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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - July 13, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaA safest Money a. Roziene. An real estate broker Oitt Iuva. ans on improved j farms Geo. M. Hit bad Fathio Ulle barter hair Eraser special attention Piil 10 is die to t the i us oath. Rcck. T ii pro Impi men i Cliot i cur Ity. I offer Durant k a. I tin Ulm Aji Auw 10 ii c his of r to Senri j is perfect it Ull . F a. Coz Tomc the most popular hew Leiv 13 Tolje i Feti others of a 5 4j-a a a 30uwoii10.niw a Fork to by Locaco Orange mass. Iron Bitis in owns num bitter a certain Abr All i Latu completo ton act w Feron. Lam of strict Jtb tact of Etc. Tits tits Nih if tvs mat Lite to Tow like Charm Tow too. Onl7 Ito Palipa Emlion uni by Ocker Tow to Petit or headache. Sola All Orff two a Pocuc. Cheh icat. Co. To. Of Mitat Kmitt. Tutt s los punished Lay Henry b. Hies. I Kalice towed Lake i Charity for ail terms per annul in Advance volume 7. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. July number 50 Stone store Marble Rock Iowa will sell All kinds of goods Sulci As Tea Coffee sugar spices extracts tobacco and All kinds kept Genera. Dry goods and grocer j store As u any that pays for a cads. Mid shoes of nearly Eury variety will be found at the Stene store. Clothing on hand in quantities to cd flown All floods arc warranty l As represented or Money refunded. American sewing machine one of the Best manufactured Allen Moore this new map front beyond any reas Nabla we tic that tic Nonh Western railway a by All adds tue Road Fer you to take when tract line in either direction bet Veen Tii Unyi All print jul Point in the wat a truth and far Tai went Diamint Tia Nap. Hit principal Catiti of tin West and North an on Thi read. Ita through Traina close connections with the trains of All Rait Roada at the hic too a North Wjt Sukk , Ortr at Iti principal Linw Riua each Way daily Tom two to car r fat train. It is the Only Nad Wen North or Northwest of Chicago hat Nice the Imperial Palace cars. It in Only Iti Ettrum pallm i or not Atli of it Arur t it my tic to Othart. Tel Winf Tanh Riff a ubic Winou Dak Cvita Stonic to a Kittijo St. Job . It film net. Is a Pycior Jiin dwt Manl my Lizun Lin to like Lyhl an mid a .11 a pm to Tel Annb i Tiv t Lim cilia. Overil. And i n w. F.biux3uck. U. Of a torpid liver. Imp Law Renee Martin for on wednesday. Of a. 1882, for the of no Winting candidates far the following la wit a Audidas Foiste Tuy of a for auditor it state. A candidate for to Rebarer of stale. A candidate fur of supreme court. A for clerk of supreme court. A candidate Fer rept Ter of the sup Caie Coin. Floyd county is to eaten delegates. A True Blessing. It in Oitim b-1 o poor debilitate a. Buffer ing Haia Anity if Wund atop tailing the Tanj tile purgative Pilu and cathartic cent hands advertised Lor the cure of i later complaint. Although they if for Tela Horary Relief at Ibe same time they weaken the Dise Stire compel a continued and increasing upe of the same sufferers front dyspepsia and liter complaint do not used a cathartic but should use some the medicinal tonic that will strengthen tic it gesture organs and heal the i Esa etl tines of the Sturro Ach Tirck a web such a remedy is Brown s Iron bitters and it Nurer fails to a permanent if Jou continue to live in health and Are determined to die before Tomt you Bare Only yourself u Kakama Stup b the army. The War hns Detuno noned to improve if a possible the a booting capacity of the army. Thu is a Good idea. Toe army is an exp site department of the government. We hire it to kill people when the de mands. For this pupate we furnish it rifts of the most approved pattern except when there is a Job in Tuu Way and someone wanta to make a Little Money in a fat contract. The curious about our it Fry that while Tho Only enemy it is called on to is with in our territory and jurisdiction that enemy is As a Rule in Well if not bet Ter equipped in death dealing Machidon f. L. Which this can be and the it is through corrupt Connivance of the in Dian agents. If we had honest agents War of Pic Plains would by . But for some it Iwon or another we have Nerer been Able except in few rare wow to Dut corer the right class of per sons this survive. If the Standall of the army is to eleven Jcj target Wilt of course be needed. The Larcer portion of the army is on tha Plains and if in some Way it could be arranged the thu a fonts who lire and flourish in this to Pion would be made to serve in the capacity of tar for the volleys of the Nii Litan it would