Marble Rock Weekly in Marble-Rock, Iowa
5 Jul 1900

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Marble Rock Weekly in Marble-Rock, Iowa
5 Jul 1900

Read an issue on 5 Jul 1900 in Marble-Rock, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Marble Rock Weekly.

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 5, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. R s. Hies sum. Paw Theu. A Belfi Bock. Iowa ii Luea Targ prison Robert by William Sage published by Houghton. Milf flan co., Luton a charming Story filled with All the adventure and history of those exciting times. The hero is a Young colonel in the Republican army under Gen. Hoche. Heroine is a daughter of the Nobil Ity of the old regime. Upon the estate of the heroine s father the Young colonel was Bonk and raised his father having keen the Steward of the estates. Circum stances connected with the escape of the of Letoine from France in which the colonel. Robert tourney played the leading part threw him into the Power of Robespierre by the tyrant s order he was arrested and confined in the famous Luxembourg prison. The following extract from the Book reprinted by special permission of the publishers a vivid description of life in that prison during the reign of the commune a few Days after Tournay s incarceration the turnkey came to Ward Nightfall to give them a Short time for recreation in the courtyard. This though far from satisfying waa hailed with pleasure by the prisoners and especially by Tournay who accustomed to the violent exertion of the Camp and Field chafed for ant of exercise. They were escorted along the upper corridor whence Uliey could do into the main Hall on the first floor of the Luxembourg. Here those prisoners who were Happy enough not to be confined under special orders had the privilege of congregating during the hours of the Day and Early even ing. Looking Down upon this scene shortly after the supper hour tour nay Drew a breath of Surprise. He Felt for a moment As if he were trans ported Back to the Days before the revolution and was looking upon a reception in the crowded saloons of the chateau de Roche Ort where the Baron entertained As became a grand of Seigneur. The Republican colonel turned a look of inquiry toward St. Hilaire. The latter gave a slight shrug a he answered the ladies dress three times a Day and appear in the evening in full toilet. As for the men they also Wear the Best they have. You will see that Many Wear suits which in better Days have been thrown to their lackeys. Now they Are mended and during the Day that they May make their appearance at night and defy the shadows of the Gray Walls att i the imperfect Caudle Light quite Audi St. Hilaire himself pulled a spotless ruffle below the sleeves of Hie Welt worn coat. And mused Tournay they can find the heart to Wear a Gay exterior Ifo revolution is great enough to change the feelings and passions of human replied St. Hilaire. They Only adapt themselves to new conditions. Here within these Walls tinder the Shadow of the Guillotine generosity envy love and vanity play the same parts they do in the outer world. Affairs of the heart re fuse to be locked out by a Jailer s key and1 these darkened recesses nightly resound with tender accents and the highs of lovers. Bright eyes kindle that Only death can quench. Jealousy also is sometimes aroused 1 am told that even affairs of Honor have taken place i should never have dreamed it pos said the Soldier looking with renewed1 interest upon the moving Pic Tore at his feet from which a sound of vivacious conversation arose like the multiplied1 hum of Many swarms bees. St. Hilaire leaned idly with one Arm on the gallery rail while he flecked from coat a few grains of dust with a Cambric handkerchief. Suddenly he straightened and grasped the railing tightly with both hands. Good god can it be he exclaimed to himself. Tournay looked at him. Surprised by his sudden change of manner. St. Hilaire did not notice him but looked intently at some one in the Hall be Low. Tournay followed the direction of eyes and saw a Young Truman with childish countenance by the Elbow of a woman who was seated in a chair occupied some needlework. Countess St. Hilaire continued achy speaking to himself. "1 had hoped that i had saved the woman glanced upward and Fer Large Bine eyes met St. Hilaire s gaze. After the first Start of Surprise her look expressed the deepest Gratis while denoted interest and the countess d Arlin court Drew up Little Stool and placed herself at the fett of her Friend mute de femur. The latter was still woman in the full flush of Beauty. She was dressed in Black velvet which seemed but Little worn and which set to Brilliant that it needed no Rouge even to counteract the pallor of a prison. The countess leaned the Knees of her friend1, allowing the Lehet of the dress