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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 5 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - July 5, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaC new punish so by Henry of Tom Watn Watt Imi what. Velsh own saw u Iijima. To "1 a. It often to be Tia i that be Bijj pm 67 an is Jiruska. Lie Anta Movw emus i mat soy to bar a Patafta mat As Ommart Mill Boia att Sot contort and Safe to a it Leta Wethi it Rupa Foj -s5s5 Yoa will Tia route and Wax 1 for rate for or round trip Taketa Ana for to n Utt of Jub West. North Ena not. .0, he agents Aso tickets . July b a h. Sien Dettt free my Vico it co., Lulzim. My. Tit i 1-lc Twat str re run it Tot tic or g to i St. Joseph hug co., with Hilke and Charity for ail terms per in Advance Tutty pills dish Skrep liver Kenn to Tom i his Ubati Kie Iyoya Ami Sta also All impurities thrash then three titty meal a meet volume Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa july 5, 1883. Number 47 Bucklin Dilts pumps Marble Rock Iowa. Prepared to pay the highest Mart at for Farmers will fad it to their interest to five then a Call be Are Cellini elsewhere. 20 of All for Sale at weep. Also Wei repair old All work warranted. H Steo cd. Tsih Fite a c a co. Utju Joseph Merrill. An Sauk Maybue Rock j. Shepar soit too we receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do general s. Bur and sell foreign Exchange jell pics Siig tickets to and from All principal Points in Europe. R. Of Wilke Peale h co 6 or to x o o w Block Teeth extracted without pain by the use of nitrous oxide Gas. Rockford Iowa. Office hours Flora 9 to 13 a. Jul ah., sept., sales ranted i for Light packing and Chat Fer heavy my his and 36.45 for fair to Cooks Wooth Lota. And a Refl. We a write on Lizarr to a xxx do. Lv.-.31c pwt n finer Ollry it Era Dunn to of nor do. Hair ladle Packel i Uci Lut Stock u h new 1 Oak. la july. He Iju Tot fan Lar 5.00. Brai finn to. J ked whiter. no. 3 mixed be. to. 2 fill. Sie. pork Dull at 51mo. Lynnl quiet bulk Laww Bini Cleir Baroi Idill car Tlitha sift it Sulla Kukk. July August at hat White Fri tic. J5c for to. 3. It. Louis. so. A lied july. aur., lower of. Afr Wax aide. Ie.33. Richer no Sluter bed spot and july pm lower a Lisej spot and Jurij Mac. White. Do. Wavric. Kyi it demand Ohio and Penn Cwi Itne and Delaine Missouri Justice. Bulged and bettered the Nib disaster of but Mike of a Trio of com brooded at i tented at fort Smith. A out Rotener Between two go new editors of Mattax death or a Khisro rend. By. Lows july occurred in Llis sort yesterday. Mcdowell a negro assaulted miss Murray in Lonia Aua this county of monday last and was locked up in the jail at Bowling Green. At 2 o clock p. About four Hundred men went from Louisiana to bowline Green and sur rounded the jail. Six men in Marka demanded the keys and by presenting six revolver., persuaded the Jailer to Titre then no. The negro was then taken ont and a Nonberg of Rove waiters knotted together and the doom placed Over his wad. The then started with their victim toward the Public Square but changed their minds and took the negro about a mile out of the town and hanged him. The body left hanging until about m o clock when it cot Down and taken to Louisiana. There the people behaved like fiends for they again bang no the Corpse had it photographed and theft Cut off the Bead. The negro s victim. Miss Kate Mur Ray to the adopted daughter of Charles Murray it Castu. A Twenty years of. And Well known in this City. She wag living with tote widow of or. Mur rav. At an Early ban on monday morning miss sate As was her custom milked the cows and drove them to the. Pasture jut beyond the Western City fists she opened the tart a negro if Nour from behind and pm Todber a Tab a Rock. Then. Bet with her Bonnet strings Aad pm King a stick across her the fiend accomplished the Pur pose of assault. After recovering Covic finsness toe girl crawled to the nearest Bouse that of Captain George barmaid and related the pwt Tolan Ottke mid to if wet Ner and co Jool on the wet la Green Turnpike to Waco had been seen in search of a negro going oat on that Toad at an Early boor and who Masai in to the description they soon fowl a i Tobej Sebrow. He we Emma my tree of the who us to men my Bav a ill feb corp Wmk 1hvwb Wai w Van for a attn Tufa Duffil of b and Hwn i Bow taken to the Bowling Tatnen jail sad Brown was Ekartd. Disaster of the rail. Killed Mast Wootke. Potts Buijk. July in ring at Bradford. 