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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 20, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaA to Rwy cd Oman to to Grimmm tuft Ohi Dollar. biota we. Pox m. T. J seeds 1867. Premiums Rait i it pubs loom Peak vol. 12, no. 24 pbalrk8in Staple and fancy groceries. Or Teljii Ood. A Texas railway Cottos bbl standa10 gauge by sept.1, 86 us St Louis and Cairo to Bluff Brinkley old Cuder a Kansu Cin Littky roof Mcneil Magnolia and All Points a Brno and Hearn Gutc nil Albany Smi it. Pleasant big Sudj Tyler Corsica a Brenham fort Worth davits. Hooston. Galveston Aid All Ponitti Central Texas. A prism it built by a Mibus. N my be Guc. A what it Iutta sur pm Fumm Oft not my pm rally god 1 Al a attn inti. Fla amt Kami trip tit tit to ill main time fe., iffy u asm the it. W a. 8. Dodge in Lewt. I put airy Tut St lots a. W uie need the 9 e. Asl a lasting and Fra fat Tut. Once 23 and 5u Lcou. Bilok i Core will re Here Cap whooping cough and bronchial. For dyspepsia and liver complaint Prii cd in grantee on every bottle of Shiloh g Vitalizer. It never to care. A naval free with each bottle of Shiloh s Catarrh remedy prior so cents. A. J. Asper co. To Ben la cold and wife baby. Marble Rock. Floyd county Iowa. January to. 1-k7. Hare a Bru or. And mrs. 0. A son. S miss Mig in Carl Micier a Swor Ivien Bilten Ferer. Fob Sale or i Stock. Omine Hopkins is till Carniv a i in town a Jim Rock Kum Eye. 40 to 00 cents Max to to 00. , to ii Jeenii. Oats.0 to j j cents Tii Tutley teed Corn of w 27 hogs. S4.10. Kegg. 15 cents per Deviea i team mils per Wieb. 4j per in. Jars. John Kelley Enol extent. I. M. In Thea waa up to Mason City hut tuesday. Mrs. Charles Jesmore his Gote to cite. Two of Jacob Branner s Little Ceil Dren Are of the sick list. One of daughters is very sick with Pauw Ostia. I Taiton Shulli and me re from of Cir cd turn week the work a mrs. U. Clay Friday afternoon t to new for Fri i Evert invited one Ftp John Wuhrer s Buff Ilos Ort at the ice mince last weel and lion. W. K Fuller has thanks for a j Milts into the co try of the i Ilton. I where he was killed by a is mfg d Farmer. T my Thomas Anderson who has been ailing Tor a Tine is now am Alice Oike the Well known i Bio of hit Sincyr and actress who i i will negotiate Loans of real estate g. Or ind or Peter lines he played on sunday january Igich. A son with the St Little one died on new York i week Paddleford win the Iek the week. Iowa All other mate in thu production of tile Tiv to half of your taxi now in paid at the Haim. Or. and Liu Dau a Ter Kami Alixe or in to ten. Win. Pc Roe supplied i it is estimated that Iowa pro Pound and City a n m e. Pull it lat a _. U i j Bell Itin pers died in it her residence Jay night list. Mrs. Mitchell of pleasant a yarn hair improves the role her san last Montij i Beauty of the and promotes or. Called to repair tin growth. It imparts an Minoe Upolu Alex Vanmyers did 1 r t i cd who to fume. It the roots cleanses the is f to be Ibe Coonly so Peri a town i a. I his foot badly crushed is Suffi Rin so _ j. Bat an j Arik Lelor toilet use. One Simon of eroding in opera lira. T. D. Is taking in the is 1 and ice Palace. Capt. O. H. Lyon of Koe lord in last saturday. Verely it probable that he Hare to submit to an operation before Bis condition will improve. J House in Marble Koc in Bini seriously acts Ted. A Hall. Ayer s Samp Mil the most i till do Purisch and a Fountain of health j off w8ull, and 9trcnsib be Wisl n time. All Banc j ivc he and Ful infection arc promptly remove by i John Randall and John Neel have overcome the of Quincy. Mrs Fred Paddy Ford of Nora Springs is turning with her parents. Mrs. Moore and her daughter visited at Rock lord to this unequalled Tilte Ratic. A urge Surab r of ibo friends of o. And vile them the Rock Piels of a Surprise Laft Friday evening. Ported. A Good time it re or. And mrs a e. Gilford of Brill were in town last week visiting friends. There will be sen ices at the m. K. Church nest sunday morning 1 by the in stir. We. _ the evening services will be conducted d. Daugherty i rapidly re j by the Udics of the c. T u. Cover inc Trot Herat attack Ofsik ukness. M i it Monroe slipped for parts Robert let Nisi is making extensive unknown Litas monday and Lett in he Sash and door debts t the amount of unpaid. Factory. Horace Rabi Sim has lost in the debtor class since the above a vent took Uker n team indulged a i tie runaway it Stevay i jeep a Little . Would be of much Benefit the place keep tic Ball w Ailio Rity of Rjobert Wil Linw. Or. Theodore of Minneapolis i superintendent the waiting room Mil and or. H. Raver of Ackley Are the be kept closed Ufier the nine o clock Geati of or. Nick mass East of town to right this station. 