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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 12, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaAn . 1 Bollt a la Youthful Dre Tut it a Tunny and pleasant Nook. Where i aright listen. Whole Day Tat of curl inc Brook a with wide and airy and Broad and shining a Bouse with the hidden charms of Tome and Freedom o oat of doors. Nor Nanc Clories climb and Bloom at will by the Eastern eaves and on the Doorstep and window Sill the roses fake their leaves Jand fair lilacs toss their purple plumage High while honeysuckle drop their sweets on Down at the end a pleasant path la a group of Erer Creen Pine and Hemlock and Spruce and fir. With their spicy fragrances and sweetest picture of Calm Content that mortal Ever saw. Antler a Low coughed Apple tree is a Bee hive made of Straw. I have pictured it All a Hundred i shall do it a Hundred but i never shall own the pleasant Home with the roses Over the door. A dream of mine came True it is Fate s unbending t never shall see the Apple tree nor the Bee hive made of Straw. Bat yet in the any realm of where All my riches i enter in to the heritage is else denied to me 1 Tare but to close Tonj eggs to find my Eden without a flan the Home the Garden the Apple tree and the Bee hive mide of Straw. Alters. Allen in Elliott s mag Azine. Story of life in i by f. Teany Soo Nedjar chapter vhf. Billy Gray was indeed in close arrest and the grim prophecy was Ful canker was proving thing but a guardian Angel to the regiment officers and men bar ring Only the commander was practically in mourning with sorrow for him and Chagrin Over its own discomfiture. Not Only one important prisoner was gone but two not Only two but four. No Man in authority was Able to say just when or now it happened for it canker own order that the pros should not be paraded when the guard fell in at night. They were Here at Tattoo and at taps All right. The officer of the guard said several soldiers had quite a Long talk with one of the after Tattoo at which i Tim the entire guard had been inspected Delthe commanding but it Rcv pills four most important prisoners were gone and such canker s Wrath that not Only was Gray in arrest but the sergeant of the guard also i Nile the three luckless men who were successively posted As sentries during the night at the Back of the wooden Shell that served As a guard now in close confinement in the place of the escaped Quartetti. Yet those three w Ere men who had hitherto been above suspicion and there were few Soldier s in the regiment would accept the theory that any one of tha three had connived at the escape. As for the sergeant he had served Fout enlistments in and without a flaw in his tee Ord beyond an occasional aberration in the now Distant past due to the Potency of the Poteet distilled by certain hibernian experts not far from an old time Plains fort where the regiment had rested on its March Cross continent. As for the who would suppose an officer guilty of anything of the a flagrant military crime and men got to asking each other if it were so that bugler Curran had carried a note from the prisoner Morton to or. Gvay about that afternoon and Erlat iras this about Gray s hating Brooke to Swap Tours with him an hour later and what was that Story the Headquarters clerks were telling about or. Gray s coming to the adjutant and begging to be allowed to March on " that evening instead of Brooke it was t Long before these rumours somehow got to canker s and canker seemed to grow As big again he fairly swelled with indignation at thought of such turpitude on part of ten officer. Then he sent for Gray ih2 follow Jug the sailing of the ships with the big brigade with pain and bewilderment and indignation in his Brave Blue eyes the youngster came and stood before his item Superior. Gordon who sent the message and who had heard canker s Denun Chatory remarks had found time to scribble a word or two admit nothing say nothing do nothing but Hora j our Tongue and temper. If c. Insists on answers say you decline except in presence of your legs i so there was a scene in the commander s tent that afternoon. The morning lad not been without its Joys. Along about ten o clock a Gray sat writing to his father in his Little Canvas Home he heard a voice that sent the blood leaping tic rough kit reins and filled his with Light. Springing from his Tarn Stool and capsizing it As he did go he poked his curly head from the Entrance of the tent and there she was Only a. Dozen feet away maj. Lane in courteous at ten dance or. Prime sadly following and Mim prime quite Content with the Devotion of capt. Schuyler. Only a dozen feet Aad coming straight to Lilai Voltl Frank you in her kind and winsome hand outstretched the to atm ate caught tight Watrt to when we heard of it yesterday or. Amy Lawrence Tat it wits Al vib it Tarcie Luul ing the Fleet off and Uncle was too met in the evening. Indeed we Are All very very and poor Billy never heard or cared what the others said so absorbed was he in drinking in her gentle words and gazing into her soft dark no wonder he found it difficult to release her hand. That Brief visit filled with sweetness and Sunshine ought to have been a Blessing to him All Day Long but canker caught sight of the damsels As they walked away on the arms of the attendant miss Lawrence More than once smiling Back at the incarcerated canker demanded to be