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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 18 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 18, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 24. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa Jan. 18, 1900, t rms 4 it s the when or. Bryan that the War i criminal the i clip too Correct thing to do your correspondence on Whiting Missouri frowns of the South Afri can War Bui 4ie has mules to sell to i her britons or Boer if they a ill pay the Price paper. The latest in styles and tints at 1 lowest prices. I r Al Luis journals hounded i until he be Sintich the would like 10 repeat tie process with or Gage but is another kind of a in in the men Hoo Hev bin burned at to f i 1 he poultry Farmer the stake made More and better his Toiv i Farmers Insu Idtse journal. Than the men Hoo elide on thrones i j four Pul Ilu Ilion. A c has of in thai tether Beds. Their Ai d Shusum be in farm it alien seen. To me that Wen c x1 Nome. To them we ill Foi local county Noi Nied to of news oar i Pei and wasted .1 Hull of pies Luis Ile of ing Mau ill0 Prool fun it for Vear Tures. Ting trusts rather than smashing them j ahead of Itzy of talk. Of i i j a Verri or fears that a me in s new Lite Pixie Ich night for till conquer the world thanks two weeks has rut Pic in my to writes d 11 Tuiner old up 1 a 1 hey Best n. The world for liver Stoiu i and hovels i purely Ripe duly 25e at Asper cd s drug More. Drummers Are great political missionaries. This explains or. Bryan s solicitude for their welfare have plenty with nut of trouble at have you a to then instead of taking so much quinine take a pleasant and mild stomach and bowl remedy which will cleanse the system and you will be surprised How quickly the cold will leave Yoo we sell Soldwell s syrup of pepsin Brj Wipt this purpose. Try t. Loe. And for Sale by a. J Asper our original thirteen states we would probably never have gotten into this frightful philippine muss. As it is a Ore quickly sinking into Oil vion and w 11 probably carry Boston with us colious advanced of much in Trice that it seems probable that Southern planters will get much Lor their Short crops As they gun rally did for Large ones. The l Iii Ted states will not abject to Ranee obtaining irom san Domingo a Rea enable indemnity of misconduct. The a Lorje doctrine will stand a the Way of any act is Ilion of territory t Eie. Bulks of up a Man Ai Biz Puryj Shure i Niue Oore Haz got no he make.-, his p of Eshun in life too s Udy the m us Reeze of Nate Moro cecum Nice an. Smooth Kharze us tin. Make of mucker than Luh Biu i us inst in of ours. Itz 1 it i rasp. War hell. That the reason fight it with fire. V tit Luord pieepu1 hex got 10 War Benoir the Smokov Thaie discontent if. Noticed by to the difficulties which surround the men who Are trying to Frame legislation to regulate trusts arc illustrated by the fact that the British government with it Strong centralization finds it impossible to draft legis Lamn to control Rufis which Are quite As prevalent and successful in that country As in the United states democratic spellbinder Are now evolving a theory to show the Dis advantage of increased wages. Higher wages they will say mean of course greater Cost of production and necessitate a higher charge for manufactured articles and the former is there buy silk hats and Rosewood or Bryan will please make a note for use in his Eastern converting tour that on january 2 of the new year the l l i j i n i i v c wages of i Olsburg Stee and guarantee d Only of at Asper to s the annual seed distribution is about to begin in and Congress men Are Boisy writing address ten Woutis of Prev jux it of Are subject to colds the Vor boat tiling you can do is to keep your system in As open and perfect condition As possible if you do this you Are much less liable o take cold or Caldwell s syrup or pepsin is As plea ant to take As pure Cue pie syrup and is the most effective stomach remedy to be bid trial sizes Loc 10 doses 10 Largo sizes 50c and at a j Asper tic go s 01 course none of the bribery in Kentucky is being done a the Virtu Ous and High minded Goc elites. Old people made , c Sherman the Veteran editor of the Vermontville Mich Echo has Dis covered the remarkable secret of keep inc old people Young for years he has avoided nervousness sleeplessness. Indigestion 1 Eart trouble Constina lion and using electric bitters and he writes it can t be praised too highly. It Centy stint a Glass operatives were advanced five and ten per cent and it some cases even More under or Bryan s method this occurrence can doubles i be explained into a misfortune. With War expenses 2s per cent less than one year ago and the Treasury surplus for Ibe last Sis months of 1809 Over those democratic soothsayers who saw the Republic int Crini on the Brink of an abyss of Imperial financial ruin have quickly their attention to other Fields for Cri scism. In All the world outside the United states there Are Only seven steamships of 1500 tons or Over that do not re Ceve government subsidy of some sort. It is hard for our ships to compete with this Trio Effort of the free traders to Vail their attacks upon the protective Tariff which has brought activity to thousands of factories and Given employment and better wages of several million Ameri can workingmen under the Guise of an anti Trust crusade in the coming Campaign will not succeed. All that is