1 Artim i wishing to take e her of the Ninalu Haynes it Gates is the auth Nicil f t. Pasa coffer runs or Iipp Ctina friends fins m Marble Rock to handle in l loot Truks Tor butt township. The in link of .1 meeting for the purpose of a Stock company. The work go on. The by Ironi the Adt Ninis organs coi Tinics to go Upton much a netted differ ence from the condition in ninth Ilic Republican fairy found tin when turned our to the a by the democratic party l ? we Obj bankrupt. The men who arc Hovling Over Iti exe Eunive fullness Are Only pm Jhu Sirini the financial Wisdom of publican statesmen St Pacl ice Palace on Jan. Is to and 27. The j a. C. K. T n. R y will sell Rufind trip excursion Frum ill principal sunday. The Sale at the livery barn saturday will Atte tul eur. Marble Rock had tie appear Ante to a saturday. C Harle i h. Favvell elected Ufi ital states senator from Illinois. Charley Weber has to hand it the. Cleave or at i meat Market. De. Billing of Rocford the chairman of the Board their new Tity supervisors this . A Nui Nowr of Sun their Sui Ulav tin race it Tho rink last saturday get to Pioh gym Dell Cutter and w Ife it in agreeably it in Imlay c Voni gift by it number of their frit lids who gathered at their and commodious residence near the depot and had a very enjoyable time. The occasion arts the 12th anniversary of Lii in marriage. Kidney of Nora Aras tie of her aunt mrs. Paddy Ford tie Koeford to Maku its last week. Hats tile matter boys. The Good temples at a Date has ii reit cd it no Nilk i ship the Puit Pavcek to fifty. A Large number of afro tit Rockford attend Fil the Lodge of this place Are pleased to Noti the i Teady improvement of Mary e. Of . Great Hopes Are now entertained of it pern Zinent stations to St Low rites l til monday Date of for and return at very to return in week. Mrs. Jennett aug North of town with her sous has very sick the Charles res was up to Clear Lake last week and purchased another bar Ber Cliart which he has placed in his shop. With the agent. 3. A a stunt a line Toni a daughter of Bride s patents in pleasant a Roth. Al Ned county or. Pc orc .1. Packman Ami Alolu m club. Win. A Viva. 1 Astor m 1 clip ecu at Marble Hock Eric filed. The ceremony was performed Ai p. In. Witnessed by the friends and relatives of Liliu cd in a Momtle liter Whit i the company .1 sump pm hs.i02.00 . Be were cd mrs. Fred Gates Lias Cone to birr inn a pings Michigan to be treated for consumption. Mrs. A com pained her. We Hope that mrs. Titus j soon recover her health. Butter and do. N of and e figures Are taken fran the company Jar books and ire Correct. The Marble Hook will sell the Cit 30 Days cheaper than any other null dare sell straight flour. Every sack is ranted we Are Mak ,.v ins two of straight flour and no non 1 return to their future Home at in county next wet. Where the Good wishes of their funny friends will Fullow them. We. J Earick school of those Patent flour. Mcd Ossell mho s if you will take the trouble to Call and Price our y ods you will be convinced that you can do As veil or better by buying at Home than you can by having your Railroad fare paid to some Towie that offer Topay your expenses etc., we will give you the Benefit of foods bought for Cash omd Liberal discounts for Cash but can t pay Railroad fart or sell at Cost at Tome advertise. Good goods at realm time Prues chef foods at cheap prices Foo baits or jockey prices. Sof fully ending january 1-Iih, 18c7 i Rit Iury department. The so Days 1 will close out my entire Stock of i enrolled Del goods consisting of j Neith Oor gloves and mittens yarn a. Also i men s boots. A the time to get j bargains. Will sell Laditi and Chil Dren shoes at is Druceil prices h. C. Robisos. Roy sours Arthur Moore Fred Clark. Peir Judd Ida Koi Gertie Harry Wochell Jan uary 4, 11, 12, is and 26 and of Corn Ary 8 and 15, the b. U k. Is Georee Isis r j will sell round trip excursion tickets from All principal to Cali from Rosinta at very Low rates. Tickets of Fri Rii month. For further particulars Call nor ticket or and Frej ,urri40d i. K. . Mattie , Lulu Hubbird i Hume lib Ord Lillio Bertha Angell. Ray Willie Pic Roe Harry it inc Willie Wilkoc Frank Wigner. Enrolled i i or Narf with or. Ben Kig Icem. Leaf most la Mike teacher. Interned am depart mint. Leo. Tick. Nellie Judd. Addie flare re in Chr Walter Clam further Perm Cultra on ticket or address j k Jen to l it i Cedar Kepi is ions flood county a Cate i court Here on tin1 Mil i _ j. Or. A. Coed Diu her 1.y to South week Tor iveral a cols so e Are informed a 0 i Ower Wbeck j Liis i Stock a for -1 family Banc decided to spend the re Iii Init of the Winter in i Len Uliey of he Sot spirt or Lite Tion of