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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 12 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 12, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 49. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa july 2t 1900, terms 4 r bargains in cameras at i speedling speedling s drug store. The Corn crop of the United states was Worth almost More last year ibo in 1895. I China does perish it will in la be just retribution for the Sevasta lion her fire crackers Bare wrought on the people of the West. It is Sot fashionable to die just Jet but you must digest the food that i ins Yon causing each a Pleau Eruc tation and sick headache or Yon will die just the same. Ask anyone whoever took or Caldwell s syrup pepsin or constipation indigestion stomach trouble and sick headache. At a j. Asper it co the it Iho Upen Bucao plat fora will do Little harm. Tre coun try understands the Republican Posi Tion on moot Points aria the letters of acceptance will Lay on those omitted by the platform Cotus melt away if you use Kra age s cold care prepared in convenient capsule form they Are easy to Uke and effect Ftp Teply cure of the afoot Obett Huaie of Fps Price -5c Mold by speedling t of. Bryan has been a politician and a military Man and now he is a Farmer. A see aaa to be a regular emperor r j it l lie May a so gome Day desire to Orite a poem or an emperor just to show that to is As Vertile As his prototype. It save cd his a. Dan Forth of Laurange ga., suffered for ail months with a frightful running sore on Bis leg Bat writes that Back ten s Arnica halve w Lolly cured in in five Days. For Ulo Erp wounds. It s the Best mire in the world. Care guaranteed. Only 25 Eta sold by a. J. Asperi co druggist. An octopus wandered into a Kansas wheat Field the other Day and grinned at the Farmer but the lat Ter boxed ground at his Bountiful crops and whistled gaily to the octo pus calling it fido. The at Baitx of a Goat is in died by All whose stomach and liver Are out of order. But Sueb. Should know thai or. King s new life Pill cives a splendid appetite. K and digestion and a arc Jar Imily habit that insures perfect health and great Energy. Only at a j Asper in drug store new York has a new Street cleaning apparatus we Job its inventor proudly claims will do everything except vote. The intention will fail of coarse As its Devoer Baa omitted the one thing veces or under a tammany regime. If you Hka Dacks Don t zip Enmei with alleged boy Kraut s Scarfa Eface Wieb will any headache in half an hour wait or what causes it. Price 25c. Sold by Speedone a Speed log. The danger is China it that Karop Aoa and Aner Teana will be murdered there that foreign Trade will Bimm Polind by Aone Ose Power May get Woirol. It a that China Goa a Andes the Lead of Power that it Ita enor Awaa strength Aad Oka it a Ampaw to the world. Than in 1896." proof Harper s weekly. No Man in High official position has Ever been Able to please everybody. Strong Tuen make a troop enemies and or acc kindly is do exception to the Rule but when we look Back non Bis career As president we Are convinced that no Lair minded person can deny that be is entitled to the gratification which most be in the moment of his to nomination by Aci Blavatt a. The perplexities of his office Bare been great problems that have confronted no other administration have been Bis to solve that he has not solved them wisely and Well of Man May say because there is nowhere to be found evidence that alternative solutions would in to e end have brought about More satisfactory results time alone can Demon is rate whether he president might or might not have done better. In a land where one of the Essen Pijl charac Cris pcs of the people is a love of Lair play 00 debatable judgment should be suspended and the individual upon whom responsibility rests should be Civin the Benefit of such doubts As exist one thing is certain and mat a Umb in Uttmi Outi 01 Iii con official acts the president has shown Hito self to have been actuated by the highest and most honorable motives audio have been prompted the single and sincere purpose of to Erving Iii coun try to the Best of his abilities despite the Frothy utterances of of Apiou critics and desp Puc malcontents who at Philadelphia did not venture to show their faces or lift their voices. Or Mckinley is today a stronger