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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 30, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaV 21 no. 25. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa january 30, teems a year compound liquid it is rumoured that Russia and tur i a stale census shows a population in j so Weott s concluding words were highly is saving thousands of dollars for Iowa key have funded an Alliance both j of on Thia is commend tory and directly in Lino with saving Farmers. Thoroughly tested a the worst Cho Era infected list riels of doubt offensive and defensive. It is stated the if wit to Eeve ii Auu Iovu the Board a Rivas Joe for Iii and also i10 Reso Union upon the in. Nies la round numbers Goul of the 1 Guiu Zicuis Wuicik have a r i a Lauah tinny at innocent won sea Aud j a third official paper. To be the greatest discovery of the use i Al i children in Aru menu will cease. I them Puoh Bea he Board each session in and in tha Only guaranteed Ever placed on the Market Lor the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices Armor can afford of be with a unc space Teddy of heart Mieir a i both ool the 1s04 in Theodore easy ii United staus j the form of supplements printed Rora ambassador to Germany died sudden tha Type set up in Charles City at a t of about a session or for Cut compound liquid Sulphur Cholo Jure. Nut Only the Best but cheap fit remedy on the Market pcs ing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day or each hog. For Sale by a l. Hawks it and wa3 an read our tree Booklet on Mic Robic Dis his Hosae in Beriou on monday Inorg int last. 3ir. Re Iivori. Was held in esteem by tiie american Colony in Ber gun Relios. The United states left justly Prou-1 candidates Are Beer inning Tho this is what both of these papers Are the present year and Lor which our Boardo supervisors Al lows them this is a pretty Good investment for Wright s theory seems to be that t the Farmers and tas payers of Union to pleasant Iloe Kford us Orward for places on the rep Bhea tar and Rocic inn Fonsh 3re not any More important part in state ticket. For Secretary of state i j i entitled to the proceedings of the Board there Are already the yield. Geo. 8 methodist i Caciqu he Wertli i prayer meeting Thor stay Ofifi Istian Ai 11 i. In. Ind m. Rohri Tuu i to Vitaver p. In. I i itch Mee Iuit a Hee at ii .t.m. I in Mounir t it v butist.-1 in sunday i ouch month 11 a. M. Auto p. In. Elwool every sunday at 11 a. In. Services held in Hie u. Oiment. Pastor. ii j Han Iovu 01 i Lnu l i. Hassell unless they obtain them through a societies. A. F. A. Ii. A v. M. Corner since so. 2jl. Sonimun location wednesday on it before full Moon. A writing by others in Goodson iding cordially Viivi tetto Atto Iid. Kobbert Nugget. V. If. Ii Cue. 1. O. F. Thursday Teinus of Edaili week. Cordially limited. Ii. A. 0. by lir Lodic. Trucl. Timof Laj us Einius of Encl week7 lire Iiron invited. 15. c. C Wilt Din it. S. I. Of it j1cel. Tilt tuesday Nair it in each month in Odd Fellows Hall. I ret. K. J. Arkley dec. Sue. K. C. Me that the Home Stew it the and 3d thursday of Mont i Ali o clock . Mil s. K. Canistrini Asre ii Sec a. K. He Muir u s. Uyi kit the present Deputy g. S. Dobson of Olk Allen of a an Lauren. And Frank Mir Ria i of Delaware. For judge of the supreme court june Luth Rocic. The present judge Mcl Rary of Keokuk judge Church of Greene and s. M. Land of o Brien Are mentioned. of the a hails l Ity pipers Xot Hini coulis Liow the Justice of the boards petion Nore than the hem itself. For two years it has teen apparent to the publishers of the it and the lie Gisler that the proceedings of Trio Board should be published on the Side of the county and have gone to the Espenes of furnishing them to their readers at consid Erable outlay to themselves knowing that under the Law they could get no compensation for their services. When treaty right to interfere to protect the christians of Armenia from turkish he said whatever advancement and of regrets for the human race the centuries shall bring us must largely Couie in Ziy opinion through the spread of Tho religion of the widely advertised Silver Confer ence was held Here this week. Its proceedings were largely secret but there is nothing to indicate that it will play National politics than did the tended by about the Fame stage med sex congressman Sibley of "a., As tin Sizer candidate for presi Dent Xot a half dozen members of Coon or a participated in the conference. Although it was confessedly a Tortol an Poji Kiiji movement Tho popu lists As a Rule hell aloof. When a woman of each month. W. 15.0.myniek, Ailt. T. cum. Burr. Lolini c. Shevnin. Terms of court -4lh Monc Tny in monday in in . Monday in Timber. Lio Artl of supervisors. , chair Iii. Charlis City j Phillip slut he. Kock Timothy pippin. Pick fort , a. C. Merrill Al los meetings 1st in Jam Iviry. April. June Ami september Ami and Iti Tso vember. County officers. Auditor treasurer. Clerk of the recorder. . Surveyor. Poauty at Oruci. Coroner. Or is Linnford Cali k. Curr a. 11. Lucr Rimon u. It. U. Ailis f. A. Roziene franc uni Tenfelder c. W. Knieser Bocker Toins Iii oink Eis. Of k i p3i Constable diaries t hex. H e c Darla Uil. 31 Marrun. F w son Man and j ii Merfel. Officers. Mayor j a Conler. Ii b Trepan scr j Lartin Street commissioner. 