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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 6 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 6, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaIt r r vol 18 no. 47. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa july terms a Veah invitee your attention to his Stock of groceries. My Fine is new and Complete my prices bed Rock my aim to please the people. I want All the butter and eggs you can bring my customers want Good Dairy bitter Marble Rock weekly. Kiwy Thane h b Nies son they spent sunday at Robert we town to Waterloo hut week t 11 a owing is Rem Law m Tab Frank Moong was s Arorey Tii not news. Oita 00 m 24 pm. Tents baft co la f j do n. In warm As Well As cold weather. I will goods in Exchange for the Arm produce. Give or Deli Erette and family turned from Illinois Abe Tudd and wife re to Obj mtr Broa. Circus will give , 3dkttoo-ists. Well known Mise faints Fer on Lucite Nad indoor decoration. Also a Large Stock of window shades and Wall paper for the Millsw. White Lead pure Oil brushes and in fact everything usually found in a Village drug store above for Gale or Trade Pood mover and Hay Rake. Inquire of Charles Jaird Clark and Frank Brownt bought the Ludwig thrashing Mac me boys chm Lee and Clam to Gill Wen Down v morning Suu for a visit last thurs Day or Albert Moffett and miss Nettie luxe were married by w n Brown at his Boms july 4th w fishing from the darn the other Day both will Knap Paud i Rof mar i 1 i .1 i .1 took an involuntary Bath we have just received a Large Stock of the t of pastor Here sue up to spend 4th and shake bands with old friends the India of the Baptist t Burch will serve ice Cream in the o hair building afternoon and evening Juh t Rev. W n Brown married ill Dowd of Nora Springs and Hiss of Stock fwd last week i mines Day Rockford a to Dawson of eat Berville Iowa Shook hands with old time Arleada you on our streets the a ret of the week. One won describes perfection a e to Dewitt s w itch Hazel Salve cores obstinate sores skin diseases and is a Well known curs for piles. A j Goto for be can Puich Nae bum Breya Specif Tea simply taking for the needed number alone without disk Talog or mentioning Tufe team for which it is a mrs Joan Willoth own rail to Bone in Ohio last Wedo Emlay her Don Charles Coom Pacill her to far As Chicago where both kill -4op for a time to towing the Wom Lere of the White nov c e Dnad l. L. Dowry and children and or Willie Dowd und and d b Swart Motyl inc wife of Noru Springs and b. M Brown and b i. Brown and wife of Nao Baa All a listed at her Brown s thu i Bare of screen doors on bind. Wildarae Oeana Short f Lalioo o North Noel n m March Kock mrs. Not is rimming Voltr her Ter in Conakry mrs. R. C to t left lot a Nan in the world s pair Mia addle Clark Clow her la Butler county Lut Frusy Joe Here eld s family increased Inot Bor Cohnin Medink the n dependence of Ihfe noun try us is Mil Wio Tuu Urt ii Bitay of july in Tab flue rant dump bit it with the needed Siut la a and l i i dust huh bad flu it become Una wire in it ill in Hii to nov could Hare been Niada to for the Celebration Bui m 1 it Turmen to Muff from the East from the Wal from the and Tenma frug the North be wit raw waa f r the two i o who look Imd my 1 wishing to close out my Stock of goods i a Tel Sqq t Rae Tfir the 1 ii i of a make special prices on m goods every Batur ii 11 i t i tip until All sold out. Lall Anil get a bargain wow Jim o o of some kind. Brush and Ftfe drove Oporto Hub one Day a week Homta Asper act family have Beta us Siik list the past week or two. Mrs. Carrie Kicul and Darter Tomt born attended the of la its Loatee Lam a full and Complete line now on hand at prices that defy Competition. Highest Market prices paid for eggs. Give us a Call and be convinced that we mean business. Elder Devil will Preneth la Tao Church Nett Surda mormon and evening morning la eject glory in the Crow Only evening subject the kingdom of god a l Are m cited and will be made Welcome her w n Brown will change Witti i Nerton of Roc Forf next rav Motoo will preach in the m b. Church and Etc Tang and at be Montrose Auhoon Bouse in the of Tern no at 2 30 p m o is out Tod Bear two excellent sermons card or