the Graves of Itic dead recovery. The surgeons have decked to let the Neville that broken off in her neck take it Omi . Davis tarted on the Road tuesday right to finish to Sampson s route for Lewis co. Of bos ton. De. Does not know whether he will remain permanently with that Star. The new remodeler boiler Mills of mar ble Rock. Thai a f j prove Dit a of diphtheria. The Fri Emif foal 4tn- u and notice to physicians. Sealed bids will be receive in by tie county auditor up to february 1st, for of county poor in townships divided As follows 1st. St. Charles Charles City and prisoners it jail. 2d. Kiziuk Jan pc so kick Ford Tun ship. 4th t Nion township. Timid bids to cover All Medicine and medical attendance incl Idin my or Nursery f t the Lerm of one year from Date of contract. Lox Stilp May include a Erato bid of r fitter township. Those pulling in Bidi for Union Toft ship May include a separate bid for Scott township. By order of the Bird of s pc Xvi Wra of Floyd county town. H. I commit be on a. S , j ii poor Fain ill c. K. Of rdc Umily a Emit in Zero. Davir will Piv end la in tie s. Senate March Ith then Are mini of a Coal famine in Voik City. In Carlile Roek there is plenty of Coal Lett a Motley Iti inc i threatened. A teacher at bestow Jiun i Lus her Pii Piniy Are now running at their full capacity every Day and to keep up with our Patriot we Are giving the Best of to our customers. Our flour is made of Clear Good and sound wheat. I the Mill is doing As Good work As any other Mill in West Ern every sack of Fluur it War ranted to entire satisfaction by the head Miller. The Mill is a Well equipped in the state. Receive pound.-, of the Best pounds of bran for each Bushel of wheat delivered at the Mill. The Mill is constantly improving its flour. We ask every Boxly to Conn Anil give us a trial and if our flour does not give entire tin in and pricking or them with 1 satisfaction return it and pins. That teacher certificate you for your should in revolt to. Sue i Pun Vishnu it i. Cru a. Trouble. , buns prop. John Miller new meat Market of to Senkins Angell would respect fully inform Public of Mirble and i Coity that opened t new meat Market m Bradford direct. Our a will Parasc our patrons and keep taxi full and Complete Supply of Ftak awl Salt a Coli in their Ham a share of be Peet fully Linsi Zimm a Aho eix fuck x Annira Waltl to Best Gilrein the warm for a Mutt . C 1. F l. H i Etter t hopped cell Braiu and All skin kept cum awl pm ively Currtis film Orn pay Tai Jar cd. It gunman need to pm Lett m. A Refuik fit. F Rin cents per Boi by Kendall .1 Jala till Rev Rora Bourbon. Ind by two our lives sumption cure. , of Ruth a yell and to c Pic arc von Iii be by Linn. a panic. Pillow stat c cure of i Why will Yuu Coupe when cure will i Ive Immy me Relief 10 cts 50 in and so Iilah s t a Turati cure i t rip Thyria and on tier Mouth. A. .1. A incr 4 co lot Ottic Cut Lau out m4 View 1 Ihbe infant Tkv 0a, stat Jun in inn Lent Wolck will or inf Jim h amt we do work liw i c. Aluir Rcck. Nil Tuff. Riih ii Rny for All Wutke ctr. It will Ink of m i til Pood u local or travelling ill iad k to Infin. . Salaried u act Watt nor. General agents wanted. In pm vol Fronin Tipul to awl Rel of ill Siwic dhow in Kef by Uthof potty is does it pay three fourths to of our people a r Fred Willie soars. I plaint in form or other whith by nature of the disease has a life dealing with Charles Dicken Wollt Eritrea Fly Anil clan Haven grammar and High i Fly. Several appropriate influence on the nine or body. Inu from thinking or acting clearly a any matter of importance indigestion Colum up of Lood afas Are ibo tie that who us ten the h up Wito trip u Twe Mab it Jenty in trite a of that we the hum Tea us an Artechi entitled Sije Yark u we Uknuis Kra Harrison Well Aid new i Harry unan Ansaf Merrill us of i the ii we to Bavm Owr he to Tariff then Iamb. V. Mc.m4my, sume Sebyl. Mary who no. Zenker tardy dyspepsia tick headache acidity of the or any derangement of the or liver upon which the whole action of our system depends Are speedily and by the use of gift tit Fositt stubborn Basra hive added to its in Lance As thousands of letters will Lemil y. The inn Cox ale Aichner guarantee of 1 i s Viu aver a billion awl 3 Dali Bohles last so we ask will it pay you la Mower adj of the i can in j in Tow flux to. Will it parties indebted to us must Call and Settle this month. This Means what it says. Come at i ionic. Delay is dangerous a jests Watt Der lie Kew deeds of Darix by Blue Gray. C i Hir me tic. To her no Lar hot to t. Row working classes Loey Libia Murria hello Indiah Hauie Klev raw. H by Al dwt Titt awl i we Puto we Are prepared. Per Cwm of it Tat f
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