1 a. Serious and fatal Railroad Accident occurred of the Rochester a met Surg Railroad near Kasselas Abom a dirty Dve Miles of this City. Station agent Lon Dugan was apprised of the wreck 4 o clock a. B., and in company with drs. Kinsley. Page Sweet and Toben started for the scene of death Abd destruction. The scene which dirt their View was enough to Sprull the stoutest heart. The bodies of uie dead add dying Wen on either Sill of the wreck composed of loaded Eoal ears and taboo sea. The train was in two seats att and enl no Nam keep Trade the first Section stopped to take water and while attempting to Start the. Mpung broke Mai let five and a Natse Ofer Toteh go Down the Grade which is ninety feet to the mile. They ran into the Section which was about a mile behind. When the coach struck the engine it was torn to splint and the engine stripped of every thing except the fire Box and boiler. Tilt Una fire Ikui uie Itier train saw the danger and jumped Sav ing their the dead wounded were brought to this City where anxious friends and a Large crowd were assembled at the station. Tin scene was heartrending. The dead and wounded Are residents of this City. The deaths so far As known . And from ten to fifteen wounded some fatally. Lawlessness. In a Kansas. Little Rock ark., june St. Lawlessness has Long existed in the Corners of Garland. Yell and Montgomery coun ties where outlaws have organized a reign of terror. In april will Inui totter was assassinated and the Erini la openly defy arrest. Lost sunday armed party took Possession of it neighbourhood Church and drawing arms on the preacher compelled him to read a notice naming officers and Lead in citizens to leave tit country or be killed. Yesterday governor Berry is sued a proclamation urging sheriffs and others of these counties Aud All Good it liens to use every Effort to Hunt Down the desperadoes. He expressed a determination to break up this murder Ous band of mass Obi. St. Loans mo., june of a bloody shooting affray comes from Carthage. a Constable of Granby. Mo., or. A. N. Daris g. G. Davis of Joplin and a or. Hintson of Fesaha Newton county went to a Little town near Carthage known As blonde City to arrest a Man named on an old charge of Mur Der. They found their Man and took him into custody. He was Verv docile and asked permission to go into the Bouse for his coat. This was permitted and be suddenly reappeared with a re Volver with which he proceeded to operate. His first shot killed a. N. Davis the second went through the head of g. G. Davis and he will die the third misted hat Sou. Brit Anthon mounted a horse and lied the Woods. Ill Utt us Zilg u1u Udall a for him to night. Bryttan has the re Cord of a desperado having killed at least one other Man whom he shot in a House of ill Fame two ago. Two Gebman Eui Totts. Richard Al Chablis sails tvs autos c. Uffer. Chicago Utino Janie Trust Prene of yesterday contained a tatter to the Public Over the signature of Rich Ard is Chelis stating that his act of filing a protest against the release of a. C. Hessini from the judgment of and interest upon the payment of has stirred up All the Crooks who Are in sympathy with every swin he charges that the Chicago Jav Ottok has published a number of falsehoods calculated to misrepresent his position and ten Trimm is the or Gan of or. He makes state ment that the lion. Edmund Suessen while collector of internal Werenne was approached by a prominent citizen and was requested to permit a whisky Rug to defraud the government that he indignantly refused and that be was then deposed and a. C. Hesing made his successor who reaped a Rich Harvest through the ring. Smoking of or. Be sync s alleged pauperism the says thai by his own confession in the Iri Hok of sept. A 1880, a. C. Hesing and his son own a majority of the Stock of the