vie return our Heartfelt thanks u the and friends who so go Ronly wolsted of Dorlag oar late Berea Wnent my. Pakini Hills heist Kibe my. Lbs. J Houft Given Hokan Jetter Daj by Goll Onur Drew Wai hot i Tass in enry Way. They Hare a Fine com part or fun or intr net Given in Hokan Minn Sao Girt tour cd rom we Rob will Gin an ethic Tom Here Friday july 7th comes Tery strongly recommended by the prese and Power Wber Erer toe ban been let All torn out awl make a get of Holiday. Of Mars Headquarters for Dora Allrunner her school in so. Charles township last f Ljay Chariot Baa been appoint no v in r Are. Maggie of Nora Springs m t visiting retail in Floiene Treem Nalt a Ltd miss addle Clark the first of a pleasant Call from him o h Lujo of Rockford on the 4th lost Loci d k will pow ctr a the Gap Tift a Lurth next sunday morn log and evening mob minute Horr closed her it hop at Thornton lost Nail spending fat Home 1 Bil Sli Tultz r and mrs Lulu freed nere Marne a on the 4th int. Be says general Hervert. Ii of can if Force to be b Sif k headache and i of t us Farly risers for these Little pills will them a 3 4 co Phil running How captured first soupy at the a barn cite now on the 4fh in Stewart Hiu been t Lal leg rela Tives and friends at be Feu the past Ura. Jennie Parkst of St Paul Mion friends m our Uty the Fiatt of the wok mrs lol Esth Sells i Ria log with in lives and a Host of r Rade in our City George and wife hate moved to Iowa City where they will make it their Horae for the p mount r r. Bus returned from Minne tort n t during the of Uimer month All that honesty ant nah fim do to produce a a Orff Pill has i been in making us cup the must k n specific or Nick headache end t the Del new is rec Onn Tinne the or pent of Salon of the race track should erect an Amphitheater for the accommodation of their patrons. Or Jacob Ninner been a eight Over it the worlds fair last or Bronner like Evyone who sees the we show is loud in singing ils Praise. Rev evens made us a pleasant rail Durl Ribis May in Nur City on the fourth the Rev Orrand Kent Lemon like All arthem oar City a wrench impressed with it by Qutul location the rep has the vacant lot Ponth of Joseph Wiloth k bar Cha store and be will erect i new Poa Toffik Huil Doc in the neat a v h Wamer was ill my and Denar monday conme and for a Short time Case looked a Troub but heroic treat sent helped to Plse him on Hie feet by morning All the talk in the warm will not con Tince you so Quirky an one trial of do Witt s Mitch Hnzi-1 of tote for scalds bums. Brno aft. Skin Yaffitt Tom Sod a Jar a to. On Mew info the Twat important running race in we a Parl not rabbet woe him with a record if j and a mar nov _ of with a or 245 in of nil Liy Albert nerf a mar by Hocks pacer Jini by Bow Myrtl of 1 Ink Wii the i betting 2 to 1 Jim Dree no first heat of tins Fux Pic m sex tin pc pouring Uto town and by 0 cling of Day Brewier or Ter o Clink every Aisi Lable Piave m Tbs tits i Chi fit Albin no pin on Home occupied by Tom Ami it Esti j Treuh nod a Gran i hut m mated in ices hot about u 1 if 1 Lyle people had Era thirty at this place to give tit to their Maliu Amasiu promptly at o i Ock the Narried to the and other exercises plus o Rei 1 m Eta no it Charles City was delivered in of 01 the gentle so a Asp Pilot moods abounded with timely bits and Abec Dot Eft. Or Emid spoke for an hour Anil in i new Wiki cd site Utip of his Beshere and Exerv one the Pfent Leinan for deliver info a Hue add Rem Ball at the Gro Umla in the lower part town Between Northwood and a pick cd nine of Marble Rock and Ruck Tord players furnished Aniu Senthil to the Inross of this National game the at the Clow of the game Stu Al 11 3 abounded id Pood and was by a Largo Nuu Iler of he i he a Large in when of starter Ceorge winning or t Bio oct while Phon potty of Rou Kopl in a close second followed by Frank Krue Gerof Scott x he fire worke in Ertling wore nit ceased by t. Large conc urae of and the finest Ever seen id Vicinity the Dince m afternoon and ing t3s Well attended the Gross receipts amounted to 1121 so the Center of attraction however were the races. Tha rating held at this place on july was a Tuc Oes itt every sense of the word Good time Good racing and All Guod attendance the paid fas snout 