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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 12, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaRock b. Xes son. Soot t Iowa. In Bora of by Tom Street my Stoby is that of a life s Sacri fice in the name of the greatest thing in the level we exclaimed in a chorus. Yes answered col. D Arcy. We were sitting around a Wood fire la the Small parlor of a famous water ing place in the mountains of Virginia. It was the gee ton that turns the leaves to red and Gold and Robes the mountains in a deeper azure. We had each told a personal experience until it was now col. D Arcy s turn. At the time my Story con tinned col. D Arcy i had just re turned to America after an absence of More than 25 years. I was a Complete stranger. I had lost sight of every human being i bad Ever known. But As if coming by Accident across a familiar picture in an old attic i recalled a Man i Tad known at College. He had then lived in Boston but whether he Vas dead or alive i had not the slightest idea7 i sent a Telegram on the possibility when i landed in new York and received the answer will be glad to Aee you there was not another word but i went. The cab set me Down before a Large handsome Brown Stone on Street. Every shutter to the House was closed. Except for the Strong hand clasp or. Rossiter gave me i should have thought myself unwelcome. Some thing in his voice however went to my heart and i put my Arm around him. At i would about woman. We walked to the Library in this Way. To my astonishment i found it illuminated As was the Hall with innumerable electric lights. It struck me As curious and not pleasant for though it was the month of february it was Only three o clock in the after noon and the sky outside was As Clear and Blue As Turquoise or. Had intended being doctor when i last saw no allusion to the Light nor to his changed appearance. I saw Only too plainly that he had suffered and As Only a Strong Fuan can his hair was White As Snow and his hands trembled rhe were three score years and ten. We were the same age and at that time i had not a Gray hair . Llewellyn Rossiter had been the hand Schmett Cleverest richest Man in he asked of my travels and an swered readily to All my questions about the men we had known but Byver ill the slightest Way alluded to when later i was shown to a stairs which were covered with soft est Rel tet carpet. Flowers bloomed everywhere and electric lights dazzled me from numerous chandeliers. It seemed the preparation for a Ball. It was evidently not loss of Money that had wrought the transformation in his appearance. The room was even More sumptuous than anything i had seen. Paintings and statuary of the rarest were everywhere curios were in richly inlaid folds of Crimson velvet Hung Over the tightly closed windows mirrors reached from ceiling to floor and electric lights shone Down from a myriad of softly tinted globes. The bed cushions and easy chairs alone made it habitable As a sleeping room. Dinner was announced or. Bossier led me into a handsome room where a table sparkled with Silver and Glass. Flowers were in such profusion that the perfume almost suffocated me. The table was Laid for three persons. I expected every moment some other guest or member of the family to appear Bart dinner passed no one came nor was any allusion made to the vacant seat. It was after Midnight when i went to my room. A cold wind sighed about the House like a lost spirit and i got into a dressing gown and slippers determined to enjoy Cigar before turn ing in for the night. I tried to shut the Light. I tried again and again. Hooked behind Ever piece of furniture every picture i even examined the floor but All to no use. It was impossible to shut it off and. Believing it some Yankee invention i could not in tiers and i was about to Settle Down again when i remembered i had not locked the door. This time my Surprise was beyond All reasoning. There was no key no place for a key. Nor fastening of any it was i thought if this a usual custom in such a Large town As Boston but there was nothing to do but accept the uncanny situation Aad it would Hare been unreasonable to my Friend at that hour of i Drew no an easy chair and str etched cat my feet to the tempting mate. T waa quite unconscious of fait fag to Steep i i not have done to for wheat by i started a fhe Utnage Ngwe the i my believing i Jit Amrit. Cwt arts pretence weird embodiment a Pretare. A Lea am toward merge dark fixed a real tulle veil wound Rwy Daad Roud her in to my 1olda of White. It wbb not my first experience with the insane and-1 was careful not to lose sight her Lor a monent. With out seeming to notice anything else in the Romette turned her eyes reluctantly from my face and moved slowly to the bed. There she keeled Down and her Long hair fell around her like a Shadow. I watched every movement in a Long Mirror opposite the bed. In a moment i nearly shrieked aloud. She had thrown Back the Long veil and no words can Tell the horror that possessed in the frail fingers was clutched a human hand she Drew it again and again across her lips then Sank the White Teeth into the White flesh. I Felt that i was losing my own for a moment there flashed through my brain the horrible fear that i was shut up in a Madhouse. Everything in the House Wae strange closed shutters the perpetual Light the one servant the keyless a wreck and now this poor mad girl alone at night with her ghastly food there