in .1 gain All acre York ill Inlet. Parisian Lun. I Tavel during the Early part of the Campaign in mex Ico a French corps was enc Amsted fur sonic Timo ukr a would swarming with parrots. A very morning at Day break the bugles sounded the o the air to which have Burn set the Well known words la rn5quvtte? Amil to la Rasqui ctr to per Bunrith and the parrots soon made their Leafy resort resound with a perfect imitation of the my. It handed Down from father to ton. And we left that Soiett French travellers who recently Paiml to Natiku the foot were grimly and nation Fly astounded by idea r ing the air Artu to Volc. La c la 4lu Pur i admirably rendered from Isle Trees around them. Free i Marble Rock if in Furvas of Mia a a prior i t. W. Tin of lome Fortone of talking to n Friend of Willis a Van Etc Obilt Wiio we his Gen ii the following no Manric was Tatj of or. the Mont thin about him or our to think Totua ind mridul More in thin the entire Batt Tnp capital of City of new Tork thu Money Novos thit a fat Cit and its connections inn non in find for. N Ore Nonoy in the bunds Ian All hint. Fortuzi atoll he is not much of in Tymn neral run. Or Tomt amm Joi tit Numen worm work of corrupt ton Igodt the and a tuft on the would be fatal to t Tottel we Faiu hate few fortunes in Ihn the nine Man said what i sir to a think for Cenc. My old in rations on said the that is a Uinn. La is trim that Etc a find s White Iti the wlm re vhf he was. Nhe Lior to a . A Canh. A Chr Thor. Tinl i thu Mode to a certain Circle in this Cwi Urr and i think there if no info a ring from it that kure n to Man. He it in , Hurt it with in nil. Or int that he a up a Wilalor he to a Matt Ami in Urfest a one n.4 of a a wealth of Twat Well Safr thu Tii Way to of to to let u. Renu of Tow to make the m us of fice extra Ricly Anft Fol a to How they hah dec things which in in the Riib text i Appa Wimch. Per haps h be Imti on to vol Monck m done up in us offt utter to Why she Hor it is Seldom that Bill into live has within it the key ton Roma it a but a one de by As Wmk Limu fair of ohm Idit pm that Ilie of Al War Nib to Emma a. But declared null Mantl Taitl. The of the marriage which is thus to be aside u mrs. Walrath lived at hit ten an go Aud site and eau to whom i we Dud Wem schoolmates and they older Lluy kept company with other to some mrs. Sawyer object my to i Bugter seeing Mth of Walrath. Oneve Riding he called upon the Wlton she was Mono and without any preamble invited her to walk to Irwin s House to be demurred at but Hith Tho to Mantic of the not Nir length sons opted. Tied the marriage Al emn Rcd a few minute afterwards. On the fat in f uni Loump Wai Rath rela Teil his plans for the future to wife and when the Riple Hail reach Cal the of Home he bade her after lick that she and better not say anything about the affair for awhile and that to would Dot Boubli to Sec Gaiu Lor a Lew As to was to from that Day to this she it Ter seen her husband nor Huang from him Viruet by. Walrath was a Man of quiet Studi Ous White his wife 13 an attractive but retiring woman of 21 or Veara of age who now lires at Troy the truthfulness of can not be doubt we. She can not of turn a full and Complete divorce in the courts because of a Lack of grounds on which to Basmati notion and m she no peal to the legis lature. Many a other Story of outer s death. The Caw of Iteck career among the Sioux Indiana wad noted Iti this journal has Bini fully in at tic county Potter Luttee by overseer begone Jenl ulring the of Hia the old Man a thin journal a Dea or into the Battle of the Little nig Horn than before had. Hack who had a captive the skew for eight years participated in that Battle. He recounted thu de Tail of the murder Oiw charge upon us Ter in his broken English in a Leauner that waa interesting even to those who were familiar with the Slaughter of the fral Lant general and his add. He that upon night of the charge Ting Bull expected and had All his forces and a hand of warriors of which he Cru one. The plan of their Battle Wes an flows the i Dlana fenced in a Large Corral with and within built fires. Upon the they Bung their Blu kits and within they fund but Leta of wimm Roeu Odoul tue res weal in to the mountains surrounding the spot and until Custer and i com Pany be attracted to the trap they Hud to levied. They were Sucre i i for saw the us rat to and his Chance had Conil. Or fire Ujjin the in thu the with one fell swoop in muted devils Rucheil Down Ushra him from tic sides it x moment the Little of 900 men were surrounded Riih equal Battle was Cimi Menuel. Deck said that ouster showed no fear