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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 4 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - July 4, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaIght tuck mat wetly. Look Flord Coanta Iowa. It Tseo. H. Tkins for if pud in a Dree. The Larue Rock Wesker Kates of advertising a i j .1. In. Uduc v1 1 Rishi Iii. One i published by Geo. H. Hohols. If the cud of year. Volume 3. With malice toward Kane Apfl Charity for Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa j terms per annul m Radvano. Mew on Typo. Lino Lor in Niou and in to of of cart a Iti Stihi cuff Tif at. I Al Tom to Tel of to l 0. 0. P. Iu11 in in soot Tudle i . L. B. Cuk t 0. Q. T. I. O. O. Nini nut n or Wilt ut1h4 w . . I Cote services. It fat Ewt St Kuk. G. L. Wa3hburs. To Uil Mutu Ruck tj3sit Oer def sure. Of a njord atm. Be. Hates Mcm. Mut acc Mitall Ikra Doon Soni of w. H. Johnson attune k Rock spot i u lie Cou Ecula and Mutach of a Libaw talk nuke bunt of tit a atm in to bid Vlaj Julns Routon. J. L r. Frost attorn a it Law am Ian aatto to of re it tended to. Buck 1 1878. 1878. T 0 t ii k summer resort8 Lowa an Minnesota Iowa route. Ti1k Burli Burton Cedar rapids Northern and Minneapolis St. Louis railways. Celeb raid i null Kun Alice sleeping without change Between St lot is . Trains each was daily. Exc Tsun Vay hound trip Cicili tuft Litkett on at principal is be Gaultier Ronni St. Paul Miyae inulin. While hat Lake. Duluth. Cur joke. Albeit idea to the Point i Row Frimi june 1. Yublil not. Is. Kwh 10 it Stern Nutil not. 1. Tie lets will by on far pea tar and Colorado Springe Good to Retro until oct. 31. Theoc ticket will be pm at a image reduction from Reg lir Nurt Don t Turret there is no change of ears from and Point on Tel Oak Rome ind minnea Pili. For further in regard to ticket Etc Etc Andros ticket on general ticket office rapids. . Ivris b t. Mills supt. Awxent l t at. Vii a s flow Kand Vuk Atti by a is . Sek Viek s Only cents. Viek s Illius Traud monthly Magazine Fine illustrations and ored plate in each number. 1 Rise year. Five copies for five Dol Lars. Vick s vegetable Garden. 50 cents in paper covers with elegant cloth covers All my publications Are printed in English and Lennan. Address. Tasks Vick tto Chetter n. Y. Kowl and Lodi my by thu Watt or Ilar. Co ,1 Pheur Slot Muse Rock. Or lore on Bradford it Rcpt. Of tin tto Tawrel Litif Pablic rofl it by Var and Handy to inc naw of town timed off hit Tifer in aug thou 1 by feels but lie will ii ivc Acita. Terms Rte Waddle. Mrs. Hightshoe i fashionable Milliner and dress i Iker main Street a Irbie Hock j Iwa. 3-3 of. E. Shoemaker sur i a dentist will be at Marble Hock tuesday of each see rooms at Clark House. Guaranteed on All work. Old fill-1 g done in a manner which cannot be i passed. I Lute work a specially. He j ill be at Hockford wednesday and thursday and at Irene and. Alun Tav of each week. Notice to the Public. Too if Jou want first class Bucu iks Pumi a windmills or any Ili Hil else in his line Call on a. N. Arnold. _ 0 he keeps Norie but the and i .7, Tarble Kocl Luira prices reduced. The few Way fax Fritz n6w my ocl Musil Fulvi Gutirr a Mph iwo Okki v. Deriv Iii us eur snub w i Ink. E. A. Vleit in g1.0te1ufs i j. Ujj j dried fruit Glass wave j crockery Wood and Willow wave and every thing in fact found in a first class grocery store. I Par the highest Price for country produce and sell my goods at the living profit. Give me a fall and Sec for yourself. I also keep full line of dry goods Kwh to a a Leif Lekhmu greatly a seduced prices _ to u thu. Or wed Sitiko Al los a Kama m. Tonsil est Allan Muong. 40 can he Maria Iii us of to incr do Xiu anti of Otto u willing u wort the it inc Tun Iiah. Cal for to Cuk la Yorawa Iovu. Need Litile by away from to tiny aver you can yur whole Linn to Ilie Wurth or Only mini Immiti. Luis a Liti ran in to. Inc my i Verv thiner in Hru Finnk cannot new Milf to mid pit lev Al any Uther Jill Lilg Luul Usu uni it in ii try Terni an ref Oil tit triv. U i Etc a. I uru Siul. Ready made boots shoes and Charles City. J. 5. New putt shop Fred. Laychak ornamental Carriage Painter sign and House painting. I a prep Neil to in Ike the of carriages sleighs in Igon Gurfes Anil Siitas n. Ii. Farm . Shop in 1 a Keek s sock. Towa. Vols Al tits. Adilor flood e w it pay Wirt for n Lulu ult. Jacob bal Eli. Kill brow kill i. M. Hutches it co. 1 Grain dealers Marf to Teck j highest Market Price i paid for All kinds of j. W. Darland our