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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 23, 1896, Marble Rock, Iowa21 no. 24. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa january of. Terms a year compound liquid Sulphur co Era cure a saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the worst cholera infected districts of eleven slates and proven beyond doubt to be tilt creates. Uis Vutci i Liiv Ajic and is the Only Nunra need remedy Erer placed on tin1 Market for the prevention and cure of Iio Ehui a. The enormous Corn und present prices Armor Ean afford 0 be with out compound liquid Sulphur t to f cure. Nut Only the Best but cheap Tsi reined on the Market cars Init less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each hog. For Sale by a l. Hawks Bead our free Booklet on Mic Robic Dis Des Moines letter the Iowa legislature Lias been chief Justice Rothrock. Following this the governor read his inaugural adur Ress a few sentences from Sluch session one week and practically Noth i follow. In More than the inauguration of the i speaking of the Genii Centennial of Jovo nor Drake the legislature and Heads of state institution has been can do that will Ine t with the accomplished. The first question be j heartier approval of the people of the lore Ilie legislature is the method of i state a Loe Iuorio a Hall lit handling the code Reubion. 1 lie first i a suitable building proposition co Ajini up in the House Sraj All its of .1 for a it tee of the two houses. Int Ute to Justice Samuel f. Miler i but the destroyed this by select occur us Psi espied that to Bronze diuretics. Ing a committee of fifteen from its own body. There Are three propositions be lore the House one for a i. Mithodi5t Pri acl Wiilus Zajf ii 11 a. In. 7-30 i by. Up Virili Al b.3u. 1 Rayer meeting reaching sunday 11 a. M. In. Christian i Leaver Nisi is at in. Prayer Inee Tius in Lii silk j. Free ii River sunday s 11 n in. And p. M. Yousim Peoples at j.3j. I by Ufinik preaching every us in ouch month i la .1. M. m. S mid ii shout every finer tiny at 10 a. M. Services Buhl in the school ii Ocse. 11. Grant i a Tor. Statute of Hisiu be placed in our state Ca Igitol and one in tiie Capitol of Tlle nation. 1 commend this to you and to Cucui Miniec of thinly five whose Busi our representatives in Congress the Ness it shall be to determine what pans governor is greatly interested in schools of the code shall be handled by the Ami Iio devoted considerable Tine to the regular Standin committees. So i discussion 01 schools q All kinds Iii tribute it among Thorn tiie Sec nil j among other Good things said it is proposition h for f committees of i much easier id Teich correctly Tolian seven each to be numbered one. Two. Three Lour and five the chairman of Correct erroneous in speaking of the state institutions he societies. A. F. A a. At. A v. A a. Slyne so. S51. Communication on a before full Moon. Brothers in cordially invited to Kobe cart Llu get. It. S. In. Sec. 1, o. O. V. Carlile Hock to Ilsc no. Sg2. Nil Al thursday it Chin of Piiru a inv Tuii a. 1 Mukk. X. G. Ii. . Lodi be. Neuls tuesday Venin of week. Visit Iii Breton to invited. It. A Josai c. C Walt dams k. Of r. S. I. L. Or ii. Meets the 3rd a Eracli month in Odd Fellows Lull. , i7ec. Meet Natilu Home of sit wart the 1st and cd tour slav of Truch month at 2 n clock p. No k. A. Sue .1. K. Kock Post. Tco. Inputs lir to of each Nin Uili. W. B. A Mithee. A Lar. Junicrj.1. P. Login in. Sli Niin. Terms of court -4lh Montuy in january. Monday in in Repi cinder. Iii 3londay in november. So Arr of s Lucius Lane Chu Armau. Phillip Bultz. To Moiha pippin. . Merrill Charles City Marble Rock Ivock Ford Rudert . Merrill Mies regains it Titi cog 1st monday m january. April. June Ami Seji Tambur and 2nd monday in november. County toll cars. Auditor Treasu Rui. Clerk of the court. Recorder. Superintendent. Purveyor county attorney. Coroner a org s Ila Aford Cash 31. Larr a. Ii. Crri Naii . w. Ii. Milit f. A. Kozinc Frank 1 w. Knickerbocker Toton Filp Oirich is. Of the to p Walster. S ii Din is constables Charles t it e c Din land. M Merrian. C Bowman and j amt Ofeia. City officers. Wiloth ii 11 lius Uknuis o w Wallace m d Ket c . Atm Fletcher. Ii Chas the Sucre. A 11 Meier. H ii lies recorder. Street commissioner township school Board. President i c is Laud. Secrctj.7, ii 15 treasurer. John hater direct oils 1 j h Ilenfeld. C Henry Hales a Harry Packman 7 John 3 ii Dai land s James . 4 John Ciao. Duo a Lais Eli. 5 Sirbert a. Id Sam thallur. 11 phils Liuz. Scott Ohio cars. Marsh. G n Baldwin. Constables Volney Kuers. Leoy Chi Itzy town Nicholson. Klancy. W Witter Anil 3ir Scott town lip school president. J e Secre Larj. Maryv us ii Lin i rest dirt a. Merrick. 