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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 12 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 12, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaThe Artie Bock weekly. The Shirble Bock weekly. Items Bock Floyd county Iowa Leo. H. Nichols. I Toms per year if paid in Advance. Of Urie week ?1 i a published by Geo. H. Nichols. _ _ _ one Itu a a it Nett. Tenns per annul in Advance. If not paid until the and of year. Volume with malice toward hone and Charity for ail , set in Type. Lott Marble Kock fix cd county Iowa july number 49. Hails. Summer arrangement. Burlington Cedar rapids North Ern railway de Alk in boots ax1 shoes Mitte Uji trunks. Wham leather , harness Oil. Whip . Ill brushes. Ship. 111. Al f. A. M. Kkt trains Kacom Way except sunday on us pc fwd in be Vii. Tiiu Tine run a in re or nil Ami tin in i a u it la Ntoni to Iii in he tul Tor met c f. It j. B.vitst-. It its. Also manufacturer of and dealer in i. 0 g. T. Is i. O. Tit Tryb Soros Iowa. A. Judd is to Ilir the j ice Cream Flavoured to suit the taste. At mrs. Murray s. Pianos. Roe ankh Ivajo be. Hates the Good templars Lodge of Thi Vav Filc a i place have a Resolution to have i11sekv. I Lavt Tak Ami i _ i 1st j another festival to be at their Hope the evening of the lust of this tit month. We have not As yet whether it will he an Lee or to ooh worry fam rival. Which Ever it May be wish them Success. Cigar los Cir a wants to swear. Hour thu s Jot boils j at the t Tuioti Louuse a coup i be of dirty italian minstrels visited the City and they think they Are a is. Sub iils for the year closed. Somebody his wife. Kill and the sch Mil Hoard have Cui a tuned the old corps of miss i pupils presented her with a Beautiful Silver vase and card receiver. Served her Road notice state of Iowa j Floyd co. Is tie appointed to cite that Iriart of county Road i it drive individual from the j Anil thus weaken it. This is j idea for if the advocacy of a principle drives bad people out of party it is to strength by attic thug the to in s i the party diagonally across the Bast and a Kansu 17, that first Lake pkg said a Matiun and All doing to Luke which u a Jiw. Ike party did party. Must be filed in the auditor s office j Viimsi pointed i or before Yoou of the Iid. Day of j out Nam Una that must to August 1s77, or such Highway will be j certain reforms that must be made and when a majority of the people noved in one direction All having the same purpose in View Tirey will out Nee reduce thereto. S. A. -t7 i m. The fori owl therase ivc into nut fur the Titi i of a mule can Eui find the fruit Jar at k. A. Kosen Konni t is. W. H. Johnson m Marr s Llic the militant Aiice ill or Juill r. V i1. 61n it j. I. K. Frost i j line Ai cd Pitny All Trakim i Consic toss As 1 at with to Ira the Tor 1 . Lnfftvctt-.1. Bill a with to h. J r. Fur Chitoyo ecu kit. To Lull is. in he to i i t meal. Sintau Flou i to jul Witti i at Juni Teliin. I Kiln i fur i Kurtti. At mtg Jan. Willi j those Punk contain All thu latest Hare you seen be tort Mclily improvements everything is added of Cabinet at Puffen of h. That can possibly increase their Merit Kobe Krans a a. I either in Reiri ird to their musical Miali i 7 to no i. In 1 Rice goods at before going to to or external Thuv have i Charles City to make your purchases. It been in use is Nee ill and never v m failed to satisfaction i Send i cent stamp for circular be Greet for fore purchasing elsewhere. I your t p to i c i j do sold. J. Martin. It cult Jollu Fiva a i Ift no the cheapest Filat in Floyd co., to co., lock Hoz 43 with buy nails is at the Marble Stock hard Jav. I Ware we not of Wade Kose Kralis. K v mid i dirt it Ujj. Tit Itow with mlle i. M. Matches it co., Grain dealers Ink la ugliest Mai act Price i paid for All kinds of it r it a for Una wire car to a fur j Bluff and and with j Hosul and s. Went Era h t fun i r y Airt Nufry. At f with la linux. Or big Pultro i fort in Lite find Sioux City i a Siu a i a Nora . I Litway mfg mme c to St. Paul at elevator 1. W. H. Ostrander. And repairs. I a to work prepared agon and and up. Also drags. Cultivators Aoe 01 in in twice. All kinds of wort Dune with and and Warra Titt a to give i t Vork Jon will Call i Ott us and pc we act i do at the shop Marble Hock. Al 1 of t1, j. 1ves. Ilen a . C f j Google j i the sew just Recki Veu i from Chicago. I a the new styles in am s Nade j May be found at mrs. C. K. I Iii Holshoe s millinery and i Ress milling a stub 27 27 Cut styles of hats. Kid and Cotton hand kerchiefs. Piui awl thread. Buttons hoop and also keeps a of litter Itris i co. Colebr stud i i Torna. Main