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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 21, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 24. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa teems a yeah to the users of Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price we do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrels. Throw away your old Wicks used with poor Oil and try our Oil with a new Wick and you will never have j any More bother with your lamps. Yours for Mutual Benefit Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A. F. A. M. A. F. A a. Corner Stone Lodge no. 251. Okular communication wednesday on or before Jill Ramon. Init inf Brothers in Good tending cordially invited to attend. Kobbert Husset. In. M. S. Ii. Sec. I. O. O. F. Marble Rock Lodge o. 302, meets thursday Eark week. Cordially invited. A. 11. Meier x q. 11. Rohee Ruxi so. a Lodge. 211, meet Lues by Ainuu Iii f week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. Lasiy. C. C. Walt Dat ii k. Of is. I. L. Of ii. Meets the sri Tae iday bight in each Mouth in add Fellows Hill. L. W. R. J. Acklis rec. Sec. Wii. C. ire. Stewart the 1st and j4 thursday of each month at s o clock p. In. Mrs k. A Stew aut 1 Ces. In Mima a Peb 6ec, a. It. Marble Kock poit to. 308, moots first saturday month. U. 1. Alkyl by to. B. Adj. In v t u i inter the Only Way to con Vince a genuine Bryanita that Prosper Ity is coming is for some fellow to poke a few thousand dollars under his no a and offer him 5 per cent to use it. The Chicago City Council has passed an ordinance making it an offence punishable by a Fine not to exceed for any woman to Wear a hat at Public i certain Jents which obstructs the View of those behind her. I every thursday. Taleb 1 Rua Ideal. Vns a. F. My Lotair per Starr. Churches. It 11 a m. Ami a in. Iretis gut meeting at player meeting thursday i. W. Pastor. In uncut preaching sunday at 11 m. M. Christian Endeavor meets lit 6.w p. Ill. Prayer meeting wednesday eve Ning. J. Will . Pastor. Free sundays at . And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at Bjo prayer meeting tuesday evening to. R. Flutes pastor. 1ft sunday in each month Alii .1. M. And p. In. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in the Union school House. To. In Var pastor. City officers. May Joseph Viloth recorder ii b Rosenkrans treasurer. J Martin Street comm Mioner c. F. Jesro Ore Willard Stroud c dailsm1, vim Fletcher ii to a h Meier we bar r Huggett Colon Townie la school Bnard president Geo to Kassell. Secretary. Ii b Mies treasurer. John Gates Dike tons Nick Sundt Harry Packman e is Valster Lew Inman. Ebb cart Paris 11 1 Hil Shultz. B Mdunn Blue 7 John h James p Archer ceo w 10 Sam Shaffer Scott town chop or Licera. Miles Marsh cd x Baldwin. On Olai Dorc town t w Nicholaon. Steucy Minuty w w and or. Beaver. Scott township school Honert. President John Bishop Secretary. George x buld trin Cairies d Derrick directors John Bishop 5 Brace Ward. B dec Span did 7 j Cunningham j w Jeffrey Hon. George l. Roberts of it Dodge gives out some sound sense in the following article the Day after me inlay was elected the pops began to cry where a your Mckinley that May do for a it is Nat ural enough for a looks to the government to overcome All natural Laws and create wealth and Prosperity by Fiat but it is no answer to any be publican argument the Mckinley policy a to put our people to work As readily As possible and to reopen the foreign markets closed to our farm pro ducts. And when the Mckinley and is estimated by the crop statistic to have done it is Short in spite of Iny oct of Congress. In t it Plain How Monck collects in the East Oil but Sec tie Bank i allures. Lew Banks in Boom towns which got bad debts in Boom times have been forced to close a Bant in Chicago which loaned its Money too ii Ely in world s fair time was forced to by the Public but by the other Banks of Chica go who refused to accept its checks it did not close because of any run on it. For it had about Cash in its vaults. It did not close because of any Scarcity of Money for the other Banks promptly offered to Advance 75 per cent of any Man s Deposit in it. But the Bank had been recklessly Man aged and the other batiks concluded that there would never be a better Lime to net rid of it. The fact is that a Good Many Tow lines have been Cut since election. Institutions Hace been carried Atonic for several years by stronger Eon Caine because they dared not let them drop Uhitil now. Behind every of tiie recent failures can be found a they Wade Loans which it is now evident cannot be collected. And yet the failed Hanks in Sions pity Sioux Falls and Duluth Are preparing to reopen they Are getting in additional capital and will pay All debts the big Bank in Chicago will pay its depositors the other Banks in Chica go will pay is depositor a. The other Banks in Chicago have Ofer 50 per cent of their deposits