1 Lohu Lii shop . I t l 1-. C Tjia Aldini a i Ednanl Ilcau 4 Jour Anu. A i Ifrey n .1 e hat hrs. J. Notary. Public and convey Ancer. And collection arc Keal estate. Money o loan on Short or Long Tim in sums to suit Cost users Marble Rock number one having the Power of calling i said i am satisfied that Aurona the All the committees together it his of criminal classes it would be in the in Tion the code to be a ionic Terpst of humanity and Reform could an these five committees As a committee on i intermediate provision be made Between the code the third proposition is to i the Industrial and Refon schools and adopt tiie plan that was adopted in 1873 the penitentiaries Lor Young men and change of daeetc., to make it women and such others entitled not to applicable to the s Tiric. Become occupants of the former and among the appointments made for the Heads of state Jones he paid the National guard a Isih Washington letter. Washington Jun y 17. 1800 messes Ourman flare ii i Al Lowed the other members of Tho demo uru ii Xai Unal which met Here this week to imagine that they decided the time and a Btu for the democratic National convention but a Mitter of fact the members of that astute political firm had settled the matter sonic Rae before. A goal evian who is Illy Good authority upon re Laiing to the business of firm says there is Only one Ian who could have changed the is ult. That Man is sex Secretary Whitney. He was so this gentleman save info need by Gorman ii rarity it co. That if he would agree to accept the Noii ainu Ion he could name the Luiu and place fur i holding the convention and writing his Oku Ali Iurii or. Whitney Nho knows a thing or two about the value of political nominations is said to have replied in subset june that although he a us ii Iii mail no did t care to indulge in the pastime of throwing Good Money Down rat holes. There were a number of More or less interesting ghost stories floating around Washington this week about Levy Here Are some 8ure. Have several lines of ladies Fine shoes and propose to close them out As a bargain this is the Price on a special offering of la Dies Fine shoes Worth 85.00, and in nearly All sizes. Every pair is a great bargain ind deserves attention. We want to sell you has been reap poem id As Waiden of the it. Madison Penitentiary and p. Madden Warden of the Anamosa Peni Tenary the friends of prison re form in Iowa Are especially pleased with or. Ima Dun s. Reappointment a number of Bills have already been introduced in the Senate but 50 far one Only has been passed a Bill relay ing to the indians or the Tain a Reserva Tion. Who not to be sent to the latter Lavins authorized the statement to certain members of the democratic committee that he would not allow his name to go before the convention and tribute and that better pro visions be made for their encampments of railroads and Railroad legislation he prominent newspapers paid Tele said there 13 a Unity of interest be dolls on these stories but most tween the owners and the operators of the railway lines and the. People o the stale which it will be the aim of the the executive to Advance As far As he May be Abs lie leu Ommund de Iowa s an interest in water ways and particularly the i to Suel a in i. It 1. Diligent inquiry failed to locate a single member of the committee who would acknowledge having received any Tieh info in Liun and some of them did not hesitate to Siy that they did not be Lieve or. Cleveland had authorized the on january loth of Custred the Nom i nation of senator Allison to the of the Lipior question he divorce i Senate for the nest ii years. No i giving the mulch Law a trial. Lindy Liere. However think that he will i i Best n in Washington of Titi mint vendors to Aid in the Settle list six . But the in a Laid in Frony the benefits of that he will be the nest Fie i residents dec Irani la Saigon. The Tate i believe that or Cleveland wants the and tha Liport of absolute proof that he cannot get the necessary number of in the con j i Del Ell to la Del pcs to do it. Geo. W. Gates. Gen. Walker of i the a a. A. Was a Washington this 1 scientists have often observed serious and fatal diseases begin at i i in i this season of the year. Many of them week Lor the purpose of conferring with starts hard colds and coughs and i Trio members of the House and Senate j Nally ii real All organs of the body no pension commit tics on the proposed pension legislation of the session. The Siina e finance committee has not yet acted upon the House Tariff Bill i prudent person will neglect to keep of j hand a bottle of magnetic cough cure is rightly regarded As the i re meet v. Beet Lent of the United Stalowa. On i. Or Sci inv should secure the i Atnori nor of crib i. I a 1 if i it Rind Mann Ilic Hearty a no enthusiastic a Vcci i rom transient a inst that lie Ever Pau oriented. Sen intr t the of consent lie said fro mention will cause him to say one word i 1 Iii presentation or ins name to i the convention apr every of l Iii our acct Bat exre Cis to do so at its nest meeting. The Republican managers of the Bill still Hope to get it reported to thu Senate without amendment but ire not As confident of it As they were. Some interest ing gossip relating to the Usu ii ofic administration Tow we Lave All noticed that a cough or cold seems to have much worse effect upon a child Tim a grown person for Elsis reason Tuey should