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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 2, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaIn Marble Rock weekly. I Iowa w emm Flotd Froe Yeckl they had been having an Uphill pull Over one of life s roadways. The top in sight Aud Over the Summit they thought they saw a Glimmer of Prosperity s St. This was hopeful though it did not relax their struggle nor did it bring them rest. Octavius accepted things More cheer Lully than Sabrina and rejoiced with magnificent philosophy Over the Small things of Earth. To Sabrina a self de Nial was a trial and not an Opportunity for Triumph Over a Back ache was a real tangible pain and not slight cold with twinges 1 their very variety of temperament equalized troubles and pleasures which made them appear an average couple to the big outside world. The Spring was getting Middle aged. Octavius came Home to noon dinner bringing the news that they were to have a Long afternoon drive. For a moment Sabrina was delighted then demurred the err purse w h be too Octavius laughed his great open laugh. Expense was not attached to trip. I met a he explained who has loaned me his horse and of there never was such Luck and the tuneless Man essayed to hum the bedding March from Lohengrin. Who is to a to drive Why i you know nothing of sneered Sabrina. I will remain at said Octavius i d have you know that i understand horses perfectly. I drove hundreds of lore i met tried to drive a mule and to ult laughed Sabrina. Well be will go but i doubt whether we return with whole May weather in Canada do snot often such Oxire Clear air As did this particular Day and Sabrina grew Happy its softening influence. She donned her prettiest attire and tripped after Octavius. The horse and trap were waiting at the Accident happened. Whether the lady was Ali armed where they Mere going to and they were from Between their curiosity and exceeding deafness explanations were difficult and tedious. Still they appeared satisfied with the responses and stooped to examine the trouble bumping their dear old inquisitive Heads in doing so. One Ham mered and the other but the wheel stayed where it was. They a harnessed the horse who looked Down of their labors and the wreck in. Smiling satisfaction picking a few new leaves from an adjacent Bush with a picturesque indifference that was admirable. Sabrina gave Octavius a Cloudy look and thought hard things of the afternoon was waning. The old men began to look weary their first Helper stood by the horse and consulted his watch. The scotch Baker alone kept energetic. Along the Road came a melodious whistle. A French drinking song could traced in the High shrill notes. . Followed a neat French Workman in pm emails Juliu Uiola tools in hand his Cap setting sideways his piquant Bronze face. His whistling ceased. He ran to tie Road Ker Tat Rcw they were soon among Green Fields. And was under the trap in a twinkle. He could not speak in Gish but Jue could mend the break. Off came the wheel. A few Stoart strokes of the few screws of the wrench and All was in place once More. The old gentlemen straightened their stiff backs helped Sabrina into the vehicle and accepted All the thanks. On went the Young Man who had acted As Groom touching his hat and murmur ing something about the Peculiar Acci the Scotchman had disappeared As by magic and was never seen again. The Frenchman vigorously said non non to Octavius proffered tip but finally accepted it with his left hand Aud a Merci Mon Riith his tools and hit whistle like the useful Brownie he was. A silent journey Back along the River Road with a thankfulness at heart that their Accident was not serious and an awed admiration for the wonderful Pic Ture that Lay before them the entire Way. Here the great River Blue almost to Violet in the Early evening Light. There islands shadowy grim and mysterious dotting its pure surface the wonderful la Rhine rapids churning and fretting their Silver Fras work through the River s azure. Over and beyond the vast Stream grand stately mountains in a ?t5e colouring of purple and Gold. Giants of Promise for the great world far from these that flow with milk England grocer. The Young woman who takes Musk lessons and Scales announced to her Fri Chih Tiit she going away in t it a rather sudden determination r ves. The doctor1 Why look a kit a i m perfectly Well. Auntie tetum port. Travelling comforts t Waal Tor the Acme of Comfort in travelling it to carry everything in the Way of cloth ing that you will need so that the proper garment for each always at hand and yet not be loaded Down with one unnecessary article. Ideas like tastes greatly differ but for per sons travelling for pleasure and Thor Ough enjoyment by