Illinois Saou a aim Otto which he was name Unea. Ii death warrant was then read to Martin Joseph and William h. Finch who Here like Wise shackled. At 1v.15 be condemned men with their spiritual advisers and the guards proceeded w the scaffold about fifty from the jail within the court Yard grounds. On reaching the scaffold one minister offered prayer for the doomed ment after which a . Finch joining. In response to the question if they had any thing to say. Lua Lista replied that he had not Ana putting his baud on his breast said his heart we broken. Mar tin Joseph replied in the negative. Finch then made Brief in which he Smyj i ran not find words to explain the feelings Lii at overpower me As 1 sure at Lue dreaded f Ute that awaits me. I am perfectly reconciled to my god and it is nothing More than just and right that i should Thinn right with my fellow men. 1 killed these two men that i might escape rather than suffer torture of the common diff lie then asked to see a photograph of his sister on which he saying it was All be bad to leave her. Amr shaking hands with the attend ants on the were adjusted the arms Ami feet of the doomed men pinioned and at a. M., the trap was sprung by Jailer Burns. Tun Lista s neck was broken by the fall Aud life was extinct in three and one half minutes Joseph died in six Abd one half minutes Finch in nine minutes. After banging Twenty min utes the bodies were Cut Down and placed in coffins. Finch s Lindy was then taken in charge by Bis brother Kichard Finch. Tual Iata the Indian killed Emanuel c. Cocbrane who on Way to Texas by shooting him from behind. In july 1382. Finch shot and killed Burt Johnson and Washington grimly two coloured soldiers. In july. Is. Finch was a deserter from the army and had been captured hut made his escape by kill ing two men. Joseph filled Hud Stevens and his wife in april last. Condensed news. Newport is Happy Over the certainty that resident Arthur will arrive in that City july 10 and remain two weeks. In a Coal Shaft near Scanton Penn Sylvania three men were suffocated by foul air. An invoice of 674 mormon proselytes arrived in new York sunday Aud left for the smaller towns in Utah. Nearly All the business houses in Cottonwood Falls Kansas were wapt away by flumes Friday the losses aggregating two convicts from a gang at work near Helena Arkansas escaped thurs Day evening carrying with them two Needle guns taken from the guards. A Meadville Pennsylvania girl named Jennie Roberta drowned herself to spite her parents who had refused to lot her attend a dancing party. A Ore at Pawtucket Rhode Island destroyed the Arcade building and tie Dexter yarn company s Mills involving a loss of a reduction of one Day Between the society. In her pocket Wai found a deed lot several bund acres of land. Their i deep feeling Law Iii members of Pic masonic order in Canada of account try the decision that untied the Laws the acts of the grand Lodge of Quebec Are illegal and that nil who Nave United with it can be subjected to heavy penalties. The question will pass into the in minion courts and thence be appealed to the Law lords of England. The movement against tint use of if Trade Dollar is extending Over the East Ern after several thousand bad been paid out at the Mills at Harris burs Stour Jay stores Deci Imd t receive them. Two and the inks in have pro scribed the Coin. Cincinnati Bank ers have followed suit. The wife of John j. Kust. Of a Giniva Mic Bipin Lias obtained i divorce the Only Hihl. About five years ago or. Tusl from the estate of his father much of which is said to have beet mrs. Kust is a daughter of it Evenue collector Kipley and was a Lender in society. Advice to mothers. Ken of Jour rest by s sick Chili suffer and crying Tith pain of Cut line Teeth if so Send at Onee and get a Boi tie of mis. Winslow s soot in. Vracr for childen f or Nix. It. Value is . It will relieve the. Poor Little sufi re dec in upon it bothers there is m about it. It ores dysentery diarrhoea. Regulates the stomach and bowels cure. Wind softens the rants reduce inflammation and gives Aid Energy to the whole system. Mis. Soot Hika Sikop for cold Kari sit hint is pleasant