to touch her own soft Cheek care singly. Do not Grieve my said mme. De Remur. Laying her embroidery and placing one hand upon the blonde head in her Lap. Grieve not too much your Lueband Therp is not Nepe son in this room who has not to mourn the loss of some near Friend or relative and yet for the Sake of those to Are ing. Continue to Wear cheerful faces. I Only regret that you mho were at that time Safe should e sur rendered yourself after the co amt was taken. It has availed nothing and has sacrificed two lives instead of Diane a Rife should not measure her duty by the result. He was a prisoner. He was ill. It was my duty to come to his your Pardon dear child. You with your baby face and gentle manner have More real courage than i. I Hardu think i could do that for any Man in the you Alwana underrate yourself dear Diane of to Are the noblest and most generous of exclaimed the countess rising i i cannot understand the courage and Devotion of that said mme. De femur addressing the old Chevalier de Creux who stood behind her chair. I might possibly be willing to share Jiniv Fate the a Iii Oruc wit ii Man if i loved him madly mme. De Remur finished the sentence with a shrug of her shoulders. Perhaps the countess loved her Hus suggested the Young Lille. De Beloeil who sat near the table Bend ing Over some Crochet work but at the same time lending an ear to the conversation. How could said Diane. He was so cold so austere and so dread fully uninteresting and then i Hap pen to know she did not because she loved another gentle said the Chevalier completing the sentence with a laugh. Under the circumstances. I do not Knovs whether i Admire the countess local to in Fol lowing her husband to prison or condemn her cruelty in leading a Lover to Pine outside its was always a faithful wife i would have you understand you wicked Omi Chevalier de exclaimed mme. De femur. Looking up at him As he leaned Over the Back of her chair. Perhaps the Lover May be confined in the prison suggested the philosopher who had also been a silent listener to the dialogue. Is count de Blois said the Chevalier " let us put the Case before of. You laughed time. slip tossed her fancy upon the table at her Side. Ladies and cried the old Chevalier clapping his hands to Gether to attract the attention of All those in the room this Brilliant Young author and poet who needs no introduction to you has consented to read his latest production. Will you kindly take there was some polite applause. The poem let us hear the buzzed upon All sides and the throng began to Settle Down around1 the poet the ladies occupying the chairs and the gentlemen either leaning against the Walls or seated upon stools by the Side of those Adies in whose eyes they found particular favor. In a few moments a hush of expect Ancy fell upon an audience delighted at the Prospect of being entertained. This is a play in began the poet taking a Roll of manuscript from his pocket. A play How said mile. De it is in three continued the author. Act first in the prison of the Luxembourg where the Young peo ple first meet and fall deeply in a Rustle of approval ran through his audience. Second is in the prison Jard where they Are separated1, she being set at Liberty and he conducted to the Guillotine of. How murmured the Young Damsel. One moment Monsieur be Poete said mme. De Benr How does it end i warn you that i shall not like your play if it ends Yon shall judge of that in a moment replied the poet bowing to her graciously. The third he continued the lovers Are brought together under the Shadow of the Guillotine whither she has followed him. The knife Falls upon both of them in Quick succession and their souls Are United in the next never to be separated More what a Beautiful cried mile de Beloeil and the exclamation on the part of the audience showed that her sentiment echoed generally. Said mme. De Remur. I was afraid it was going to emd Unap it was an intensely appreciative audience that listened to the dramatic work of the poet. They followed with breathless Ift text the meeting of the Token in the Hall of the Luxen at their the shadowy of the pm the Savage Bachelor arose. Said v. T try i bust into the line with was the Grutt interruption. Many would claim there was a mistake if it would ail them to say in my Case it is pleaded Delachevalle. Send to Robespierre he into the line. I Tell cried the exasperated gendarme. There is no mistake 5 our name is written Here. You go with the one moment one Little implored the wretched Marquis in an agony of fear. Of. Messieurs the gendarmes if you will but hear me i have an important communication to All this time he was fighting desperately As the two officers of the Law dragged him toward the door. Yelled the angry Cap Tain or i will have Jou bound and gagged. Take example from these women who put you to