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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 13, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaS vol. 18 no. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa july 13, if Jcj. 1ehmk Yea if Marble Rock weekly. Is vet morning by h 8 Nieb son ites your attention to his Stock of groceries. My line is new and Complete my prices bed Rock my aim to please the people. 1 want All the butter and eggs you can bring in. My customers want Good Dairy butter i y i Jun the Maningi of Mason it m warm As Well As cold weather. 1 will give Good goods in Exchange for the above farm produce. 00 to 24 Raats. T is eerie. Hogs 00 10 50 10 this is Good Neather for Corn but bad for local baby Husu Feltey we have just received a Large Stock of the Well known Minnesota in faints for outside and indoor decoration also a Large Stock of window shades and Wall paper for the million White Lead pure Oil brushes and m fact everything usually found ii a Village Diug store a h Al sister has moved a Stock of pumps Aad wind Mills in the o Valr building Smith Brothers improved the appearance of their livery barn by a coat i of mint Charles has just completed a new Hay barn on Bis farm North East of town Javies Anthony dul the work Joho i Shaffer Calu your attention id this Reoe to his Carriage and Wagon shop read and profit thereby c f Greenwood John and mrs Biraui Lessee drove Over to the of duty seat on probate business tuesday Allen Moore had a Wagon loaded with cobs break Down with him while going up Bill on the Vest Eide of the River Aat monday afternoon one word describes we refer to Dewitt s Witch Hazel halve cures obstinate cores skin diseases Aad la a Well known cure for pita a. J Goto foe a full and Complete line now on hand at prices that defy Competition. Highest Market prices paid for eggs. Give us a Call and be convinced that we mean business. Farmers Headquarters for a Antwan Iteva Haf axum. Whipe fit Neto sweat pc a Ramhi j Liall bail Lur wan in Cem me. I Barb wire her Negim St trial Kiing Celb Ash Ort inc a sperm to in Tom Caru sippin of All Aida. A tin shop in connection. Job work and repairing a specially. All work warranted they p s c e will err Erie Cream and cake the Bolar House Lawn Etenne in la u. 1893 every body Young and cordially Wel corned elder photo too Hod wife of Horton spent the Early part of the week in Thea Vicinity Tsaiting old acquaintances. The or preached m the Baptist Church ast sunday the county Central committee Hae accepted the eur Jontion made by this journal Sone Tinis ago and will Call but one Contention this year to a think the plan a Good one and save Mui a time and expand to the people see Cail elsewhere. People do not top to think Taat bluffing their Money into a Safe Deposit Box they May be preventing we Bank ran boding a helping hand to a de urn for a Short time my be of in Little Reg Euble health produced of Offitt s Little Early Rivera cure mylar ou3 disorders and regulate the stomach and Bowel which preve Oia head Obe and Dirac near. A j Asper t co for be a races till to received at the different printing offices n thu county for special far Ora should Eia nine their Pedigoe us expose them to the of their meet intimate Fen to and if they pan Nape Cioti they May thrust them upon an Public later on the Appeal Cage of the a Vizena of itar Blelock vib diet not toot help of Juita will coma up for its final hearing before the state superintendent of Public instruction at Dee Monea to Morrow bit duty will be to reverse or uphold the county superintendent s decision in the Case to enterprising dealer in gannet in pair to. Exhibit an of woman one half of whom fan was to be a toothed out with hit preparation Aad the Remander left with Ite mortal Winklea until the and us fair when he would smooth out the other Hart m tie of tto to Tolu ode. Triu Nijm Wuh to inf Orbi the aesthetic Tor Loo of Teeth