was not a sound in the he use though once i thought i heard a step at my was As still As death. The suspense and gnawing were growing Une admirable. I got up and moved As quietly As i could toward the bed until i was close enough to touch her. I could see no sign of the Hideo us crime about her. I leaned Forward and fixed my straining eyes on the fearful object in her hand. She might attack me though i knew i could crush her at a blow. The possibility of such a Neces sity was terrible to me. I could hear f f Jyh. Felt very its. She around caught my Eye and gave a Low moan As of paid. In that moment i had Sten All. She Rose quickly wrapped the hand in the Long Teil and. Walked to the door. She opened and closed it softly behind her and i heard Only the sweep of the heavy Over the floor. I did not dare to look ont or Call i hastily Drew a Large dressing Case be fore the door and sat Down with a sigh of Relief. What i had naturally mis taken for a human hand was Only a lifelike hand carved in Ivory. It was nine o clock nest morning be fore i awakened. I almost believed i had had some dark dream except As 1 got up i stepped on a fresh Orange Blossom. Lit the Library i found or. Fossil or. I hardly dared Greet his eyes. Break fast was on the table and he moved a chair for me with a quiet Good morn ing he did not ask How i had passed the night. The meal was dismal failure i thought with positive horror of the several hours before the afternoon train. I had intruded upon this unhappy life and though my heart ached for him i found that i was not to take any part in his Confidence. I Wae sur prised then when he said to me was powerless to help you. Through the horror that you in 1--j. 1 j i stopped him. My dear Llewellyn my coming has been voluntary and an intrusion. I no right to any Confidence from you. God knows anyone can see that j of have whatever your Sor Row i Gire Jou my deepest sympathy but you must say no More.1 ton do not he interrupted. I talk to you of my own volition. It is the last time to mor Tal Man outside of these Walls. If i seem to ask sympathy forgive me. I have never asked before i bowed my head for no other answer could be Ghen to that suffer ing soul. You will not remember Mona Mac Donald he ment on. She was the daughter of my father s oldest Friend we were to have been married the year after i left College. The sum Mer before our marriage i was called West to California. She begged me i thought to give up the idea but i was obliged to go. In my absence she was invited to a Large country House near Boston. For a month her letters came regularly then without any explanation stopped. Two weeks passed and still receiving no letter i telegraphed. The answer nearly crashed me Mona very ill. Come at i lost no time in reaching bos ton. They broke the news to me. And i fell like a dead Man and Lay unconscious for Days. When i awakened it was Only to have those horrible words ring Over and Over again in my brain until i thought i too should go mad. For my Mona. This tender Beautiful ure was shut up in a Madhouse. O Godl that i should live to Tell it i rested not Day or night until i held her in my arms and brought her away forever. I thank god that even so much As this was left me to do. She had been the innocent victim of a. Brutal joke. Among the men who visited the House were several medical students. All sorts of games and sports had been indulged in for amusement. The. Most senseless was Kelling tales that would freeze the mood with horror hot fortunately they had always ended with a laugh. Scy poor girl waa to wider the bravest of them All and for Rea son great efforts were made to shake her Eoa rage. One night after the swi. Ment of this kind tame declared they were too frightened to deep. My Mona Only laughed their fears u she Good acpt in a room Aloar. The House a a Large one with wide Halls Aad a Park of Trees san Rudlag it. Two Etna in a Pooai Aerow from Mona. Okar a debt did not go to bed it into Hall waited acted every or to hear her scream. An Hoar patted and not hearing any sowed Theja were disappointed and went to hed. The next he continued for i did not dare to interrupt Hin Lfona did not appear. Breakfast pawed and she was sufi used to be asleep. To was Ever allowed to be awakened. Tha afternoon came and when nothing waa heard from her a maid was sent to her room. She could get no answer. Now alarmed they rushed to finding it locked were obliged to have the door forced open. Of. God How cruel to Tell there kneeling by the bed dressed in her Long White gown was my poor Darling clutching and gnawing a piece of Hor Rible human flesh a human hand they fled before the shriek she gave. Then it was that my Darling waa declared hopelessly insane and taken to a mad House. Her Beautiful courage shaken at last her Noble reason gone. None had the courage to write me dared to face Roe for they had wrought the crudest wrong Ever inflicted one of god s creatures. Those two Call them not order to carry out their infamous plan to frighten Mona had persuaded one of the med ical students to bring them this Evi Dence of human butchery a human hand fresh from the dissecting room. That Day i repudiated my personal connection with the profession and challenged the instigator or rather the executor of this crime but the Coward refused to fight. I not know what became of him. Buthe disappeared from All possibility of my Ever meeting him again. Months lengthened into a year and my Mona was no better. I