be carefully watched and the symptoms checked by the use of Leorae pure Nind harmless remedy like Ilu Guetis cough cure. 23f new York Tribune. Ness of this Beli mad 1 Nomin the Iii Iii irs. Of n Peech on the part of the Senate and j am of the opinion that the age of Eon again shown himself to be about though he had but Twenty four hours j sent should in raised to eighteen years j Glosl Independent member of Ilu House notice it a magnificent Effort and he spoke in favor of Protection and Amos was a Gallant Soldier and it riled sail of the Mon of doctrine the Nim Lovlien one of is tammany col j of a pc Vii Nai Friend or. Cleveland s j that in spi in old Cuba to England France or c either of which the Leader of the Republican party. Did him great credit. I would like very much to ii note from it were it not for want of space representative m. Temple of Chirk made the nominating on the part Ohhet Ilo use. Or the did would gladly buy it the administration would not reliant it As a violation the Monroe doctrine and would not prote to there is much speculation As 1896. Time Lias come j when this question i leagues charged that the amendment to Congress would do under the k. To settled and the pain Cople contended proposed by the republicans to the pc for acknowledged this will b Orl intended solely to be done peaceably Bui if under the i jul tic-1 to the old soldiers an Providence of almighty god. And in widows was nothing hut an attempt n arc you willing to listen to a suggestion interest of Liberty and Justice h font tiie Treasury or Cumming. Temple is one of the Besl speaker in the a Fouse an a Siiple Justice to the occasion. Closed by As Iowa tendered i acquiesce in the determination of Many and Repe Ted tithes of her Best nation for the defends of its integrity mar colleague or. Jirtle t on be he cannot be so done. Iowa is ready to started off by emphatically repudiating i lit the sentiments by Bis Tam a Anli Ood to the nation in its Lour of i and the maintenance of this vital half of the the Union greatest peril so in the time of peace Ciple if neck usury with of arms on behalf of widows and Ori Hans. And Owa read to tender to the ser vice of the nation us grandest product speaking of the armenian outrages i tit ally on behalf of he said that things could not exis j tammany lie then paid his attention in cutting language to the if enlightened Sta eur Manship the on this nomination was seconded by t d Healy Boundry line would suffice to stay the j administration of the pension of Vav Ebster on the part of the Sesi ote. J Onward Rush of american soldiers for of office he solid ill let was Linie to a the Protection of the innocent and the i a Hait Tlle pension Otyce. That old by w. 0. Mcarthur of do Moines on the part of the ii ouse when the vote was taken every nor of the caucus Irose and the re ult there should nut the list Testi doubt of its act Uii. It the new York Tribune s Broad col i urns and Large print make it the easiest Piiper in the country to read either on the curs or at should in tones tint would be heard around the world form the consummation of such a Deal and in probably would. Compound liquid sulpher. Dissolved Flowers of sell Yieh. Natures greatest Gen Cecic. Its action Eini rapid and effective. A Lew drops Henry to Roeine proprietor of the largest Kerap Nepf r clipping Agency a the world testifies in a published card that his clippings for Over Ioco clients show that the Tribune contain Day by Day and week by week far More original mutter Tolian any daily newspaper in new York City.1 re proves the fact by Fig ures. The ave Ekly ranks the same. Business men find the Market reports of Trio to Ibrim absolutely without an equal. Tiie Tribune is the Only or at most a few ounces will gently cure the most stubborn cases of person paper in York City whose Rex orters Perna ngtau the in consign punishment of the guilty and pour widows were Sandina senator Allison was called for Aiter hourly expectation that some Liing the governor Pat jowl. Fie arose com cowardly irom the be Sion office would was greeted wit i cheers. Senator Plimen Ted the Ludie Ace. And sat i Ulrike til can tile7 were being stabbed Lison s in response a master j general Olf Irkson was then called for by Effort. Thi whole Alt air passed off j from Many parts of the h he Rose in the Back from a Quarter from which they should expect nothing but Praise in the us St enthusiastic manner. Thursday tie afternoon of the Lgth. Oiin l of the with a throng to witness the Ina Nual ceremonies of governor Drake and i lieutenant governor Parrott. A stand was erected for the governor and his party just under the come and the stand and surrounding. Were draped in red White and Blue with Bunting and paper at mrs in and ing Iii party gov Eriina Drake lowing the stand a is fill ii the bind playing and the citizens cheering. It was an inspiring scene. General prime and several if i staff dres de full uniform added dash of color and a few moments later senator Allison and bowed to the audience and took his i Justice. Rah for a aids. Scat As did also