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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 5 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 5, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaF vol. 25. No. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. July 5, terms 4 year of i i i i bargains in camaras at speedling Speed i ing s drug store. There u 10 encouragement for the of the United states to the Phila Delphia platform. It in hot fashionable to lie just Jet Yot Bint digest i be food that mom papaw Jott. Moi in etch unpleasant Eruc tation sick headache or will die the same. Ask anyone whoever took or. Caldwell s syrup for constipation indigestion storm vhf True and sick Uca Dache at a j. Aspera co. _ the chinese pig Tail makes Twining Oia Erial for persons who have Bero so persistently at work on Iho Smirh lion d Tail Kotiw melt away Iljoo uce cold me prepared in Eon thu kit esp Ole form her easy to fake an effect a speedy Cut of the ii Minate eat Trice -5c sold by Speedone the lion. It Mclean n Tiff irow Ohio a lit it and tailed fit bin put or Meleson it in Pericone wich Ohio voters was anything Bat it Savler Bis p. A. Dan Fonh at be tinge. Lor Booths a mooing son by leg but that Bock to e wholly cared it to of it j n 1 it s the hot world. Cure so1d by a j a Pera great toe Kansas and Mia atari tumm never Wen to pros protts. It is not Ideal Piave for a gathering. The a Fioti of a is in tied of All whom Boot Barb. Tod liver Are of order. Bat such should know that or new life urns a splendid appetite second digestion and a ret War bodily habit that insures per Leet health awl treat Energy. Only 2ic at a j. Paper co drug store following Gorea of democratic Exevea Seelof Elped Iturea Over in the United Treen by should he in four for ready references piss year. 1895. Toul democratic exc Eften. 42 if Yoo Bank Hia Dachis Don t with alleged Korea. Boy Kraut i headache capsules. Nieb will ran headache n half an boor tier what causes it f Rice -5c sold by Speed Fine it speedling the Price of Netttie on the Fara we per head on january 1. Jim tort me Kinky we Wangor ared. At the be the year Batlle were Worth per head the Arm. The 10 Freejr in the Icart three has been 60 there Are f Row the of the of apri Saab Winte whirl Mas yellow omm we Felt the in own v. A. Tang any w kf., Wluka Ofcar be . To Mph hint War ably. He Immy Twilow a Monte we ii twi or . But wet hot in advised try the piers of the North German Lloyd steamship Cooj Joy in Hoboken with three of the company s Steamer were death owed by fire last saturday it is esl United Bat 2uo persons lost their lives and of properly was destroyed by the flames the greatest of i Admiral Philip who distinguished is comm Oder of the battleship texts Auriol the naval Battle at Santi ago died last a tardy when the a Toish ships were Baniog and the americans were tall of enthusiasm Admiral Philip addressing his men said Don t cheer Hoys the poor Fellows Are the last reservation. The Riutta and a Manche Indian re or edtion Mil opened to while within months the Bill making 2 our Uoo acres of Valu Able fund to Louic Steadele passed the ust session of Jon and received the signature of the president. And Tibt exists concern ing the time when the land will be thrown open band reds of White peo ple Are gathering of the Border and us Marcaa Mote ire arriving every Day. The steady Stream of Prairie schooners As they go id Long tinae is a reminder of the Days when the gnat Cherokee strip was opened to settlement. This new land is Nat to be far More Fertile thao the Bat the reservation is oot so Largo. It is the last area of the no occur led arable land 10 the. Great Southwest and those who have thirsted for tree Homes Are going madly into this the last race one by one the Indian reservations have been Pur chased from the indians until now none remain Worth the having a correspond ent describes the Kiowa and Cocoa Che country As one of the finest pieces of land Ever Given away by the govern meet. Troe in five years one do to pay a filing tee of 50 per a e. Bat the soil is Fertile the climate pleasant the surface diversified and game plentiful there Are Many Natal. Parks to the great to Violita mountains where Deer and Turkey ran wild to the valleys Are Fine fishing streams and even Down the Mountain sides maj be found deep p Kils where Bass and Peroh make their Home. In a Day s Hunt to the Wichita mountains a skilled Hooter kill half a Deer if be cared to or a Hundred turkeys. One May end All kinds of climate there Jast Asio Colo Rado Over 10 000 farms of 160 acres each will be pot within the Roach of