St., Marble knew inca. J-1 of will stay a Short time i longer those wishing pictures take notice. L. B. T Lark. J so need of Pietig to i Ity for dry Good Al hats j r is or boots and a Bow. A. Moore. Alleger Bowlby do go s Stab. Parlor Organ tic editor has been visiting the huh Wolfl of Thiim Jowui Piip Neit week will Tell our what tie and did not to see the Trimier a c Aro tic authorize to agent for its Sale in the t ii key. Arnold a 1 k. F. Nihi Jill Roii Tinei to keep i thu Oncak St and a clucked of and in the Shell Kock Valley. The dirty scum that the i arts of Orceane is throwing at the of Marble Hock imply to be a mentioned o in Rof. Nichols of the Marble Kock . Id keeps a family rec . Zohe will fail Tysoe the inanity of the above impotent Moi Ostich. It is an at tempted display of Mother wit but the turbidity of this self constituted Ylisto and of Floyd co. Is Well known that All will rec Gnue the my and seek of the Wil Berl orc pet Gaylord any information wanted relative to the diem who it Eiten sircely advertised a grand blow out with Bob in at the blow pipe to take place at cellar rapids july 4th it a Little curious that they Komi not this is the title of a new cent song with a remarkably pretty i chorus you posed by Buby of minstrel Fame. It is Sung by Primrose and West of Haverly s Mun Truls and Hengler of the Tony 1 Astor Adah Richmond and other first class artists All aver the country. This song will surely be admired by every body. Price 40 cents per copy can lie had from any music dealer or from the publishers. K w. If lick 50 West 4th St. Cincinnati Ohio. By vast Eins term in Annc id the Universal satisfaction. Knut Well the Bialic if the nutty to flirted hats with Vijh tie night of the 4th, or i hats Irith som Booy. Will on Eti Ody Zirini round my hat Wade. It generally Titt if the known of tit har Uinn is running the eel Premium soda forint air. Tittl i Jiruch i6i.-ir Pra Cirkl i Ratcli in of Iii a Mich Fri Cllvin. Kyi Uttard Iii Tiff re of m Cutty Nadys aim is to Soori Stone and Brick Mason House we Mia to desired will work j. W. Darud our Stock t Kiis uts of goods boots shoes hats Caps. And keep Ai pipe Organ Quality tent Law two. Taii. In Trumont ill i the am i i Ali Listii a Beautiful piece of furniture. Ortii i i in i Only to or of i prints Alana As Elf. I to Leif and Fresn Assort sent .1. W. I Arland. Latest i win Iii Ca .1" Tonj Tifni in to a Milt nil Iii of nil in. Heard following offi i. U. 0. F. Were installed Hubbard for Liisu n. A. Clayton v. Wade b. Clark. J. Clark. Home Krans k. Hill Gin 0. S. 1. S. M. Hutches. R. 8. To m. M. Dustin l. S. To n. Harris 11. 8. Schemerhorn s. Keyes k. 8. To v. F. , s. To v. . Nhou lil to lock the door till ski Ian alarms Billi prods of Cedar rapids. Is Stroni in iu., for the Sake of Forai Ine a party but for condemnation of a Atuf swin the purpose of certain i reforms which they demanded. Now let the party Louk to the Gencur j Al Rood of the Public and when they Are Aumi Uttal in convention nut in talking about the Good of Tow in Tyr but have in View the Good of the pro pie the represent bringing about such reforms k they deem necessary recollecting that innovations Are Hix always reforms dominate men that Are tit to fill the various offices for which they Are chosen and then Yon need not have any fear for the Republican party. That will take care of itself. The horse is if he Celebration so advertised waa not the doings of cellar rapids and Cedar rapids men the 1 Resa of the City have Nigl rated a duty they owed to them selves and the citius of the state who read their papers that they did not warn Tea people of the True character Kun of men that Wava Wartt kurd i aisles and it that emf to attend ult Ruitu m cum and t their school Board meeting july. T the Board of directors of the District town Lup of Union met at the fris Sililia a tin City a at High Wax in Marife Luw pursuant to adjournment. Vida Cleat make Iowa Julf Funi is77. J ele ept j. Hordes of sub no. Or. To Promise i the cola Rouee appointed examine i vill give you a Short account of our j the Stok school House As to what re 4th of july. Long before Sunrise the j pain arc Rev essay reported that there Roar upon Roar of tie artillery Aromnd j ought to a. We floor and the Good people of Clear from their Sweet slumbers that for mice the Townle Nimit of the Kules and. Kregul Aliou for the Gorter nutaut of the . Kuttin in Tolci it a i a Nair it Ihli Ali in calf twinn evil. Cliftn to ----1 Niurka Torii Nair Hind ----rvnll.intinn-. Your Smyl Luck Tymn Roor a Fiqiri k wart Luw Kryva a than they i Nyht see old soil As he arose and graded school As Frei Siuea by