Stock consists of dr7 goods boots shoes hats Caps Aud of All kinds. Crockery i us Unur Utill intent pattern cutlery Yankee notions Etc., All of which we offer to the Public at the lowest living profits. Bruh Tak i i of e. Al 1 by will continue to sell at Liis drug store Punk for in of state. I Ait. Ju1jn a t. It talk i i Ivic count Tiu Elk h i 1 Mitt am t fur aug Iron if stale. .h.vj. In r. 1c Tell of will win. 01u inn Ilion. Atm Marr and till and for medicinal Al 1 it kor Tri insurer of treate. By jigs. Of Kuncl Ianuali Coil Llev. Fur of some land office l1kijt. J. K. 1-Owkuri, it cuss co univ. For inhere of the supremo court col j. Ii. Koth Kol a of cd Ilse county. J a full line of Fult Mil Lufi con Stanter on hand consisting of bureaus tables bedsteads chairs cribs Ani Phinix found in a first dais furniture store Beady in Jtj Cost Iii always on hand. T it ult h cat h me at the Corner of Maine Aid Suelar jts Mirble Rock. H. Rosen Kparr. Marble Bock doors inc Arrean of pay nod to Orrin bit Anil til Tju with or i hair us in m nov Chi ask Yinwu Aux. Full Liivi i i Tomt i lev Tinl Unin a Atnel a Cut Niter who write rr-.-t.-. To an of i in to Tiff in a title in m of Tler ii thu in he to fungi i inti Fri Mill Oil o h4. Ltd ipod stat i sea Erbil und let nine. It Uini nmn uni 1 Unm before rat i Neil Olliev unit Hij old to anti land it fur t Taik Retei rive in int tins in fur fact Hera. To i m which he will 1 i funny Over urine tic Diffin Tiltie he Hasili Thurlo j we to u. Uni Imit. To Iii namely Itic no they ,-v.ni.c i l Luln -1 1 l " the Cunlif i11j a it Lul to u a hum. Flu to Aiichi j a " at olo not re put them in to Trion j with the Atlantic cubic. Plan we in tick upon t Niilo serve his j of the real work of t engr aug done in tie llooiiir1. Tiu i finery debates and argument in lie Sunato and Hui i Fon tit Utu the show the display Tiv in tin i in Rofhok u Otter Btij in fit Tiv failure. , the lint dry w ering and cups ure often yet of a Tito Nve us Piir Chul and dry the1 is Al nost wholly unproductive. In Nitter of Tho land met he to Tunke it in Oclit Etive. Occam to Mig tinn Inanna Buikus it cur Jive ind the v a Iive Nin fort s of their old Homes. The Tii Mii of it ars of move out into soimt1 ii eff Fon try to Luj Iii life huh who Rrt amt Patti Ixon . Hrew for Franai m Ami Cuba us. A or Trinish him if m Al ivies in to leave with Thiv Eon i Tuic l Art v l to flu re they live in Linof Iii i leave Thi in will till a Marnir in Iro upon but tie re is doubt thut Many 1 a Samv of leave to Weir tables All vote uru i i its in the for Tiv i Trio even Lii Are it a. Law a the i l Linin. Re Rcv Witiak or in Rich Icv arc twin Etc l by my Viz Liik ii Anu a Tew mute of and dealer in harness Makof Shehat Oik United either. Work off Tiki War Rontril. Mir hit Rock Low. Al w of Bill so it i just As Welt As if the or inc nigh of Are not so Hail As i they Ulicy enough. Over the whole Jutt Lityn i he. It wit of but k few tin til they will of Wii it Rin Back having most of was Pink tells of the xalt1 of their Lurnis. Will i Tutu fettle Down Kar there Sec he to have Little the a. J f t i in to nonce an 1 Bill if the Only one of vast National in .11 Trunce tie w. R. Hall Lite of Sycamore Iii., being permanently located at Maul my m 404mbwtfum. It j n 4wl i i j thin not Hod that he it fat font j to jul Lodi of i. 3. P. Xurry. I two if a few m cum and Tunc of i ice uni. Orcen voits in their j outlet always on i acid i Maxl Actu Kuks of and the leading Tyk of carriages Phi toys big gigs. Whol Roalkan o Kkt ail work waft Macj. , by a Fps. I few Trio recur Keble fat turn pcs Siun been i Tsitir i.l1 Home much in by an 1 in .1 Truiti. Tomt few men can i Oiler of to country i ave been . It utter last of ubic Lault can in , to both and both parties. Wood and incl Iowa tune Al tur Licitr offers As Indue to Jerk to lifer we Iliin Iowa attained at last a ih5use its in of Gil Stevens. Bare Hale and of sort like Tui Etc j it the Senate being a a tween the 1 d. Tribe of the it 13 cult mate its the m it of the y m the will it a Lent v it h0105 a Jami is so constr the it to ._.f. With it is a car res ouch dec As Mph Mottiel Lam make it All Wmma parts of Stottl it ovoid with in Iii Rod tax11o up lost motion 33 pm tin com have Yon arc Ormut body has not Rii own this want m con Patch Yon a yellow fit owl u the hoax hot it a Appelin Hafl in fail we v t. . A will n on lie i Row Grant we 9, we 8xiuk St new i t. m to St i Neft Nln. At annul Nawaa. J f f f ant fat
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