but Rodt into the i Trot with Era and Ember Flash or and never Misiul it but that he left i inn Sun in Reiskin s Faw if and Trade to Nark which so Muiir tight thu u the fms Slepr no t had at la dim Liff by my for Al ways i my eyes the were in motion. Another Point about is that they Chi two their what b the average age of to Mart Alt Lih flout after they m life such and agric Honl lotto. The Are amerind Are monopolizing it hate of milk at this Lime. The United states Bax Jacoh 30 per cent of the of the work of Ted us per try the meat. Hie following after in Alec tip of Karl maturity Fertility As Himera see. Quality of tics to. And Ojiri lavas at All it has been proved by heir a. Muntz and that the of make aus in feeding Huttis with Verv at Fictor re Aulta. Com is of More marked changes than any other crop we pro Duce and can blvd to our Faucz in style and color very Emily i f we will give the care and Alton tied Neces sary. The average yield wheat per acre in was Only bushels Ngn inst for "i8so. This of itself to to u f Uithof 100.udo.ogo bushels in total wheat crop of 1881. The soil for radishes should be very Light and Rich. They prow Are Able to keep out of the Way of they can grown in succession from time Frost leaves the ground till late in the fall. Those who Lime an a fertilizer apply from ten to fifty bushels to the acre May by applied it the same rate Salt at the rate of 200 to 400 pounds and plaster at the rate of inti pounds. It id said that a Lime made yellow with Copperas covering stones and the cry Tala of the Copperas the the into rat rout not Only rats but cockroaches and mice. To prevent Chu Kim cholera keep the drinking water for fowls in old. Rusty Iron vessels and occasionally throw m Small Quantity of Sulphur and Quick lieu into the vessel and do not let them pet filthy but Umsu them out every few Daft. If a Small Piero of Sulphur is occasion ally thrown upon the fire for of took Imp it will effectually prevent Skippers and hugs from inroads upon the Bacon for Wilt it produce any feet on its flavor on the Mere sur face or skin. Or. Greeley used to remark that he always knew when a Farmer was prosperous or not by the Way in which be a Finatti his manure Heap and handled the Whitewash Brush Well kept build Ings were of Well kept farms. Executive drinking of water is said to increase the consumption of fat in Tho body. Too watery food should there fore be avoided especially in fatten ing if we Wiah to obtain the most rapid Ami abundant formations of fat. Writing of Tiro enact of fowl on Al pin Tun of liw Doroit to 6 Fate Eiten the fact that thaw pro ducts of fowls kept on supp conf an unclean kind Uch As swill and decayed garbage will in one quickly taint Ulii in lilt other tic a in Iii Carp i a Douw skated fish holding the same relation in other fillies that our Donielli Cattel fowls do to the wild Bird i of Field and Forest. It 13 Difton a from the Softie it de. native lira i m will know to us As the corp "sucker.11 it requires about voting Fob to Stock a Pond of one acre Fri trient of fwd weighing to two Jotun a to us acre is a Libeu and Thettye will require artificial feeding tinier the Pond is very Rich with food product Tae vegetation. Among Pic met banners Tonj sulky breaking plows Are now Biog largely in the place of Theo Linary plow. With one of them a Man and three Homes Tuny Vacily do tie work of two men and Lour horses with the common plows. Vrtol growing and spinning in Russia Are Imi verbal being re much if Bot of a Home Industry than it factory peasant a few sheep whose Wool Seldom Rotert Commerce but h spun and consumed m . Of tags of u been by Writt Abbottt a year ago we had discarded everything that i thigh twist danger Otis to Tho health when we were Mart led on learning that win adulterated with a inc acid and that lurked in Usu in Cauzy zulus of uie Board Batter cake. Were to that the Batter cake in hit was Ipri Adang. Ahtl Phopho Ricl were made Altai ii would eventually Niin thu of the a lure the nation to it vast of Flap ask so the Batter cake in scratch no off our list of edible Niin the Frap Nuit Nolfi Tai Bill Licau a it Taid to pro cold feet. To lion we k Arnod that the sad faced Ami cohort u of and Tho Kraut that the and Kraut had to get then we Goithil Tunt con like met whatever that and Fri. Therefore. Forcell to give to up the of tint Hilari Ous the went m till or Hud nit off from our Bill off Irr but Civ tem water and of hewing Pum. And it found nose Rosip a or health in than when fewer it 10 the Tomb front ejects of a Lvcas with a heavy line of d Poi sons three or Fanir times a Day. About till