on hand in Cash while the Law requires 25. The Illinois National Bank might have been carried along or years had it been necessary to do so but its rivals Felt Strong enough to let it drop. Instead of being a symptom of weakness in the situation the whole incident is proof of strength especially where it is noted that the failure scarcely varied the rate of inter est in Chicago and did not Shade it at All in new 1 Ork. Will to e w Gat bar Cher. Jota Andrt. John Leec. Judicial birr John c. Sherain. Termi of court -4th monday in january 1 t monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Baford of super Lori. Incl of Lane chairman Chariot City poll lip Shotz Marble Bock Timothy pippin Roemert h. 9. Calca Ester Budd j. C. Merrill sues april. June and september and Irjud monday a Stem bar. County to meet. Clerk the Courta recorder superintendent Aarn Yor. Conaty attorney Corner. its inf Oral Cash m. Urr Tad Alp Justice of the peace k p Walter s h Davis ministration in it work on this line. The chief debate of the Campaign was whether there was Money enough in the country to do its business. The pops contended that there was not. They said that if Money was More plentiful times would forthwith Boom. The republicans on the other hand denied the proposition. They said that if the Money question was let alone it would speedily be seen that there was no Scarcity of Money that what was needed was to put the Money into circulation into employing labor thereby furnishing labor the Means to buy farm and Olber products. Orer this we fought he Campaign and Mckinley was elected. Instantly the Republican Contention As to the Supply of Money was proven. Money flowed up from thousands of hiding places and the increase in Bank depos its All Over the country was unprecedented. Money became so abundant and easy in the cast that the Banks of new York City have loaned about j in foreign countries and have still More on hand than they bad be fore election. The school District of it. Dodge has dons what it tried in vain to do All its High school Bonds the town of Rock rapids has done what it could not do All its electric Light Bonds. The City of Dubuque tins done what it tried to do a vain All its new Issue of Bonds and at four per cent. All the loan agencies Are doing what they would not do before election Viz. Make Arm Loans. Bat what about Money in Iowa that is another thing. That is a ques Tion of the balance of Trade. When a Man Sells wore than he buys he has Money. When a my buys More than e most borrow. If his hogs of cholera and he has barely enough i ii j Down East he will be hard of. And when the state of Iowa loses 1 j the discovery saved his life. G. Beavers Tuii jlu., jul i discovery 1 owe my life was taken with la Grippe and tried All the physicians Lor Miles about but of in Avail and was Siven up and told that i could Noi live. Octavia a or. King s new discovery in Ray store i sent for a bottle and its use and from the first dose began to get better and after three bottles was it and about again. It is Worth its weight in Pold we won t keep store or House without u. Get a free trial bottle at a. J. Asper go s drug stors Washington letter. Washington Jan. 15, 1897. Senator Hawley is the latest member of that Branch of Congress to be mentioned As a probable member of presi Dent Mckinley s Cabinet the poit Fuho of War in that assigned by gossip to senator Hawley. The other Sena tors to whom portfolios have been tentatively offered have declined although there is still a Strong belief around the Capitol that senator Sherman will be Secretary of state but it is said not by himself however that senator Hawley would be willing to become Secretary of War at this week s meeting of the Senate committee on foreign relations Noth ing was said about senator Cameron s cuban Resolution and that gentleman is still out of town sprister a speech on his cuban Resolution and senator Bacon also advocated its adoption in a set speech but neither attracted More than a passing attention either in or out of Congress which is Good evidence that the cuban excite ment has All died out not from Lack of interest but because of the belief that nothing will be done at this session. Senator Allison says he does t know whether the report that sex represent live Wilson of Iowa would be nest Secretary of agriculture is True or not Bat that he Hopes it is is be thinks or. Wilson especially Well qualified Lor tie position and had so informed maj. Mckinley when he saw him the other Day. The most dramatic episode of the session was the reply to attack made by representative Mcguire of califor Nia in a leave to print speech in the congressional record on representative Johnson of the same state. It was All in connection with the Pacific Fanf Lirgg Bill which 10 Chen his i told but Surprise of Many was badly Defeated by the House. La a speech favouring Bat Hill or. Johnson made a very bitter personal Attick ution