it is the Palmese Taall cases with per of re Holim. B. C will be Date Hunjo Tatum to the state Techla Thia fan. Or Spaulding Terrad the Fako Fally in the last Ami will undoubtedly be hat own Taco Matt m next Lea akm of that Bovry rat i Unaka Sperle will Flat to except Wuller Active Bon Onwe body Mamet a. Bedell waa Bora at weat Ottawa it october Ted Job moved Immis with Awta be Aitor wed to pouty Iowa a 1k6, Luai Jimj in fms Ber a can which of ended Joly eth. 183s, 8he leave a Baard and Chitren of viral a in Dartad of w Bro Ira. Sat Afa Nook a m b. Tai Cimisi Vaaiga pro Tea of Pidaparty at my Talwane the amp Stoa of Al Aad or Bilm sgd Fai of Taboad All Miall 1 a atm Jim aleut sunday u Char by Hilute hat returned Foroi fur r re a Cut i hit new my Luna Luib to her saturday Lew Ina Tan la erect log a barn of hit Fum what at Towa Joe Capet improved he by adding a neat Poarch c Barth Williams returned from a Chicago trip last Suruy morning Are. Mildred i Knapp w her Mother at Rockford thin week end Aid Albert Are tie races at Mason City Thea wok v Junior editor Vas Down to Waterloo monday to Bear Henr to Atterson speak my Carrie and daughter to to Cir Home at my a u born on Wilaj Jennie Uwe Wood has Mored her no winery Stock into father s store in of Street Karl hover Boot the great blood Uriber gives freshness and sea Rue to the complexion Caus Bulun bold by Piper 4 co i Haj ing lathe order of the Day Blanche Vii tag Fri Aida at Garner Tais week Priber ban build an Radii Ittai to Lila Rhui cow ulu Nef m i is build Piaf a add Twa to liw farm residence nor Ali East it it Bristow was a Patton of the Rock Milia last mob Dat a c waa kicked by a two year old cult lava saturday intact log painful but Bot Aeri Oua injun a borne sneak thief entered the residence of Herman on like Ith lost and stole Jeliou in a gooey no clue to the thief kure Anil Herman paper and i Oit expect Doftart Tor by plus hinge Sola Ihmi monday Mil go by team Scrogu the Nwa All my where be has secured a Pau on in a dry goods store or sad mrs. Wiikna will go to Fine City Minnesota next for the Bem m of mrs health elder Brualdi Baa returned from Hlili Boro be reports crop in fir to Ossa. Condition in the Southern part of the state a u Walster has i Shaeed the pump business of s Alstet 4 sons and will continue Wiio Branch of the Arm s buil Ness in person hereafter the hutches elevator company is building a new cob House and making other needed improvements on their buildings at Thia place. Frank Smith to of Meroy loot monday morning to Aid he sister who her daughter were seriously injured n the recent storm at that place. the world s fair of sunday a proving a total failure the attendance last sunday was Only and Only of these were paid and a Neino Honry big Riog a German Farmer it no three Miles North of Nora Springs comm lated Eulide on the afternoon of the 8th lust by cutting hit Throat with Rizir the Corn crop in Thia Section Oiler looked better if no in Owen Accident lapped do it still certainly be one of the largest and beet crops of Corn Ever raised n Thia Section icon sauce of the merits of Dewitt Early risers in mls Fortuna Little Pilla regulate the liver cure headache dyspepsia bad breath con o Gen James b Weaver he announced a he it 1 be a for the jolted states Senate to succeed senator Wilson Weaver trill to the candidate of he Popup Bra and i have a Large Stock of screen doors on hand window Aisi Layrd abort no to p n , Mary Barth George Carbiener Miles Arney f Boom and he Mao paper have taken advantage of he Silver Law and paid their subscription n that much berated cow or the kind treads and neighbors kindly assisted us of Wilt the talk in the world will net cod Vince you so quickly As one trial of do Witt s Witch Hazel halve for scalds bums raises Akin Alec tue awl piles. A j the people of Webster City by a vote of two to of Defeated the fare Par cent in Railroad this action on the part of debater