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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 16, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. No. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa january 10, a year Floyd county s candidate. For Secretary of stale Geo. S Han Ford. Compound liquid Sulphur colera cure it thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the worst cholera infected districts of and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of lie age Tad the Only guaranteed remedy placed on the Market Lor the pre j nne official who were o vent Iod and cure of nog choir a. Ith the enormous Corn crop and present prices to Farmer can afford o be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera Oare. Nut Only the Best but cheap eat remedy on the Market eos incr less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each hog. For Sale by a l. Hawks read on free Booklet of Mic Robic Dis Clr Arches. Since the organization of Floyd county More than fifty years ago. It has had elate wide importance lion a. B. F Hildreth of the state Board of Educa Tion in 1s5s. During All these flying years since then it has been As True to the Princi Ples of republicanism As the Needie to the pole it has never once failed to respond to the Call of political duty standing fast to its colors during the Boies play of other counties and the state at Large from do to "9-3. Dur Mtmoblm-prcachinsrsnnaay9atlls.nl. Ami ing time county has asked Lor convection backed by Floyd county alone but by the great 4th District of this have already Cote from every county and such assurances will stand Good when the final count comes to be had in the state convention. To our Brethren of the press we pre sent our candidate. Tell us what of think of him. Charles City Intilli fencer. T-80 a m. Epworth league Ince Tidi at prayer meeting thursday veiling. W. To Bissoux i Astor. Cult this sunday at 11 m. P. To. Christian i Deaver niger u p. M. Prayer meeting wed Neidy Uinn. J. pastor. Fixie Baw and p. M meeting tuesday pie Achico sundays at . Young Peoples Ines Piug at t la faster. Societies. A f. A. M. A v. A a. Stone Lodge to. Sol. Communication wednesday on or before fall Moon. Brothers in goodst Indium cordially invited to Mirml. Or tort Nosset. M. S. Ii. Dat ii Sec. I. O. O. F. Marble Rock Clodine to. 362, meets thursday evening of Senrt week. Visitors cordially invited. H. A. . X g. Beeler Lodge. No 219, meets tuesday evening of each visit aug Brethren invited. R. c. 0 Walt Davis k. Of k. T. I. L. Of h. Keets the 3rd tuesday in Trot in each Mutli in Odd Fellows Hall. 1 res. K. J. Ackley Liec. Sec. K. C. Meets at the Homo of Jere. Stewart the 1st and so thursday of month at 2 o clock p. M. K. A. Stewartt Ohio Istina Aspek Sec g. A. R. Marble Roek Pott. So. 30s, Moet saturday of each month. W. B. Cuba Kukee adj. T. Afklee com. No politic us recognition but has been Content with the exalted position of a Mojo pity maker for others. This has not been for Lack of men of brains a few but because the time has never seemed to be Ripe for the presentation of a candidate. No dunce has been offered us because Floyd was consid ered a Republican stronghold and Safe anyhow so the plums went to other counties Winch seeded to have More ambitions or be More in need of More judicious coddling. While the county is just As sound or sounder politically than Erer it seems to us the proper time has come to ask for a Floyd county candidate the favourable consideration of our sister counties and in this we Only ask a fair return for services olten rendered in grudgingly in the past. We present As a candidate for Secre tary of stale. Georges. Hanl Ord who for three years past been the j Model auditor of Floyd county. His record both As Man and an officer. Not a popular loan. The new York Tribune scores the so called popular loan and exposes its Absurdity As such in the following editorial it would be More fair and honest not to Call the pending Bond proposal a popular loan. Men who have Good sense know that it is not that and Only who wish to discredit other modes of Raisi Nir Money. In order to leave o government entirely dependent unon did you try electric bit ters As a remedy for your troubles if not. Get a. Bottle now and Relief. Peculiarly adapted to the Relief and cure of All female exerting a wonderful direct influence in giving strength and tone to the or pins if you i hive loss of App Dite of headache fainting or arc cer j Vous Sleeper excitable Stuehn Choli or troubled with dizzy spells electric is the Medicine you Imasd health and strength Are guaranteed by us use Large Buttle Only fifty Cenis at a. J. Asper to s drug store. Here Are Xvi have several lines of ladies Fine shoes and propose to close them out As a bargain Washington letter. Washington Jun y the debit Ion of Tho Republican Sena tors to try to pass the House Tariff Bill without amendment adds materially to Tho chances the Bill has to get through the Senate. Tho Bill As it stands is not a party , although it owes ils j Beira 10 republicans. It is Mcimely t this is the Price on a special offering of la Dies Fine shoes Worth 85.00, and in nearly ail sizes. Every pair is a great bargain a syndicates should give this performance i emergency measure it lidded 10 Supply 1hq pcs i ves z a misleading tile. A proposal intend to Money Itiat will be needed by the is unimpeachable he is worthy and a full qualified and will make for the state what he has made for the county. Burr. John c. Sli Erwin. Term of court -4th in to Mmry. Monday in 2ud monday in september. 