free. Conw Frum what direction he came. In n Schuls at is Wii Wen Day fran a thousand platforms we will take up Ali adopted. Lie told the Truac of this rejoicing Why j on Liotto it wta4 that pupils in Ninfi in Ndoc Hrand this Day. They 1 att Meliin the graded Aehl. Will Tell us that one i Uulrey Anu one u. I. Hearit there was a Little blood let pay a tuition fee of one Dollar per it us Nett that tie i month. Of nor sins. Ruve us a on motion of j. Gate ail was voted Irarra tee of All thu Libertita we now that the president Toj a committee to in Jimiy. Air ochre Luin Ber for new floor in tin if the Lii Rev is Viool Hauae and Hataj order be drawn were tired the Rose in splendor then the Treasur to pay for the Nuoc. Thirds tilled the air with their songs of i on motion of s. Hex a committee of Praise and All nature seemed in Harnio-1 three were appointed to examine As to by with the nations holy Day. Required amount of repairs and proc tic Granger Caine pouring in to the ring material for stoves in no. 0. Said town from every direction to the Nuriu of .1 Gates m. Lick of two thousand souls. The fes oaten and v. S. Vorba. Tiv tics of the Day consisted of music j the following accounts against the the oration Lack and tub racing boat j contingent fund were presented and racing Etc. The boat racing waa the i allowed. K. A most exciting. All ready the a. How Krans a co., to Eta. 0. Seagull and a Sayera j i. K. Made the Start i followed in the rear in the to pick up the Passen j if any should lie washed overboard. Wade the Tun of the Day closed with a grand j Gates i display of sri works. On motion of b. Rex the president h. S. Vorhis j2.7s. Lines John Mills a Kose Kraas John the grand old was freighted and ssvty., Atli used to my Ortii mid Loav m in i old Al tilt Ofiu a kicks Cash. Iii hum of the liar Vittur i in inc lamp monday m Wanner Siatini his and we must bios fur ii diet times for i tin four five weeks As tin farm-1 or will Bsat Fuu m i body it a Man discovered last in tie Ruhr Tui in a to r Atli Rij lit. I with powder and to til out into the def of no. 3 for Sun Lake. And set in fire which Illuminat-1 upon cling de the heavens like thousands of on Paoli on of j. Galen the school ening brigs at last the i i i rect of o. 10, wan empowered to. I fire .1 As of terrible to Mimler a move ont thue no. 4 to so. I Vilu Elvin i a. Inmate Prcin tit a Zerti pirate of of timbers in the air and the old "77" i the of the howl taught in j had gone where the Wood Bine twin i during the hut Winter term u j eth thus ended thu 4th of july at j to the satisfaction Given by said Inman. J Clear Lake All honors to the Pru pric j on int inn of s. Hot it was in cd. The Karris current that the Cit off Tel j that Whin be drawn in favor of a. In enso Marble pm a Tore Devn tie j i Man , Haldan and arc Fotiny of july a re to i . For leaching in Ante Lens their town Luil Crven esteemed highly. Their Fleet i Itri rat and i l. would celebrate on Independence Day. J of nine sailing crafts and fourteen parties Pirint an hand. And in to licit Stead posted Bills i the Hoard for the refunding of said a Ami that cock of i j with All which it Tiff Brati m had and than in the Ward shall if i the citizens if tins place were a a crockery cutlery Yankee notions Etc., to Whie m re it j monday some distance nor yet no to the unfortunates it been Ater tailed join v. Mar in inc warn Semi w i up. At rhe North incr of the i bwe . Nun a wait t w. Jump c. R. Every it do ii Gogh pm Ovra. Braot that Oik re Aoa Why he he at with much Al recep Tion in if a a hot Ink raw t co have Loir the my m Kock Market. Come tag of att Tatios Imti eps mrk their Intel tests by fat Gwisc w a Wewt town tie i Tivi Tio nil i irk. On the main leading to i to the t Day if this report is h i in. Certainly put i tie citric is if Marble Winship Rock in a very unfavourable Light be fort an intelligent and enlightened Pei if. We Hope to that thu report u without to above n troc with following Tery unimportant exceptions. There to such report current. There i remain Nurs. J. K. . Iii Ike ii us rur. Ikpi we hear great Deal about the Good of the Republican party. We hear under the i i. l in naive i said of in the approval of tin i Ponds by tin Trca ident and Drift the sum with the sect. The a Wunt of a. Iwo s boat. Was fixed at and Liam and Woddard s at -5hi.uu. Navy Konof j. Gato put of j stated that certain Mem that or com in 11 the Day. Announce had pompom and that the Cit Imu of would with Marble . Tit editon of Uffa will have to a court for their fait in a Thor j was. We Ewe Rijk adj Bim be taken Fonas Shroi trait f
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