informed who they a Ere and where they had been and Gordon answered they were miss Law rence of Santa Anita and miss prime of new he reckoned they must have been in to condole with or. Canker snarled that people ought to know better than to visit officers in. Was Tanta mount to disrespect to the commander. It was marvelous How Nikanj things in canker s eyes were disrespectful. So he heard these stories with eager ears and sent for Gray and thought to bully him into an admission or Confes Sion but Gordon s had stiffened the Little fellow to the extent of inning canker s anger and telling him he Hud All he proposed to say when the colonel called him up the Daj. The result of that was his being placed in. Close arrest and in formed that he should be tried by Gen eral court martial at once. So he had taken counsel As was his right and counsel Foi bade his committing him self in any Way. Then Rou refuse to divulge the por tents of that note and to say Why you were so eager to go on guard out of your said canker Dracula Ray. That in itself is sufficient to convince any fair minded court of Jour guilt Whereat Gordon winked at Billy and put his Tongue in his Billy stood mute until ordered with much asperity to go Back to his tent. But there were other things that might Well go toward convincing a court of the guilt of Lieut. Gray and poor Buly contemplated them with sinking heart. Taking prompt advantage of his position As officer of the guard he had caused the Young Pris Oner to be brought outside the guard House and As a heavy dripping fog had come on the wings of the night wind sailing in from the sea he had led the Way to the sheltered Side which happened to be the darkest one of the rude Little building and had there Bidden him Tell his Story. But Morton glanced uneasily at a sentry who followed close and was hovering suspiciously about. I cannot talk that fellow he said with an eager plea in is tone and a sign of the hand that Gray w Ell knew and quickly recognized. Keep around in front. I la be responsible for this were his orders and almost reluctantly the inn left. He a Veteran sol Dier and his manner impressed the Lulu a. Ague Aei Iati us trouble. Twice the sentry glanced Back and hesitated As though some thing were on his mind that he must Tell but finally he disappeared Ana kept out of the Way during the Brief inter View that immediately followed. The prisoner eagerly excitedly began his banishing any Lin Gering doubts Graj might have entertained As to his innocence. But he had come from a stove heated guard room into the cold sea wind of the into the floating wisps of vapor that sent chill to the marrow. He was far top lightly Clad for that climate and presently he began to shiver. You Are said Gray i tingly. Have you no it s at my never expected to spend this night Here. I be been be fore the summary court fined for absence and thought that would end it but instead of that i m a prisoner and the Man who should be Here is stalking about Camp planning More robberies. Yet i d rather associate with the very worst of or dead beats in Side and the dark eyes glanced almost in slender figure Shook with Uniti Pleil repulsion a tar with that smooth tongued sneak and liar. There s no crime too mean for him to commit or. Gray and the men Are beginning to know it though the colonel won t. For god s Sake get me out of this before morn and again the violent tremor Shok the lad from head to foot. Said Gray impulsively. Ill see the adjutant at once and return to you in a 1 Etc minutes. If you have to remain until the matter can be Lii i it would vehemently interrupted Morton then breaking off Short As though at loss for descriptive ass of sufficient strength. He seemed to swell with passion As he clinched his Flats and fairly stood upon his toes an instant his Strong White Teeth grinding together. Would he burst in again hoarse and quivering. I it would ruin everything can t the Gen eral give the order he asked with intense eagerness while the Young officer taking him by the Arm had led him again to the Light of the guardhouse lamps at the front. The sergeant and a group of soldiers straightened up and faced them ing curiously. It May be even impossible to see the answered Gray doubtfully take Morton into the guard room till i get Back sergeant and let him warm himself thoroughly. Don t put him with the prisoners till i and so saying he hastened away. Gordon his mend and adviser had left Camp and gone visiting Over in the other Divi Siom. The lights at general head Quad were turned now. Esau now after Baring heard proofs of the innocence of the accused Soldier. Gray knew that it waa useless to Appeal to the colonel. He could not understand however the insane impatience of int Tad for ii Mediati release. A Cotter Day ought not to make so great a Dif Ference. What could be the if it were not that though innocent of robbery of the storehouse or of complicity in the Sale of stolen goods Tome other crime Lay at his door which the Morrow might disclose a the loyalty of a Delta Sig was stretched to the snapping Point As Gray paused irresolute in front of the adjutant s tent his quest there unsuccessful. The sergeant major and a sorely badgered clerk were working late Over some regimental that mor ton wrote out easily and accurately. I suppose sir it s no use asking to have the prisoner sent up Here under said that jewel of a non commissioned officer. Yet the colonel