land or sea the Fol lowing practical suggestions from per Sonal experience Ever the Wisest teacher will prove of interest at this season american women Are the Best dressed people that one meets on a journey but even they must remember that 30 pounds is the average weight allowed to each tourist upon the continent. Of course a traveler is Given the privilege of loading himself or herself Down with hand Luggage but this is uncomfortable for the one interested As Well As for one s fellow clerk. After stumbling Over bags and boxes in a Stuffy French at German car i have rowed never to carry a superabundance of such things myself even though it is allowed. For an Ocean journey at any time except Midsummer a heavy wrap like a fur or Golf Cape is necessary. Tics and gaiters Are far More comfortable than shoes and warm Wool underwear is a necessity. Also be sure to Wear heavy Hose and the Muslin or Cambric Gar ments and silk or Alpaca Petticoat usual at the season. Wear on Board a pretty mixed Cheviot Serge etc., made As a jacket suit with a silk Waist and hat to correspond. This will answer for a travelling gown on and Many Wear it All the time a Rhine or. But if poor traveler and obliged to lie around on deck or in the berth it is a Wiser plan to have a second and older gown to Don As the Shore fades in the distance with a soft Steamer Cap. At the end of the voyage this old gown can be Given to the stewardess or if a Steamer trunk is taken and you intend returning by the same line the steamship company will allow you to Send the trunk to them for safekeeping until your boat returns j of dropping them a line when to Send it to the boat. In such a Case put the old gown Steamer Cap Rug etc., in the paraphernalia that is used exclusively on the voyage. Personally i do not like Steamer trunks they Careen All Over the state room if the water is rough and if Calm you do the careening trying to pull one from under the berth. Into a Large shawl strap fold your Rug not too heavy a one Steamer Cap Sun umbrella dark silk covered Cushion for the Back of your chair overshoes and heavy wrap. In a Large bag put a flan Nellette wrapper to use at ladies world. Made Learned by Law. Relink by the Veteran to the Jiow officers of the co Art. In the territorial Days before Iowa had attained the dignity and prestige of statehood when the population con indians and the territory was a ver Itable Terra incognito to the far East there was heard in the United states District c to a noteworthy bit of gentlemanly sarcasm Well worthy of repetition. Oilman Fol soca of the Iowa City bar scholar and veritable old school gentleman had occasion to try a Case in that court before a judge confess edly Young in years and professional experience who had secured the place because of political influence rather than on account of his eminent fitness for the judicial Ermine. Opposed to Folsom in the Case was the United states District attorney who like the judge had been appointed for political reasons instead of his ability. During the trial of the Case Folsom with True professional Courtesy and politeness continually referred to and addressed the District attorney As my Learned the judge was also characterized As the Learned the District attorney fully conscious of his own shortcomings and realizing the Little claim he had to the adjective Felt instinctively that he was be ing made a subject of ridicule. Be fidgeted around until it seemed to him that patience had ceased to be a virtue and then appealed to the court ask ing that Jar. Folsom be required to de Sist in his persistent sarcastic references to him As Ray Learned then informed by the court that his sarcasm was unnecessary and uncalled for Folsom looked up with a Well affected air of Surprise and said with the inimitable accent and Grace of the old school gentleman i sarcastic your Honor i did not was Learned and he certainly he then proceeded with his argument As though nothing had happened continually referring to the District at Torney and the judge As Learned. The judge soon interrupted him and administered a Stern rebuke for his persistent sarcasm telling him it Mutt cease. Folsom protested saying but your Honor i simply said he was Learned and i insist that he he then turned to the United states statutes and read to the court statute providing for the appointment of men who shall be Learned in the Law As judges and attorneys of the District courts. Closing his Book and removing glasses he continued so your Honor you see that he is learned4, not in the sense your ponor is Learned not in the sense i try to be Learned but from the fact your Honor that he is made Learned by act of so further objection was made to his times Herald. Jacobs the original or. Isaacs of mar Ftp