became an old map in that Jear just you see me now. I could never bring Back to her the slightest sign of recognition. Or. Bogardus had a theory that violence could Only be lessened by the indulgence of the mania where it did not threaten human life. The mania was often extravagant and beyond the Power of the institution to carry out. My Mona liked to repeat the ghastly scene of that deadly night. " she c etched at everything near her without seeming intention of doing harm. I had begged or. Bogardus privilege of bringing her to my own House where his slightest direction could be carried out. The institution decided that she could not Hare the necessary Freedom and or. Bogardus resigned from the Over whelming gratitude i need hardly say brought with him the old an who had been Mona s faithful attendant. For 23 years we three have lived Here alone Cut off from association with every other living being. It is. Or. Bogardus whom you have seen. The substitution of the Ivory hand was discovered after Long Experiment. It proved so satisfactory that she has Pever been without it Day or night since she first received it. The bridal softness in his eyes brought a Mist Over my bridal he repeated is also the result of Experiment. She refused Over and Over Gardus suggested this As a connection with her old life. The effect was be Jond our fondest expectations. She has worn it nearly for 20 years and her Delight gives me the strangest happiness. When your message came i realized that you knew nothing of my unhappy Story and my selfishness to ses a familiar face once More outweighed every other consideration. My Mona selects no particular room for the scene you witnessed and for this reason i hoped you would not be disturbed. She never snows any excitement but is Only like some Beautiful child. The House is for her Benefit. I live but to add to her material Comfort. There Are no keys the Light is Neter shut off and she is not conscious of the division of and night. She is usually awake at night and sleeps during the Day As quietly As an infant. She is still Beautiful but of so White and frail his voice had sunk to a whisper and his face was Ashen. I leaned Over my hand on his when a piercing scream rang through the House and there was the sound of hurriedly shut doors. I started up Robt knowing Ira at to 3o. Loewe Jun. Rose and with a Wim look in his Eye said to me quietly go i have killed i tried to get nearer to him for i thought he would fall but he Only held me Back and pointed to the door repeating go i have killed i stumbled upstairs got my bag and was Down again without seeing anyone or hearing any other sound in the House. For Days the suspense was terrible to me. It impossible to Boston without being sure of the facts. I wrote a note to or. Bogardus but received no answer. I was overwhelmed with the thought of the possible share i May have had in the Story of these two lives. A week passed and the information came. " they were both buried at mid night or. Bogardus wrote. He reached her Only in time to take her a his arms and catch her last breath. But first the strangest thing happened i Ever knew. She looked at him and for one a nonet there flashed into Beautiful Eye the glorious Light of Rea son like the path of a falling Star. She whispered and was gone he looked wildly at me them threw himself across the still body. It was the feeble flame dying out with the exhausted Candle never knew More than or Bogardus inherited the wealth of the Brotea hearted Nan but he also died a few months ago. And the House on Beacon Street waa destroyed by a Fiatoa of Tewel lbt col. Tarey Sam the it there was a Heap of Gray the Hearth Aid we my Good bight without t Garrott Ohio Pulat in among the which this coun try inherited from Spain As a result of the recent War was the As an instrument of punishment a fact which was disagreeable impressed upon the Public mind some weeks ago when the barbarous weapon was used for the purpose of putting to death certain notorious malefactors in Porto Rico. The general sentiment in this country is Adverse to any such cruel punishment even in the Case of the worst and now a ziment is spreading throughout. Spain itself says the York Herald. The first evidence that the Spanish people begun to disapprove of the horrible method of execution which has prevailed in their count re for Cen Turies appeared a few Daye ago when the Spanish parliament decided that condemned criminals should in future be executed within the prisons and not As heretofore in Public and that the moral tortures which have hereto fore been inflicted on such criminals before they Are handed Over to the sex Elution i should be at once abolished. Henceforth when a criminal a executed in Spain a Black Flag will be hoisted above the prison at the moment of the execution and nevermore will be witnessed those deplorable scenes which usually took Hen a criminal executed in Public. Furthermore the executioner will in future to his work quickly and not As heretofore in such a manner As to need Lessly prolong the agony of his victim. Instead of testing the garrote for Sev 1 Dan or n to who is to die he will have to make All his preparations before the criminal leaves his cell and he will be held responsible if the instrument fails to speedy death. There hat been talk in Spain of Abol Ishing the garrote. Altogether and More than one member of parliament has recently urged that some More humane instrument be substituted for it. The