will be Savage if these papers Ain t ready. It will take us All night As things Are Gray Shook his curly head. Go ask if you like in no shape to help has he been drinking said the sergeant major in Surprise. I never knew of it in t said Gray hastily onh matters on his mind bring me his Osero oat. He i jail it was in his and the j Oung officer jerked his head at the Patch of Little a tents lined up in the rear of those of the officers. Get Morton s and Talce it to him at the snapped the staff sergeant to the clerk. Be Spry now and no stopping on the Way he added Well aware How much in need his assistant stood of creature Comfort of some surreptitious an3 for Bidden kind. The Man was Back in a moment the coat rolled on his Arm. Ill take said Gray simply. You need t come go on with ordered the ser Geant As the Soldier hesitated. Dye the service has gone to the Devil and officers Are errands for enlisted men an get Back inside two min utes he added with portent in his tone. The subaltern of hardly two service Felt the implied rebuke of the Soldier of Over 20 years and meekly accepted the amendment but thought occurred to him he had promised Morton paper pm slopes and Stamps and the Day s new lad seemed strangely eager to get All the latter and vaguely Billy re Mem Berd having heard that canker consid ered giving papers to prisoners As equivalent to Aid and Comfort to the enemy. Take it by Way of my said he As they once there it took Moratto will the too lat time to find things. Go Back to the sergeant Ziajor and Tell him i sent said Gray after another search. He needs you on those and when the officer of the guard returned to the guardhouse and went in to the prisoner the sergeant and others rolled in the Soldier s overcoat he earned on his Arm was a bundle done up in news paper. Moreover a scrap of conversation was overheard. There s no one at the said the officer. I see no Way ing it before my god lieutenant be some Way out of it the morning will be too then i la do what i can for you to said or. Gray As he turned and hurriedly left the dozen men standing stiffly about the Walls and doorway and staring with impassive faces straight to the front. Again the Young officer had left the Post of the guard and gone up into Camp while far and near through the dim fog swept aisles of a score of Camps the bugles and trumpets were wailing the signal for lights and shadowy forms with coat Collais turned tip about the pits or Muf fled around the neck scurried about the company streets ordering laughter and talk to cease. A covered Carriage was standing at the curb outside the officers the sentry there posted remembered that the officer of the guard came hurrying out and asked the Driver if he was engaged. I m waiting for the was the answer. A full where can one order a Carriage to night without going Clear to inquired Gray. I that wish to order one at and the Driver who knew very Well there were several places where carriages could be had preferred loyalty to his own particular stable away in town and so declared there was none. You can Telephone there if you wish he added. And wait till morning for it to get Here Ifo til get and that he did get it somehow was current Rumor on the following Day for the sentries on the guardhouse Side of Camp swore that a closed Carriage drove Down from Mcallister Street for All the world a though it had just come out of the Park and rolled on past the Back of the guardhouse the Driver loudly whistling so that it could he heard above the crunching of the wheels through the rough Loose Rock that covered the Road and that Carriage Drew Bola away while the lieutenant lung sentries and presently they saw him coming Back along the walk stopping to question each sentry to his orders. Then he returned and inquired if All was quiet among the prisoners and then went and put out his Light a the tent reserved for the officer of the guard and once More left his Post briefly informing the sergeant of the guard he was going to the officer of the Day. Then it was ascertained that he had visited half a dozen places in search of that Veteran Captain and appeared much disturbed because he could not find him. In half an hour Baback asking excitedly of the sentry in rear of the guardhouse if a Carriage had come that Way. It had said the sentry and was waiting Down the Street. Gray hurried in the direction indicated was gone perhaps three minutes and , Saj ing that sentry must be mistaken that no Ridge was there. But the sentry reiterated his statement that it had Beem there and had been waiting for some time and must have disappeared while he was temporarily around at the oppo site Side of the building. This was about 11 p. M. Then when Gray appeared at reveille Morton had disappeared. S it s not the sergeant let them Fellers said the regimental oracles. This is no ten Dollar subscription and so until late in the afternoon the question that agitated the entire Range of regimental Camps was How did those Fellows break away from the prison of the then came a Clew and Vej Oriler of Licat. Col. Canker a Board of officers had been convened to Ini estimate the matter and after questioning everybody whom had already badgered with his assertions threats and queries the w ent to the guardhouse and began a thorough inspection of the premises. The wooden building stood in the midst of a w Aste of Sand mown in from the Shore Heneby the Strong sea wind. It was