Crawford s novel has a great reputation he has lately declared that Queen Victoria will lire until 1911, that the of win die in 1907, and that sir William Harwart win Becane prime ims. Of tuft Tor very Beautiful Black lace varying from Cne to four inches in Width Are used with elegant effect on toilets of silk or Oia phanom textiles. Plaited Ruches of Black mousse line de gone finish the skirt hem and decorate the neck of the bodice. Many of the hot weather gowns Are made with surplice bodices most Grace fully arranged. The skirts Are garnished with Ruches frilling flounces ribbon in rows or devices accordion plantings and lace edgings and insertions put of in every re Unuer trial modern taste and Inge fruity can de Vise. The Bolero the Eton and All the trim and Natty Little jacket effects continue to be very much in evidence among the season s latest importations and mid summer will find them As omnipresent As the Birds and butterflies. These jackets however in no Way interfere with the Host of charming and stylish Basque bodices the Louis xiv., Louis Xii victorian and other historical Coats or the pretty round waists Bret 3n corsages the shirred corded puffed and tucked bodices with skirts Deco rated to correspond. Some of the very smart models for summer gowns show the skirt Aid in alternate knife Kilt Ings and narrow braided panels. Kobe dresses of Plain and machine embroidered linens Batiste or the lighter grass Linen Are particularly effective so Mads up and in moire satins or faille in combination with Sun plaited nets grenadines crepe de Chine or silk examine. Some extremely elegant the Modiste and the tailor have this year made Racli Tingaud Tennis costumes that Are suitable also for Beach and country Wear some in skirt form others with a Canvas Serge or mohair skirt and a Waist of different material each of fancy taffeta or the cooler Fig ured India silk. not the familiar shirt Waist and pointed Yoke and stiff Collar a st3 be relegated to Mere Utility uses tout arc made Over thin lining in a rather fanciful fashion with a Fluffy front spreading Shoul Der effect a seamless Back Small sleeve puffs and a be insure like Waist finish that is not too wide to give a slender effect. Tor Cool Days there is a Jaunty jacket bodice in. Suite made of the skirt fabric the new Bell skirt is much used for summer gowns of silk Cotton and Wool materials. It is Cut in Oliree pieces a front Gore and one Bell breadth each Side of this Gore which is very wide and has a Bias seam Down the Back. The. Skirt measures about four and one half Yards at its greatest circumference and it can be used As a drop skirt under a draped skirt or Over dress. All the various French models fit smoothly around the hips the full Ness at the Back either gathered or plaited in compact form and with just an. Easy Graceful flare around the lower portion of the skirt. Y. Post Home making. Cleanliness variety arc important except in rare instances the woman who has a Home of Ter own be it Ever so simple and Plain desires to make the spot As pretty As she can. The instinct toward neatness and Beauty Dies hard in womankind but it can be utterly destroyed by the slow process of discouragement and the f a6t that nobody cares. The truth is that human beings need not Only to see cleanliness but to see freshness and variety and change and the housecleaning should be no More an object of pleasure and interest to the woman than to the Man. There is much she can do without him. She can scrub the floor but he could and should Whiten the ceiling. She cannot paper the Walls perhaps though Many a Farmer s wife has done even that but give her the Money and she will buy the paper and find some one to Hong it. After her willing hands Hare scrubbed away last year s Fly specks any Man who can handle tools can make the frames for screens for her windows and doors. If. Besides this he buys the pre pared paints and Little by Little gives a fresh coat to the various rooms it is no More than his share of the task. Item there Are women who Only ask the paints and will attend to the rest for themselves. Without the background of occasional fresh paint and paper the scrubbing is of Little Avail. With it. The woman has a fair Field on which to Dis play her taste and skill. Give her these and you May Trust her for Clear shining windows spotless and pretty curtains fresh and Bright coverings for lounges chairs ninth Well dusted Book shelves a few fresh ferns or Flowers or a growing Plant in the window. Give her the House with the essentials which she cannot get for herself and you May Trust 19 out of every 20 women to make a pretty and at Tractive Home. Washington Home Magazine. The front of lore. The proof of love is in giving. A Iota that gives nothing