idiot that i cried de Lache Tille. Why did i Ever return from a place of safety on e but a fool would have trusted the word of bind ordered the Captain. With a strength no one would have that he possessed de Lache Villa threw off those who held him. Stand he shouted wildly As the officers endeavoured to seize him. He Drew an object quickly from his pocket. Take care. Jean. He has a cried one. There was a report of a pistol and the Marquis fell Forward to the floor. A murmur of horror filled tue prison Hall. Women fainted and men turned away their Heads. The gendarmes hastened to Bend Over him. I believe he is dead Captain said one after a Brief examination. Carry him out with the others just the ordered the Captain. Pierre continue with the Bertrand de Adele de there was a cry of Joy in the answer i am Here. The blessed Virgin has heard my and mile de Beloeil stepped Forward. Andre i come with you we shall go together where they can never separate and she threw herself into the arms of her Lover. About face fall in Forward the heavy door closed and those who had been called were led away while those remaining in the prison went quietly to their cells Tore commence the same life on the Morrow until the next Roll Call. The nobility of said1 the Chevalier to the philosopher nay not have known How to live but it knows How to except mania de Wai the reply. Bahl he was always one of the Cai Nalue at heart he Only proves my extra Toek of Tiff Art fits Oral and tub Kay. In 1898 the British museum stored away numbers of English scotch and Irish periodicals and numbers of 29s foreign and colonial periodicals. During the past year nearly persons paid for admission to shake Speare s Birthplace representing 41 nationalities and Over he Trio visited Ann Hathaway Reot Tage. Geronimo himself cannot wad or write but he insists that the youth of his race should be instructed after the fashion of the Whites. His advice to his own people is better follow White the bicycle stoop. To t let defender the Peril clan. The peddling fraternity has Long mme. Thebes formerly official prophetess to Napoleon m., has been fore telling coining wars. She is not so pessimistic As or. Stead for she off the great War till 1903 or 1905, w Hen she says France Bill have to face a Ter Rible coalition. Gen. French the famous cavalry offi cer under lord Roberts got the most practical part of his training in the Canadian Northwest where he organized the Well known regiment of rough riders known As the Canadian North West mounted police. Herbert Spencer in a conversation reported recently replied to the ques Tion As to when he thought society would be perfect by the statement it is truthful. To one is now. We All exaggerate we All use when we do not mean it. Truth is the one foundation Stone possible for per Swinburne is deaf As a Post. He lives in a somewhat somber looking House at Putney Hill the Walls of which Are covered with original Pic Tures by Dante and Gabriel Tosetti which must be Worth a fabulous sum. The famous poet is Bald with a thin straggling Reddish Beard and has Beautiful hands. While the Queensberry family is generally associated with prize fighting and personal eccentricities there Are members of it who have achieved distinction in other lines. One is Hon. John Douglas. C. M who has just published in Brisbane an interesting1 history of thursday Island the Sentinel guarding the Northern approach to Australia where he has been govern ment resident for the last 15 years. Philippine Mountain tribe. A from the United Deb Cribb the Igarot Ca cools und eve. C. B. Carlisle a missionary for Merly of Warsaw a. Y., writes from. Dagupan in the Philippines to a Friend and in his letter says the sew York Sun describes the Igarot Tec a Mountain tribe. He says up in the mountains to the North East there is a tribe of half Savage peo ple called.1 Igar ottes. They live in the mountains hardly Ever coming out into the valleys except when hunger compels them. Xone of them Wear any clothing except a strip of loin cloth. They have a speech their own. The filipinos cannot understand them. They Are fond of meat so two Days ago four of them came Dovin Here and. In an hour had captured 16 dogs tied them with ropes and started away. The filipinos did cot disturb them let Ting them have All the dogs they could catch. They came right past my tent in the evening stopped on the Banks of the River a Little Way from the Center of the town built a fire killed a dog cooked and ate him. They skinned it cleaned the body ran a stack of Green Bamboo through it Lengthwise then two of them spotted the meat Over the fire until it was Brown. Then they Laid it in the grass and these four ate every bit of that dog even picked the Bones clean. They did not leave a scrap of meat. They had no other food with the meat no knives or Forks or plates. They