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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 14, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. Maeble Rock Floyd county. Iowa Jan. 14, 1897. Terms a year to the users of Eer Osone Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price e do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrels. Throw away your old Wicks used with poor Oil and try our Oil with a new Wick and Vou will never have any More bother with your lamps. Yours for Mutual Benefit Geo. W. Gates. Census expenditure to High. Societies. A. K. A. M. A k. A a. Corner Stone Lodge no. 351. Begun or communication of or before fall Moon. Brothers in cordially invited to attend. Rubber Nugget. W. It. A ii Sec. I o. O. F. A Lttie Hock meet thursday of Eark week. Visitors cordially invited. Ii. Rosen kans a. Ii. O. George Greene of Cascade became drunk and was put in he lockup by the town marshal. The prisoner set fire to the bed clothes and before Aid arrived he was so badly burned that he died soon after. His widow sues the town for damages Lor the loss of her Drunken spouse. Of i in Connecticut where the Blue Laws Bucur Lodge meets Tucic Msj ensuing f each week. I Sultini Brethren ignited. It. Ita Fay. C. A Talt Davit i. L. Of ii. Meets the 3rd tuesday ii rat in each month in add Fallon shall. . Tret. E. J. A Kkt lice. Sec. A to. C. To the Home of. Stewart the Aud cd thurs Der of month o clock m. Julns. K. A Stew aur pros. My Carlst Ixa As reit u. A. K. Mirble Hock Post 303, meets first Satui Uay each month. C. T. Ackley com. Bad full Sway they have found a new i intoxicant. The stuff is i snuff and consists of a mixture or co i Caino sugar of milk magnesia and months or Peppermint extract and is a Seuss Ordinary Acuff. It produces All the effects of whiskey and is much More injurious to the system. The habit is very expensive. W u t t be Etc Cthery thursday. .mr.-. , president. A. M. A Tenner Secretary. Comr chios at 11 . Epworth league meeting at Prater meeting thursday opening. 1 w. W. Kouts sox pastor. Frey Christian Council preaching sunday at 11 . M. Christian endeared meets at 6.30 p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Tyve using. J. Will Walters. Pastor. Tue Battist. Pre Annius sundays it 11 . And p. In. Young Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tue Driy us Euing. J. P. Stover pastor. Baptist preach wins every 1st sunday in each month Ai 11 a. M. Nod p. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services hum. In the i school House ii. Pastor. City officers. Recorder treasurer. Strett commissioner marshal Wiloth ii 13 Toee Krans j Lartin c. F. Jet orc Willard Strond c durlanc1, we Fletcher it to Jenknms a ii Meier Chas k Huggett Culous own ship school boar j Prei Dent go w Tusell. Secretary. Ii b treasurer. John directors pick St stint i Harry Packman i e p Walster i in mid i Egbert 6 Madison Blue t John rates 8 1 arc lick 1 Ueo w Kus cd 10 Sam Shaffer 11 pm Ishultz. Scott town lip officers. Martli. T x a lignin. Beers Leoj town w Nicholson. Trr.5ui.s- w w w for info or beater. Scott township school president John Bishop. Secretary. George n Baldwin treasurer in directors i John Bishop 5 Bruce Ward. 1 e w Garber c dec cabs cheer t j Cunningham 4 Jahn Ahart 8 i w Jeffrey t John Losee. Judicial. Birr John c. Shevnin. Terms of court-4th monday in january. 1st monday monday in september. -2nd monday in november Board of incl i Lane chairman Charles City Fri lip Shalle Jar be Rock Timothy pippin Koc Vford it. , Hudd . Merrill Mica it Kuljis meetings i i a january. April. J Jne and september Aud 2nd monday to Tio rember. County i editor try Werr clerk of the recorder superintendent san Cor. Coasty attorney Coroner state Iowa Dairy product last year was in i Oulu uuu1uul3. id As much As the Silver product of the entire country. If All is consumed on on the farms and in Ibe Homes id the Way of butter and milk and other Dairy preparations were considered the show ing would be still better for the of Iowa the cows and the hens Are a very present help in time of cure for hog cholera. Jason City Jan. 7 the Farmers ins it Ute was favored to Day with the presence of Frank Baumgart Ner of peo Tinc til., division freight District agent Calkins the two latter representatives of the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul Road. Or. Baumgartner addressed the convention and declared that hog cholera is neither infective nor contagious and was produced by in judicious feeding causing what he Calls a lie does not Call the disease cholera but Maleria typhoid fever or appendicitis. He is backed by the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul Road a commission from the Agri cultural department will visit him in a few Days. He has made three Public exhibitions so Lar in Dubuque West Union Irja Mcgregor. He went into sick beards and