governor lacks senator Mills of Texas who ins the Jover nor s reception was in Riply i , Xvi i blood and skin disorder. Cured diphtheria in a few hours Cenker sore Mouth in ten Catarrh Short course of treatment granulated lids Lour to six Day sore Throat once Gorg ing rheumatism Short course of treatment Erysipelas two or three applications and so on through the list of blood and skin disease eczema acne itch ringworm i implies. Salt Rheum. Herpes la ves. Tetter Dandruff. Lair and All diseases. Open s res tutors ulcerated and itching piles this is not a cure All but a the Tribune now prints the Best and freshest lint Nerous pictures of the Clay from the comic press of two continents and supplies plenty other entertain ment. By its special telegrams and correspondence it editorials and High literary character the Tribune maintains a splendid position in the regard of republicans and lovers of music Art and Good books. The Tribune s society news is known everywhere for excellence. Its fashions have always been of special value and changes of style Are As a Rule foretold in the Tribune sooner than in other newspapers. Piton roil ram nil .1 ii l f Una ranted remedy Lor above diseases i the a new York Tribune is recognized Jackson. Governor m do that declaration against the free kit Olli Cialli. As the leading nth. Diazo lieutenant governor Parrott As j coinage of Sizer nude a Sper he Well Manv of the state free this and Wei Nirich he tried to Square Iii Dies Shook hands with per lips j Seu with the Silver men in Tecsa he five or six thousand people the new administration i Foet and has m Ide a Ood j Rover nor inc Sori retire. i t i in t exactly go Back to Well upon j position Lavor of free a n which Are caused by parasites on i in j Oll scially As the leading newspaper of the pure condition of the blood. Full Di-1 party. Acct Loiis with each bottle. Or. Ii. F. Thompson Odeil. Iowa j demands that every possible Dollar s says i applied Corozo ind juju said of food and. J As for farming and labor the trl Bune has for 50 years demanded and yet info. Ral of ii All with whom he come in con reciting the coitus c of the Silver i tact. I Linn in the Treasury the payment it he Nii cd tie int tic Vil around the b and bul of s when we e formidable the Stu Csizi a and Tneia r _ j to in plication in ire Ria moved the men. Editions 305 in every year Icaria ei1 by tie people Liall be produced by the american people. For this l be i cause tie Tribune labors in its government obligations in both Silver Filee your address i , denouncing National Banks to 11. E i Acklen co Chicano. And a free Sample Box o or kind s sew Inife 1 iils a will convince you of their merits. These pills Are and the of interest Bonds it is evident or the Devil and Mills is still the deep sea in Mclinn and Are particular a j where it will be remembered he declared general Clarkson were a Recti cd wit ii a i effective in the cure of constipation j be in a speech malaria and i be while the Bill for to a i Peai of the Purcha Fini cheer that resounded up into the dote. I Jaiver troubles they have Prev cd Invar lieutenant governor rapped j Are to be Lor order and Nusie by the Bui l j perfectly free from every sch and of Mer by Llev. H. 0. Breeden of is i Manet and to be purely ily and a by the Drake uni i Thev do not we akan 1 by i vip to Stoini c i ind n i a _ n vet site glee club tiie oat n of Ouick r out or proportion to the horse Power o1 j r to h.1.-hv u inc guar to 1aul at Verv Low rate i Irner in Sloin Chin Ouick f greatly invigorate the was administered to governor Drake ,.iza 25 cents por bos. Sold by a j j Othi Sherman Hill late was Booro the Senate. The trouble or. Mills is that the Gray Mattei on the inside of his Hoa-1 is Aito Stelier inane and my patients were Vischi irked j a Man is judged by the newspaper be tiie following Day i consider com. Takes. Lie Nho reads the Tribune Puun-1 lick did Sulphur Superior to any j w c1e progressive and other remedy for the Success enl treat worthy of cont science of ment of dip Thena mrs. S. G. Dunce save i had suffered with i business and social friends. If you Are a Young Man you live in a rut nil Belmond. Iowa yol r life except by catering to that Ith rheumatism s your ining up r of newspapers full of scandal vulgarity in my right Arm for three years and am inanity. For a moment of during that time tried almost Ever j the people who read newspapers of that known remedy but sol in class. On other Hind. The Tribune application of compound liquid Proba ily largest p Hur entirely cured com a inf Verv in i i it Soubit cac to impr0ve Youns Man s position of and newspaper j r a c i i i n found liquid Sulphur is for Sale by m the United states. Associate your l Hawks. With them. Or. I to m his l in other Worts he Tco and Lieut cant governor Parrott by i Asper co., druggists. J much and thinks Loo Little. J or. Horr continues to write for the Tribune. Sample copies free. A year. 62. We Kew fit base for information. C. K. N. Agents for further Tribune sew of

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