City is a hard blow to the Book Ord line and nay result in the Road go ing to Mason City state org tier of the c w b m for will speak in the Chnat Jan Church saturday evening and sunday july 15 and 1c. Mia Craig highly rec of nodded and we Truet no will risk regretting not having Beard bar b while moving Frank Tillman a Laet Friday George bust with a painful Accident which Laid Hua. Of be a Veval Daya. He wat engaged seeing the Bouse waa properly upon the and while he attention waa thug occupied the Ropa attached to the Pally broke throwing it Back with och will sell at a walk Mac Boas at saturday the per anal can Monck Robe too term Moraw if. Roa Ranum administrator a Dot Traag is called Friday Evealo july hit at Tutti tag for of org Awildo a West Erie All that Are ten Atad a f Oswe Tery be pre await Puca Halatas Coaty leva Ndaw Bya Raav of Foamy a am to sit Law Antn bar Harord n set John Bowman of Dillana brother of John schemer Horn and Sarah Stoer. H visiting w the his Rel Alnes in Scott Towo Earp. Mrs Suaan an Gavoer a sister of Iowa a also a visitor in soot Jirs to s Hawkins a a Shioli a i taller saved my life. I iulia f a. In Uva l n u Uei it tried system 1 used for dyspepsia liver or kidney trouble it excels. Poe 15 Eta Asif k co. The new Empire mowers Are taking like Lead in tie dec ton a number of them Are now at work and Ulfig Good satisfaction for Sale by sex last Mouthy be Junior editor a Day off and went Down to Waterloo to hear the great Kentucky journalist and orator Henry Watt Enoa speak. His subject waa Money and moral that or by Atterson is a Greet speaker Emonot be denied he u a gentlemen of Atrik ing appear one being about a feet id height Gray hair and Mustache col Rva Tanon waa introduced by got who made a few appropriate remarks col Watterson began to and Leld the attention of an an Zience of about 1joo people for about a o hours. The Cedar River Park la situated on the right by Skol the rivet whose name bean and is one of in oat Beautiful id state of Iowa and is about a mile and a half from Waterloo. The Chau Fuqua building la Waade zip really for Tail kind it Gaili Aringe and holds about per Man the floor of this building is a the building is for rounded by a Pitit Fence and All who enter inside Are supposed to paid a few rods out from the Bank there is As Island connected with Mainland by a foot Bridges of which there is being toilet s urge and Cote Modique path House Lor the accommodation of the Public 11 _ i am hoi profitable Day he should attend the held at that place this Date we shall it d c n d0 but Srun Flo feed nil a thai having no Money to in and wishing no Book we shall Huie after do a non Coly Cash by smear and shall Post Lovely give do edit. Let cuu John and Hai i or Turku Stout Lodi i no 2s1, a p a a f Marble Rock july Kab 181% Berus it Hae pleased Ooi a All Vine Providence to Call oar brother Hirn from or midst to the Lodge above therefore As an expression of the feelings of table Lodge be it bes Elved that id the death of our worthy Bro. Hiram this Lodge Haft sustained a severe loss and while we be Leve that our loss is Bis gain we mourn hat the am Mons which must sooner or Ater come to All should soon have called him to report to the grand Muter of the and cwt that when All Are rated from the Bat Long sleep that we All May meet him in the Lodge eternal resolved that while m death our ban loot worthy member we realize that his family has Sonu ined the infinitely greater and Low Otao effect sonata father and Loving Hus and and that while Bia id the did fee May be occupied by another id the family there will Ever be a vacant chair and broken Circle received that to his family and Fri eos we ailed our sincere sympathy with Hope that for they May look to the Ood in whom put in Trail resolved that a copy of these Resola furnished to the widow Aad family of or brother resolved that the Lodge be draped in mourning Fer period of 30 