that makes no sacrifice but All is not lore it is selfishness. Love is Large and generous High and holy while selfishness is Nar Row and greedy Low and mean. It is the very essence of sin. He that seeks Only his own Lores not god or had. And to love Only self is to miss the sweetness of life its Hope its aim its end and to starve the soul to Detroit free press. Lett Nee. Wash carefully two Well grown beads of lettuce separate the leaves and tear them in pieces. Cuta Large slice of Ham in Small squares and Fry till Brown adding two tablespoonfuls vinegar. Best an egg until Light add two tablets of Sott Creacy then add this to the Ham stir it Over the Fin for minute till it thickens and poor it boil ing hot Over the lettuce mix carefully and Khotvo Fotr with a Fork and mitc wit and Wisdom. Why did drop the of the floor Well i heard everybody say it was a bouncing baby and i wanted to see it you any in visible the sir. It to impossible to see the like to look at statesman. Accurately Are the ills of a nation reflected in the breasts of her Loyal do you me for instance. I m desperately in need of More North american. Stories your father tells about the things he saw out West you ought i to laugh at their improbability and make him think 1 am smart or ought i to pretend i believe enquirer. Me the Days of chivalry Are what s the matter Walter Raleigh Laid his cloak on the ground for Queen Elizabeth to walk Over but you got angry simply be cause poor dear Mother sat Down on your always get Ner Vous when i see a woman crossing the Street ahead of second. Bicyclist do i. They have so Many pins in their clothes that if a fellow col Lides with them he 5s almost sure to puncture a moments. Think of Leeko has taken to drink and he has been married Only a few Duddy used to Tell his that he loved her better than Lue but it seems that when she became his wife he did not love her quite so Well As did transcript. Lincoln s first love. Boyce s store of How she re fused to de the wife of a president. The woman who was Abraham Lin Coln s first lore and refused to marry him has been Long a resident of Calis Toga Cal. A cow she is Susan Joyce but when she was Lincoln s sweetheart she was miss Susan kid of Tew Salem on the Sangamon River in Illinois. "3iy father was one of Lincoln s Best she said in speaking of her acquaintance with president Lincoln. He was Lewis c. Reid and it was he who took Lincoln to Springfield and introduced him to William i. Seward a from whom he borrowed the first Law books he Ever read. Or. Lincoln and my father belonged to the same Polit ical party and they used to talk politics by the hour. I first met him in 1836 at the House of a neighbor named Able. There was quite a party of Young peo ple there and i remember that he seemed very bashful. He soon began to pay me a Good Deal of attention which pleased my father More than it did me for my father liked him very much and had great Faith in him. Air. U.llc14 a Iyul Riding and to singing school and Church. He was a spiritualist and he believed in dreams. He often told me his dreams were prophetic. He also talked of the stars a great Deal and i remember i thought him a queer kind of a fellow. Still he was very entertaining and he studied hard All the time. He was not As ardent a Lover As i be seen since but he kept his Case going pretty Lively and pressed me hard for an answer. He told me i was the first woman he Ever loved and that he was sure he could never love anyone else As he did me and i believe he meant what he said. 1 did not want to marry him because i did t love him and so i invented a Story about being engaged to a Young Man Back in Kentucky. Where we had come from. That cooled his ardor for a Little while but he soon began coming to see me again and finally he fold that he would Call on a certain Day for my final answer. When the Day came i made it a Point to be away from Home and Lincoln did t get Over the Way i treated him. My father lectured me about it and told me 1 had made a dunce of my self but my Mother took my part and said that if i did not love him i ought not to marry him. While Lincoln was courting me we were one night at a Little party where the Young folks were trying their for tunes with a Bible and door key. Or. Lincoln was always very much inter ested in such things and at once he wanted to know All about the game. It was explained to him that the key would be placed of a Rense in the open the key was supposed to turn by super Lac Phi go Jowh will Susie merry a win whose name begins with and the key did not More. Then he asked will she marry a Man. Whose name begins with and the key whirled. A Young Man named Brooks was then paying me some at Tention whenever Lincoln gave any Opportunity and be was the one