2nfl monday in november. Boned . ? Lane chairman Charles City Phillip Shultz Marble Kock Timothy pippin Rockford , Hilda , Kiles regular meetings 1st in january. April. June Anil september Anil id monday in november. County auditor. Treasurer. Clerk of the item order superintendent Surveyor county attorney Coroner Georgos Hanford Cash m. I hit a. U. Merriman . Oncken Lesb a f. A. Ito Iene Frank Lingenfelder c. W. Knickerbocker township Justice of the Pence k p rivals re s ii Davis Charles t lies k e Winchell c Barth by. M Merritt c Bowman and 3 u Merfeld. City mayor. Recorder treasurer. Street commissioner marshal ii a Rose Krann j Martin o w Wallace m. D eos c Darland Fletcher. 11 to Senferas Chas jes Cru a uscier h b lies Union township school Board. President h c Darland. Secret my. Ii is Treainer. John Gates directors 1 a Hetfeld. 0 Lenry Gatet. 2 Harrr Packman John Gates. 3 Hoberland 8 James Parcher 4 John Ciao. 0 ceo w Russell. 5 Egbert Davis. 10 Sams Baffer Al Phil Stultz. Scott g x Lial Dwin. Volney Beers Leoy Bailey. Town w Nicholson. Kinney w w Witter and or by scr. Town help school Board. President j e Secretary. George n Baldwin. Treasurer. Charles d directors 1 John Bishop 3 3 a Garber 0 esp Luduig s t Bernard Mccook. 4 John Abart 8 Jeffrey i .1 e Haynes. Flaw. Flo is a descent Lent of inc Jonn Euti Cut Ami his Graodfdth-21 was de to be taken of the people would Nauvie a definite the equivalent of 3 per which All bids would be accepted in the order of reception because the millions will not figure out percentages or Send bids unless assured that they will be received and it would provide that on Deposit of the Gold it any Post office or sub Treasury for transmission to the Treasury a receipt should be Given St Alinur the amount of Bonda to be de cd slivered and in such denominations As the depositor might desire. A loan of that kind would be taken by the people in a Lew weeks the Money would come mainly from individual hoards or from depositors in local Banks so thai its withdrawal would cause a minimum of Disi Urbance at financial centers. There is too Inucci reason to suppose that he Fresi Deot and Secretary of the Treasury had a very different purpose it May be said that they did not know Hoir to raise Money in that Way but it is far More probable that they did Noi. Intend to raise Money in that Way they meant to have the loan Lail As re peels popular subscriptions and one of the pioneers of Delaware co. I r therefore carefully omitted to name in. I. In which place the subject of subject this sketch was born May 13. 1854. His father was Man of education and influence and gave his son Bis personal help As Well As the beat school advantages of the locality. He look the regular course at Deposit v j so that it will then be in the varying his school work with systematic i of i a i the Secre Ary to decide that the bid o any Price and gave no Opportunity to enter subscriptions at any Post office which would have made the offer acceptable to the millions. Their idea appears to be that All popular bids will cover Only a part of the Bonds offered Power of labor on one of his father s farms. In 187t he came to Thi i City and the next year entered the state Agri cultural College at Ames. After a time spent in study there he entered the drug store of Miles bros., of Charles City remaining several years in he married miss sue m. Shaw sister of c h. Shaw one of the leading hotel men of the Northwest and now proprietor of the Hildreth House. For the All the Bonds or none should be accepted As the Best for the Rio. Eminent on the whole. Senator Elkins came hastily to the conclusion that the offer of Bonds by the Treasury left his Resolution without excuse whereas it should have been passed at onco with such modifications As to prohibit any Sale of Bonds exc Ftp on offers at a a cd Price and at a number of years or. Hanford was the popular landlord of the Union House then the big hotel of Northern ail offices of the government throughout the country. It would not take Long to find out what figure the equivalent Iowa. In 1892 his friends induced cent or some other Defi Lerate him to become a candidate for county auditor. After a Sharp fight in the Republican convention he was Notni rated and one of the hottest fights Ever known in the history of he county commenced. K a. Tooling the Republican hosts and b f. Wright the combined forces of the democrats. The Treasury ought to accept tie meant to shut out bargains with syndicates and the Senate and House would prob ably have passed a Bill to that effect by majorities Lorge enough to carry it Over a veto but As matters stand the administration doubtless aspects that the 5th of february will see the Syndicate government until the republicans regain control of the