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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 8, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaI vol. 22n0.4h. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa july 8, 1397. A year at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. Societies. A. K. A. M. A . Stone lose no 251. Communication on or before Mil Moon. Vial lug Brothers in Goode Tandang 8. A Daff Sec. I. O. O. R. Marble Rock Lodge so. 982, Metis thursday Kvenlog of cordial j invited. Exo it of. To. a Beclar Lodge so 219, meets tuesday week. Visiting Bre Liren in Tea. W b Yoi Hes c. C. A. Rosie Miina e. Of r. B. I. I. Of b. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in add Fellows Hall. L. A pres. B. J. A kit Hec. Sec. At. Of. Of met we Bock Camp so i regular meet be second and fourth saturday of each month at Odd fellow i Hall. Acting isel Ghiors in Good standing Are cordial limited to attend. H. Utkan clerk the average populist recognizes the mistake that his Pany mad in per mitting itself to be bamboozled by the democrats last fall and is against a Repi Tiniou of hut experience. The glowing terms in which or. Debs pictures his new communism is a kelp to deprive the democrats Ohio Iowa and Maryland of a Large number of votes in the coming fall election. Newspapers of All sections and All political parties and business men with out regard to political report a decided improvement in business especially in those lines related to manufacturing agriculture and railroads. The old soldiers who Hare ounce themselves baffled at every turn by hostile examining surgeons in their pension claims during the past Lour years Are not threatening to vote the democratic ticket because president Mckinley s commissioner of pensions has dismissed about five Hundred of that class of office holders. Even or. Bryan s personal Organ the Omaha world Herald refuses to longer to follow him in declining to recognize returning Prosperity. That paper which has published nitty trades on this subject Calls attention in a recent Issue to the fact that there s a marked activity and general improved condition in the Stock business the Southern democrats who held up their in holy horror when their most progressive men in Congress voted for Protection have recovered their equanimity in a remarkably Short spare of time. And Stout markets predicts that this continue. Of the West improvement and will for one 1 do believe it possible to succeed upon a platform that demands the unqualified free coinage of Silver the ratio of 16 to 1 with Gold. We can never fight it Over under Circum stances More favourable ourselves if we Hope to succeed we must aban Don this extreme governor Boies of Iowa in a letter to col. D. M Foo fees Moines. Money talks the 041 be owners Are the men who Hare put up the Cash to keep the Silver Campaign run nine and they look upon it As their right to de Termine who shall Lead the fight for which they Are paying. They Are perfectly cold blooded about it and since they see that Teller or Towne would be More useful to them than Bryan they have no hesitation in ordering the Nebraska orator off the track and substituting Teller or Towne s their Leader for the next National Campaign. Sueta at the Home it mrs Stewart the let and m thursday of each month at 3 o clock p. M. Min. K. A. Abt 1 ree. Pm. Canissa Asper Sec. O7a.lt. Marble Hock Post to. 308, meets first sat Idaj each month. C. Tackle com. W. B. Ciu Babei adj w c t c Terr thursday mrs Tom president. Jobs. A. M mbbhiai., Secretary. Met Brodist preaching in Flajs tall t-50 a m. Epworth league meeting at 0.30. Prayer meeting thursday to Mug. It. W. Pastor. Abbi Dohk Church preach me sunday at ii a and a m. Ende Ayer meets m. Blue prayer meeting wednesday 3. Will Wai Tim. Faster. Preaching sundays at 11 a. M. It preaching every sunday in each nwnlhallli.ni.and7.30p m. Sunday school sunday at 10 a. M. Services held. In the school House. H. , Putor. City recorder to Durer Street commissioner. E. Gates h b Hosen Rani j w Martin Smith Willard Kinny c a. H. Valster h. Weber k Hogget k 3 Union town Alp school braid president e. P. Walstein. Secretary. H b treasurer. John Gates direct Obs 1 i k Irtel Nanao i Egbert Dave Han Spackman a Walter 11 Andrew Gates b Madison Blue 7 John Gates 8 James further Miles Cut Ceraio 10 . Maroon Alcott Towa Ahlf Sherb Orborn s. Sours Beed Blase town Crowell Garber w Witwer Miles Marsh and w m Eichmeier. Scott town Alp school Board. Per debt e w Garber. Secretary. George Baldwin Treuber Charles d Werrick dih Clorus 1 Johnsl Flop 5 Brace wart. 1 6 k c Spaulding t few veer t 3 Cunninghan 4 8 jew Jeffrey 1 John Loewe. I pc Uncial. C. Sherwin. J. F. Terms of court-4th in Jaa aary in Xoa Lav in Juliy 2nd in september. 2nd in november. Lake Chui raw Chaks Cluj Marble Dock Mlea Rev Tenn 1h in Jan Arr. M and september and and xon Daj la Aitor. The Stecker. J a Andaman Oanh m. Lar Willard terran c. Al Jonnson a m. A ills Krak Liaw Femer the local conventions of populists in All parts of the country Are declaring against any More fusion with democrats. A fusion which fuses Only the votes and Gires All the desirable offices to the democrats is no longer popular with the populists. To pass a Tariff Bill numerous other reforms and Institute Witbro four months of the inauguration of a presi Dent whose party controls but one Branch of Congress is a thing unheard of in political met i Nanri Mckinley accomplished it. Business men who Are Dow inn Confidence and cheerfulness re Garding the immediate future base much of to Beer Confidence upon the fact that the Young democracy is coming so thoroughly into line for Protection that there is Little Prospect of another revision of the Tariff for Many years poo hah Butler of the porn list National committee thinks or. Bryan s insult was altogether too a proposition to Purchase the support of a great party by a contribution of to its Campaign