0 in lice manual. M u hex c . A n to la Sclier ii tons pc Sucre. A Hocier. Us Union township school . President. I c Harlaud. 1 treasurer. John gate.-. 1 Jii mar fold. I Henry i Harry Packman. 7 John gnus. S ii i Dir land s Lames purely a. 4 John Cihiy. D ceo i Febert in vol pin of Hull. Scott township old cars. Mitao Tawlu . Volney becr5. Lucy Raik a. Town t it Xic Hobon. Beaver. Lunguy. It Witter and or Scott township school it Ord. President i k Coree treasurer harms i me Ricu. Directo Jis 1 Joni t5rnco e to k 3 7 Hurnard Mccook 4 Johua Mit s .1 Jeffrey. 0 .1 k a Mary Public and convey Ancer. And collect on in edit. I inti posed to the Board that they would publish the proceedings in both papers for the Price allowed Lov the Public alien in one As is known the Board granted the petition and selected the papers named As a third official paper Floyd county 13 so situated that were the Pio feedings published in All four of the Charles City t apers they would a limited number the people on y l. Moody Tho Evn list told a Story in Philadelphia the other Day about his Lile before his conversion. When a boy of seventeen. Lie paid the census was completed and it a that while lie eras a pretty bad boy in i bund that Floyd county was entitled his unregenerate Days deep in the Foi. And errors of the world he never broke so far away from his a irly religious training As to forget to say his prayers every night. I used to sleep with my he said and if either one of us happened to jump into Bod without first getting on his Knees the other-.70 at Hii and kick him out i the floor a Telegram sent out Protu us lome states that the state treasurer of Iowa is Likely to be compelled for the first time in years to refuse to Cash Warrens presented to him. There have been unusual drafts on the state revenues in the last half year chiefly on account Ottlie code revision the census and the assemblage of the legis lature and the taxes Hivo come in Verv slowly from the counties Owins to Nard . As a result the Treasury has i been in such a condition that the state auditor could have swamped it at any time in the last three months if the utmost care had not been Cicic Seriin the issuance of warrants. The condition is gelling worse is very Low and the Prospect Are that before the legislative session is Over a Good Many warrants will have to be stamped no funds 9 r a tvs we would say to the people of Marble Rock and Vicinity that it pleases the Sultan of Turkey the Secretary of state or anybody else miss Clara president of the United states Branch of Tho lied Cross society left Washington this week bound for Armenia where it is her per Posto Endeavor to Dis Riquie Tho Money sub to the selection of a third official paper i scribed in this country or the Relief of the publishers of these two papers pro-1 destitute armenians notwithstanding the notice Given by the Sultan that Sueh distribution would not he allowed state department officials Are quite con Dent that miss Barton and those who accompany her Are taking a useless trip and that none of them will be allowed to cuter Armenia. Miss Barton thinks differently. Be Banks on the Power of Tho key Cress society of which Turkey is a member to give her a per the Wist Side of the county the car Mars Sonal interview Wilh thu Sultan and on this Side of the can qty pay taxes and Are As much entitled to know what the fjord is doing As those living near the county seat. The Board does not her own persuasive Powers to do Thi rest. Tho House is making such rapid Progress of disposing of the business of i me Mac Tuveve scums to be solid for the prediction made by Republican members that if there is no us basis when they arc presented the Cunt that the advocate has been drawing for some years. The advocate never pubic Theu the proceedings on a j expected hitch Congress will adjourn ate Page and therefore uie amount ii j in 3iny. Three of the a has received during the Latt 123 Propri Tion military has Bec a Clear gain while tiie two papers above mentioned Are Only Reee itkins Hali that amount and in addition have invested considerable Money Eracli is in increasing their papers. The advocate has not been As generous to i acad Niny and urgent already been pasted by the House and the Post office appropriation Bill is about to to