executive and legislative branches of the government. Then a Tariff Bill that will protect american industries and at the time Amish the Revenue needed will be in order and will be forthcoming. Such a Bill could not at this time become a Law even if it could get through the Senate. As it would be sure to run up against or. Cleveland s veto. It is not of course Verlain that the House Bill will Ever be come a Law. To must in addition to the solid Republican vote get the votes of or democratic senators in order to get through the Hon Ite. These it is item get in its present shape but it will then Uva to stand the Chance of a veto. There is no probability that it will be signed by or. Cleveland but Many Telice he will allow it to become a Law without his signature and a glad to have the additional Revenue it will furnish it is charged that some of the influence which is preventing the administration recognizing the belligerency of the cuban revolutionists has been bought and paid fur by Spanish Money. The feeling in Congress your shoes and we to sell you arc going to make prices to do it. Note Worth one year from Date two years years four 3ears is 12.00. Live years and there lifter the value to increase often observed that most serious nil diseases begin at this Euisun of tiie year. Many of them us Iii in Ancl coughs fetid Flat j is be Csc All or pins of Tho body no Prus int per on will neglect to keep on the rate of Al a year until redeemed i Aiichi a of cough cure a oven i we Iii is rightly begun incl As the Best ment to Call Diieso notes in after Fis the Bill gives the right to the quient to Call months notice by Public advert sment j v. In fill noticed that .1 cough or who Deposit Gold May. If they so cold teems to have much worse effect desire have the note issued to made payable in go them a child than a Guowu person for j Iii. Reason they should be carefully i watched and the first symptoms checked favor of senator Vest has been comparatively tb8 us9 Somo pure Ancl harmless i remedy like magnetic cough cure. 23f quiet during the present session of Congress but he broke Loose this week and in what purported to be an answer j to the financial speech delivered list j week by senator Sherman jumped All c c i Leader of like Republican party. Over tiie administration for us financial i policy Anu Tho supremo court for its i new York Tribune. Populists. 3d party prohibitionists and the Only bidder for the entire an Lount it is not too late to put the proper restrictions on borrowing by the gov the Plain truth is that there j. Toury Public and convey Ancer. And collection gent. Ii sur Ance and real estate Money o loan on Short or Long time in sums to suit costumers if a blk Kock. Til other discordant elements. Every j Point that the truculent Malignity could devise was raised Ai inst him yet he triumphed gloriously Rece Vinct nearly so majority assist one of the ought to be no borrowing most popular men in the county. U. G. Campbell . Durina the years 1ss294 or. Hanford served the people to acceptably that he wag Reno i Ina Ted by acclamation we had Al most said elected in the same Way his majority reaching and against the same combination As years be fore. Such recognition is daily growing and unless there is a great change in the nature of the news received from Cuba it i probable that a joint Resolution directing the administration to Accord that recognition Roii soon be reported from Boih Senate ind House foreign committees and rushed through both bodies with a Hurrah. Both commit Are for Secretary Olney to Send in the information on the subject which he has been asked for by a House Resolution. Gen. J. 3. Cd Mirkson of Iowa Hon. Joseph Janley of Muinch and lion crame of mass members of the National Republican executive com Mittee passed through Washington this week on was to St. Louis to look after arrangements which arc being made in that City Lor the meeting of the National convention senator Llan Brough of North Kota has introduced a joint Resolution ordering the Secretary of agriculture to resume the Purchase and distribution of seeds in Accord Nee with the approx Pri it Roide for f Rit at last ses Ion of Congress. It nil be remembered that Secretary Morton re fused to spend that appropriation and abolished the seed division of the department of agriculture. Senator Chandler b Heves that if the Sov Crement. As a result of democratic mismanagement has got to borrow Oucht to Provine for Revenue enough mine a to sh0nld do so by n sure enough income tax decision., senator Vest i still believes that cur Only Road to Sal vation lies through the free coinage of Sizer. Or. Cleveland i. Said to be so much afraid that the people May really bid on those that he has threatened to withdraw the Call for if lie shines the Gold to p in for the Bonds is being drawn fron Iho Treasury. Tho Plain truth is tint he intended Selling those Bond to any body except that old Syndicate and that the offer ing of them to the Public was merely a Viand Brand play. Nevertheless i the people will bid on Tho Bonus Congress will make things for or. Cleve land in to tries to prevent Getling in ill is they wont bid. 1896. Aro iou v. Illing to listen