the Homestead in the land is adapted to the raising of Corn Cotton wheat Ajo other crops to the Southwest. The country has been noted for Many years Lor its excellent grating and band rods of whoa Sands of head of cattle owned mostly by Texas ranch men have been Fatie aed Aono ally on its Laior Paiit grasses and to the Northern markets Ocean Afton of h Kuwint it wet. V w was it a mar Vellow care of mrs Kena j Stone of Crea de in Lens of i Cocci to Cit Briick writes mama Etvart a leading Drw Kurrat of and. She Only wet bed 90 her in Rani Ahe soon die then she brio use or. Knit s new Duce Verv and nine 37 in weight awl Mavd it inn wred of Catalana Sinaei. Betly to of with to to Brit and Wistano. Awl trial a. J. Aifer the Centory draw to its Elm amid amines of magnitude Well a amid Aan value achieve meals in sete Aoe and the of peace. The War to sooth Africa Small though it Baa been in Toam respects has in respect of the transportation of great across the sea far in parsed any other in history of the world. That which nay even now be begin log in China threatens to be such a Bat not been Kodwo since the irruption of the moguls to which indeed u will Amish a striking parallel to inverse order. And As for famines the British Bodiao government has today to Deal with the most extended infliction of that kind in the history of human woe. By that we do not mean tvs it is or will be the most dist Octive of human Lite. The Advance of the country in civilization under British Rule and the vast Bounty of the British government and of the sympathetic world will forfend that. Bat in the area of territory end the dumber of affected and in the inti Nesity of the one great natural condition which is the prime cause of Indian famines the present visitation considerably surpasses any other of which we have record in India and therefore to the Worl j for India is pre eminently the land of famines her disasters of that sort exceeding in mass in tiie Aid horror those of any other land even those of Russia herself. The famine that prevailed in Russia three years ago was said then to be the greatest on record perhaps it was. If 10, there can to no question of the supreme pre Eminence of the present famine As i Brief comparison will show the average rainfall of India is forty one inches in 1896 it was Only thirty six inches and the famine of 1807 resulted. In 1e99, however it was Only thirty inches the lowest Ever known since record of such things Baa kept and the result u the famine of 1900 in 1sc-7 few win Over an area of Square Miles with a population of 000. This year it afflicts Square Miles or nearly one fourth of the entire area of India with a population of in May id97. persons were in receipt of government Relief. Id May 1900, their number was at the present about 15 per cent of the entire population of the afflicted part of British India is being in spotted by the government and of the of Tiv states about 6 per sent. These last figures by the Way indicates not the lesser need of the native states but the greater Bounty of the British Sovero ent it also gives a Bint of the reason Why this it oot the most destructive of famines. Before the British Conquest Hen the population of India was less thao half what it now is amines were of frequent Occar reace and were permitted to run their course without re Lief. Now the land has a government which cares for the people. So while this is the greatest of Farnes it a being met with the great est measure of Relief. By the end of the summer when it is hoped natural conditions will have relieved the needs of the people Between and will have been expended for the Good o the stricken. Of that splendid sum the vast bulk will have come directly from the British Treasury for while private gifts have been Large in Qimat Bruin Anthe United states they have not been dearly to Large the occasion requires or a they were three years Ajro. In 1897, for example the United amp door contributed do less than 500.000, while at the same Date this year the same source bad provided Only the son in african War and its Relief funds account of coarse for this Large falling off. With these facts in View it is Gratifying to Soe that american Gills to the famine Relief land steadily growing and have already reached a hand wac total the greater the need of humanity anywhere the greater is the Opportunity of h a vanity Evert where else for Beneficence that Ball Honor it and Moo the York tribe in. Letter. Washington d. 0. Jane. 29 1900 president Mckinley left Washington Tot icy Lor his Home at Canton. Ohio where be expects to spend a month of As near rest a president can