fund is Alto Gether to the Tarn offered. A paper currency to be issued by the government in quantities to give per capita of All around is Tom Watson s latest proposition and he expects to Knock out free Silver iad substitute this As the chief Plank of the platform of the this week. Populist convention it must be rather discouraging to the advocates of the free and unlimited coinage of Silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 to see that erstwhile Champion of their Causa sex governor Boies of Iowa come out in favor of s paper currency bared on the Market value of Silver Bullion. Uncle mod has been a Shin ing Light in the free Silver party Bat his new proposition shows that he has lost Faith in it. The Frea diver democrats who rejoiced in Alliance with populism last fall will be Ioie rented to know that the Uiddle-0f-the Road populists who Are assured of the control of the coming Contention of porn Ista at Memphis Are out to pronoun Cimmento farther with the Semi Fiat Dollar. Propose to go to the full extreme of an absolute Fiat currency Tom who leads the Roaden. In a recent Issue of his paper we Leavine populists contend that Fiat it which is Pool for _ it Dalfol Chart t Rex r e y Bichell. C i f the Lal it out in cents. I m sound All the Way. If the j Imp 40 of nothing is pm stake 100 ont tace the statisticians who Farnis cd those exciting tables of prices for last fall s Silver Campaign by which they professed to show that wheat and Silver had kept Pace in Rise and fall since the crime of Are ending Little Market for their tables this year. The fact that wheat has steadily advanced in value while Silver has steadily do dined during the past year Lus taken the Edge off the popular appetite for that sort of mental fodder. The four months Nincic William me. Mckinley was inaugurated hive twee comic to the Aid of in ears. Big with events. So other administration Ever did us much in so Short Hubia Ess indications from All parts of continue extremely encouraging. This is found both in the statements of daily papers of All Politi Cal classes and especially in the re ports of the financial reviews which make a special study of the Field through the unusual facilities which they have built up by Long years of Contact with business people in All part of Ilie Udu try. Dun s review whose statements on this subject Are accepted As an accurate financial picture of conditions in its Issue of june 19th announces that the failures for the week were but 19s As against 270 for the corresponding week in the recce dog year and adds the gain in business is become Clear to All. There is Evi Dence of greatly enlarging business in every important department. Mora establishments have been set at work and More hands employed while re ports from various cities show a very general Progress and a continuing Large distribution Thron Sli retail Trade time and none was Ever Able to accomplish such results under such Adverse the people who Are inclined to grumble because four years work have not been completed in four months in the face of an Adverse major Ity to the Senate do themselves the country and the president ties. An injun Iso t it a Little a Keky Tor a lot of foreign nations who have nothing to do with our affairs to be offering protests against our Tariff especially As nearly All of them have protective tariffs of their own against which we have never offered a remonstrance of any tort and in t it rather Cool for them to hint at retaliation against any Tariff which we May adopt when nearly every one of them knows that to do this would disturb commercial relations with us in which the balance of Trade is enormously in their favor. Dun e review which is looked upon by business men As a reliable indicator of business conditions continues to Speat encouragingly of the improve ment in All lines la its Issue of june 26th in says there is no backward step in business ail Bough the season of Midsummer quiet is near. Improve ment continues gradual and prudently cautious As before although in Many branches evident where no signs of it appeared a few weeks ago. Business men of the highest standing in ajl parts of the count re having gradually Pir Cei cd that the title has begun to Rife Are regulating their contracts and in vestments and the plans for the future with Confidence quite unknown to them a Short time ago. Great Cli arces fore the adjournment of on Gresi Are hardly to be expected Bat removal of uncertainty is with reason to brins into operation baying forces which have been restricted for Booths. The main Factor at that time in the steadily brightening prospers for crops. Harvest log of wheat hag already begin with surprisingly Good Raulte and statistic Laos of repute calculate that the Winter wheat crop will be Bunch beyond the government Esti the democratic newspapers of the country Are not treating senators Vest Mills and Jones and other supporters of the Wilson Law quite right. These distinguished gentlemen started the Tariff discussion with the assertion that one great Merit of the Wilson Lair was that it bad by some mysterious process not quite explained increased the i por Tationa of our Home manufactures. The democratic presi however Vest Mills it at. With an explanation Asio the Tuc of these Large exportation. Carpet now is the time to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and see them. We know we can please you. Geo. W. Gates. Reciprocity clause was also added to the Bill speaker heed has stated that he expects to announce the House commit tee assignments just before Jon arcs adjourns. Senator Gallinger has favourably re ported from the Senate pension com Mittee a Bill which provides that upon the consideration of any application for a pension under any Law of the United states the fact that the applicant was accepted and mustered into the Mili tary or naval service of the u. S. Shall be taken and held As Prima Facie proof that applicant was of sound body