perched on something like a dozen Stout posts driven into the soft soil and then the space Between the floor level and the Sand was heavily and stoutly boarded planks being used. Between the floor and the Sand was a space of about 18 inches vertical and a dozen men could have sprawled ing Mawuli to escape would have required the Connivance of one or More of the sentries surrounding the building and the ripping off of one or More of the planks. In his keen anxiety canker accompanied the Board on its tour of thing the Board did not at All presently As was Bis wont began running things his own it had been found useless to question the soldiers of the guard. Not a Roan could be found to admit he knew the faintest thing about the escape. As for the prisoners most of them reckless Devil May care Ras cals they grinned or leered suggestive in but had nothing to Tell. N e a e Unis Pooai Piug ripped said canker decisively and see what they be got secreted under there should t be surprised to find a whisky still in full blast or a Complete Gam bling dash pm to dash and dash nation Send for a Carpenter to be continued Allen from i was on the judge j. J. Dubose sve were once making up a special jury for a murder trial. The lawyers were examining the venire and i was t paying much Atten Tion to what was going on till one of the lawyers attracted my attention by saying your Honor this Man is incompetent for jury service. He s a for Eigner i looked at the Man under Examina Tion and did t think he looked like a foreigner. He looked any Vay like he was acclimated. So i asked him have you Ever been no he answered. And you say you re a foreigner and not naturalized. Wha t country axe you a native Arkansas Well everybody in. The courtroom laughed. I told the Man he could go. He was t much of a. Foreigner but too much to sit on a jury in my Memphis scimitar. Tace a Star. A new military prison chaplain was recently appointed in a certain town in Scotland and entering one of the cells on his first round of inspection he. With Nuudi pomposity Titus a dressed the prisoner who occupied it Well sir do you know who i to nor i Dinna was the nonchalant Reph. Well i m your never of Are Well. I Hae heard o be and what did you returned the chaplain his curiosity getting the bet Ter of his dignity. Well i heard that last Tara Dirks be were in them Baith empty but i la be hanged if be find it such an easy matter to do the same i this fran Cisco examiner. Mrs. Do you notice any difference in the milk dear or. I should say so this is a much better Quality than we have been getting lately. Mrs. Indeed it is. I got it of a new Man who said he would guarantee it to be perfectly pure so i got enough to last for a couple of weeks. Daily news. Little miss Liberty. Me counts the stars in the dear old this dear Little maid at three her Small feet tread where no other foot she kisses bars of the stars and stripes. And she kisses his picture too for in far off climes her dear Pana fights to Daj for the red White and b be courier journal. The sagacious rat. A let tar Story for Yon my people fro which they Cam draw valuable one Day a Well fed and sagacious rat came across an object made of Stout wires whose sole occupation seemed to be to take care of a Liberal piece of cheese. Had several years experience with men and their machinations the rat looked the ground Over with great care and he was still engaged in this occupation when a mouse appeared and wanted to know what was up. Why the fact replied the rat i have More cheese Here than i can possibly eat at one meal and As cheese quickly spoils in this climate i was baiting for some one to come along and accept a you Are very very said the mouse. Don t mention it just step inside and pass the cheese out will the mouse no sooner nibbled at the bait than there was a crash and he found himself trapped. A that s the Way it works is queried the rat. I could t just make it out. Urn i see. Spring there somewhere. Very Good but i m exclaimed the mouse in great agitation. And what s to be Well. I leave that for you to de cide. I let you in on the ground floor and my responsibility ceased there. Fine Hope we shall have a Large there is a Good moral to this anecdote. Think it Rural life in a ant Hill. To mate o that it atom tall if Yoa doa t know anything about their habitat it is very interest ing at this time of year to watch the ants. Here and there across any Meadow and in the Woods you will come Apo a Little Mound with a Ridge of Earth. Ike a circus ring and a Hole in the enter from which the Earth slopes up to the edges. The ants have been ing their houses Abd these Mounds Are made of the dirt they carried out each piece in a Little grata about the aide of a Grain of sugar. There Are so Many ants in oae of these Homes and they Dart about to fast they Don t seem to be going any where in particular just hurry info Back and Forth. This is because ants All look alike to us we get Well acquainted with them and what seems to be one ant running into Hole and coming right out again is m reality two ants one of which had important business inside the nest in the Back room in the top Flat perhaps and the other who has just come from the nest something equally pressing to attend to on the outside. Araps these two ants met and seemed to rub noses As the Eskimo do when they say Good if so the were talking to each other. For the ants use their Long feelers called antennae