Days rewired that a copy these resold tiros be Rock weekly for publication Aad that they be a pan the records of u b in 1 m ii e w Kim of keat Luxona. Ii you can Soord to be Aon Vyvid by re a tache and Cool Upavon dont Lany Isumu Lur will Core Taw a. A. J a Porto Scott items. mat Bact big n the Grove of in Eavor Tam id above two weeks Praski King at Laving Dowa the old Dees brewery umber for a dwelling Boon will be Al 16 foot Crabtree to the Carpenter haying has Nat began and the crop will from utter has Val tide Ber de. Aad Tatally we me a. Caw pwn cd mkt raw a to Umi win Bat Awn . Ajar u Ajay Bora Ial Lam Tiute Convene at it 1893, Aad con Laue two wa4ha. P. Colgrove Sura Sproge will teach i e aia Twy supt u of Charon Ziy pub Lic a Bouta. Will Tail Anthaw rtt x mrs. C. P cd grow i teach Geog Raphy and Reade f Schaub. Of Terman log Kwh College Mill Grai Amar and Phuyai Loicy w c will give the teachers popular lecture entitled the Mac and the dead will la turn Luton the Luat Itile tic mount i the season it Ebelto to Chr attic Ajaj or Floyd Persona pipe Vlug to teach in the of Hhd county during the ensuing year Are Enji acted to be present for the entire Teuton of the in f tute. Those Wobu Ahmad for it. Day or two perhaps hang a ouzo. A jew Days before enrolling Antn meter unon work in a half hearted Ana incr thereby the super intent it that they have very title Amu Efimy and Tor the Profe Ealon pretend to fellow need expect from very teacher Ahou Lille Praseut to Toath or to be taught to in tribute beat thought and beat thus amut in various ways to make the Institute productive of the Mea Good to the teachers and haboob of the county visitors a Ped ally school officers will be Welcome any time doing eee Ewa Reepy Yuliy yours . but world s fair rates. For the columbian exposition at Chi Cago May 1st to october 31st, the Burl Loguid. Cedar rapids and Northem railway will Well excursion to Chicago Tram Marole Beck at rate it for the round trip tickets on from april to Octubr 31st Good to return until november Kwh 1893. For tickets and All a formation Call on any agent of this company j e Ilam Feofan leu tit and pase at Cedar rapids Iowa. Wishing to close out my Stock of goods i will1 make special on All goods every Satur Day until All sold out Call and get a bag Iii of some kind m Boot mid shoe maker i Liisu j Iii til Iii Foi a Vang nil in kinds of Tine am to in i it t in am Pietu band Lealier lates and slip in Slot pics Sidof Law the of Mir Hailmu nil Aud every tiling usually kit in your sew lug machine not Dot. s of Iii fitly on hand Otilee. It a tween ils Day been a notes to b a 111 the same is june 20th, 1893. I m. Miam b. A. A Sill. We Loti old not improve the Ina Lite if Paul double the Poe. Dewitt s Witch to a t .1 Peri Euce Cui produce or that Money can i buy a j Asper co new goods in a St fever had groceries Ami 80ti f int Inhui i w t come and see my h. B. Rosenkrans. Bro s Model grocery. 1 All satisfaction. True me a Call and i will Joseph Wiloth do Alk in Al wry hardware harness repair eng a specially. We meet Alt honorable Competition. J. L Shafer Marble Rock Wagon Carriage shop h. Stott by lbs in Staple and fancy groceries crockery cigars tobacco notions tote you will always find that i pay the highest prices for butter and eggs. My motto is Good goods at bed Rock prices. To Texe we will sell goods at read name prices. No i we buy As Ohep As any who pays for Good article. We Wilh make t Ery Liberal discount s on some goods that Are going out of Date and Are just As serviceable Many time beter than some of the High priced goods ire will Wil duplicate an Bill in clothing groceries shipped in1 by any of Mir so called cheap concerns and Ortet nil Moneef Competition at borne or abroad we oui take your Meadore rent for a dress suit and guarantee a Gijon fit or no Sale coals and pints Cheapo Cloae ont. A. The hutches
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