to the taste and is the of one the oldest and Best female physicians and Danes in the United states and is for Sale by All druggists Toroa bout the world., Price 25 a bottle. Notice appointment of admin i stator. State of Iowa Floyd court a j notice is hereby riven that the in Dor signed has been duly appointed Anu qualified at administrator of the estate of w. Yorker late of Floyd county deceased. All persons indebted to Enisley Are requested to make immediate payment am those having claims a the Saetae will present then Only to the undersigned for allowance. I. Hot chs. In cd Dent that be offered the government for the claim or. Hes soil Tor instead of so Epting the rather than or. Hearing s will not accept the of Fer but still auks Mac Halls to Deposit would result to his losing the interest on the amount depot Lei fear two years. _ from Winnipeg. A Duck by a explosion. Wynn Row. Manitoba june fire broke out at 10 o clock last night in the storehouse of j. H. Asb Doon. A hard Ware merchant and the building a Frank one soon wrapped in the damage to the Stock will be heavy but to building slight. The Serioza part of the affair however is that some Ken of Gunpowder stored in the wait Doole resulted in an explosion attended with serious results. Upward of Twenty men were More less Ininns and a Hundred leading shops on main and other Creots Luul Mieir plate kiss will Down and other gifts smashed to atoms. The report Shook the whole City to its Center As if by an earthquake. Side walks in Many Are wavered with Storni. Itt Adif to get a list of the chief me Toble of the Ore brigade was he gaily injured in the take. George scale a insurance clerk to to Tioney to fee fatally injured a a pile of bum inn debris fell upon face and breast injuring him almost beyond recon in ton w. Kuther told a fire Tjui wat seriously Burnt. Kerr. Another fireman was Ruso badly burned. James Onille the per intendant seriously Cut on the head and face. We. Mcrobie. Too erf the chief was severely burned about the face and hands. Geo. St. Air. Saddler both Sands and feet burned to a Crisp and Bowie a ii Irr had his bands badly burned. Archie Grant manager for Asb Doon was badly turned about the face in his to store the powder. William code assistant chm of the Fate brigade a. Ahu to tally mired by falling _ a Lawn. Too try Amai Aii. A Scalp Woood by Mun Timusk the Gallows. Ama1wjis by tie a tour roads the first fast train leaving Omaha yesterday. A manager from Australia has concluded arrangements with mrs. Laiing try for in engagement of four months ii Al year at Yoou per week tie Brooks locomotive works at Dunkirk. New York which have been kept running night and buy for three Vii is live discharged you workmen because of a decrease in orders. Professor de Motte of Illinois aves key ski University m Bloomington sustained injuries saturday that will prob ably result fatally having fallen from the roof of his barn to the ground. John w. Too Bull defaulting Secre tary of the masonic grand Lodge of taken to Berlin and Given in charge of two physicians his Rea son having been somewhat impaired. Fines of woo each Wen imposed up on rive chinamen at Faterson new Jersey for conspiring against a fellow pm Tryman who had reduced prices for aundry work. Vaccine virus has been sent to Ari Xona. To forestall an outbreak of Small among the indians. Four cases of be dread disease were discovered in one House at Council Bluffs. Eleven indians of the Cree nation who were convicted of horse stealing at the end of the Canada Pacioc track were brought to Winnipeg by mounted slice to Terve two Yean in the Penitentiary of Manitoba. On the recommendation of local civil service Board of Quebec the governor ordered Twenty five Dis missals or reductions of salaries Mak ing a retrenchment of per an num. Wheat in the red Kulver Valley is sad in in need of min. The Harvest is in Progress in Central Illinois and Indi Ana and samples of the new crop have reached St. Louis from Tennessee Aud Kentucky. In order to retain a Dollar of his vast Fortune. Daniel Wells jr., of Milwaukee will be compelled to demonstrate in the courts that be was not a partner of Peter Mcgeoch