousands of bottles away this Mode of advertising would prove rain our Itlie Deli him we cure for coughs and All Throat and lung troubles. Yau will Pic the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Don t hesitate procure a bottle to Day to Ditc or future use. Trial bottle foe at a. J. Asper Jos Large sire 50o and . A Young Lidy who had been married a Little Over a year to her Matier of fact old father in this City saying we have the Dearest Little Nottage in the world ornamented with the most cd or Ming creepers Yon Ever old Man read the letter exclaimed endless varieties albums in All styles. For the girls and boys. Come and examine our Stock and prices lib int concerning the Razov Eaic t of in new Mexico in 1846. There Are i urge number of other articles. Laere is a Duli Page be tween Tbs covers of this superbly print i periodical. It specimen of Typo get Phi Beaity that has no Superior of treble and annoyance ing with this remt. By Epply. Cost invt. Price a year. Bradway new i Ork City. 43 twins Jle Rolu. B j free gift great excitement has been caused in the Vinni to of Paris teat by the remarkable re covery of or. J. E. Corley who was so helpless he could not turn in bed or raise his head everybody Saivii he was dying of consumption. A trial bottle or or. King s it new discovery was sent him. Finding Relief he bought a bottle and a bos of or. Kind s life by Trio time tie bad taken two boxes of pills and two bottles of the disc Oyer he was Well and had gained in flesh thirty fix pounds. Trial bottles of this great discovery for con j sumption free at mall or Cuy a cd s. To each purchaser of cd dds Silver Ware or musical instruments Amouri fing to of More we will give a ticket free to the drawing of the Fine music Box now on exhibition at our store. Actual value of music Box j Large bottles
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