time a Man with a inc in inn Lorn and that out by drop of of turn Walum con tinned an of Ith wiggling twin. And a habit of gum chewing wan a fruitful Suurs of can cer. Next in Init we Fti-1 to off Wing infernal on to diet lion and now we eat and chef thing Thiu Wiir act the will on palate and of can work tent Day acid to read Small trint without a novel and mrs has race Billy gotten up x. Niti parian jeweler for a it is of targe Pink in gift mow alternating with to Noti also in Diamond. To e str compres the diadem of. Let brooch atm the la formed each of a round Iun Pink Pearl. Tii exe tit Ltd it . A gnat Southern shop Ami group no wild highly Iii Kentucky Mubina vial parts tit South Ami thin would one of thu industries i for people in n who have Nurieh capital to with. Kutteh South in common with new it Votel to Aito to r Industry which h in with re in raiding producing. Thin i Star ing of 1 dial uni fun i 1 to tank can be nhrumt.-. To the South . 1 of Tinl plenty of Ujiiye my Nhu Lluu Al est i a Vii icy of opinion on t Verv Sublitt. The South it so and life Aud to might no varied Ami Complex that n real observer will be slow to impute in Tiv part of our country in Kilt in regard to this South i the Chipi Ilner Devo Tion to tic rearing of a i Aln Ninual of the ancient a grit i was if ten on the Point of ask ing How much do you Inanc a on your they i Snohr and Are so Nepi Tilv Icv occupy a Plique of Mich in the Groenil lift of the South Anil to dominate Public sentiment and in Miemiec Public morality that one is constantly inclined to the that their Anil care in Lite Nyht to Tritant and valuable pursuits of the people. I told lax in Souie of the suites but that when the of his rounds scarcely any Billy can u found who will confess to owning a Doc. A timorous in Ortwin Iii or in the Turo of one of the chief Southern a few ago. To it Law to limit or discourage the roaring of and to it Wool. Tut a Colonti member of the legislature Tulc an nil in Thiafi Mastic defense of and talked sentiment and what the Jamita have written in of White wags having assisted him in the of i until one would have Almu he that the Hihi Cut interests of civilization depended upon having As Many in the coun try . The Oknox Ikimis Bill voted Down by a mud the imperilled Industry was Lentic. Bound her a hic should swim. Sometime Fogo Hen was a ujan ducks1 eggs and in due time the Duck Lings were on their Way to tin Canart water. Biddy wits ranch alarm etl at the apparent Folly of her Brood but ofter a few Days she lost Alt fear and each morning let them to the water and patiently waited until they were done Afler a to weeks the ducks we re to care of Thi Iru elves and Tho Hen Nunn i our Usu Lulu. V. Rich Inu Ciucka were the Onui not forgotten Aimar Rcd it be maternal she to the water hut to her Surprise not one us Luitt. Some Tiuliu in talking Ihu Iii in Hen language convince them that it their duty to into thu water. Like Diioli Vliem a on the part of her children Licin urns by one and threw them in. Drowning the whole White mid l Otter. Or. Amos Bradley Roehn Tei n. Y., us a it rare cure for nervous debility and general decay of idea Miteru i Eon Acif of piously recon vend Brown s Iron bitters Medicine will give Prabst Relief. I do this at a duty i owe my fellow men. De inf Mimir Rotond to perfect piles. Piles Are freq neatly preceded by i sense might in the Back loins and lower part of the Abdomen Outing the Patent to Sappok be Kame off Eutimi at the kids Eye or neighbouring organs. At Tia i Jarn Tonu if Preabt u fatal Cir of the Ito Maca Etc. A Noia Tare Penni Natian disagreeable itching particularly it eight liter get warn in bid a Coupon attendant. Internal external and itch ing Pilot Jirld at once to tic Appi Ica Tion of or. Smanko j pile ready. Which you Dinolt upon Ike Partt affect a absorbing tamers allaying the in Tepee Ito hike and effecting a per manent where All Ether remedies Bate tailed a delay until Drain on the Peri inert disability but try it and cared Price Aak your or Eggitt for it and Jot a for 1 ill Rev Lii no in of main and Bradford str Rte. A a in Low Price. The profit Ray c of to and elegant Lortt mow., rout nit j Joo each. Tuci Ueni Renni s. For a with. And i Lutil fret and will bring a Reosia of 1 will also Mil a of life Lores Ami build info in Lawn. Pin Tiu a to John Tonison Marue owl or u. A jibes is the same i Charles Lamb livery feed stable o Golden Star Oil stove still. Ham tub Worlo. 50.000 in u6ei Bivort no Csolti of Gifu Tor acct pvt my Osborn a Kwa Flea if. Armor Call my wet for ii
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