and mind at the time he was so accepted and mustered. Boa. Benjamin Butterworth is proving the truthfulness of my Asser Tion when be was made commissioner of patents that he was just the Man Sucu leading democratic papers As the Philadelphia record Memphis tar. New York journal of Commerce and others now admit that this increase has been largely if not entirely due to the inability of manufacture res to find a Market at Home Nince our own markets were filled with foreign goods and the people were a d Able to buy in considerable quantities because of Lack of have Are the foreign markets which been since the repeal of the Law closed to american meats Likely to be reopened through negotiations now pending under joint direction of secretaries of agriculture and state. It was the work of the Agri cultural department Sod the state department under the Harrison administration in conjunction with the reciprocity treaties made possible by the Mckinley Law to create Amer ican Farmers the Best markets for their meats which they have Ever had abroad and it was the repeal of thai Law and the destruction of the reciprocity treaties by the Cleveland administration which closed these mar vets the of restoring it will be More difficult one than was that of its original creation but secretaries Wil son and Shurmas Are hopeful of us Cess. Washington letter. A Shistos tul 2, 1s97. The Presten. And mrs. Mckinley Hare gone to Canton Ohio to spend severs with the Mother but they will return to Washington nest tuesday to order or. Mckinley May be on hand to use his influence to shorten the time test the Tariff Bill remains in conference be fore ins Leiter is in Pool it is expected that the Senate will Hare passed the Tariff Bill and speaker Reed Bas pressed the opinion that the Bill be week. Stating i hut nothing in the should be construed As an abrogation or the Hawaii Recei Procito treaty was restored wit Host opposition a general in conference longer than As was expected the sex will dishonourable practices of the shyster Patent attorneys which have for several years been going from bad to worse or. Butterworth recently disbarred from practice before the u s. Patent office attorneys found guilty of fraud in the debate that preceded the de feat of senator till Ian s ment placing a head tax Tariff Amend of f 100 on every Emigrant by the overwhelming vote of 48 to 3, or. Tillman ran against the Buzz saw that is always revolving in front of senator Chandler when that Little gentlemen can entice some unsuspecting Democrat to get Cloae enough to be sacrificed. Or. Tillman was made a Monkey of and had to acknowledge that it was being done and he made a desperate Effort to get himself out of the reach of the Teeth of the Chandler Buzz saw by thrusting the rotund figure of or. Grover Cleveland in front of him and to cover his confusion by abusing or Cleveland and expressing regret for having been fool enough to have helped baby s second summer is the time that tries All the care of the Mother and All the skill of maternal management. Baby Comfort comes from fat fat babies have nothing to do but to sleep and grow. 1 if your baby does not seem to Prosper if he does not gain in weight you must get More fat there. A few drops of each Day will put on plump Ness fat outside life inside baby and Mother both Happy. Your baby can take and Rel elect him president for the second time. The Senate had been working hard and had earned the amusement whih this Hittle episode furnished. Everybody who gets mail in Quantity will join in wishing to fact the new departure of the foot office department in regaining that mail matter s sent from third and fourth class Post offices shall be legibly postmarked will be successful. It is a Reform that will be especially appreciated by Busi Ness men. Who Are often put to much trouble because of illegible postmark upon letters in which the writers fail to give their Post office. Senators have All been supplied with printed copies of senator Hoar s report in favor of sealing sex senator Corbett in the existing vacancy from Oregon but the committs on privileges and bin it i j and judging from the talk of senators there is Little probability that it will before the regular session. The Success of senator Allison in managing Tariff Bill in a Senate with an anti Republican majority has caused that gentleman s almost always pleasant manners to be much talked about but there have been times when his urbane manner has caused men o make the mistake of Sno posing that because he believes in doing things the easiest Way he would allow himself to be bulldozed rather than have a Row. One of those times came several years ago when a senator who was then new member of that body bad t Bill be was anxious to bet acted upon. He went to or. Allison then As now chairman of the committee on appropriations to try to persuade him to Al Low the Bill to come up. Or. Allison pleasantly heard him and As pleasantly pointed out the difficulties in the Way of taking up the Bill. Afterwards the Man tried to get his Bill of and failed. This angered him and be strode Over to where senator Allison was sitting and said to him you acted to bad or. Allison Rose to his feet in an in Stant and looking the Man squarely in the Eye said quietly Yon he the asian Csc so surprised that he Isopod for a moment gulping and then walked away convinced that Allison s Urban Ity did not detract from Bis Sand. There is time for everything and time to attend in a cold is when it starts Don t wait till Rou have the consumption but Preveat it 07 using one minute cough cure the great Rem Edy for coughs colds croup bronchitis and All Throat and Long trouble. A. J. Asper a co. L. Tailor Rockford has new pimples styles and fashions always on hand. New work cleaning and repairing ish Scon s emulsion As much in summer As in any other season. At c to Rex s bar Ber shop ant late to to i
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