Nan before the people than be was in 1s96. Tie has managed to win the thou Sands who voted for him four years ago with great reluctance and those whole Good opinion he has lost because of Bis official acts Are in considerable number Ana owing to the unfortunate disruption of the old democratic party Are without a Leader or even a political resting place. What or. Mckirley stania Lor the american people to a reason name certainty lie it Tho material expert a Ion 01 the Poi Sciples of the Republican p which however much one May diver with it in certain matters of detail is yet the one compact organization left us which stands for Law order and Publ decency and thereto lies the whole Issue. Party lines Are drawn to Day Between the Republican party which stands for Law and order of the one Side and a rattle brained fusion of discordant elements representing every vile political heresy that has shown the surface since the close of the civil War of the other 1 a Iii Hak to Knop great waa Felt by the of Acnia of m. A. Hogarty ky., Llma Law a waa Yel Low. Hie Akin at Owji enter. His a furl terribly big Anuj waa Tahvo he waa in Tel to Ike beat Avota. But Witt Tont Bently. Fca waa Rry Kkt Tiia Birten after Uki Sajt Wandw i a trial a aaa Takiaw a writ Tor .11 Sibach. Wal Kkt we Nyu Wafaa. Gowty in. By a. A co. If we abolish the organization of Large corporations and we May revert to the Days of the wheel making rag carpets at mowing with and Aga Ioe horseshoes by the Village Blacksmith was it a mar Velloza care of mrs Ken a j Stoat of created in lease sex Cream by a Marion Kuart a leading of and. She Only Wei bed 90 pos Rob when Ber Doc or to f Ork Towa j Tate soon die. Tea she be t to Nae or. King s new discovery and faint in weight a was cured Fiji a Fwy ice armload to Acta All in claw. 60e. Awl trial Fatiha fret at a. J. Safer a Clearing Sale Enstein s Ock i a Clearing Sale. A rounding up of All remnants fag ends Odd lots. Stray pieces anything and everything that stands in the Way of a Clear Start sea son. If you want to save dollars and dimes the following prices will Tell the Story. Sale continues As Long As goofs last but As the Good things surely go Early you had better come first. Embroidery a widths. The Best assortment Ever seen in Marble Hock. 5 cent kind Clearing Price 8 cents 10 cent kind Clearing Price cents cent kind. Clearing Price 20 cent kind Clearing Price i cents ladies depart Lent. 20 cent dress goods Clearing pose -12 cents so cent dress go Clearing Price 88 Critts 1000 Doz Pearl buttons per Doz 5 cents 19 shirt waists a bargain 33 per event off silk mitts c one half Price Luce rerun to one half Poe Bent. Kid Gln pcs at 00 lace curtains at Cost. Gents department pairs of men s and boys pants to close out will be sold at greatly reduced prices mens lot weather shirts All kinds at Clearing prices we Are Over stocked 75 cent suit bosom at 4b cents of cant nes Liliee shirts at 38 cents Negligee Sunris As Low As 17 cents of bargains in this department 500 neck ties at Cost to close out. Suspenders 5 cd Nix up mens gloves s cents up hats the Best in Mai we Rock. Straw Flats 4 cents 10 cent kind 5 cents in cent kind 1 cents 25 cent kind 15 cents 85 cent kind r 20 cents 50 cent kind 35 cents 75 cent Wool hats 4s cents 00 Wool Hals 75 cents 50 Wool Hals 00 Wool hats 00 fur hate 00 shoe depart Lent. Mens s3 00 and 50 Tan calf shoes 50 sizes 6 to 11. Width c to mens chocolate Vici kids balance of our mens Tan Russia Jill lace 25 kind Lor Only silk vesting top. Lace to close out at Cost will net them Sjoo pairs ladies elegant All widths and sizes sold at a sacrifice 25. And All at 42 25 ladies oxfords x 00 child Regis and misses Oxford 75 cents we Hare the Best and largest Stock in Marble Rock. Miscellaneous. Parasols and at a sacrifice thread 2 spools for cents sizes no. S to 100 Fly paper 6 sheets Lor s Cems shelf paper 12 sheets 4 cents we will close oat our entire Hoe of picture frames trunks at greatly reduced values tablets paper pencils pens and Ink very cheap fruit jars pints per dozen 45 Cen s quarts per dozen 55 lots 2 in arts per dozen 6t cents lamps at Cost. To Woodenware earthenware tinware and glassware at a. Great reduction. Groceries Don t forget us in the grocery line sell the jest goods at the lowest prices. As we have already said thousands of Good bargains too numerous to mention. Sale commences saturday july 