w i Leniu of thing in tin printable language Deprose Stathe Cooper of Wisconsin at the time accused or. Johnson of cowardice for at tacking a Man Nho was not resent and or. Menu inc seconded uie accusation in his printed speech and added slurs about or. Johnson s having a crib final record at Bis old Syracuse x y Home. When or. Johnson nose in the House to reply to Mcguire it was easy to see that he was excited terribly. He began by it is Juii a Well i for me to face this matter now As later i and meet the cowardly insinuations j made against me at the dictation of William k Haist. It is True that thirty years ago 1 was in trouble in new i Ork 1 was indicted that i i to California to rear a new Houie j and live Down the , but it i in True that 1 went under an could have More pathetic Tolian Story of struggles to regain a Good name in a voice shaking with emotion there was a Ling of Triumph in his voice when he told of the Victory won and How by the blessings of god and the help of my Good wife i was at last Able to pay Back every Dollar i and the House gave him a spontaneous round of applause of his charges against bears he said every charge 1 made is capable of proof. I do not shelter myself behind my constitutional privilege. Everything 1 say As a Maui Ber of Congress i am responsible for As a citizen personally and of the charge of cowardice against him he said if either the gentleman from Wisconsin f t Ooper or the gentlemen from California thinks i am cowardly let either repeat to me out Side chamber what he has said in Side. And his curiosity will be appear the House showed where its sympathy was by ordering Mcguire s speech stricken from the record and by refusing to Tunke out Johnson s speech. Whether speaker heed intended to stir up the democrats of the House by his selections to fill tic vacancies on the House committees i cannot say but that his action has stirred them up is certain especially his putting Bailey of Texas on the committee on and Boatner of Louisiana on the com Mittee on ways and Means a very interesting question a raided by the petition of col. Henry a. Dupont and eleven members of Ibe Dele Ware legislature who voted for col. Do 1 ont for senator which was presented by senator Chandler and referred to the Senate co Manittee on privileges and elections. The petition asks that the Senate reconsider it8 decision made at the last session that col. Dupont was not entitled to a seat in the Senate and sets Forth reasons Nhy the petition is made. If the Senate fails to ratify the treaty providing for arbitrating All Dis Putes Between this country and eng land at this session it will he More be cause the Senate desires to rebuke Olney than because of actual opposition to the treaty. The treaty is in no danger of failing and he mysterious and German influences said to be intriguing it Are merely figments of the Strong imagination upon which was imposed the task of miking a sensation there was t the slightest foun Dation upon which to build a sensation the people of this country want this treaty and there is Little doubt that they will get it substantially As it went to the Senate Bat the Senate May not ratify it until president Mekin Lej s administration comes in. If the Senate fails to act upon it at this session the new administration May desire to make some minor changes in the treaty before it is ratified. a few Good things. Oxer alls ilk All Wool Tuo pair m Riidu Vait full nit t lir y reduced Pincus i line to e i his Ami Lingo i of of. Oil Vuu it Good e goods cheap sue Childs Mitchell. A Cere Job a remedy for All forms of headache electric bitters has proved to be the very Best. It effects a permanent eur and the most dreaded habitual Sicic headache yields to its influence. We urge All who Are afflicted to procure bottle and give this remedy a fair trial. In of constipation electric bitters cures by shins the needed tone to the bowels and few cases resists the use of this it once Large bottles Only fifty Centt at a. J. Asper it cd Urtig invincible unsurpassable without a writes a regular subscriber who read it i or Many years of uie twice a week Issue of the Ami this is the unanimous verdict of its More than half a million renders. It is beyond All com Parison Tiu biggest Best and cheapest National news and family journal published in Aiu Cicin. It strictly Republican in politics but it h above All a newspaper and gives All tie news promptly accurately and is list Lukk friable to the Farmer merchant or professional Man who desires by keep thoroughly posted. But has not time to read a Large daily paper while its great variety of Well selected Reading matter makes it an invaluable Home and family i Al Elk. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Stamfl copies free. Co. St. Louis Aio. Josep Wiloth de4lerix heavy and shelf hardware earner repairing a sped we meet All honorable Competition

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