Ever get. He will be in telegraphic Job Mno cation with Washington All the Lime but no official matters except those of Uno Saal importance will be sent to him. The news from China that the foreigners in Pekin including the american Minuter and legation and a number of american missionaries were Safe and Well although it came from the chinese minister who received it in a round about Way which caused it to take a week to gel to Washington is accepted by Secretary Hay As author. Alive and has resulted to a considerable lessening of the ten Sion in official circles. President Mckinley expressed the opinion just be fore he left Washington that the worst of the Liou ulu in Cluva was Over and the Hope that the u. S. Troops now of their Way would not be needed there but this opinion did not prevent his urging the War department officials to see that ill orders concerning troops and supplies Tor China should be promptly carried out. General a Liftee who has been or dered to China to command the u. S troops will rail from san franc so on the transport Grant which is a fast boat on sunday and with a fairly Gotfed voyage will reach Taku chios inside of four weeks. On the same transport will go the 6th u s which if not needed in China will be taken to Manilla their original destination the 9th cavalry ii on us Way from Manilla to Taku where they expect to land sunday and other regu Lars in the Philippines Are in readiness to go to China if they arc needed the selection of Gen Chaffee to command our troops 10 China is regarded As a Good one. He entered the army in 1861 As a private and has Long ago is the late Geo spoke of him to a official report As one of the Best practical soldiers in the army. While the is not one that the members of the administration would publicly discuss it is known that there is a Strong disposition in oficial circles to regard the greed of european nations and not the As the source of the to greatest danger in China. Nothing could speak plainer for the All round excellence of the Republican National platform than the fact that the enemies of the Republican party Are de voting their time to squabbling Over the personal authorship of this or that Plank of the platform instead of criticising the document As a whole. It indicates that it is such a Good platform that the opponents of the Republican party can ind nothing in it to criticise the voters will Tell what they think of it by Friar Shamly electing Mckinley and to Ozvelt. The annual estimate of he world s production of Gold or Lew just completed by director of the mint Roberts shows that production to be rapidly in creasing the total production for the year having been the War in sooth Africa stopped work to most of the Gold mines in that wet Ion during the brat Ball of Bat a the a Nixb Are now to Possession of All the mining territory they will at once re seme work Tod will probably increase their average of r2.uoo.000 a week during the remainder of the year. Any Way the increase in other sections of the world has More than made of for the decrease to Sontz Africa making it certain that the production of the world Lor the first half of 1900 has exceeded that of last year or Roberts predicts thai the world s annual out put of will mod exceed 000 the exigencies of the naval service the Fin of the thing b the us hew i got any one to Lute Volt. In connection with the War in China has compelled Secretary Long to exercise the authority vested in him by order in a gun jul i act Ilij Ivai of lists to per orm Active duty a number of re tired officers have written to Secretary Long volunteering for any service that May be needed of them on account of the chinese trouble is undoubtedly Gratifying both to the president and to Secretary Long. Fourth assistant postmaster general bestow who went to Cuba to assist to investigating the Cuba Branch of the postal system has returned to Washington. He says the accounts have All been thoroughly gone and that All the crookedness found was confined to the Neely ring and thit the evidence has been collected to convict those who were guilty of stealing and that the postal system of Cuba is now in an excellent con Cuoq and giving better ser vice than the Island has Ever before attention has been called to the fact that the old United Stales frigate ident which won much u Ory 10 the War 1812 before it was captured by vastly Superior forces is still do intr duty As a British Drill ship ii Bai lasted through All obese years while the Many ships captured from Britain by the United states about the same Lime have Sime decayed and vanished this fact shows the Superior