necessary to do is to Point to the flourishing conditions of trusts in great Britain Well known As the Home of free Trade the Oasis of the insult possessions of the United slates Are to be considered those of to United states within the Lue Jurig of prohibition reserving their Trade to american shippers some of the Western railroads Are complaining that after their making democratic statesmen and editors who were predicting that the Dingley Law would be a failure As a customs Revenue producer Are dodging that question now. The customs receipts under that Law in the Sis months end-1 ing with december were while those in the correspond ing six months of the last year of the Low Tariff Wilson Law were but the Menifi Crater Lnu Isnelle Ruoho 10 secure Aii equate transportation the Farmers Are holding their Grain instead of shipping it. This is interesting when it is recalled that a few ago u e were not Able to hold their crops until prices suited them but were forced to sell at the earliest possible moment to enable them o pay their debts incurred under democratic Rule. The Farmers Are enjoying their share of the present Good is governor Altgeld the Illinois High priest of , is1 More out spoken than his chief on the question of paper Money for he says plainly hat Botn sold and Silver will pass out j of Nso As Money and be supplemented by a philosophic or rational circulating medium and measure of or. Bryan has never yet been committed to an expression in favor of unlimited greenbacks but it is not certain that he and Many other devotees Ocoin Harvey do not hold similar views o gov Altgeld although they Are not so impolitic As to make them Public at i president Mckinley would probably be snubbed both by British and Boers if be were to attempt to mediate be tween them the United states is nobody s eats Paw. Unless Kentucky is careful her electoral vote May be thrown out nest Winter. Congress has the Power to do this under the Tucker act in Case of frauds on the suffrage. The capture of germans on a German ship bound Lor a Neutral port is on All four with the capture of Mason and Shell on the Trent during the civil War. England insisted on the release of the latter. I Belore much Superior j re Icline matter Oll Ortii Fin i amount of to of u pipers n inx.1 which Wecchi our Are j Kyoun and 1 come Iphil fixes to the r Ader a a Tendon upon Sci Mont on. Ibe Homestead is they rent and live Toti paper of the the poultry Farmer the most practical Poultn pipe for Tho Fanner publish eco in the nun try the a vizier Mut in is t in Jiei i 1 cute general Joubert declares that he has not lost a single Man by Luddite. Is the awful Desei bed by correspondents to be ascribed to the imagination of the owners of the Patent Tor the compound the recent figures o the Bureau of statistics show that Trade is following the Flag in great shape in spite of the War. We have sold and bought More Tiroui the insular possessions than we Vei did before thare in sum men in the the cod made a if to i.-, a Throo a. Crack in the shop floor before he had time to put any 3a Side Over. Thare Are pee Pul Hoo Meier say g till after dinner in Over. And then up. It off till the meal if. Praty Shire to mate realize without run sch i flu on thare Pait flags Are not by the Yard hut by the pain Cipulis that Kyver. Tee ther the Cross Waly Udo on. Fack Onnic of the stove Nood in wild Mase but for the love it represents sum men Are loaded Down Tith med als so big that it will be Ini pos Sobti a put the medals and the pan in same coffin the of .1 thay he hint will hardly fill a match Box v Giatcu Mann pee Pul tread upon the Potter Bui thay Load it Down with Sich 1 Wevvy Olipa shuns and put Sich a Hev by Poco of it that it Shure too sink outer be foie a Luigi Kirr git within a Rod of u. Pee Pul will pay Tariff. 5ootr and internal Ive booze and never kick a sin Gle kick hut if thav taxi to Hill a Good Road into town soze Lizay Don t swamp in it six Onuis out in a. Yeemie. Thay say the government in ruling them too Deth his wife i Pumi a i r Good advice saved Ray Lile we ites f m Rossol win eld Tenn for i had such a bad i could hardly Bic athe. 1 steadily View Worboy under doctor s my wife urge i me to u eur King s new discovery for con sumption which completes cured me a oohs golds Bioko Hiilis. La Lorippo pneumonia Asti imn Hay fever Artl All maladies of Chest Throat and Are positively Guiod by this marvellous Medicine 50c and is every bottle guaranteed. Irial bottles free Ai Asper la to s of co Nasr Stivi and the special i s tire editions to for inc pin Diotio i 01 Fannu a Ever published. Taku Sidvin Titi of this great outer. 