1900 people and about two or three Hundred Enisley through the Tonco and it for not i by thus Mak ing Tbs fro in in All about Isoo people la Gaet crowd that Ever attended a race m his the Only trouble it the track situated when it in lit present is that it 13 Bard to Aco Ooi ate 1 h a v 1 i r t la limited and the Bine to m the Oalde it tin track thua Nav ing u Crow and to track in coming k and from it which makes it kudu Lent for both the racers and the people but for All that the Croud brat Ber Wasabi v u won by a Neil we tin Eye thing for me Normo thai she Ruoi d it a e cd is Apt aleut but thut Albert awns a better our is also apparent neither of worked Well As 01 Fht to Hine i n in in nil i Hoot and maker. Am for m Wing to put in Tsip u it. Of Hue in us hand nine Hinl in Lull Mph Aleo tar qua in if Wing anally Sherwood my Hod i melt Oulu used Ninalu Saufler Lefeat Lizul him in Tae to mtg of the 1 10 Rothii it it ht1 Belt Mem new but u we Ull before we Truk Tiit me Manito will to with bin when to com it Flum Fox a turd nil i Ion Balf mile in 1 12 thus Publ Wiki the. Trick record for distinct. M thu pics so ended at Moet raw melt nip held id Mable rack the of the ur0 i follows 1 m toils baits Ennu entered by Suiwu my Clit Walker 2 Holt Ouzoun j. Time 1 1 m m 3 Gea Bultz. Emo time 1 3 i Henry o. Liener serum to Citron on hand. New goods. The line i groceries shoes buy to Wilkow Vitot u Queen. 1 1 Jungr woe Albert brow notice. Is Treby Giryn North in come find my new b. Roson Kraw. Joseph we loth whip Dom swat pads with both oar truck which in 8 i och of the beet half Tarka in this Purl of Tow stale races no Acci dents nce Rod on the grounds i be Edam Inch in wonderful for Raj people i int to Cross irk and on must nil trucks Muu Budy n Hurt during the racing Benson it not h Driver or rider generally a but Jav or is Ugi aet Sod ten seed another feature Jay was that Ery race won by Marble Worsoe and not by any either but thru git pad Honwyt new Iii which to fib few tint Ryk is jiving Good Fri ctr in their class in the Toree minute class tiers were four Otto i one of the in Cut was Bay Prenot better known red Ike owned by Ike Shutlz of this place but tag m of Dandy Doy by big Bat the Farannte was easily beaten by the big Marble Rock horse who in one neat newly walked under the wire they had hard time fret hint a tarted but after he run an eighth or u sad getting him Geld and warm Winchell him Nuj won easily enough a the Ahnrae needed we to be banned up a Little sad to Bis joints in Good working order int he was a Surprise party to the betting fraternity who pooled Henly on Dandy boy who Tiok second plaice. Under to aug of Der or a Inch a Mil be table to go in the 2 45 Olms summer ended or we Diss our the u buy Prince s int race Mertin lil not import Fin wild Donels the Nevvitt a Witch hsw.1 Sulu is the but Whitt h run or that Money Uin buy Asper in co c r Willums has Gooe to during his Abonce be will visit the White and take in attractions mrs is Ink inf arts stage of her husband s absence by Niit lug Ber parents at a emr of line Moo Are work m the Tek graph no the f c r 4 n r r at this place. Workmen Are i hit Taoa. The Trot add a Biclie was pair latin 3 who is the owned by heavy and shelf hardware harness repairing a specially. Jfe meet All honorable Competition. H. Stott Okler in Staple and Iancy groceries crockery cigars tobacco notions you find that i pay the highest prices for butter and eggs. My motto is Good goods at bed Rock prices. Bro 3 my Sci grocery. W no jew Tow of Tintea Bufi Bart win san Jug pm was Tiff so it Tom a Tmea h All Witk per respect fully. O h e. M. Smith and p p Cote of Charles City Cam be Loat via nag in Neo Ovid r the of Civ used Rivra but to no Toad Tow it reached when i a Law two of of who far Man Titi ktv4 to Tut it orca rider Xmas to whip Kali int ads Ali it i our fix was will he to link we Ras Annj for a we will him Miinte on wine that Are going out of and Are As in Alt and Linos Kyo i Jian some of the a Iyih we will Wil any Lull 11 clothing or Nhi fwd in w i l 7 i Tuii Ami Iii Etall a want it born or shr jul we can Tuk Niento for a Start til or i orm coi Tii and cheap to out a. The hutches in Grain seeds flow b fed
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