arguments have made Strong impressions on. Their colleagues and one result is that condemned persons will not in future be tortured before they die. The torture in such cases was the refinement of cruelty. The condemned Man clothed in funereal garb was taken from his cell 24 hours before the time set for his execution and was led into another cell which had been temporarily transformed into a Chapel. He knew then that his plea for Pardon had proved fruitless. The Walls of the cell were covered with Black cloth and near an altar on which tapers were burning stood Sev eral Black Robed monks who chanted funeral hymns. In his gloomy cell where the Only sounds heard were the voices of those who prayed for the re pose of his soul the unhappy criminal Waso wired to remain during the whole of his last Day on Earth. A few years ago he was obliged to Remai Fin such a Chapel during the last two Days and time was reduced some time ago to 24 hours and a further reduction tvs made still More recently by parliamentary decree. Several legislators How Ever Are clamouring for further Reform in this direction. They insist that one hour in the Chapel is sufficient. The they say. In condemning a Crim Inal to capital punishment Doe Notor Dain that his execution shall be pre ceded by any other punishment to that he shall be subjected to moral As Well As to physical the recent regulations provide that in future the chapels shall be divested As much As possible of its funereal Fea Tures and thus condemned persons will be required to spend some hours in it. They will not be tortured in the same manner As their unfortunate predecessors were mistakes in Flag raising. Glory Mont to the top of tie every time add All below. It in t everybody who knows How to throw the american colors to the breezes says a writer in the Philadel phia record. Flag raisings Are every Day but there Are few people among those in charge be they Ever so patriotic who Are cognizant no the fact that old glory tops Ever thing in the american possessions and Mutt never go below under any Circum stances. At Many of the Flag raisings there Are pennants unfolded same poles and generally the mistake of placing the Pennant at the top Over the Flag is made. This irritating to Reg Nln Tot Trio re Gard such an act in their ranks As de serving of dismissal. A Cumber of the officers stationed at league Island Navy Yard have time and again had the Flag Given its proper place on poles in various parts of the City especially Over schoolhouses downtown. On last dec oration Day there was a Flag raising Over the Matthew w. Baldom school sixteenth and Porter streets and the Pennant which contained the school name placed at the top of the stole. Word came front league Island that the country s colors should he put at the top and the error was immediately corrected recently the came mistake was at National Park on the Delaware River. Irritating Light was teen from league Island and a messenger dispatched in a boat to Hare the of the Flag and Pennant reversed. That fellow Forona a Clever artist. Yon know in moving by Ito bant4 a Large Hole we Punk tured1 a the Canvas. I Rappone the paint of a Sot Teltoe people of inv to m me that it a t. Pbr80mal in Ute Kary. The Queen of England has wit reseed the Derby just once in her loaf reign. In Kansas it is proposed to Start Magazine which shall be contributed to Only by residents of Kansas v col. Baden Powell the defender of Mafeking was a correspondent of the London chronicle during the Matabele War. The Queen s footmen Wear which have eight rows of curls where As those of the Prince of Wales Are allowed seven rows and those of the lord mayor of Lovoen Are Given Only six. A big undertaking has been begun by the publishing House of Constable in the Victoria history of the coun ties of it will be in. 160 Large Octavo volumes and will most a set. Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton does not approve of the recommendation made by several new York trates that wife beating should be punished by flogging. She says the real cure for wife beating is to be found not in disciplining an occasional brute but in teaching men to respect to Dru Mochty Scotland will now miss the familiar figure of Peter Bruce the historic guard immortalized by Jan who for the Long period of 35 3ears guided the train Between Kil Drumma Andl the Junction. Though still a half and Hearty septuagenarian railway requirements have necessitated is removal to the less onerous Post of gatekeeper at the Moss House a Cross ing about threes quarters of a mile from the Junction. The Hulksey diggers. Talking a front the Motte to put Hare of filing up Caparbi Hrict. For a Job Eaid a resident of Patt ton n. A to a Washington Star reporter the other Day there recently died in a town a bots Carpenter named Hebert who had one question which he a ways asked of journey men who applied to him for employment. If the applicant was found to pose Esslau the other necessary qualifications what Are your favorite who Nat do you want to know that you whistle and Ting lome at your work Ohi Well what twits do generally Dfcia of there s old and Lang and Down by the Willows that s the Boss would exclaim. You won t do for me. These tunes Are too slow for me. on the contrary if the applicant answered of 1 generally whistle Yankee or the Fisher s or something of that sort the Carpenter would say at once i think you la do take off Jour coat if you want to and go to too Little debate. Senator