workmanship of the american me chanic even at that Early Day Gen Grosvenor charges that or Quigg of new York deliberately of his own motion drive led out certain planks of the National platform which the committee on resolutions bad decided to include or Quigg denies this the matter should be investigated and if or Quing has dared to take such press Milious action he should be drummed out of the party the planks referred to concerned them selves with Porto Rico and Tho Bill to tire easily your heart flip flops you tremble and think Yoa Are getting old and fear some one will know it. Yoa try to look pleasant when in a it you Are puffing like a steam opine and can t throw a Brick across a cow path without wheezing Lile a Shingle Mill. But you bet you Are not getting old. You have indigestion you have let it ran too Long you can cure it by using or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin it s a sure shot. Loc 5gc or a bottle. Get it of a Jasper co. The situation Hunter is gradually be coming obsolete. The situation now Hunts the oian scr Fula thin blood weak lungs and paleness. You have them in hot weather As Welt As in cold. Scott s emulsion cures them in summer As in Winter. It is creamy Locking and pleas ant tasting. And m the governor of Missouri hem selected As one of the to Tho Kansas City convention. He will make h Ouw of incl Tomou. Jingling Yon Fri table r do you sleep badly is it hard to concentrate your thoughts is your appetite poor of Yoa feel tired rett leu said Despo Bent try Lichty s celery nerve compound it will do you adore Good than any thing Yon have Ever tried. Sold by paced log speedling. Farmers paid for ten Experiment of electing a democratic president in through the loss in the value of heir live Stoik alone senator Morgan admits that some of the Rea turns of the Chicago plat orm arc Ratter socialistic. Senator Morgan is not a Republican Campaign orator did from taking prussic acid through mistake no worse mistake is that than is taking blood Medicine for stomach trouble or. Syrup constipation or stomach trouble Don t Lake the wrong kind of Medicine Tako or Caldwell s Syrop pepsin ask a. J. Asper to. The mercy and generosity of the president were never More strikingly shown than to his proclamation of am Nesty to the filipinos who have been in rebellion none Are sex opted favo those who have violated the Laws of War be president Baa bitterly regretted to necessity of making War upon those people add did so Only be cause it was his Doty. Had he failed to execute this one can imagine Tho torrent of denunciation which the democrats would have poured out him. , Ile sop. 21st 1898. Vav b Caldwell. Dear sir take great pleasure in adding my Tesini Niomy As to the Efficacy of or Caldwell s syrup pepsin As atsed to our Home. We Ubo it in All eases of Conati Patio and indigestion. Respect fully. Eve a so str none. Soldiers widows Home. A Jasner a a Republican Victory in Nebraska this year would be a fitting Climax for the democratic Campaign on issues. A is its custom the Burlington Cedar rapids Northern railway ban arranged Lor reduced rates to a Largo number of important places for the coming summer among which we men Tion the following most prominent. Charleston 8. Meet Ingol the National educational As july 7-13 o Young people s Union of America july 12-15. Chicago encamp ment g. A. R August til sept 1. Detroit biennial con Clave knights of pythias aug. -7 sep. 1. Is Paul Conven Tion National Republican league of the United states july 17-19. Summer tourist tickets will be on Sale nay 15, to resorts 10 different of the Coo atry and important informs lion can be obtained by calling Oft ticket agent or writing to the Onder Send Lor copy of Booklet entitled Okoboji g. Farmer u. P a., Cedar rapids Iowa. Headache capsules were the fint of Inlet the Market. Their Iman diata Doc Ren cod in boat of chloral morphine and Webor Kojm Ives or win f or porting to be avoid Booe Imi Ibe text have sombre the i weekly inter Ocean largest circulation of All political papers in the West always american always Republican is the weekly inter Ocean supplies All the news and be4it Curt Cut literature every column is Bright Dean and packed with news the of its in equal to out of Fae Zines. It to Blunn is Well As the for Lott inter Ocean is a newspaper and it 1 bring to tie Fenui the news of the world Firo my Fyt Fathy gift Afons Tad jul idiom of Wonema Piaf Vaad Etc tawk Aad potato from of standpoint my Pike one di3llar per in Smit or a met of tic inter Ctm Are Best seer m the we3t. Foj int tji Ocean s is

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