cured them. He has gone Jodio Well beards and produced t be cholera allowing one hog to die and curing the others. Under the direct lion of the Chicago mils Aufrec St. Paul Road he will now make exhibitions at Mason City and Alrona. Justices of the puce e in enter. S if Consu Bles Gtna let t k e via Bill. Marvelous results. A letter nun by Lvov. J. Gunderman of Dimondale Mich we arc permitted to make this extract have no hesitation in recommending or. King s new discovery As the results were marvelous in the Case of my wife. While 1 was pastor of the Baptist Church at Kives Junction she brought Down with pneumonia soc cd i ins talc a or ppe terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with Little Cash m. Tarri interruption and it seemed As if the v 11, Merriman t r i . Quack Euburn j could not survive inc of a Frieml recommended or. King s new disco cry it was Quick in it work and highly satisfactory in trial bottles free at a. J. Asper co s drag store. Regular size Doo and r. A. Frunk c. W. Knickerbocker lieutenant governor Parrot s paper the be Porter Wujs the Register says the opinion is becoming still More Godfry that t be Ort and most Espen Sive scandal connected with Iowa s government is invoked in the new Cen sus of the state certain it is hat the extra session of the legislature should investigate the scandal in such a Thor Ough manner As to expose All the corruption and Lead to the punishment of those who were responsible for it. The investigation of that scandal is at least As necessary As the revision of the have no idea what the scandal referred to is but there is a need we think for the re Cirion of the Law under Winch our state census arc taken. It is too comprehensive. The National census taken every ten years covers every Cote Eiva tile thing in regard to productions agricultural mechanical i mining manufacturing and we have been trying to do Lor the state just what the United states is dodos or the nation. The National census is taken by men selected directly for tie work. The state census is taken by the township assessors some of them not especially qualified and the result is that months of Liuio and a Large Force of employees Are required to Complete and Consoli Date the returns. Tie state census was taken by tic assessors Early in 1s95, and the crop statistics were for the year 1s94 we Are now in the year 1s9t, and the census coat dilation is not yet published or at least we have not seen a copy of it. When it does appear a Luric portion of it will undoubtedly be devoted to agricultural statistics for the year 1s9j. Of what value will they be now in View of tic fact that we have produced two crops and Are on the Way with the third since the statistics were gathered and what is True of farm products is True of every other line of information gathered. By the time the work a issued every statement in it is two or three years old the expense to the stale of gathering the consolidating them for publication and printing and binding will undoubtedly be Over and Good Deal of it is absolutely wasted because of the time consumed in issuing the work. We already have crop reports gathered by two different agencies the weather and crop service and by the state agricultural society. They Are gathered consolidated and published within a few weeks after the crop season closes and serve All needed Pur poses and at the same time arc fresh and seasonable. To be sure they arc consolidated reports but that is practically All that is necessary. So we think our state census Law de. It would however be important so i far As tic completion of the code is i concerned 1 hardly Biuk a lick for j Bill will be brought Uji. But in it is in Ali likelihood it will to should be changed to a arcs with present conditions and should Only cover mat ters of population leaving out entirely every other subject now included in the enumeration and requiring the publication of whatever is taken the same year then the statistics would be fresh and of some value and the expense would be Cut Down to reasonable limits. Iowa state Register. A Revenue measure will be Poneot the first thin sri to attract the attention of o i the legislature and this is a Meas arc j that will touch almost every interest in the state. The fact is As our revenues Aie now raised the Man with property exclusive of Coney pays the tas the Man with moneys Aud credits evades paying tax it has grown to be thought no wrung to he about the j amount of a Man s property when he is being Abst used in fact it seems lobe i regarded As a kind of virtue. The i result is that men Are constantly cover ing up their assessable property where they can and throwing the Burden up on the men who Carnot conceal their property. The men with moneys and i credits Are Rich men generally who con j j tool legislation private of t of v. J a Chest can a Effort to i place their institutions