in the lard Combina Tion. At an auction Sale of american coins in Washington cent of 17r2 brought i14.ro, and an other cent of the same year was knocked Down at a Confederate cent one of the original specimens went off at the incur potors of the colossal narrow gauge Railroad scheme at Indi Stull have been subscribed by the peo ple California capitalists stand ready to take the remaining Stock. Nearly All the glassware factories in the Vicinity of Wheeling shut Down at noon saturday for six weeks throwing out men 800 girls and boys Cut tank off the disbursement of per week. It has been Duto Feied that Tynan the original no. 1. For three months past been in the employ of a dry goods Home at Boe Hestet wit fearing a move ment Tor his extradition he returned to new York to be near his counsel. There is no quorum in either House of us new Hampshire legislature but a vote for senator will be taken daily. Bingham de Asacraft. Leads the list with 119 Ballina Republican has 99 sup Poi ten. Major Obj vhf formerly super Intel of the perpetrated heavy forgeries and tied to Canada from which country he was extradited has been sentenced to in the if at Bard labor. A torn in Allwar Rio casae frightened by a bawl 1.1 music and dashed throng a a is on of so fool children of torn St ate Trae top Tang inn the. Ii tile ones. The Driver received Fatu in Arm. One d ten Nore or the Witeof . Eric id m by or that hacking Coupon can be so i richly cured by Shiloh s cure. We it. Witt ton suffer with dyspepsia nil liver l on Lisot of Wiloh s Vitalii r is guaranteed to cure you. Sleepless it shots made a Skrable by that terrible cough. Shiloh s c ure is he remedy for you. Cata bsh Ouray health and Sweet 9rcath secured by Shiloh s Catarrh n by. Price Socrate nasal injector free. A. J. Asper co this space is reserved advertise lie Mammoth Stock of will paper a window shades at a. J. Asper cos drug store. My of i Nuli am in. All Mcl it if i he Nam i. Or to Chr of Mulk ii . To run All Shloul. It Anil All Aera Baloiu v Janorra awl a folks lilt Kun Whort St Iteni. No Auff Tvr Tuv Raae who a arise from int Iurii to loot iwed Tjo will give a a air trial. It s Felly to with Usu Long in cd Anil will hit mall cml re Tiiu. Ulni Xii firmly Aveh s i of such tint it a by 1m lire Clirj-.-s-. Imit a clue Blond pm Irillar Kii Tiwu. Know it . For it. To liw in wiil Cly Usnel for Iirilli 0. Wathu it Iwu Priit to. By or. J. C. Ayer to co., Owril it jul Blu Millet Iii d by cd the r1 is . Jar oct t in the Iii us the in Lent to sup Rimu he i t the kidneys or m times so Notoras it no ant 09 Flat Leicer of i Tomich Etc. A m Lite ration la Injo try thing it alter Ling vim in hed is a cry in Nisum attendant. Lateral Etc rail Mii ii i no piles yield at oooo to the Tio Nof or. Bawnik i a . Which Acta directly upon the parts at cd cd absorbing Ibe Tui Uoti. He intense und a m cure where All other Pavc failed do not d Muil air train on the system pro Jura permanent visibility but try it and be cured priv 50 Ocels. Ask Unur Lur t. And when you not it of Lim to will Send it Piu Pai l. Oti Rel Ciuc i Prica. Addrow tin or Medicine co., Olio by a scr a t o. Joseph Wiloth in Collara l Dies and Uci Illi in ii s whips Haf Hohs Oil. Incl in i act Uve v Toul in to in is Sli p. All wort Tarran Lvi. Marble Rock now a Burlington Cedar Northern railway the a direct line Here y with to hts it and Dakota paint canned made South East and for and . In Suauu. Hwan Ute Tyda. In to n Jit Alt Imp often Trlik. For to exit Ith cars Minneapolis St. Pail. The Ril i Chic ii in. to. Maine line be Tii Achl v Saih Divi Iii of Dir minium. It it that tiny Txton in. A no in maps time i. Ivy Hen. S. F. By wiling at a a. As Crft t o s Dortu store you can get a Sample bottle of or. s and syrup which will Rochere the most of and or c of and show r you Whit tie regular 50 cent will do when troubled with Chi Iii dry hacking in the Chest and Sll Diw aaes of Thron Aad langs try a sail it bottle of this subscribe for the Globe Democrat enlarged to 10 pages fkr year. Per . J12 w i Tri weekly per scr. 5 i your will Mere Jont of the Max a Kim Tiu to. Fer i. A
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