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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - July 2, 1896, Marble Rock, Iowa21 no. 47. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa july i teems 51.50 a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so we have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A. F. Is. A k. A a. Stone Lodge no. 851. Kenure wide Edify of or before Fullmoon. Visiting in Good standing cordially to attend. Tubbert Hogget. W. S. H. Dims see. I o. O. T. Die of Earh week. H. Rose Kasp Marble Boer Lodsie so. So meets thursday visitors cordially invited. A. Ii. Merim 5. Mckinley has been officially notified of his nomination and his speech in accepting the nomination is Lull of Good sound Mckinley will not be the British favorite. Secretary s report of the Width Annu Al meeting of the Floyd county Mutual insurance co., june be Emir meets Tuu Oduy us using each week. Visiting Brethren invited. H. Kissani c. C Walt Datis k. Of b. B. 1. 1. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in my Feltwa Lull. L. Al Kosen kans pres. H. J. Anklet rec. Sec. W. B. Meets at the Home of tsars. Stewart the 1st and 3d thursday of each a month at o clock p. Mtt9. K. A. Stewart Pree. My. Chi Bistika Ashen Sec. U. A. B. Starble Rock poet to. 306, meets first saturday c. T. com. Feuhr North. M jul. U w u Sleete every thursday. Tyler 1 Ritsi Donl. Mrs a. 31. Mls Ruf Secretary com cries. At 11 a id sort 7-so Pepworth meeting at meeting thursday w. Hokinson pastor. Sunday at 11 a n and . Christian end eater meets m. Prayer meeting wed Day Ove a lbs. J. Will m alters. Tutor. Sundays at 11 . Yonne Feo Plee Tae Vlug at Plajer meeting tuesday evening 3. P. Firic pastor. In each m. Sunday school it Ely at 10 m. Scricca held in the unto school Bowe. B. Pastor. City officers. Juror Joseph cloth Bce order ii k Kiwe Krana to Rebarer. I w Martin Sweet come Mioner c. F. Tee More Hannal Wilhard Stourt 0 diilani1., we Fletcher h Bon nikans a ii Meier cans Weber k Sluggett Vbk i township Buchwi Ikird. Fie rident Leo w Kawell. Der eur. U b Mes to Eunar. Jonn Dike toys 1 kick Quadt 6 Blue Harar pack Nan 7 John Bates s e p Wawer 8 James Purcher. 4 Jemsa. 9 ceo w unwell. I Egbert 10 Sim Shaffer 11 Phil Shultz. Mott justices Miles a web g Baldwin. Cd stables Volney beets Leoy Bailey Towb w Nicholson. Kinner w wit or in-1 or bearer. Town help school Hoard. John Bishop Secretary. George x Baldwin Treft rarer a tart d Menicle directors Joka Buskop h Brace Ward. E w Sec Spaulding cow Voct. Akan 7 3 Cunningham. 8 i w John in we. Judicial. , Jonn . Wok any in in away it 3lty, and Xoa Day in september ind Xoa Day la Ladan Jhk. Cainan Takoy pippin barks City Rudd by Brett ass 1st Gondar in it nary september and Holiday in a Iitto to amur. Clark do Georges Ludford a Vic m. I a. . W. H Amilte c. W. The annual meeting was held in the Council room about fully members present. President ave Berbee made a Short address As to he object of the association and he benefits it gives to its members Over All other farm insurance. Report called for which showed that the association is in a very prosperous condition the increase in insured being Over for the having Dow Over insured in Floyd county. The object is to male a Strong reliable company rather than a Large one. The losses Lor the fiscal Kcjr amount to april 1st an assessment of one and a half Mills on the Dollar was made All losses have been promptly paid. The expenses besides losses have been As follows paid to officers postage priming advertising and stationery interest on hired Money incidental Sec. 3 of by Laws has been amended steam Thresher engines be protected by a wire Horn at top of smoke stack of at least eight meshes to the Squire Inch and must use Coal for full if these conditions Are complied with in Case of loss payment will be Ninde in full up to amount of insurance. Small engines and boilers sufficient to run a milk separator also to feed Cook ers and tank beaters if any of these Are used by members the smoke stack or pipes must be protected by a Hood of at meshes to the Inch if used in a building the floor must t e of Earth Stone Brick or Cement kept Clear of combustible matter if set up used out of doors the pipes must be protected As above and be not less than 50 feet from any building and 100 from any stacks of , Straw. Fodder or Grain. In ease loss occurs from the use of any of the above boil ers Heaters and cookers the loser will be entitled to 75 per cent of the value of the insurance involved this is a reduction of one halt on these de vices and the whole where threshers Are used. Offices elected were presi Dent s. P. Vice pres e. M Smith treasurer a. G. Tase see y p. P. Cole directors St j k. M Smith Ulster c. Dinkle Floyd w. E Brill Rudd h. A. Pomeroy j Koek Rove Zina Rock Ford t. S. Hubbard Scott. L. H. Schrader Union r 3. Ackley pleasant Grove p. H. Big Carton. Won. Hebard Milfs f. B Cruver Cedar h. L Webster. Farmers of Floyd county insure your property against fire lightning will it or Lew than half it will of when agents of and other Washington. June id 1896. At the Headquarters of the Republican congressional Campaign the Bustle of the Campaign is already becoming apparent. Represent tire Babcock of Wisconsin the efficient chairman of the committee returned to Washington this week and at once b Gan to map out the plan of Campaign he has not the slightest doubt about the republicans