to keep one another posted about what is going on in the ant world. This Pic Ture of two ants talking is taken from the Book stories of treat for Little and illustrates one of the things Franklin found out about ants when he was a boy. And a very important and interest ing1 world it is this ant world More like our own world than that of any other insect or animal. The ant a House for example is built in several fits or stories and these stories Are d sided up into rooms. During the night the baby ants Are carried by their nurses into a room of the nest furthest away from the opening and the front door closed by being stopped up with dirt to keep out the Are you in the show Busi Ness or. Wedder or. Wedder with eight Why no Bobby what made you think so Bobby of i heard papa Tell Kate that if she married you she d have a whole menagerie look Ira he was in a hurry. That it to the Reaita Why the bar got the to Alloa he was after. The merchant had arrived at his office rather Early in the morning and be minutes after he got Down to his desk a foxy looking Bright faced boy came in. The merchant was Reading and the boy with his hat off stood there expectantly but saying nothing. At the end of two minutes he coughed slightly and spoke. Excuse me he said but i m in a the merchant looked up. What do you he asked. I want a Job if you be got one for of do roared the merchant. Well what Are you in such a hurry i be got to be that s was the Sharp response. I left school yester Day afternoon to go to work and i Haven t got a place yet. And i can t afford to be wasting time. If you can t do anything for me so and 111 go. The Only place where i can Stop Long is the place where they pay the merchant looked at the when can you he asked. I Don t have to replied the youngster. I m Here now and id been at work before this if you had said half an hour later he was at it and he s Likely to have a Job As Long As he wants enquirer. Janitor resented the the janitor in an american school gave up his place the other Day. When asked what was the trouble he said to honest and i won t stand being suspected. If i find a Pencil or hand kerchief about the school when i m sweeping i hang or put it up. Little while the teacher or some one that is too cowardly to face me will give me a slur. Why a Little while ago 1 seen wrote on the Board find the least common multiple Well. I looked from cellar to Garret for that multiple and i would t know the thing if i met it. Last night in big writing on the blackboard it said find the greatest common divisor i says to my self. Both of them things Are lost now. ,-m3 i la be Sec use of so artful Man. If men can t Well i state with no they have the Knack of a a ants talking to one another. Chill night air. The next morning if the w Eather is Good the baby wrapped up m their Little White ale Jiuu Iii. Usu ii la Luc rooms where they can get the heat of the Sun and if the weather Ispa Ticu Early Fine they Are taken out into the Sun. But the moment the weather looks threatening the babies Are Hur ried Back into the House As fast As the leg s of the nurse ants can carry them. Not Only have tit spa hit keep cows aids in some countries Are ants which carry off the eggs of. Other ants and when these Hatch out keep them and raise them up to work for their captors. Among some kinds of ants the business of life is so divided up that while some spend All their time being nurses to the baby ants others which particularly Large and Strong jaws Are the soldiers of the ant West and defend it against the attacks of enemies chronicle. Built in two dats. How Railroad created Ai Cut la Little Orer 48 umers. There never was such another coun try As this in the celerity with which plans Are made and carried into effect. Think of a cite built in two Days that is what happened in 1s67 on the line of the Union Pacific Railroad m Wyoming. In that j ear the company decided to move its shops and establish a new town. The site chosen was on the Plains where there was neither tree nor Stone. Every other lot in the town was to be Given free to the person who would build a House. The Day after the offer was made the Railroad had difficulty in nov inf All i he people who wanted one of those lots. Tree trains were run from As far East As Chicago and in 43 hours people were on the ground scrambling for a place to construct a Home. As fast m a location was secured the building of a Home began. A Good Many of the houses were of the Knock Down style of architecture. They could be folded up and in a Wagon and some of the settlers had brought these houses with them. For a year the Railroad company continued to give away Lota. There were no paved streets nor Side walks. A Man who had a Home on a Roadway where the Sod had been scraped up in a Ridge in the Center regarded himself As aristocrat. The City is standing to Day but it larger and More substantial and the Knock Down houses have Given place to something 2ner. Tue Cit now bears the name of Cheyenne. Tarlow travel. The whistle of a locomotive is heard Yards through the air. The noise of the railway train the report of Rifle and the bark of a dog Yards an orchestra or the roil to a drum 1.600 Yards the oct reaches to a distance of Tutt croaking of frogs 900 Yards. Hie chirping of Crick ets so Yards. Distinct speaking heard in the air above to a distance of 600 Yards from abbe it

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