taken up. Hut after All it in t the House that will determine the Loti uth of the session. It a the sen Tion is serious but there is no or Csc help for if t i give them to it subscribers. The Washington correspondent of the Atlanta journal tells a Story of a Well known Navel dignitary who has its readers As we have been in the past and the Canale wiil or Wil for As soon As us pay was stopped for j not to the Asistin conditions is publishing the proceedings it failed to Inore can be accurately predicted i by any Roan. Under its rules it is pos j Siulc for several determined men to keep i Uon grits in session As Long As they de uld people who t Iii i sire and at the same time prevent Sny require Medicine to re ulate the bowels j and kidneys will find the True remedy j thin a Fin Donc now Etc Ric is the in Eli citric hitters this Medicine i purpose of the Republican leaders asked the old gentleman for her hand. Strength and giving tone to the organs finish up its business at the earliest Tho. Father at once taxed him with the i thereby aiding nature in the Perlor possible then adjourn from i i i i it i Rince of junctions Phi eerie fact that he had Only ins salary Harj j i an Seel int appetizer and aids by enough to keep him in White gloves j people find it just ind to burnish Iii Briss exactly what they need. Price fifty Weil or. Admiral what you say is cents per bottle at a. J. Asper go a True. L3ut when to i married y u were Only a midshipman with even a smaller salary than mine. How did you get he had made the most diplomatic of i defences. But not of. Sea dog Thunde Edorth t t t t 9 9. T t 9 t 9 9 9 9 f we will be ready for business in the room lately occupied by Oaks son with a Bright new Stock of mens and boys clothing hats Caps and furnishing goods. Our goods will be marked in Plain figures and sold at one Price absolutely no deviation. Washington letter Dav to Nill show the country where the fault s. Justice Field this week denied the periodical Rumor that he was contemplating an Early retirement from the j Bench of the supreme court lie has j had to do this about twice a Ever i since be became eligible for retirement not retire so Long As Vav Jau y 24, Isoli senator Wolcott s unexpected attack 1 save he the Crafty old Apon i lie Monroe doctrine while not his health continues Good enough for i lived on j to destroy tint doctrine which i i a u to his duties As easily As Here Are some sure. We have several lines of ladies Fine shoes and we propose to close them out As a bargain this is the Price on a special offering of la Dies Fine shoes Worth and in nearly ail sizes every pair is so great bargain and deserves attention. We want to sell you your shoes and we Are going to make prices to do it. Geo. W. Gates. My father in us for to first ten yen a j exit Ted before the Brilliant Junior Sena does now. Republicans Hope that but i la to if you Are to do Tor from Colorado entered Public i will not relive until alter March to and will probably continue to exist Long j i 1007, so Bat his May be a _ _ if tar he retires is deeply by j i two a jives . Flite be his Republican Friend. The Republican to action has vet been taken by the Thomaas of Junction City. Jii. Was has from us Bah a Almed in Ami Senate Conn Tecc on finance on the i ,1. It advocate in the maintenance of the Mon 1 none Taft Mil. And it is now under told by her Joer ors she had Tion and that there was no for hat iwo bottles of or. King s new i rofl doctrine and will continue to to so discovery cured her and she says in j even the approval of or. Wol d her life. I. Thos. i Cou senator wok olt has Many and n food that Wolbing will be done until the Senate acts upon the free coinage substitute for the House Bond Bill Florida a so Francisod. Suffered j in and he deserves which is now be unfinished business o from a dreadful cold approach in it. K t cons adaption. Tried without result every Asi but. Other orators he a that body it is supposed that this Ifo then bought one Bootie or a Lor making the Iii will be voted non As soon As the by. Kind s new discovery and in two unpopular Side of a Public question in senators take their seats Well was he 13 order to Mato a that win create . It is such resins. Of which or Linvik i in where children Are threatened Are samples that prove the won 1 3 Jomn nol-nia3 arts so Tore j riders us of this in 3o no great of nirm hut ice a As magnetic cough cure. 23f j do Yon feel sick disease commonly comes on slight which neglected increase in extent and gradually dangerous. It j33 suffer from headache dyspepsia Ora digestion Ripans tables Tabu Lesi Kabul est Ripans Tabu Lesi Tabush regulate Ike and preserve the Jone gives Relief. Easy to to Sipa stables sold i a Price to cents a Boi is stat to . 10 Grecoe St Loccis

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