electing a majority of the next House nor of the election of Mikoley and Hobart he says the Strong declaration of the platform against the Independent free Connage of Silver by the United states will probably cause the loss of a few districts in what Are known As the Silver states which would have otherwise have been Republican but that he believes that declaration will gain More districts in other sections of the country than it will lose in the Silver states especially if the Chicago Eon Venison adopts a straight out free Silver p Ank As now seems probable. At the Headquarters of the democratic congressional committee general apathy is in command. Not a wheel will be turned there until the Chicago convention decides what position the democrats will take on the financial question. A member of that committee that if the Chicago convention adopts a free Silver Plank the committee will abandon the Eastern and Middle Staten and devote All of its attention to the West and South. No matter what the Chicago convention does no Well informed Democrat has the slightest Hope of preventing the re to Inion control of the mouse although of course few of them will publicly us Mit As much All of the prominent departmental officials in Washington been Given a hint that they will please or. C Leve land by attending the Chicago Conven Tion and trying to help or. Whitney throw Down the Silver majority of that us us. I Nave Lulu a id hint and announced their intention to so but others say they have no Money to throw away 10 please or. Cleveland and that they will not go. In opinion is so general that Mckinley and Hobirt Are to be elected that the most of the department officials be Low secretaries and assistant secretaries Are not taking much interest in the Campaign. They Are attending to Busi Ness and hoping that the civil service rules will keep them in office under the Republican administration among the Mckinley stories revived by his nomination Tor president is one concerning a Lille incident at the White House when general Hayos was presi Dent Justice Hurlan of the u. 8. Supreme court called to see the presi Dent. He met gov. Mckinley. Who was then a member of the House com ing out of the president s private office just As he going in. But he did not know him. Being struck by his appearance Justice Burlan asked general Hayes who he was replied general Hayes is the coming Ameri can his name is Jick Ialey. At. Present he represents an Ohio District in the House but someday if he lives he will come to the a hire House As the Tiller Boom for Tho presidential nomination on a free Sil ver platform is As Good As knocked out before it had fairly got started Many doubt whether senator Teller of Yulii have accepted the nomination certainty his Friend collector Ryan of Richmond who has just returned from Cuba where he went to help Fitz find ing to newspaper men. Whether the War scare will materialize is a matter of doubt but owing to a formal pro test from the Spanish minister no one would be much surprised to learn that the state of Fitz Lee s health had made it necessary for him to resign and come Home very shortly whatever May be the result of his report. The following is the school report of the school taught in District so. 2 Union township for the month ending Friday june number enrolled 2i cases tardiness 0 Twenty a fit Myrtie Vorhes Peter let Florencs Conley Mollie Nixt Delia Lucia Rosa Lucian Are the names of those neither tardy nor absent during the month. Those marked with a t Wei e neither tardy nor absent during the month. School closed Friday june 2c, with n picnic. Scholars of District no 1 joined us and a one time was reported. Hire. Jake Carbiener mibs Tillie Zemke and miss Flora Grant were our visitors during the last month. Ass a. Ute teacher. Wake up. Knoob is so said Dewitt s Little Early risers to the Man who bad taken them to arouse Bis sluggish liver. A j Asper it co. A household treasure. D Fuller of Canajoharie n. Y., says that he always keeps or a ing s new discovery in the House and family has always found the very Best results follow its use that he would not be without it if pro curable g a Dykeman drug inst Catskill n. Y., says that or. Kid i s new discovery is undoubtedly the Best cough remedy Blidt he has used it in his family for Ciet years and it has never tailed to do All that in claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so Long tried and tested. Trial bottle Ricc at a co s. Drui store. Regular size 50c and 81.00, Iowa weather crop bulletin mixes Iowa june 150, is to. J the temperature of the week was favourable for All crops although slightly below the seasonal Normal. The rainfall was unequally distributed numerous localities reporting heavy thunderstorms with wind Squall of consider Able Force on the 24 h and 25th. In All Section there is an ample Supply of moisture in the soil for he present needs of the crops reports from All a Tricis indicate that Corn is making Good advancement and a Large portion of crop will be Laid by during the coming week. The late planted and repented gels Nive Promise of producing a Lair crop oils suffered material injury in All sections visited by heavy rain and wirl storms a portion of the rank Grain be ing lodged beyond recovery the full extent of Jamesc cannot As yet be Esti mated. There Are numerous reports of dam ago to Spring wheat by rust. The Harvest of Hay and fall Grain is in Progress and a considerable