to a suggest Lon the York Tribune s Broad col and Paige print make it the easiest paper in the country to read either on the cars or it Home. Henry kor Aeike proprietor of the new spar a clipping Agency to Trio testifies in a published card that his clippings for Over 4000 clients Sho a that the Tii Bubo contain Day by Niaj Uiel by week Fiir Tiore original business men ainu the Market reports of the Tii Buff absolutely without an equal. Tie Tribune is the Only news i Jour ii new York City reporters visit ail the different markets in i of Bonds offered. A treasure. W. D Fuller of Dnn Koharic n. says , he new i covery in Tuc and Liin family has found the very Best results follow its use that he would not be g a. N. Y., m e Mew discovery a j in Tho Tribune sooner Best cough remedy newspapers. Without if pro curable. Uric most. Jet skill Nat by. Undoubtedly the the Tribune now prints the Best and Frisin St Lite idiots pictures of the Day from the comic press of two continents supplies plenty or other entertain ment. By its special telegrams and correspondence its editorials and High literary the Tribune maintains a splendid position in to regard of re pub i and lovers of music Art and Good j looks. The Tribune s society news is known Lor excellence. Its fashions have adv is Feu of special value and than in. Other is the Elf did political record of the Man. The has won because he is what he is a Roan a Radical Man a Radical Republican and one who knows his friends and stands by them. The republicans of Floyd county Hare such to abounding Latch in hint that they Are going to ask the state to Tell him to come in this be it not going to the i tuft to meet All the legitimate needs of the government and it ought also to take from the Secretary of the Treasury the Power to remit for fraudulent undervaluation of imported As testimony shows he has been popular loan instead of by issuing Bonds labelled which will prob ably All be taken by Bankers in accordance with that idea lie has introduced a Bill providing for a popular loan through postal savings notes and to a Lawe extent. But if the Senate of to offer proves incapable of a decent t As a substitute for the free coinage that lie has used it in his family for i the new York Tribune is recon item Wisht years and it has never failed to j Onci Ilia .13 Tho leading newspaper of the do All that is i Aitner for it. Why not try a Rei Reuy so tried and tested. Trial bottles free at cd s. Drus store. Secular size of c and . Ave notice to it hog cholera is party. As for a farming Ancl l ibor the Tri Bune i is for 50 years demanded and yet demand that every possible Dollar s of food and commodities consumed Tii Ami rican Small be produced by Tho anti Tiuan people. For this Wise Lle Tribune labors in its various Revenue Bill because of the balance of held by the Silver men and inc sepia to 8ub.tiiute Bill which was this week reported to the . The Sixie of Bonds will be Bond Bill for the House or Chandler s Bill provide made apparently of necessity and a any person May Deposit in Senate and the House will be largely Money order office a receive responsible if it made in ssh a 1 fashion Aslo give millions to Laired Knowle aging that is Bankers. C a to Nim or order a postal savings note bearing interest from Date. These receipts Are to be exchangeable at any u. 8. Depository for a Poilu wrings in where children Are threatened with croup nothing acts m quickly to re Lieve m magnetic cure. 23f t juju we to Vii a a Citi i3 of t in Many parts of Tho stale. Our re iders Job j 5 in every 3 ear. Aii Ould use every possible precaution t. J a judged Liy the newspaper to avoid this terrible tour takes. Lie v reads the Tribune is Seldom c str a. Farmer less than wet ? pro Are sip respectable and _ _ _ i a i. _ l it _ _ f North hous and tiie losses frequently rep Alp worthy of the con i run into the thousands. Tho disease is i business Ami social funds. If undoubtedly produced by very Sra Sll Roic Robos or germs Feu heir Way conf Danco of you Are a your Man you Ivill Jive in a rut All by ii tearing to that into Tho stomachs of the animals and which is bar if Vou feed your mind up thence to the blood Ancl All internal or i on nerds papers. Full of scandal Vul rarity yau.-, a for 2 More Cut of ply Rev rapid lev Anil in nodes Trovi a at who Road newspapers of that once by some scientific remedy will Coon produce symptoms of Tho Cread i used be on Tho Othiff Licud Tho Tribune Proba Jim the largest clientele of very people Cau help to improve Ous to the semis but not injurious to the i a to i Ion of any newspaper hoes. A new preparation called Mas-1in the United associate your noetic cholera Medicine is mods upon self them. This principle and is regarded As about i Lorr continues to write for the the thing there is to r.r.4 Tribune. Keep off the hog cholera. A few pounds of this will improve the Petite and con Sample copies free. Daily a Vest. Separately 62. Semi weekly make them rain j 32 bib use almanac for faster and May save you from Kwing j lc9g, 23 cents. Severn Hundred dollars. Most of our a Jib Tri Euini Tew drug get 0 Are Selling it now i

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