under the control of the Law the men with moneys and credits succeed in manipulating the Revenue Laws to suit themselves whether this will be done the to Ming Winter or not depends upon the press ure brought to Bear upon the members of the legislature by their constituent it is the feeling of any that in the levying of Tases a Sharp distinction should be made Between the various corporations doing business in our state. There arc those where the Stock is widely distributed and owned by poor people or people of very moderate Means As in the building and loan associations and those where the Stock is owned and controlled by a few wealthy men As in some of the other organizations. It is clearly to be seen that the taxing of the building and loan association would drive it out of Busi Ness and would de an unjust Audun fair measure whereas the Large Capi Tal invested in other concerns might very properly be reasonably taxed. To o ship Pali before the commercial Exchange a few evenings ago state auditor Mccarthy commenting upon the difference to the valuation set upon property by assessors in different parts of the state gave the following he said Are assessed in Carroll county at per head in Cass county a per head in Bucana county at per head id Lino Slu per head in Louisa at 810 93 per head in Winnebago at 81 11 per head in Van Burn at 510 54 per head. The lowest valuation set upon cattle in any county in the state is 11 per Bead Anu the highest at per head. The same holds Good of horses. The lowest valuation upon in any county to the state u s3 a head and the highest valuation a head. These figures Resposs the Absurdity of the present sys tem of assessing property in this state for auditor Mccarthy s paper wins Lucid in every respect and shows him to be not Only a keeper of accounts but a thinker As Well it a few Good things. Over alls All Wool two pair a us full suit Doc Liiro a Ali Iii our Ovenin it greatly reduced i ices Puiul have a 1" Good i cheap see Childs Mitchell. I i invincible unsurpassable without a peer Wrife of a report blur subscriber who has i Tail in jew mans of the twice a Ivock Iwic of Tiv four mud this is the Umili Moriis verdict of its More than half a million is beyond All com Parison the biggest Best and cheapest National news and family journal published in America. It is strictly in politics but it is above All a newspaper and gives All talc news promptly accurately and is indispensable to the Farmer merchant or professional Roan who desires to keep posted but has not Timo to read a Large daily paper while its great variety of Well selected Reading matter makes it an invaluable Home and family paper. F 1.00, our Des Moines letter. Before the of the weekly see the nest Des Moines letter the extra session of the legislature of Iowa will be convened and let us Trust at work. What agitates both the solons and the Public mind at this time is the question what will be done at this session it is useless to talk of no new legislation simply because a Resolution to stick to the code work May be adopted for be it remembered the code u the Law and any Chango in the code will be a change in the Laws. When the various chapters and sections of the code come no for discussion change and adoption it will be possible to introduce anything not in the form of a new Hiil but As an amendment to the code. This opens the to any new legislation that May be desired. As to whether a Resolution confining the work to the code will be passed there Are doubts Bur it will make but Little Dif Ference whether it to parsed or not so making new is concert. J the needed Merit to More than make Good All the advertising claimed or them the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal Sale. Or. King s new discovery for and cold each Bitla bitters the great remedy for liver stomach and kidneys. A Bucien s Arnica Salve the Best in the or King s new life pills which Are a perfect Pill. All these Remedias arc guaranteed to do just what is claimed for them and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to Tell you More of them1 bold at a. J Asper Xot what pfc Sha had Uuro Truken to help Iii m Ilia literary Hiborn. Here is some Ludg that you really Jtj get to read Piir paid looking up from the Magazine had hastily been jacking through. Shat he -1. A Ioji Witk in i of Short she a sided. Throw it away 1" Lio cried and slip thought she detected Trace of some thing Liko agony in Bia voice. I be written that kind of staff myself. Any quo can do it. Keep your Eye for something that Felis How tog Esthor acid Yon May be Aole c Bein port. Two papers every week. A baht pages each tuesday one Dollar for one year. Stamfl copies free. Co., St. Louis to. Joseph Wiloth dealer of heavy and shelf hardware Earnest repair eng a specially we meet All honorable Competition r. Wilke dealer

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