1 want to Snep Cpl who Puller from Niheu Matsui mid Sci ii ii i upon that s pain relieved me afer n number of Othni Medici reps a bloc or Hud tried. It is the Best liniment i known of. J. A. Doi cac , a. Trio bands hire been cured of rheumatism by Tois sen poly. One application relieves the pain. For a e by k speedling. Tin. Or. Louis Goliji. k it 19 Enqu Estoqu Bly one of of american . It has correspondents everywhere and covers every Field of news foreign and Dot sic it is strictly Republican in politics but is All. I newspaper and ought to be in Home curio of important presidential Campaign of the Price by mail. Daily including sum Lay a Sis dollars per year. Daily Ivi boat sunday Knur dollars per Jena. Sunna Only two dollars per weekly issued in Eklov sections one Dollar. Perjesi. The latter edition is a Bjo Pippr Eli Iii to Tho average daily at the Price of the average it not Only gives. All tar. But Ulso a creat of Iti a and a Truc tic re Idida int Ter for member of the for free Sample copies to the co., by. Louis to. In aspect hands cracked lips and a uni diets of Tai Bukiu Uirl Utin Kly by ban or Salve he most Leniul of Ament in the world. A. J. Asper to. L Pierc is every probability that the n. Moses in Etmore has bitten off t c tobacco factory than the Trust c an thirty Odd years it was argued that the confederates if beaten would have to be held As subject vassals Well they were beaten but they arc not held Vas als to it will be with the filipinos the fact that la n ton was killed Only file Cen Miles front Manila is of no signs cans. Mosby was operating almost Nitsun sight of Washington when Lee surrendered at Appon Tox yet the War ended when the latter event took place. This time the step from the position the reciprocity treaties which have of the extreme Bryam Tes to that ecu pied by or. Altgeld namely that of absolute hat Money is not a Long or illogical one been framed under the Mckinley and Senate will i ratified governments As Well by the foreign As our own in he Dubbin season is at x_7 Reading is As necessary to the welfare of the family As any other Arti of household a import. We can Supply your in this line at astonishingly Low prices. Be will j furnish you clubbing rates on any Rodical published on this con Ute. The kidney stomach. Jonew pm an by f i already the sub Joel of oops Rexan nine Nerp Quinn Nanri .1 in Anvil i i r a i. Aids dig appetite a splendid it has worked wonders my Wile and me it s a marvellous remedy for old people s complaints Only 50c at a. J. Asper i cd s drug store. Senator Pedigrew says that the yellow can t Spring sensations faster than he can prepare resolutions them. Bion question which is far Urooj to Mali to democratic sagacity it the policy of zip Anion is the old democratic policy which the Lle have been shrewd enough to Uke up and which some democratic leaders arc trying to get democrats to antagonize simply because the re Public has been ten Good cans have Ukon up. In the Osga Dement broken off in Montgomery broke her engagement or Bryan i evidently finding the expansion proposition an unto up with one of the wealthiest Voung men j Lar one. He is hedging. He rezoned a. By the associated press 10 an interview n am a firm believer the enlargement and Extension of u limits of the i up Iblis. I Don t by that the Extension by the and in the county because he had Tion so bad he was a menace to her happiness and no Good to himself what a Relief one bottle old Caldwell s syrup pepsin would a e been to that Man. And what a Bonne t is today to Many a household where it 0, con Gaoa. Err Story nor to keeps the Lam ii in a state of heal h i l i i s nit myself to that wherever there that warrants True love Connie the i in the try it your enough to form a sell. At a j. Go s. Man or woman for Large House salary and expenses with j non to make and Toti expansion Purt of the be Public it my Clef that they should a taken this locks the Bottom of of the position enclose Dree aed damped envelope. J30 Taiton by tag Chicago. Jan 1 Cin. Chief of the democratic i of successor is being by the District press it appears o us there is an undue and unnecessary haste in this haste amount almost to . Or. Liisu has but just taken his seat at Washington and for a now member committee a j ointments in the Case of his predecessor term after term went by and there was no talk of a successor in his Case other than himself. The Mirror believes that in spite of the strife and Contention that is being attempted in certain quarters or. Re Uaen s friends will Ste to it tha Justice is done Era. While u is in merely too soon to be Iii agitating i his flutter the Mph dior wants top on now being opposed to Ntim my haste in with the of or Laugen who judging Irum All reports is Joring to make a most creditable record for himself and serve his constituents Well and Faith f july in the Halls of Mirror. Farm products then principal object having been to obtain reduced Tariff a rates on articles of agricultural product j Tion both in european countries and in the West Indian islands with which i they have been negotiating. The action of the and i nutrition in bringing about an open door agree ment among nations with reference to our Commerce with China has awakened general interest in our Trade with the Orient and us prospective development and leading men in the democratic party both North and South Are cordially commencing the coarse of the ovens font in us efforts to develop our Trade in that part of the a i Roj Wisest lawyer of Green Villa. 111. Or c i i j have been Troubl. D with Billii Rusness j sick Mica Jachec sour Sto Ucb Constina i Tion Etc for several years. I sought Long and tried Many remedies but was disappointed until 1 tried or Cald j Well s syrup pepsin. I cheerfully j recon Dumenil it to any suffering from j complaints a. A in co Tinnent out our pc civil Otier this season is the Marble t Rock and any one of the following papers for 81.50 the weekly and inter Ocean and pcs Moines Register. And St Louis Globe dam to and hoi Alstead combination r n some of to lose Are for a limited time Only a a will be with Lawr or arrange in a Short times As Merit with the publishers is Limi Ted. H. B. Niks y sox

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