acreage of Barley is about ready for the reaper the yield of Hay is acne rally Satis Fae tory. Pasture yield abundantly and the Prospect for potatoes was never better on the will shriek that the St. Louis platform is intensely american. so it is it was meant to be. It is the voice of american manhood and spirit it Speaks for american and sounds the Eren if he could have gotten it because j keynote for a fearless Campaign of of his unwillingness to endorse he rest american Progress and american Hon if you want to thoroughly enjoy the fourth of july you should fit your self out with one of those Fine suits at Campbell Fine shirts and other furnishings of the latest and a Large As suru nent to chose from. Our goods arc All marked in Plain figures and will be sold at strictly one Price. We guarantee our goods to give satisfaction. Conic investigate. In and one Price clothiers. Agents wanted to cd Clay. Life of m Kinley and Hobart Republican candidates for president and vice president by Kobe. V Partei the noted journalist present editor of the Cleveland world and inti mate Fiield a Ramiey Tor tent years. Absolutely the Only authentic life of my Kiuly published. For More Tenn two Yiirs in prep ration and the Only Woik Tiit up lived the end Ore Hectorm j and ins most intimate friends. No Book equal to it As a Ellei. Everybody wants the Book published at Mckinley s Home. Poi Ter s Book Sells at . Readers will if cent no other. A Gold mine for life Active workers. Our agents Are Cle iring from to 820 up r Day. Chance for thous ands of others to do Nell. Tins is tie Opportunity of a life. The highest con Mission paid. Order outlet now. Send 20c is taken As an of Good Faith a Biclie amount will be refunded with agent s first order if it is Only for one Book making outfit free. Books on time charges prepaid leaving fits Clear. Act Quick or while you Are waiting outliers will Cut Jou out. The is. G. Hamilton co say 3021 Ai Cade Cleveland o. The famous Lake City Stock Fountain can be from l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa it will water from 30 to 150 pigs daily. Governed by Grav Ity height so Springs to rust Al ii is to stick in mud and let out to Wjk of water. Has the right Siz drinking cup not a Inge double drinking cup to hold a Lor of Bot filthy water before Trosh Supply comes Down. With in body of water. Can be set to water two pens at once. Fountain Dow arranged for beat ins attachment which can be supplied during Winter. Fountain put out on trial. It costs nothing to try one. Will pay for itself every week in a Bunch of 20 pigs. You will state your self after trying that the increase in fat above the usual method of watering is apparent with the naked Eye in two weeks. Kettl Price Call on or write to l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa general agent for Floyd county. Stock fount City la. Of the democratic platform it now appears that the minors esty. The Republican Banner is up with projection and Prosperity Embla which were prevalent when Litz j zoned on its stripes and its followers was nominated to be Consul general to 1 keep step to the music of the Union Cuba about his being sent there for the York mail and specific purpose of making report thai could be Neal sized to world of scare for effect upon the Chicago War con had Good Lonn Stion. But Fitz bungled the Job by letting the cat out of the Baj before the right time. True his report has not been made Public but in a Letler written to an indiscreet relative in Washington did Lou k Heinc bit ters As a remedy for your if not get bottle now and get Relief. This Medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the Relief and cure of All female complaints exerting a wonderful direct Inilla enc in diving strength and tone to the organs it you Hare loss of appetite constipation headache fainting or Are Ner Vous sleepless excitable melancholy William Mckinney agents wanted to sell the life Ana speeches of Mckinley proceedings of St. Louis convention platform of party and other valuable information. 320 pages with 20 full Page illustrations. Prue cloth 81.00 half Morocco sixty per cent discount to 30 cents for prospectus and full particulars Anil go to at once you can sell 200 copies in your own to in. Address j. S. Oglivie publishing company 57 use Street new York. 4g8 wanted an thing to Patent protect your ideas they May bring you wealth. Write John Jedder Burn to co., Patent attorneys washing d. C., for their prize offer. He creation Anu school House. Repair of a notice is hereby give to test proposals for the erection of h new school Bouse also the repairing of the old Bouse in sub District no. 1, in the District town snip of Union in the Quaty of Floyd will he received by the undersigned at his office in Marble Rock where plans and specifications Taay be seen after june 20th, until 1 o clock p. M., june 30th, 1896, at Ali ice time the con tract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. The braid reserves the right to reject any and All bids. 11. B. Niks 43w4 Sec. Board of directors. 0 w j i i a p. Colb Secretary. De for publication but which the Afore said relative allowed to yet into Pilot that made easy enough to Gnoss Tho Josep Wiloth do Aldrin is the Medicine you Calth and strength Are guaranteed by 1 us use Ltd inc Only 6lty cents heavy and shelf hardware earner a specially. Lie meet All honorable Competition

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