of the grrr Ilfeld in am up Veopal Flymett of under John la c leadership. The Hinkley diggers sounds not unlike the nomenclature of modern baseball teams and was indeed the literal title of group of College athletes. So far however from being characterized by tousled hair and1 turbulent manners As the name might suggest the Hinkley dig Gers numbered some of the finest undergraduates of Oxford University under the captaincy of John Kuskin him self says youth s companion. In 1873 the great Art lecturer let fall some words about the aimlessness of Oxford sports. He could not but believe that the same training of Muscles might be turned to better account in some work of local or National Benevolence. The idea Cap tured the students fancy and us Kin was urged to embody it in a working plan. A neighbouring Village of Hinkley inhabited by very poor people the single Ivas so full of ruts depressions and rubbish that carts avoided it Aud worked their individual Way Over the tiny Village Green which Tahiti i mrs and a playground. The question came would the undergraduates Volunteer to mend this road1? sixty men having done so prof. Kuskin supplied picks Spades and shovels and brought Down his own Gardener to superintend the digging drains trere scientifically Laid hol lows filled Banks turfed and planted and native ferns and mosses con served. For months the master him self in Blue coat ear tabbed Blue Cap worked gayly with his Boyish he rents some representing the proud est families of England by the Road Side breaking stones. From the disk thrower of antique sculpture the moving pictures of the latest prize fight from the occasional kill him. Kill 01 the foot Ball enthusiast to the devoted helpful Ness of the Hinkley diggers from tobacco reeking Hall of the six Days bicycle race to the Brokaw Field commemorative of that student who gave his life to save two servants athletics in their age have played Many parts. Rightfully apprehended the y Are sinews of War and of peace of health and Grace and wholesomeness to the youth of any fend. The hink sey digging will probably never be repeated but its principle that strength of Bokiy and health of mind ought to result in a happier life All around goes marching on. In this movement happily the very breath of the Best modern life every one of us. The rank and file May quicken the Pace. Senator Benton. Of Missouri one of the most conspicuous figures of the Century in e ther House of Congress had a formidable antagonist in senator James Stephen Green congressman Hitt according to the Chicago chronicle relates this anecdote of the two gladiators senator Green was not Only a Man of to Lenard Genius but of charming manner. He boarded at the National hotel where he was popular n Ith men and women. The in Ltd Luu uti out thai tile Sci Utor not much of a churchgoer and insisted that he should mend his ways m that regard. One sunday he was late for dinner. The women him Why. 1 have been attending divine replied the senator gravely. To what Church did you go in Torr asked a woman. I Don t answered the courtly mis Sounan. 1 walked up the Avenue turned up fourth Street and entered a Church on the left hand aide this was an episcopal Church. How did Yon he the services asked another woman. It appeared to answered the sen Ator that there was too much Reading of journal and too Hittle debate he probably passed. Report of railway Ali cart for Emma Netlon far color Blyn Mcm. In Railroad circles a new Story is going the rounds says the Kansas City Star the Burlington not Long since issued an order requiring All its Section foremen to report to an Oculi St on a certain Day and have their Eves examined. One afternoon after those present had undergone the Eia mutation and the Eye doctor was about to those up for the evening a messenger boy rushed in a Small package neatly tied up in tissue paper and which proved to be a Glass Eye. The following and evidently hurried scrib bled note was attached Quincy inspector dear sur the Day Defoor i cerday at Nune i got word to cume Down and have me Iee looted into for Sulur Blind Ness Asye Call it. I had forty five ties and ten Rales to put Down be us v Luc Aasu us jt-4-i j Dommick cools hav by dish posted since the Wake thai was Holded the of Danny Doherty me hands Wor tue Short to spare me. Twas Lucky that the rite Oye that Wiz first in me hed were locked out wid a Pik an me Glass Oje that is a perfect Figger us the Oye hat not put out is Sint to you for hex meation. I cud spare the Glass Oye better than the Oye in me hed an if she is Culler band 111 git me one what amt. Yours truly hike she in waiting Tor him. A Waterloo Man who e at Boone the other Daj sought to Telephone to his wife at Home. The wires worked badly arid the girl in the Webster office offered to the Page. Lell my said the Man at booze to Send me my interchangeable mileage Book All the Webster cite girl replied sweetly and turning to the phone she Eaid to the waiting wide at Waterloo. Your husband Hants of to tend his interchangeable manage look to Boone at once As he needs it screamed the Waterloo lad i d interchangeable marriage Book him " not Ahe Hung up the receiver with a crash doubt less intending to take the nest Tram for City la Freeman trip he cab bred bin i have told that boy of mine time and said Witherby that if i caught him Fig Hung i would punish him so that he would Tever forget it. Bobbie come Bobbie advanced

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