just took the flesh in their hands Tore it into bits and devoured it. Some of our men offered them a bit of cooked beef and they it but ate the meat raw. Then they Sang some sort of a chant beating on their stomachs the while. It sounded to me like we ilk Doe All same Hoe baked Dor Fried Doc dog soup Bow wow Mucho Cood they Are rather taller than the Fili pinos Black As night and have Kinky hair. As the Sun went Down they moved away out of the town leading 15 dogs and carrying one they had to kill in or Der to get him. The sight made me sick and i lost All appetite for my sup per. We could spare the dogs out of the double scores that make things howl Here in out 1 Hope i May never see that sort of feast again too dogo Ned beastly for me in a pamphlet on the superstitions and medical practices of the Bernese peasantry or. Zahler. Himself a native of the Bernese Oberland states that the belief in witchcraft is slowly yielding to education. The med ical literature consists of ancient manuscript family prescription books and printed volumes distributed by paddlers the older the prescription the greater the credit. The peasant nowadays while carefully conce Aung his ancient beliefs is yet. When disease affects him. To revert to the old charms and reme Dies. Or. Zahler attributes such Effi Carey As they possess to what is now called but admits the part played by the of herbs in All primitive Medicine. He out it. Or. Said the toastmaster will now respond to the Toast the la backed position of the scorcher and one has at last been discovered in or. H. Campbell an English physician who comes to the Rescue in a paper on be Spirat cry exercises in the treatment of in formidable scientific language or. Campbell explains that the double up position of the scorcher is desirable and Good for the health. He finds that there is something in congruous in an animal built on the longitudinal plan standing and Gressing on the end of its Long a worm does not go skipping about on the end of its Tail nor does a horse habitually stand on its Hind legs. Man alone among the lengthy animals As Sumes this illogical posture and or. Campbell has risen to combat the perpetuation of the error. He says one of the reasons Why cycling is More healthful than walking is that the wheelman can lean Arch his Back and present the abnormal Strain on the splanchnic without going further into the Doc Tor s scientific reasons enough has of Iii suit to Shuw Ilai lie Clit pcs tin. Animals that go on All fours Are More in Accord with the Laws of health than those that insist on Perambo plating on the end of their Long the Hab it of walking erect has taken such a firm hold on the human animal that even or. Campbell despairs of any re form in that Quarter. But the Wisdom of the Monkey can be imitated on the wheel and if the scorcher does not exactly go on All fours he can at least assume a position equally Graceful and hygienic. All reforms must begin gradually and who knows but that the More Correct and natural position May in time be adopted in walking As Well As in Wheeling there is a tendency for the blood to gravitate to the splanchnic area. Evhen the erect position is says or. Campbell and 1 cannot but think that the fatigue of standing and walking is largely due to this tend anyone with due respect for his splanchnic area should need no further warning. For the proud per son who cannot bring himself to As sume the quadruped Al posture at once there is the Choice of beginning by rid ing a wheel and getting his head As near to his feet As his Pride and his ram s Horn handles will permit. After he has humped his Back sufficiently and acquired a Fine specimen of the kyphosis bicyclist Orum it will be com file Caj Eulaj lug us Ilia feet and keep his splanchnic area comfortably free from surplus blood Ever after. Before this Reform can be universally adopted by men and women. However some great artist should arise and convince everybody that the attitude recommended by or. Campbell is not Only picturesque but Beautiful. Chicago Tribune. Attaching grips. Of never method which simple it in Safe and motor car exhibit. Be Maui with it Here is a simple and effective method of attaching grips to handle bars near the end of the handle bar a piece of wire preferably about one eighth of an Inch in diameter is passed through holes. The wire is somewhat longer than the exterior diameter of the handle bar so that the general efficiency of the car was put to drastic test during the thousand mile trial at agricultural Hall London. There a Little spill one Day when the Driver of a Quadri Cycle was the victim of a Loose head Bolt and crashed into the Fence fortunately without Hurt to anyone but against this Accident May be set the performances of other vehicles of the same and other types especially that of or. Coles upon a Benz