7th, 1900 and continues As Long As the Stock lasts. This Sale is necessary because of a change which will soon be made Public consequently we mean business. Yours to please now the old time Reader is looking eagerly in the papers for some of the dear old Clu Ceso names that he used to study about at As Yang Ste Kiang Hoang to Passamaquoddy below Bisun Skeena tiles and go fourth. F there was More important legislation transacted during the last session of Congress than in any other similar period. At the next session two of the most important measures will be the Nica Aguiri Janal construction Bill and the restoration of american if Ping. The value of every cow on the farm on the first Day of this eur was go. Hut in the first Day of Jannery 1894, under each cow waa Worth Only Farmers appreciate the increase of id the value of each of their cows and will vote to maintain the Republican administration in Power Krause s headache capsules were the first headache copt Lea Pat on the Market. Their in mediate a Cess retailed in boat of Taining Antipyrine. Chloral More Bike and biker Ian room drags r a porting to be Jast at Good avoid these Imi tation Aad int of Kratage a Kieb speedily pm the attire Eraas leave ba4 after effects. Flea 25e. 8ou 4 China prides herself on the fact that she invented Gunpowder but she for gets that other people know How to do it. The settlement of the philippine troubles h on which do credit alike to president Mckinley s heart and head t s Lucky the census was taken be fore the fourth of july when the Cannoa Cracker got in its deadly work. The democrats arc awfully slow to take a hint Here i Dewey wearing out his typewriter refusing the vice presidential nomination and they Don t proceed to nominate him the fiscal year closed with some surplus in the u. S. Trea sury. This alone ought to be Good for another term Lor the party that caved the Money. Democratic Campaign stump arc not reminding he Farmers that Broom Corn that sold for a ton a few years ago has been Selling recently at a ton. Are you Fri Lable do Yon sleep badly i it hard to Poao Aofrate your noughts la you appetite door do Yon Leel tired rest Lew Aad Deap Rabant try Lietty a celery nerve Coa Ivand u will do you More goad than any thing Yon have aver triad. By speeding head the parallels made by Samuel jumpers president of the american federation of labor 1893. Since August of this year we have been in the greatest Industrial Depres Sion this country has Ever experienced i u is no Eagy Eragon to say that More than of the fellow toilers throughout the country Are without employment and have been so since the time natured ib99. The revival of Industry which we have witnessed Yuhin tic past is one for general Conga Tulion. In is beyond question tint the of Tho organized workers have been increased and to Many instances the hours of labor either reduced or at lease maintained the democratic is the Only party that makes a specially of protecting foreign interests at the expense of american interest s a ill. Sep. 21st 1898. B. Caldwell dear take Ireat pleasure in and Ling Niy testimony As to the Efficacy of or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin As Uacio Oor Home. We use it in All cases of Conati Patio. And Sweet. Nurse soldiers widows Home the seem anxious to win the favor of the Boers but it is hard to understand Why Jive of it Ovid Paul should throw the Transvaal vote to i Ryan it could t be counted the news from the West indic Tea quite plainly this is coins to he a bad year Lor the political party that Flouri Slie on Short crops and empty a incr pails. If or Flea St attempts to Cpl ice All the that have been driven on1 of inc democratic party by the platform he will be a very Young Man the democrats Are pretending that the Law must stand the Senate is safely Republican and that it will therefore be All right Lor the sold democrats to vote the democratic ticket i i year. Bat be a it led away Brethren. A Victory that would pot Bryan in t a White h Mac could scarcely fail to make Senate a tie and possibly Gife it to the party of cheap Money prom taking prussic acid the to ugh mistake no worse mistake a that than is taking blood Medicine for stot Aach trouble or. Cald lots pepsin Enrera All of indigo Tina constr Pamm or stomach trouble Lake wrong kind of or strap pepsin ask j. Pfc

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