referred to for i did not then dream of or. Boyce whom i afterwards a tried. I never heard or. Lincoln nuke a speech and 1 never Law him after 1837. Father scolded me so much for re fusing his offer that 1 married rather sooner than 1 might otherwise have done in order to escape being lectured. My husband was a Friend of Lincoln a and they fought ride by Side in the Black Hawk War. 1 draw a pension now by reason of the injuries he received there. My husband and i went to Texas in 1s40, where 1 knew Sam Houston Well and in is52 we came to x y. Sun. Dott Cly of "3fy dear Yon should not be so angry about my not mailing that letter. Lei your motto be Porgie and forget of. Yen. Indeed Yon do the forget Ting and i can do the forgiving i top. Pose enquirer. J Biel this article u intended to convey a seption of the enormous amount of raw material consumed during a Teason in Supply ing the demand for one of the most a cycles made. The Western wheel work Chicago makers of the Crescent wheel the largest and without doubt the m Complete bicycle factory in the world can turn out when running to fullest parity 725 finished Cresceus a Twe hours or a Complete up to Date per minute. They used during 1896 350 Miles of tub ing or enough to nearly reach from Chi. Cago to St. Paul if placed in a straight line. The spokes were made in their own fac tory and required 780 Miles of wire or i. Tap Ples and tubing were placed in a straight line they would reach from Chicago to Kocky Jamou Tajna at . The if placed end to end would cover a distance of 22 Miles. They 35 Miles of steel for Crank axles Iveel axles and pedal axles and 19 Miles of steel for seat posts. If tha rims that urrere used in the manufacture of in 96 Ivere placed one upon the other they would make a pile feet High feet higher than Pike s Peac and about the height of mount Eliza Alaska whose Summit has never yet been reached by Man. It required s2.0s4 Square feet of Sheet steel to make the Crescent hollow tooth sprockets and Square feet for the steel stampings of the head and seat Post clamps or in Ati Fiat sowl to cover an area of 1j acres. There there used 10 Miles of Cork trips Miles of finished hubs and 2s Miles of steel wire to pin frames together before brazing. The. Finished chains end to end. Would reach 70 Miles and the Diu Erent pieces of which they Are composed Ifould reach 237t or in All soil Miles the distance from Chi Cago to Cincinnati. The bearings of crescents required steel bails which if Pucco in a straight one Side by Eide. Would reach a distance of 45j Miles. To lace the Chain and chess guards of the ladies crescents m 1s96 required Yards Cord or 2i6i Miles enough to allow a Small boy to stand the ton of the auditorium Toliver m and try his Kite where the people in lies Homes Iowa could see it. To Supply crescents sold in 1s98 required bolts and nuts Havine an aggregate weight of 23 tons. The total weight of the Complete bicycles was pounds or tons. To crate these bicycles required Square feet of Lum Ber made up in pieces separate and distinct pieces entered into the construction of 96 crescents and if All Vera placed in a straight line end to end Ifould reach from York to some Dis Tance in the Pacific Ocean West of san fran bulletin july a Ball player does not object to being called Globe. Boils boils boils they came thick and cured by Hood s Sarsaparilla. My brother had terrible boils on the Back of his neck. As fast As one Wolfli get belter another would come. Hebe Cama very Ucli emaciated and began taldng1 Hood s Sarsaparilla. One bottle made at great improvement and when he had taken two bottles he was completely Caskie Devin Mound City Illinois. Hood s Sarsaparilla is the one True blood purifier. Is six Tor Hood s pills cure sick Lead ice 25 Unm of my Fatoot Beer the popping of a Cork from a bottle of hires is a signal of Good health and sure. A sound the old folks like to hear children can t resist it hires Root Beer it composed of the very ingredients the Rritt Ravira. Aiding the digestion soothing the purifying the blood. A temper Ance drink for temper Ance people. A Nebraska farm lands a dry healthy Eft mate free Froza malaria an Abun dance of pure water a which is unsurpassed for Richness and is easily cultivated yielding Allva wieties of crops. That is what Nebraska offers to Are cheap now. Send for a Pavc Phlete describing Nebraska mailed free on application to p. 8. Eustis general Steoger agent c. B. Q. R., Chicago. 575 wheel u a t a it put Lilac Ina i win educational. For aarm c. I. Tiki out a Artur tort fre Orebic Irahet Bleason and of Csc Harmony and Momu to tort by Ali Tortuga b a citral Musk Chicago. Thou of a Tofeld. Ftp rent. My i in dramatic am. Torn Sot
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