Victoria. Or. Coles first ascends two inclined planes having a gradient of one a four and so narrow that Only most accurate of steering prevents the car from toppling Over and he follow t this by pulling it to dead Stop on a platform Only a few inches longer than the wheel base. Finally he the car Down a Steep flight of Steps and turns it Sharp round to the right How to attach grips. In ends project somewhat. The inner Ferrule preferably of Metal has Small recedes formed in its Flange in we Iii fit the projecting ends of the wire whereby the Ferrule is firmly held against longitudinal or rotary motion. And at the same time the Flange of the Ferrule hides and protects the ends of the wire. At the end of the bar is a Block or Washer preferably of steel with a Central threaded Hole. It May be secured in the end of the handle bar by a few blows from a i riveting Hammer or some other suit Able tool to produce overlapping parts. This Block or Washer is prevented against movement in the other direction by any suitable Means such As the shoulders rtt own formed on or in the end of 1fre handle bar. The outer Ferrule preferably made of Metal is centrally perforated to re Jeyte a screw which screw threads into the Washer or Block. The Fer Rule has an inclined surface As shown which is adapted to Lap upon the grip. Onci Nanti commercial Tribune. O later Otto. Americans prefer electricity for running Aston obites the French Petroleum awl the Boa Siam Wood Al Cohol. Sharks have Bow peat need into the Mediterranean the Ami team Coles automobile feat. The moment he has reached the foot. Those feats were repeated throughout the week. Clearly there is of the Tor car being crystallized into Type for this exhibition of the Auto Mobile club embraces such widely Dif Ferent vehicles As a steam lorry and a. Petroleum driven bicycle with phae tons dog carts vans Waggon ettes Vic Tobias Voiture Tes and Tricy cles in Between. The Only element of uniformity or virtual uniformity is that their engines Are practically All of the gasoline Type three entries of electrical cars and As Many of steam being the. Only exceptions out of Over a Hundred stands. In France and in England alike it has lately that the de Mand must be met for a lighter smaller and cheaper vehicle than has hitherto been produced and the Voiture tet in various forms is the result. The recent introduction of the water Jack eted variety of this engine which is. Generally known in its 2y t horse Power air cooled pattern will undoubtedly stimulate the of the Voit Urette by English makers. If appearances were everything1 the Light steam car might b e regarded As the motor vehicle of the future for this american product glides about the Arena with almost Swan like Grace and As silently As an electric launch. Its performances Are very captivating and the inexperienced Spectator May be forgiven if he finds them More interesting than anything else at show. It must be pointed out How Ever that to produce the steam Threa times As much petrol is required As would alone drive the vehicle and that 25 to 30 Miles is the limit of its Jour Ney without refilling of the London letter bicycle and crime. Prof. Dior abroad a a Alrh seem to thinking every new mechanism adopted in. Our daily life multiplies the and the number of crimes. To modern mechanism has assumed the extraordinary importance of Thor bicycle either As a cause or As an instrument of crime. So marked is that whereas it used to be the some what intemperate fashion to seek in woman the mainspring of every Mas Culine offence Che Chez la sesame might now say with perhaps less exaggeration. Che Chez la Bic Clette in the majority of offences committed by Young men and in Italy at All events by Young men of Good social such is the 01 Thich Lombroso in the pall mall Magazine builds up a remarkable string of Evi Dence against the bicycle or Ai least the bicycle in Italy. Cyclists have always been inclined to think that the effect of cycling upon Public morality has been beneficial rather than otherwise observes the cycling Gazette and paradoxical though it May seem prof. Lombroso proves this to be the Case in the end. Hence we May safely draw the conclusion overlooked by the italian author that the bicycle increasing human opportunities Jay. Contribute to increased crime in proportion As a half Holiday cont bytes to increased drunkenness. Men who Are criminals May use the bicycle As a vehicle for crime men who Are not criminals Are not Likely to become criminals through cycling men inclined toward drunk enness May embrace a half Holiday to to come drunk while men of sober tendencies find the half Holiday temptation towards intemperance. Site plemic of Focas at tacked the silkworms in Italy and France. Food with them y of then re we to and they by Nilsom the

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